There are awesome side hustles for Social Workers to get involved in, to make money on the side.

If that’s what you are looking for, this contains as many as 23 different side gigs and hustles to make money with as a Social Worker.


Why Side Hustles for Social Workers?

Many individuals go quietly to work every day and perform their duties not necessarily for the pay that they receive but most likely because they are on a mission.

That mission involves touching and positively impacting the lives of others.

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Professions that come to mind that have this focus on the performance of their job include law enforcement officers, military personnel, teachers, medical staff, etc.

Another profession that comes to mind is those dedicated professionals who are on the frontline fighting alongside people who are struggling with social issues in their lives.

Those social issues that individuals may be struggling with include addictive behaviors, spousal abuse, medical rehabilitation, finding the resources for daily needs, etc.

These frontline warriors that work in the trenches are social workers.

As often, is the case, those that do the hardest and most demanding work are often paid less for their skill, expertise, and successful results.

Let us, therefore, explore ways that a social worker can be involved in a “side hustle” to help them bridge the gap as it relates to their finances.


Social Worker Profession 

Social workers are dedicated professionals who through their experience and education can interact with others in society to help them meet the challenges that these individuals are facing.

The population that is helped through the dedication of social workers includes seniors, children, families, individuals who are suffering from addictions, discharged individuals from hospitals, etc.

The very core of their occupational name indicates their providing of services at a socially interactive level between individuals and their interaction with others.


Why the Need for a Social Worker Side Hustle?

Despite the great need for social workers and the important and impactful work that they do, often the salary does not match the intenseness of the job that they perform.

Therefore, due to a variety of reasons, many social workers seek additional income outside of their normal day-to-day jobs.

Their need for added income is not necessarily due to their economic desire for an outstanding quality of life but simply to pay the bills and potentially pay any student loans that were granted due to the high cost of education.


23 Money Making Side Hustles for Social Workers


1. Blogging

An idea for a side hustle for a social worker is to commit to writing a blog.

The blog can address several topics that the social worker may be interested in or they may choose to write about their profession and their daily interactions with people which would pique interest.

By writing a quality blog focusing on social work, it may prove beneficial to other individuals who can relate to what the struggles are that were addressed or resonate with social workers on how the situation was handled and provide potential solutions in their situation.

The potential of revenue-generating from the blog comes with individuals who may subscribe to this blog site and possibly provide more professional interaction through a subscription process.

Also, the social worker who is blogging could potentially gain sponsorships which would help support the site or also incorporate affiliate marketing.

Exploring affiliate marketing opportunities can include Amazon as well as


2. Newsletter Writing

Another potential revenue-generating activity could be the creation of a website.

This could be a website for fellow professional social workers and can be utilized as a “go-to” forum for insight, questions answered, reflections, resources available, and the provision of a social worker’s newsletter.

Some of the content could be available at no cost while some of the content would be a little bit more intense and instructive and perhaps subscription-based access to those additional resources would be indicated.


3. Book Writing

As a social worker, you may also be blessed with a flair for writing.

Most certainly, your profession would certainly provide a significant content of antidotes, illustrative real-life events, and highlighting the work of a social worker.

The authoring of a book would certainly strike a chord with your peers in the social worker community but also may serve to be an informative and eye-opening read for other individuals.

To publish such a book can be accomplished by using many companies that deal with self-publishing efforts as well as accessing Kindle support.


4. Consulting 

Many social service agencies, profit, and not-for-profit have social workers or caseworkers on staff.

However, many grants that are applied for and received require oversight of a social worker who has earned a higher degree.

Often, a grant requires that an LCSW be part of the social services provided to the clients.

Therefore, you may be able to obtain a consulting position with such a social service agency to contract with them for a couple of hours to go through their caseloads.

As part of the terms, you may interview clients and note their progression as well as manage their case files.

To learn more about consult you can access this web page.


5. YouTuber

Another platform that might help a social worker realize some additional revenue would be to develop their own YouTube channel.

The channel could be directed to your peers and stay within that niche or you could broaden your audience viewers by talking more about the impact of social services work by relaying a few antidotes of cases that can be referred to vaguely.

The revenue-generating could come into play by obtaining affiliate sponsorships, sponsorship from a company, through subscriptions, or just outright donations to you through such websites as


6. Tutoring 

Based on your education, experience, and commitment to the profession of social work, you have a significant opportunity to develop the skills of the next generation of social workers.

Specifically, you would be able to provide tutoring to those individuals who could benefit from all that you would bring to their continuing education.

Also, if an individual wishes to take their LCSW licensing test you could offer to tutor that individual that is taking that next step forward.

To find tutoring opportunities you can log onto


7. eBook Writing

In the same vein as writing, you can self-publish an e-book utilizing your experience and passion for being a social worker.

The e-book can be published by following the process as offered at this Kindle website.

If time is a factor or if you feel that your writing is not where it could be in regards to offering an e-book, you could always go online and hire a ghostwriter. Many ghostwriters are available through such websites as


8. Witness 

Because of your expertise in the area of social work, you would be well qualified to be involved in any court proceedings that required an assessment of a situation utilizing your skills and experience.

For example, there may be an opportunity where your interaction with a family, perhaps involving a child, would need your professional assessment by taking the witness stand and offering your expert evaluation as it pertains to any professional recommendations regarding the situation.

This would be an expense taken on by either the prosecutor or the defense attorney and you would be compensated accordingly.


9. Reviewing Case Files 

There are certainly not for profits that cannot afford to have a highly educated social worker on staff to help with the client’s evaluation and meet their needs.

However, these not-for-profits will often enter into a contract with a qualified social worker who will visit the facility on a biweekly basis to provide oversight to the members of the staff, review case files, and interact with clients themselves.


10. Speaker 

If you have an interesting caseload or are particularly qualified in certain components of social work, you may be called upon to be a speaker at various events.

These events could be with an association, at a convention, or a local venue.

Additionally, community colleges look for guest speakers to attend the classroom setting or who can provide a teleconferencing lecture to discuss social services.

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11. Teaching 

Another option available to an experienced social worker is to teach others from your education and experience.


12. Courses 

A revenue-generating option is also to develop online courses that an individual can subscribe to and pay a fee to learn and build on their own experience and education.

The added dimension of your online course would be that it is first-hand and relevant experience as you have successfully interacted with your clients.


13. Teaching Software 

Social service software will capture the pertinent and basic information as well as allow for an opportunity to place notes that are relevant to the discussions and appointments made with the clients.

These notes or entries are critical and must be utilized when interacting with clients as they not only help in a potential treatment plan but also can be considered as legal documentation if issues arise.

Also, there is a system called HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) which is utilized to help work towards a solution to the homeless issue.

As in the trenches social worker, you would have the opportunity to share insights about the software and emphasize the importance of utilizing these tools to provide optimum care for the client.


14. Hospital 

Hospitals also engage social workers to help with the treatment plan of discharged patients.

This may provide an opportunity for a social worker to earn additional money by helping to supplement the social work staff that may be overburdened and require additional help.


15. Upwork 

A webpage that connects individuals needing to have work done with individuals who have the talent and skills to complete that work is

There is no fee to join this platform and simply requires that the individual register as a freelancer, take a few evaluation tests to help you and the site to discover your talents, and then you can begin to search for job opportunities.

On the positions available side, there are a variety of jobs that are posted including those affiliated with social work as well as other opportunities such as writing, being a virtual assistant, etc.

Upwork charges the individual performing the job a 20% fee on the entirety of the payment and if you continue to work for that individual, after the level of $500 is reached, the commission drops down to 10% of the payments made for work completed.


16. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a similar platform to Upwork and follows the basic format and process.

A number of these jobs on the site as well as other sites can be done remotely.

Therefore, from the comfort of your own home, you can accomplish these jobs as well as stay within the timeline required for the completion of the task.

Also See: Physician Side Gigs, Side Hustles for Architects & Music Side Hustles.


17. Victim Services

A strong possibility of putting your skills as a social worker to good use is to work in concert with your local police department.

Unfortunately, many individuals are victims of crime with one specific violent activity being domestic abuse.

In working with the police department or the battered women’s shelter, you can work out an agreement and get paid for your services but more importantly help an individual who has been traumatized.


18. Work With Lawyer

Some lawyers will contract with a social services worker to provide mental health evaluations for some of their clients who are applying for immigration status.

One posting seen online indicates that a social service worker makes a considerable amount of money by providing this service to immigrants.


19. Career Counseling 

Many students during their education process come to a crossroads and are at odds at what direction to take as it relates to their career.

By being a proven and successful social service worker, you can provide priceless input as it relates to pursuing a career in social services.

Perhaps, by reaching out to a community college or various school systems, you can offer this service at a reasonable fee for the school system in helping their students with career choices.


Non-Work Related Side Hustles for Social Workers


20. Etsy 

Etsy is a retail online store in which an individual can set up their account and create products to place in their particular genre.

Many individuals use this website to show their craftiness and provide the selling of their hobby to interested individuals.

Products such as handcrafted leather products, jewelry, beaded work, etc. all can be showcased and the Etsy customer can purchase these items through the website.

In turn, you will earn additional dollars while enjoying a hobby that will not only bring you money but help to provide some diversion to your involved occupation.

Click here to check out Etsy


21. eBay 

Another option that provides a retail opportunity is through eBay.

To be involved with eBay you simply register and once your registration is complete, you can begin posting items on the website that you have available and wish to sell.

Popular products to be sold on eBay are books.

Click here to check out eBay


22. Pet Sitting 

It would seem like a perfect side gig to allow you to unwind for the day and to begin your morning would be the offering of pet sitting services to your neighbors and friends.

This would be a valuable way for users to not only earn some money but give you some “me time” to begin your day by being with an animal that doesn’t demand much and might bring some soothing quality time to your life.


23. Reading 

As a social worker, it is an assumption that you enjoy reading.

While unwinding with a good book, you can get paid to read that book and provide a candid review of what you have read.

Several sites will pay you a small amount to read the book and will even cover the cost of that book.

All they ask is that you post a candid review of the book, its plot, and development of characters, etc.

One such site is (cut and paste).


Personal Story

While operating a transitional living center you quickly learn which individuals want to “game the system” and what individuals are serious about trying to get their lives back together.

As part of our screening process, we went through a series of questions and then interviewed the individuals who wished to participate in the program.

As part of the interview system, we had two social workers who would engage the individual and endeavor to gauge their seriousness about getting control back in their lives.

After this second layer of eligibility, the selected individuals were then interviewed by a hired LCSW who brought their expertise and education to the interview table.

This process certainly helped me to understand and realize the importance of an individual who brought an extra layer of credentialing and experience to the table in observing and determining the eligibility of individuals for the program.


Money Earning Side Hustles for Social Workers FAQs


What is the Average Salary for a Social Worker?

The average salary of a social worker in America is $54,262.


What Are the Criteria to Become an LCSW?

To obtain an LCSW license (Licensed Certified Social Worker) requires a Master’s Degree in Social Work, additional coursework, registering as an ASW (Associate of Social Work), passing a criminal background check, taking the actual exam, and obtaining your license.

Licensing requirements may vary from state to state.



Being a social service worker is a remarkable career choice in that so many people benefit from an individual who is expertly trained and experienced in this field and who brings to their client relationship and empathetic spirit.

All of this bundled together certainly makes your skills marketable and many work-related and non-work-related side hustles can be taken advantage of to earn you extra income.

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