There are indeed side jobs for Firefighters to make money, online and offline.

This article reveals up to 25 such side jobs for you to make money, as an Firefighters.



There are different types of heroes.

There are those heroes that come from another planet and upon arriving on earth are endowed with superpowers.

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Then there are those heroes that are bitten by a radioactive spider and are endowed with the arachnoid powers that the spider bite brings to their person.

Then there are those superheroes, both men and women, who wear wonderfully designed hero costumes for added dramatic flair that have masks and capes that enshroud them in mystery.

Then we have everyday heroes.

They are those individuals who sacrifice for the good of others.

These everyday heroes could be our mothers, fathers, teachers, husbands, wives, etc.

It is these everyday heroes that make a significant impact on our life.

Then there are those heroes that possibly put their lives on the line each time they respond to an emergency call that could involve, a medical emergency, house fire, etc.

The reality is that these individuals put their pants on one leg at a time just as we do but they are dedicated and have chosen a vocation that can be dangerous.

As it relates to everyday heroes and their everyday life, they need to earn a living wage.

Let us go on a “call” with a firefighter and see what sort of “off-duty” job that they can be involved with to earn extra money.


25 Best Money Earning Side Jobs for Firefighters


1. Fitness Instructor 

Given the physical fitness requirements that need to be demonstrated by a firefighter, a perfect opportunity to raise additional revenue outside their firefighting occupation is to be a physical fitness instructor.

The individual could approach many physical fitness facilities and express an interest in becoming a member of the staff and even possibly provide, for the company, more focalized attention to certain customers.

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2. CPR First Aid Instructor

As a firefighter, you are trained and most likely have significant experience as it relates to providing CPR and first aid to individuals.

Many companies require or wish to train their employees in CPR/first aid.

You could invest in the needed mannequins and provide this training yourself through your own business.


3. Bartender 

As a public safety employee, you may have seen your share of individuals who perhaps have drunk too much.

It would seem that a good fit for a firefighter given their personality and interaction with the public, if knowing how to mix drinks, could be a good bartender.

You would get paid an hourly wage plus any tips that customers would leave in appreciation of your service.


4. Security Guard 

A possibility of earning income as a side hustle would be to take on the role of a security guard.

You could provide this service on your own and bring your experience and credentialing as a safety expert as well as your physical attributes to provide security for several businesses.


5. Blogger 

As a firefighter, you have some interesting stories that you can relate to those who would be interested in your sharing those stories.

As a way to raise additional money, you could write a blog.

You could write about your adventures and use the site as not only an opportunity to engage readers to hear about interesting adventures but also to provide safety tips for the individual on what not to do and what to do in the event of an emergency.

You can gain affiliate advertising and get a percentage every time your reader clicks on an embedded link and also the possibility of getting a sponsor.

Another way that a blog can produce revenue is when readers support you and can do that through such websites as

Also, your blog can be directed strictly towards other firefighting professionals and give tips and tricks as well as encouragement to your fellow firefighters.


6. Security 

Another possibility, in the area of security, is to be involved with a company that utilizes individuals to provide security for several venues.

The security guards could provide for the safety of those attending a concert, those who are performing, managing the crowd, being part of the crowd control, etc.


7. Referee 

If you enjoy sports and working with youth a great combination of these two appreciations could be satisfied by becoming a referee or umpire.

To investigate more as it relates to refereeing or umpiring, you can go to


8. Construction Worker 

Given your role as a professional firefighter, it is safe to assume that you have a high level of physical ability as well as not being afraid to work hard.

Therefore, a strong possibility of earning extra money would be your involvement in a construction site.

You could use any skills or talents that you have or simply be a general laborer at the construction site.


9. Driver 

Perhaps you are looking for a change of pace and a more laid-back way of earning money.

You could do this through a driving service operated for the benefit of others.

One of those driving sites is Uber and through a series of submitted documentation, background check, etc you can be selected to become a driver.

The beauty of being a Uber driver is that you are considered self-employed and therefore can select your own time, and work within your schedule which would be outstanding as you can work around your duty hours as it relates to being a firefighter.


10. Painter 

People are always looking for ways to add a newness or new dimension to their homes.

Often they accomplish this by having rooms painted within the household.

You could work with a painting company and utilize your off time to do that or you could start your own side business in painting the homes of individuals.


11. Mechanic 

An opportunity that might present itself if you have the needed skills and talent is to work on vehicles.

As a mechanic, you could work with a garage or set up your own side business and perhaps use your vehicle to do mobile work on your customer’s vehicles that need repair work.


12. Write a Book 

Another way that you can capture your stories and the exciting adventures that you may have to share from your professional life would be to write a book.

You could talk about particular instances where lives were changed or touched due to the professional skill and intervention of a professional firefighter.

Additionally, as a firefighter, it doesn’t need to be all about the work, you could sprinkle different aspects of your personal life into the mix as it relates to the stress that you experience, how you cope with it, and perhaps how it may have affected your personal life.

If not comfortable with writing, you could always hire a Ghostwriter through a freelance website such as


13. Documentation Company 

If you own a vehicle there are many side hustles that you could be involved with utilizing your vehicle.

Examples could be if you own a minivan or a truck, you could use these vehicles to haul away trash for individuals when they are sorting through their homes or decluttering.

Another type of side hustle could be if you can do minor repairs such as fixing a leaking faucet, changing locks on a home, etc.

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14. Instructor 

Another opportunity to earn money outside of your profession as a firefighter is to be an instructor.

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Given your professional role, you most likely have a significant confidence level and can certainly use that along with your experience and education to teach others.

The teaching could be at a community college where an individual can sign up for your class which could include the teaching of the role of a firefighter, safety in the home, storage of certain items, use of electrical equipment, etc.


15. EMT 

As a professional firefighter, a possibility of doing a crossover job would be taking on the employment role of an emergency medical technician.

The potential of becoming an EMT would be a possibility given your background as an emergency worker and learning the specific skills and medical knowledge required to be an EMT.


16. Safety Consultation Business 

Often, firefighters as part of their duties conduct a variety of safety inspections in various businesses to ensure that the fire code is maintained.

You could use your skills, as part of this process, to be a consultant for businesses.

In particular, you could do walk-throughs on industrial kitchens to ensure that fire suppression systems are properly functioning and are in good working order.


17. Restoration Business 

Many businesses provide restoration services for individuals who have been involved in an emergency circumstance.

The damage may have been minimized and a restoration company is called to remove the water, take out the burning smell, etc.

You can be involved in this process by either working for a restoration company or starting your own business.


18. Real Estate

A great opportunity to earn a significant return on your time and possible investment to achieve certification would be to become a realtor.

There are some online courses that you can register for.

It is also important to remember that there may be different requirements depending upon your state of residency.

The other step, once you find out the requirements in your home state, is to be involved in the following:

  • Take a prelicensing course
  • Licensing exam
  • Activate your license
  • Join a real estate brokerage firm


19. Tow Truck Driver 

More than likely as a professional firefighter, you have been involved in a number of accidents involving people and vehicles.

Therefore, a good side job to work in with your current firefighting schedule would be to take on a job of a tow truck driver.

Through your experience, you would understand the devastating effects of vehicle accidents upon property as well as people.

This experience coupled with the opportunity to remove vehicles from the scene would be a good match given your experience and professionalism


20. HazMat 

Being a safety expert and your involvement with all types of firefighting scenarios your experience as it relates to hazardous materials is one that you are well aware of both experientially and educationally.

This combination would certainly qualify you to be involved with a hazmat company or venture out on your own and create your own business as it relates to working around and removing hazardous materials.


21. Deliver Groceries 

Instacart is a food delivery service in which self-employed drivers utilize their own vehicle.

The process involves taking a food order from an individual through a partnering retailer and you are notified of the opportunity.

With this service, you actually do the shopping for the customer and then transport the food to the individual.

They have already made arrangements for payment.

Because you are self-employed you can set your own schedule.

Payment is made per trip along with any tips.


22. Online Teacher 

An opportunity that can be taken full advantage of is by being an online teacher.

As an online teacher, you would be able to set your own schedule, according to the site that you work with, which in turn will work with your working schedule as a firefighter.

With your degree, you can teach a number of courses to individuals who are wishing to be tutored.

One such site is VIPKid.


23. Business 

Another opportunity to get paid on the side is by investing in and operating a business.

You could combine resources, money, and people with your fellow firefighters and form your own business.

The business could be the opening of a bar, restaurant, or another type of business activity that will not only be a good investment but will earn each of the investor’s additional revenue.


24. Carpenter

If you have carpentry skills people are always looking for quality crafted items that are made from equally quality materials.

Being involved in carpentry work will not only be an opportunity to make money by doing something that you love but also help in earning money as well as helping to relieve stress from the firefighting workplace.


25. Landscaper 

Being a firefighting professional can be a high stressed employment position.

Therefore, rather than adding to your stress, it may prove beneficial to utilize your time off in a way to help alleviate some of that ongoing pressure of the job.

A great way to do this would be by working outdoors and diverting your attention and thoughts.


Personal Story

When I worked for a not-for-profit several years back, one of the special events to raise awareness of our services in the community, raise money, but most of all highlight significant individuals in our community who had gone beyond the call of duty was an event celebrating heroes.

There were eight categories in which we invited the community to nominate an individual who exemplified what being a hero was all about.

The eight categories were:

  • Military
  • Youth Good Samaritan
  • Workplace Hero
  • Professional Rescuer
  • Education
  • Adult Good Samaritan
  • Medical Professional
  • Animal Rescue

Each of the individuals nominated had interacted with others who were experiencing an emergency.

One year, under the professional rescuer category, was a firefighter who, along with the firefighting team, had responded to an early morning fire.

The residents, who were still inside, were evacuated safely.

However, it was decided by one of the firefighters to go back into the home to ensure that the house was vacant.

Opening a closed bathroom door he found an elderly woman who was overcome with smoke inhalation and lost consciousness which resulted in a severe injury.

The firefighter stayed with the woman inside the home until one of the other firefighters along with the first responder were able to move the woman to safety.

We honored that firefighter for his quick action and bravery which allowed for the woman to be rescued and be returned none the worse for wear to her family.


Best Paying Side Jobs for Firefighters FAQs


What is the Average Salary Per Year for a Firefighter?

The average salary range for a firefighter is between $36,527-and $60,877.


What Does the Working Schedule for a Firefighter Look Like?

A firefighter’s schedule for being on duty may vary from department to department as well as state to state.

Some schedules take on the 24-hour schedule which means that the firefighter will be on duty for 24 hours at a time every other day for five days after the five-day workweek is completed, they then will be off four and then the schedule repeats.

Another schedule possibility is 48/96.

This means firefighters are on duty for 48 hours and then off for four days.


You Can Do It

Given your experience and training as a firefighter, there are natural business opportunities that would be a good fit for your qualifications.

The good news is that you can stay within your area of safety as it relates to the protection of others, or you can work outside of your area of expertise in order to de-stress and yet still earn extra money.



There are heroes amongst us of which you as a firefighter are included.

Chances are, you don’t consider yourself a hero but simply provide the service that you were trained to accomplish.

As a hero not only do you provide for other families within the community, but you provide for your own family as well.

As part of that provision to and for your family, you are looking at a side job to make additional money.

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