This article contains some of the very best side hustles that Veterinarians can get involved in, to make some good money on the side!



Did you know…

  • 7 out of 10 households in America own one of these
  • Ownership of this item is continually increasing
  • Wyoming is number one in owning this item
  • Washington, D.C. owns the least
  • The Millennial Generation owns the most

In 2021, the total cost to owners of this item was projected to reach $109.6 billion in the U.S.

The item is pet ownership.

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Part of those expenses in owning a household, pet is veterinarian care.

That cost in 2020 was $31.4 billion.

It would seem that pet owner takes seriously their role in providing for their pets including health care.

An integral part of that healthcare process is the profession of being a veterinarian.

Even with all of that money being expended, these doctors of animal care still may find that additional streams of revenue are needed.

It is time for a trip to the vet and while there let us explore side hustles for veterinarians to make money.


Personal Story

Because of my being in the service and then attending school for two years we had delayed bringing a household pet into our home.

Finally, the circumstances were just right and when my two sons reached the age of nine and six we decided to get them a puppy.

We wanted an average size dog that the kids could love on and play with and opted to go with a part cocker spaniel mix.

She was named bandit because of the dark circle around her eye.

Everyone in the family grew fond of our pet and especially the two boys who had waited patiently for this moment.

Eventually, the time came when we realized that we needed to get her spayed and made an appointment with the veterinarian to proceed with the procedure.

The kids were devastated because they thought that her going to the veterinarian meant that something was wrong with Bandit and they became extremely stressed and anxious despite our reassurances and explaining that everything was going to be okay.

We took our family member into the vet’s office and the procedure was accomplished but when the kids were told that she needed to stay overnight they again went into panic thinking that they were going to lose their dog.

Thankfully, the veterinarian and the staff were very sensitive to the situation and came out and explained to my two sons in terms that they could understand and in a manner that was soothing and comforting for the boys.

Finally, they were reassured when the doctor said it was in Bandit’s best interest for her to stay with him overnight and he would take good care of her.

The situation was diffused and my gratitude to the veterinarian and his staff was expressed for the way they handled the situation.


25 Best Money Making Side Hustles for Veterinarians


1. Pet Sitting

As a trusted veterinarian by pet owners who better to call upon for their pet sitting needs than a veterinarian or a company owned by a veterinarian.

The company or you individually would be available to pet owners for their pet sitting needs.

The added caveat is that the pet sitter, possibly an employee of yours, would be able to call upon you as the veterinarian for any emergency needs or situations that call for your medical involvement.

By providing this service, either web-based or an app-driven program, you can provide a great service and earn additional income as well.


2. Vaccine Clinics

A side hustle that would be a natural match for your expertise would be to be involved in a vaccine clinic.

You can accomplish this by working a shift at the vaccine clinic and providing the needed vaccines for the animals that need their original shots or boosters.


3. Answering Vet Questions

Another opportunity to be involved in your chosen profession and be of service to pet owners is by creating a website in which you can respond to various questions offered by pet owners.

Your website could be a valuable resource for pet owners about their involvement with their pets and how to respond to medical issues that the animal may be experiencing as well as offering a subscription package to pet owners to access other premium aspects of your website.

The questions could be posed through an email and you or your staff could answer those questions and assess a fee for a question asked or group of questions asked.


4. Blogging

Another opportunity that presents itself to be involved in your veterinarian practice is through the writing of a blog.

The blog can be directed at a specific audience such as your peers in the veterinarian world and you could address the latest developments in veterinarian medicine, particular cases that were unusual, provide professional support, etc.

Also, you could focus on pet owners and talk about various topics including

  • Care of a dog following a spaying procedure
  • Avoiding tics
  • Maintaining a healthy coat on the animal
  • Etc.

A blogging site can be set up through a host platform such as


5. YouTube

YouTube is an excellent way of providing inspirational, motivational, and educational video presentations to individuals on particular subjects.

Being a veterinarian your presentation would be on veterinarian care and you could demonstrate through the video how to care for their animal, medicines that need to be taken to prevent heart disease, techniques for grooming, etc.

Also, through your YouTube platform, you could offer premium content that would require a subscription from your followers to access.

Also, you could possibly realize revenue through affiliate advertising and possible sponsorships.

To carve out your own niche you could talk about veterinarian care for exotic animals or other unique aspects of veterinarian care that would be interesting and resonate with your audience.


6. Online Surveys

A simple way to earn money is to take online surveys.

This can be accomplished by accessing a number of online survey sites.

Two of those sites are and

You register on these sites and if you match the needed demographics, they involve you with varied tasks that can be performed.

Some of those tasks could include watching videos, playing a game, taking a survey, etc.


7. Online Tutoring

As a service to veterinarian students, you could offer online tutoring.

Through a website such as, you can engage with students that are attending veterinarian school and help them with their studies towards receiving their veterinarian licensing.

You could help them with their biology, physiology, microbiology classes, etc.


8. Podcast

Another opportunity that may engage a supportive audience is by producing podcasts.

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception being that a podcast can be downloaded by the interested individual with the intent of listening at a later date and at a more convenient time.

Your podcast could be interesting as you speak about providing health care for animals.

You could interview interesting guests from the veterinarian world, talk about exotic animals, talk about the challenge of pythons in Florida, etc.

Your podcast can be recorded using your smartphone or investing in a fairly reasonable sound system and you can edit your podcast using free downloadable software such as Audacity.

Also, this may be an interesting podcast to upload to Spotify and you could possibly negotiate a deal with getting your podcast on their platform.


9. Pet Food Delivery

Many pet lovers adore their pets and dote upon them in a number of ways.

One such area is the ordering of food and now pet owners rather than going to pet stores will sometimes go to various websites and order pet food for their beloved animals.

With this in mind, you could offer a local pet food delivery service that is similar to other food delivery convenient services with the exception being that this is directed toward pet owners and delivery of pet food from stores.

With the simple investment of a vehicle, you can take orders from individuals or hire an employee to do the delivery and pick up the food or other items and provide delivery.


10. Pet Jogging

Rather than dog walking a service that you could render would be dog jogging.

As a veterinarian you know the value and importance of exercise for a dog and that sometimes walking is not sufficient.

You could hire a couple of athletically inclined students, and pay them a wage to offer the service of pet jogging as per your business model.

Pet owners could call, text, or utilize an app to facilitate this service.



11. Pet Food

Many pet owners what nothing but the best for their animals and are willing to pay a premium price for a special blend of food for their dog, cat, and other pets in the household.

You could work with a local company and devise a special nutritional formula for not only dogs and cats and other animals but make it specific as it relates to the additional nutritional needs based on the animal’s breed, size, weight, and age of the animal, etc.


12. E-book Writing

With your professional background and expertise, you could write an e-book.

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The e-book could be about your personal journey and any challenges that you overcame to achieve your Doctor of Veterinarian Degree.

This could prove to be motivational and inspirational to others.

Or the e-book could be written about the care of animals in general or you could concentrate on one specific animal and the care of that particular animal.

Or, if you have a creative side, you could write a short story about a particular exotic animal that was wreaking havoc in a community and how the authorities needed to engage the services of a veterinarian to locate that creature and control the chaos that was being created.


13. Social Media

A powerful way to promote your business and practice is to utilize social media.

Those platforms would include

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • And more

You could create a following by sharing pictures of cute animals, how you interact with them, and the care that you provided.

Through this process, you could create a following and have the opportunity with a large following to be an influencer and gain affiliate marketing or sponsorships for your sites.


14. Teaching

With your credentialing, you would be qualified to fulfill the role of a teacher.

You could talk at local community colleges, universities, etc.

As an adjunct professor, you could provide instruction on veterinarian medicine, or provide workshops or seminars as it relates to your skill and professional acumen.


15. Mobile Clinic

In a world that is emerging from isolation due to the pandemic many individuals still wish to use the convenience of services coming to them rather than the other way around.

You could offer a mobile veterinarian clinic.

Your clinic could be equipped for basic exams and treatment of animals and using the mobility option and meet appointments to travel to individuals to see their animals.

This also would be a needed benefit for individuals who are unable to leave their home, for a variety of reasons, to ensure the health of their pets.

A service that comes to them rather than the other way around would be appealing and most likely utilized.

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16. Pet Spa

With the love, that pet owners have for their extended members of their family a pet spa would be a great business opportunity.

A pet spa would provide the grooming needs of the animal which would include bathing, trimming hair, cutting nails, etc.

You could also provide different packages that would cost the appropriate amount of money for each of the packages selected.

For example, you could have the basic package which includes the grooming needs met of the pet, or additionally, you could provide facials, “pawdicures”, brush out, etc. for the dog or cat at an extra cost for that those particular services.

An additional service that could be rendered is for the dog to be housed overnight at a suite that would provide extra services and pampering for your beloved member of the family.


17. Develop an App

If you have a penchant for computer programming you could also develop an app that is geared toward animal owners that can provide a significant amount of information.

The app could provide information about certain medical conditions that the pet may be experiencing, how to groom a pet, questions about potential poisoning, vaccine schedules, etc.

The app could also be set up to remind the pet owner of needed visits to the vet along with a variety of other features.

If this is something that you as a veterinarian do not have the knowledge of creating you could work with a program developer and collaborate on an app together.


18. Animal Protective Wear

Perhaps you have an idea for pet apparel design that is not only created with the comfort of the animal in mind but also provides a layer of protection.

For example, if you have an idea to create body protection apparel for your animal to keep your pet safe from predators or pests or just to make your pet more adorable this would be an option.


19. Boarding Animals

As a trusted veterinarian another service that you could render is a boarding kennel.

This would not be just an ordinary kennel where animals are sheltered and fed and watered over a period of time but would bring the added dimension of your veterinarian experience and expertise.

The marketing of these kennels could be that there is a veterinarian on call in the event that something occurred that required the vet’s attention.

This certainly would bring peace of mind and comfort to a pet owners knowing that their animals were being taken care of while they were away.

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20. Etsy

If you have a hobby or a pastime that is marketable you can advertise these homemade items on a retail website such as

Once registered the site will set you up with an online retail store and you can upload pictures that can be displayed in your virtual store.

Interested customers can purchase these items and Etsy will help facilitate the shipment of those items to your customer.

Also, being a veterinarian, you could advertise your items to be handcrafted by a veterinarian.

Possibilities could include a leather dog tag, specially made leash, handcrafted collar for a cat, etc.


21. Animal Toys

Another potential opportunity to utilize your knowledge about animals and provide a service to pet owners is the creation of animal toys that are specially designed.

For example, a dog could have a toy that is designed to be a chew toy and can be made of a different material that is designed to clean and strengthen the dog’s teeth.

Or, perhaps you have an idea for a special toy to engage a cat.

The marketing of these items could be that they are professionally designed and approved by a veterinarian.


22. Obedience School

Many pet owners, especially dog owners, want to have their pets be able to follow certain commands and learn them through some sort of obedience school.

Often people do not have the time or the ability to teach their animals and so they look to others who have a history of being effective in training.

You could possibly collaborate with a well-known obedience dog instructor and work together in providing this service to others with you providing oversight on the methods and techniques utilized.

This combination and your involvement would go a long way in having people choose your obedience school.


23. Public Speaking

As an experienced veterinarian, you probably have quite a few unique and interesting stories to tell as it relates to the animal kingdom.

Many individuals would be interested to hear what you have to say and be entertained and educated based on your speaking.

You could offer your service of being a public speaker to a variety of associations, group school settings, etc., and be provided an honorarium for your time.


24. Seminars

Another opportunity that could present itself through a public presentation would be the providing of seminars.

Your seminars could be half-day sessions where you might possibly focus on one particular favorite pet in an average home.

For example, you could talk about parakeets, their care, selection of the appropriate birdcage, feeding, and watering, types of parakeets, etc.

Your seminar could include practical advice on the care of these birds, choice of parakeets, precautions, in owning a parakeet, nutrition, etc.


25. Consultant

The reality is not everyone has all of the answers.

You could offer your services as a consultant to other veterinarians as it relates to the care, treatment, or surgical operation of different animals.

As a consultant, you could provide your expert insight and practical assistance.


Side Hustles to Make Money for Veterinarians FAQs


What is One of the Most Important Benefits of Owning a Pet?

One of the major benefits of having a pet in the household is the added value that they bring to the lives of the family that adopt or purchases these animals.

This is especially true in the lives of those individuals who are alone as owning a pet can help to manage loneliness and depression by having a companion animal.

Also, medically speaking, it has been shown that having a pet can help to control blood pressure, triglyceride levels as well as cortisol levels.

This is also seen in the provision of a pet for individuals who have posttraumatic stress disorder.


How Many Licensed Veterinarians Are There in America?

As of 2020 the statistic representation of licensed veterinarians United States was 118,624.


You Can Do It

You are a qualified veterinarian as it relates to knowledge and skills, to take on additional side hustles to earn extra income.

The powerful reality is that owning a pet is pervasive in America and the love of pet owners for these extended members of their family along with your love of medical care for these animals can prove to be a powerful combination in both services and earning extra money.



There is more to caring for animals than just money signs.

Pet owners and veterinarians alike have an affinity for cats, dogs, birds, and hamsters, that goes beyond making money.

It is genuine affection and cares for these gifts of unconditional love that are provided to us and help to make our lives more meaningful.

As a vet, you are an integral part of the demonstration of the love of Americans towards their pets by providing preventative and emergency services for these gifts in our lives.

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