Yes, there are side jobs for stay-at-home moms to make extra money. This very detailed and helpful article reveals 25 such jobs to consider.


Importance of Side Jobs for Stay at home Moms

Many couples, when they bring a child into this world, make arrangements for daycare to be provided for the children as the parents go to work.

Some family members, due to the high cost of child care, choose to stay home and provide for their children not only to save money but to be more involved with the children, which may even include homeschooling.

The responsible decision, in either case, is not taken lightly but depends upon several factors.

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Those factors can include:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Skill of parents
  • What is best for the children?

If the choice of the family is to have a parent stay home with the children and that parent happens to be the mother, there are, if she wishes, several side jobs or gigs that the stay-at-home mom can work at.


25 Best Side Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make Money


1. Freelancing

Businesses are utilizing more and more individuals that have the needed skills and talents and are defined as freelancers.

Businesses are cutting back on employee expenses and utilizing individuals who can work remotely to perform the variety of job functions needed.

Examples of freelancing jobs could include:

  • Graphic designer
  • Writer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Translator
  • Etc.

Two freelance websites on which you can register and look for freelance opportunities include or


2. Test Websites

If you enjoy being on the computer and are familiar with how a website should appear and present itself to visitors, then an opportunity to earn money is to test websites.

Often companies will employ a third-party company who will utilize individuals to log on to the website and evaluate the site in several ways.

Some of those ways include:

  • Evaluating the appearance
  • Ease of use
  • Broken links
  • Misspellings
  • Ease of navigation
  • And so forth

One site where you may be able to find such a job opportunity can be found at


3. Online Surveys

There are several sites that will pay you either with cash or reward cards for tasks that you fulfill.

Two sites are and

Some of the tasks that you may be asked to accomplish could include:

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Participating in surveys
  • And so forth

Typically, your participation is dependent upon your demographics and costs nothing to register, and often, a bonus is given when you register as a new user.


4. Bookkeeping

If you are familiar with the basics of entering debits and credits into an accounting software program, you may be considered for the remote job of a bookkeeper.

This is another one of those employment positions that is being outsourced, and the software may even be located in the cloud.

The data needed to be entered would be electronically delivered to you, and you would be required to enter the financial figures into the software.

The possibilities of finding a remote bookkeeping position could possibly be located at


5. Cooking

If you enjoy cooking, trying out new recipes, etc., a possibility of utilizing your love for cooking would be to prepare meals for others.

Possibilities in providing the service could include taking orders for meals, preparing those meals, and having those meals delivered or available for pickup.

You could advertise this service to busy people or someone who just simply wants to take an occasional break through your various social media platforms.


6. eBook

If you enjoy writing and have a good idea for a creative fictional or nonfictional book, you could always write an eBook and self-publish it through Kindle.

Other possibilities could include your life story if you have a unique background or circumstances in life that you’ve overcome, or you could also create a how-to book.

To learn more about self-publishing, you can go to https //


7. Transcriptionist

If you are an accurate typist and can type quite a few words per minute, the option of utilizing your typing skills can be utilized by being a transcriptionist.

The primary role of a transcriptionist is to take a video or audio file, listen to what is being said, and then transcribe those words into a document software program.

There are a number of websites that are looking to hire a transcriptionist.

Payment can be either through the number of words typed, based on a flat fee or hours that you are working.

A site where you can find transcriptionist jobs is


8. Social Media Manager

Many businesses are beginning to understand the power and influence of a social media presence.

However, small and medium-sized businesses don’t often have the staffing or the budget to hire an individual who is a social media manager.

If you understand the dynamics of social media platforms and have the time to provide content, respond to customers, develop the social media presence of businesses, etc., you could do this job remotely for a company.

Those platforms would include:

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • And others


9. Coaching

You are a mom, and moms are incredible, especially as it relates to multitasking.

Some of the activities that you may find yourself involved with include:

  • Homeschooling
  • Managing the budget
  • Maintaining everybody’s schedule
  • Finding time for yourself
  • And so forth

Handling all of these responsibilities and more may put you in great demand for others who need a coach to help them with the various challenges that they may face.

Therefore, you could offer yourself as a coach to help others and teach them how to the involved with time management, scheduling, the importance of developing yourself, etc.

This coaching can be done through technology as you can conduct various classes, or you can go one-on-one with individuals.

The best way to get the word out about the coaching skills that you are offering is through your social media platform.

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10. YouTube

An additional way that you can display your talent and skill or perform some other service for individuals is by creating your own YouTube channel.

For example, if you like to cook, you could capture in a video presentation the cooking of a new recipe on a weekly basis.

Or, if you would like to teach others about a skill set that you have, you could also create a video instructing the viewers on how to learn that skill.

Examples could include:

  • Making jewelry
  • Knitting new lines
  • Sewing new lines
  • Learning software package
  • Etc.

You can potentially earn money by gaining a significant number of followers, selling merchandise, offering a subscription for advanced content, gaining a sponsor, and so forth.


11. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines are constantly evaluating their sites to improve the experience for the user as well as the business results obtained in promoting the business.

Those search engine sites include:

  • DuckDuckGo
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

To accomplish this evaluation, individuals are hired to conduct this process.

A potential company that you can access to locate possible search engine evaluator employment opportunities can be found at


12. Proofreading

If you enjoy writing and, specifically, the quality writing that reflects the proper use of punctuation, grammar, free of spelling errors, etc., then the possibility of being a proofreader presents itself.

A proofreader is a detailed individual that reviews a variety of different types of narratives with a high towards it being a correctly written document.

If you have quality knowledge of grammar, are dedicated to detail and appreciate a well-written document that is not only interesting or informative but is a quality reflection of the proper use of grammar.

A potential opportunity to be a proofreader can be found on a variety of freelance websites, which could include


13. Data Entry

A fairly mundane job but one that can be appreciated by an individual who appreciates the accurate entry of information into various software packages is being a data entry specialist.

Being a fairly routine job, this particular position is often outsourced to freelancers and can be accomplished remotely.

Often, the data will be sent to the employed physician via technology.

Through technological means and entered into the software of the employer’s choice.

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Opportunities to be a data entry individual can be found on freelance websites such as


14. Virtual Workout

You have a physical routine that could be defined as intense or provides the necessary elements to stimulate the cardiovascular system, muscles, stretching of ligaments, etc. you could lead others through virtual workouts.

Through video means, Skype or Zoom, you could interact with single individuals or groups and lead them through your exercise regimen.

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15. Caption

Many individuals rely on a written narrative that scrolls across a video presentation.

Therefore, the need for individuals to type out captions is needed.

The employment position requires that the individual audio and video files that are sent to them and they, in turn, type of words that are incorporated as captions.

To be a quality individual, typing out captions would require good listening skills as well as being a fast typist.

Often, captioning jobs can be found at


16. Photographer

If you enjoy the hobby of photography, around your home, you can take a variety of photographs and offer them for sale to others who look to purchase particular photographs.

With your “photographic eye,” you can capture those unique angled photographs, which could include nature, animals, etc.

One particular website that purchases photographs is

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17. Handcrafted Items

A great way to turn a hobby that you may have into money is by listing these handcrafted items on a site such as

By registering at this site, you are provided a virtual online store where you can take photos of your items and list them in your store where customers who are browsing for unique handcrafted items can shop.

All of the financial transactions are taken care of by this website, and they will even help in the shipping out of the items to the purchasing customer.


18. Freelance Writer

There are a variety of writing opportunities available on a website such as

as well as freelancing sites such as

Some of the writing opportunities could include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting


19. Blogging

Another opportunity that isn’t itself if you enjoy writing is to create a blog site.

The beauty of creating a blog site is that you can write about any subject that you wish.

Those subjects could include a hobby that you have, commenting on current events, doing product reviews, etc.

Through your blogging site, you can possibly gain financial support from your followers, have affiliate advertising, possibly gain a sponsor, etc.


20. Voiceover

Another way to earn money as a stay-at-home mom is to utilize your voice and get paid.

At a website such as, you can register a sample of your voice where individuals who are looking for what you and your voice bring may engage you to speak on their behalf.

Examples of employment opportunities could include:

  • Providing your voice for marketing
  • Narrating an audiobook
  • And so forth

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21. Graphic Designer

The opportunity for a job to earn money as a stay-at-home mom is through the position of a graphic designer.

One would think that formal education is required to fulfill this role.

However, due to a variety of websites and available templates, you can move into this position not necessarily based on skill but based on your imagination and innovation.

One such site is

A way to monetize this possibility is by creating the templates and offering them for sale on a site such as

The graphic designs offered through this site may be purchased by customers, who then can have those designs placed on various types of merchandise.

Some of the merchandise can include:

  • T-shirts
  • Coffee cups
  • Keychains
  • Purses
  • Wallets
  • And so forth


22. Virtual Assistant

As a stay-at-home mom, a job opportunity that may present itself is by being a virtual assistant.

This is another job that is being outsourced by a variety of businesses.

A virtual assistant would be charged with answering the phones, making appointments, keeping the management schedules, sending out emails, possibly light bookkeeping, etc.

A virtual assistant position can be found on a variety of freelance websites or through a subscription-based employment website such as


23. Babysit

An enjoyable opportunity to earn money as a stay-at-home mom would be to take on the role of providing babysitting services for other parents.

You could check with your state of residency to ensure that you are within state laws as it relates to the number of children that you can care for without being in need of a license or certification.

Some states allow you to care for five or fewer children who are all under the age of six without the need for any special permits.

One other caveat is if you belong to an HOA, you should check with the policies and procedures as it relates to the HOA’s governance of the homes.

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24. Tutor

If you have a special skill or talent, another opportunity that might present itself is that of being in the role of a tutor.

Specifically, if you have musical skills such as playing a piano, singing, dancing, or any type of music, you could provide tutoring through technology.

A way to advertise your tutoring availability could be through your social media platforms or by word-of-mouth, etc.

Also, if you have an academic skill that others could utilize as far as being tutored, you could possibly provide that skill through a variety of websites.

One such website is

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Personal Story

My sister is an independent woman, and when she got married, she and her husband moved to the state of New York.

They eventually settled in a small town but bought a massive house with multiple bedrooms and a large living and dining room.

She was a hairdresser by trade, and when their child came along, she decided to convert the majority of their front room and dining area into a clothing store where they sold Indian garments such as beautiful sarees, scarves, etc.

It was the perfect call given the size of their home, her wanting to earn money and still be at home with the firstborn.



What Could Be the One Precaution for a Mother Working From Home?

Answer  It would seem that the one major precaution for a hard-working mom taking on an employment position is that she doesn’t overextend herself.


What is the Most Important Job That a Stay-at-home Mom Can Be Involved With?

It is understandable that a stay-at-home-mom you wish to help out the family by getting an additional job and earning money to supplement the family budget.

However, as a stay-home-mom, the reason why you are staying home is to nurture the children and provide for them.

Therefore, the most important job that a stay-at-home mom can fulfill is that of rearing her children.


You Can Do It

You are a stay-at-home mom, but that in itself is a full-time job.

However, in the true dedicated motherly style, you have decided to do some extra work to help and support your family.

The good news is there are many quality employment rules that you can fulfill that will not only earn you additional income but can be satisfying as it relates to your involvement.



There are many reasons why a mom decides to stay home.

Whatever the reason is, you can be assured that it is her thinking that it is the most beneficial for her family.

Added to the mix is that she, in addition to all of her hard work and influence at home, wants to be part of the financial landscape as well.

Consequently, there are many opportunities for a dedicated mother to earn income while staying home.

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