Yes, there are indeed money earning side hustles for Therapists. This article shows 24 of the best ones to consider.



Life happens and because we are all human life comes at us ready or not.

Because of this common denominator of our humanity, we all experience the full range of challenges that life offers.

Some of the challenges in life can be working through the loss of a loved one, dealing with a physical illness, loss of a job, divorce, etc.

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The key is not to focus on the losses but maintain our mental health and see these situations as opportunities.

Often, mental health is stigmatized and individuals that may be struggling don’t speak out for fear of being labeled with derogatory terms.

There is no shame in questioning the periods of time in our life that seemingly have no answers.

As with any attack on the body, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, it is always good to seek out the help of others in order to restore our health.

Such a professional resource is an individual who has the professional title of therapist.

A therapist can be a psychologist, mental health counselor, social worker, individual who specializes in marriage and family therapy.

This brings us to another common denominator of our humanity, being the need for financial security.

Often, in our need for financial resources, we find ourselves needing additional money for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes we just need to get off of the therapy couch and get to work earning additional money for the sake of our financial health.

Let us then analyze ways that a therapist can earn additional money.


24 Best Side Hustles for Therapists to Make Money


1. Using Talkspace 

Talkspace is an opportunity for a therapist to provide counsel to individuals who want to talk to a counselor.

This app is a conduit that connects an individual with a professional and allows for a therapeutic session to occur.

By registering as a therapist on this site you can earn additional revenue each month and conveniently provide mental health care to individuals who wish to work through challenges in their life.

Click here to check out Talkspace


2. Writing E-books

As a professional therapist, you could author an e-book and have it made available either through Amazon or if you have created a website, make it part of the service that you provide.

The e-book could be a scholarly piece that is devoted to helping your peers or can be a book that is written to help individuals with the desire to achieve or maintain their mental health.

To find out more about self-publishing, you can go to


3. Blogging

A great way for a therapist to unwind from a potentially strenuous day of interacting with others is to pick up a figurative pen and write.

This great technique of journaling can be incorporated into a blog site in which you can write about your day and anonymously talk about your interaction with clients.

Also, the blog site can take on the approach of helping other individuals with good mental health or could be directed to your peers and talking about a therapeutic perspective as well as case studies.

The possibility of generating revenue can be through your subscribers supporting you, affiliation advertising, sponsorships, etc.


4. YouTuber 

Another great platform that can be an extension of your service to others could be the creation of your own YouTube channel.

Through this channel, you can take a number of different directions.

Examples of those directions could be a platform designed to help others and promote mental health and offer practical suggestions of meeting the challenges in one’s life.

Or it could be more of an academic option in which you could talk about the depths of the practice of therapeutic measures and offer online studies as part of a paid subscription program through your YouTube channel.

Other possibilities of raising revenue through the creation of a platform on YouTube would be through affiliate advertising, sponsorships, and individuals able to donate to you through such websites as Patreon.


5. Driving 

If as a therapist you really wish to earn money completely away from your professional career, you can take on such site side gigs by driving for a service delivery company.

The choices could include transporting people, Lyft, from one place to another within your community or using your vehicle to deliver groceries or food items, UberEats, from a restaurant.

With these driving possibilities, you are an independent contractor and the vehicle expenses are your own responsibility.

You are paid a rate per delivery and all of the tips earned are yours.


6. Deliver with Instacart 

Another foodservice delivery option is through Instacart.

With Instacart, the order comes in from the retailer as generated by the customer.

The Instacart driver accepts the option to deliver and actually shops for the customer and then delivers the groceries to the customer’s residence.

Payment is made for delivery as well as all tips belonging to the driver.


7. Writing 

If you have a flair for writing and a creative mind, then perhaps you could write a book.

The book could utilize your practice as a backdrop and perhaps a murder mystery could be developed.

The plot could be something along the lines of your working with a client and it appears that there are subtle suggestions that a crime has been committed and that your patient may be the individual perpetrating these crimes.

The intrigue could develop as to how to ethically honor the patient/therapist relationship and yet know of your patient’s possible involvement in the crimes.

A prime example is an author John Grisham who utilized his law practice to springboard a number of novels that incorporated an attorney-at-law with mystery.


8. Tutoring

As an individual and professional, it is safe to assume that your interaction with others and your goals are to teach about the importance of maintaining one’s positive outlook on life.

Consequently, a possibility of earning additional revenue would be to consider being a tutor for other individuals who are considering pursuing a therapist career.

Wyzant is one such platform on the Internet that allows you to tutor others.


9. Public Speaking 

An option to share your vast experience and methodologies with others would be by obtaining a platform that allows you to be a public speaker.

You could offer your speaking services to a variety of groups and associations within your community, provide lectures at the local community college or professional associations that you are a member of.


10. Apps Creation

If you have a sense of technology and programming or if you know of a developer, the possibility of developing a mental health app would be a wonderful tool in the hands of individuals.

The app could share practical methods of managing one’s mental health, mitigating stress in their life, relationship building, etc.

The app could be created as a subscription-based app or could be a one-time purchase.


11. Corporate Contracts 

The effectiveness of individuals in the workplace can also be an opportunity to provide employee mental health sessions.

The focus would be upon a healthy working environment, managing relationships with other team members, how to manage stress, etc.

This could prove to be a valuable option for a forward-thinking company in wanting to have a workforce that was completely engaged and managing the personal care of the employee’s mental health.

Also, the possibility of reducing health claims and lowering the cost to the company.


12. Renting a Room

If you have a spare bedroom, then a good possibility of earning passive income would be to rent that spare room out to another individual.

Of course, you would do your due diligence in selecting someone with whom you would be comfortable.

Perhaps this individual could be a referral from a friend, a student in the area, or a family member, etc.

It would be important to write down the terms of the lease as a binding contract to ensure that everybody knew what was expected of all individuals involved.


13. Private Practice 

If part of a group or therapy firm, it may be time to open up your own private practice.

This would certainly be a grand opportunity and earning additional income as the entire therapeutic business would be placed upon your shoulders as well as the realization of potentially higher earnings.

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14. Podcasting

Don’t allow the idea of starting a podcast to dissuade you from utilizing this opportunity to earn additional revenue.

To record a podcast does not require an extensive array of audio equipment or a significant investment in editing software.

Many podcasts are recorded through the cell phone.

As a podcaster, you can talk about mental health issues, ways to relieve stress, etc.

Additionally, you can bring in guest speakers and create a dialogue about the importance of mental health and provide the perspectives from each of the individuals.

To learn more about creating your own podcast click here.


15. Design Consultant 

The value for patients to expose their vulnerabilities is critical.

As part of a welcoming design, it is important that the counseling room is aesthetically pleasing as well as inviting.

A possible option of earning additional revenue is by providing this perspective to your peers in developing a design for their consultation rooms and offices.

Also See: Best Money Earning Side Hustles for Mental Health Therapists.


16. Teaching 

Because of your education, experience, and profession, the opportunity of obtaining a teaching position is a strong possibility.

You could approach your local community college and talk about offering a course to the students on mental health.

This can be accomplished either by teaching specific techniques about maintaining mental health or providing lectures on being a therapist.


17. Group Therapy 

A dynamic therapeutic process is through the use of group therapy.

Through a virtual platform such as Zoom, you provide the individuals with the opportunity to be part of a group setting.

You would share the ground rules based on your experience and the opportunity for individuals to interact with each other.

They could provide their own specific stories about the challenges that life has presented them.

As you are well aware, the value of knowing that other people have experienced similar types of circumstances and how they overcame those situations can be of great value to others as an encouragement.


18. Rental Home 

Another monthly revenue option is investing in a home with the purpose of renting that home to a tenant.

You can manage this process or hire a management company for a small percentage of the rental income and have the company manage the property.

An added benefit to receiving a monthly income through the rent is the possibility of personal income tax benefits.


19. Witness Stand 

As a professional therapist, the opportunity to take the witness stand and provide expert testimony as it relates to a defendant’s mental health may be a possibility.

You can pursue this option by clicking here.

Often, prosecuting attorneys, as well as defense lawyers, utilize the testimony of expert witnesses to provide an added dimension that may prove valuable to the jury as it relates to the actions of the defendant.

Generally, in providing this testimony there is a fee and often can be a rewarding experience both in the courtroom and for your pocketbook.


20. Online Courses 

Online courses are another way that a therapist can generate additional monthly revenue.

Various courses can be developed as it relates to your profession.

The courses can be bundled together either as an entire package or can be sold individually as modules.

Once the course has been developed, then submit to a website such as Udemy and they will transform it into a course and offer it on your behalf for sale.

Examples of therapeutic topics could be what to do when losing a loved one, handling depression, marital relationships, etc.


21. Website Creation

Another revenue-generating option is to develop a website that can combine a number of services.

Specifically, the service can be to your peers and offer information through newsletters as well as offer premium content for a cost.

Also, you could offer content to the average individual in helping them with specific challenges that they are experiencing as well as offering premium content that would allow for more engagement and interaction.


22. Consulting

Being a consultant adds another layer of professional involvement to a therapeutic session.

The possibility of being brought in to consult with a client of another therapist could be a possibility in that you would bring a different dimension or perspective to the health of the individual.

Another possibility of being a consultant is by providing your services to interact with your peers about a certain experience or accreditation that you bring and provide this service to strengthen that group of your peers as they interact with their patients.


23. Instagraming

Instagram is another social media platform in which you can provide mental health insights to your followers.

Individuals that follow your story can benefit from perhaps daily clips of how to maintain your mental health.

The format can be fairly lighthearted in which a story is told followed by comments or the moral to the story and tying in a mental health tip.


24. Telehealth 

Given your profession virtual sessions with a patient is a perfect opportunity to broaden your patient base.

The use of a platform such as Zoom would be a perfect opportunity to interact with an individual needing your services.

This can be accomplished either locally, in your state, country, or globally.

Of course, it would be important to set up payment options that can easily be facilitated through PayPal or other types of money sending and receiving sites.


Personal Story

Most certainly we’ve all had a point in our lives where we have experienced loss.

Examples of losses in our life can be due to the death of a loved one, separation or divorce in a marital relationship, loss of a career, etc.

There are no two ways about it, losses in our life can be devastating and leave us only with questions rather than answers.

For me, it was a double whammy.

Not only did I lose a marriage but at the same time lost a career.

The double-barrel circumstances left me reeling and I sought the help of a therapist to come alongside me through this dark time in my life.

The process was comforting and the opportunity to tear down façades, be vulnerable, and talk to someone without judgment was therapeutic.

Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say that the therapy was meaningful.

In retrospect, it was not about obtaining answers but about accepting the reality of life and using the seeming obstacles or losses in life as stepping stones to discovery and recovery.


Hustling on the Side to Make Money as a Therapist FAQs


What is the Average Salary of a Therapist?

The wages of a therapist can vary from region to region and is also dependent upon the individual’s experience, education, and area of expertise.

For example, some psychologists can earn $40,000 a year while other psychologists can be in the six-figure range.


What is the Average Student Loan Debt for a Psychology Student?

According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association the average student loan debt for a current psychology student is around $110,000.


You Can Do It

As a therapist, you understand the value of mental health.

You also understand the value of taking practical steps towards healing.

And so, you are heeding your own advice as it relates to your financial health and is looking at taking practical steps in addressing your financial situation.

By looking at side gigs or hustles, you are taking back control of your financial situation.



Being healthy is not just about our physical condition.

Total health involves our mind, body, emotions, or relationships, etc.

Health is also important as it relates to our finances.

The challenge of attaining additional financial resources may be evidenced in financial shortfalls in your current budget, or the challenge of saving for tomorrow.

As with all challenges they need to be identified, talked about, worked through and practical actions are taken.

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