Are you a real estate agent looking to expand your income?

You’re not alone.

There are actually tons of different real estate agent side hustles that you can try, and here we’ll go over the 20 best side hustles to make good money and how to start.


Are There Really Good Side Hustles?

Yes, there are.

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The cool thing with this is that with real estate side hustles, there are a lot to choose from, including:

  • Side hustles involving investment
  • Working with different agents
  • Digital side hustles
  • Online side hustles

You can try different kinds, and it’s a great way to maximize profits.


20 Great Real Estate Side Hustles to Make Good Money

Here are 20 really worthwhile real estate side hustles to help you get started.


1. Rentals

Rental properties are one of the best ways for real estate agents to start making some good money.

After all, you already know the market, so you invest, rent it out, and it does become a good passive income.

Over time, you can have it cover the mortgage and ownership, and it allows you to build equity.

Obviously, you’ve got the resources, but is a good place to start.


2. Online Notary

If you’re familiar with how to notarize documents, this is a great side hustle.

It doesn’t take much to begin, and it doesn’t require much to get started.

Obviously, with the pandemic, a lot of sites are actually encouraging people to do it online. is a great place to get started.

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3. Wholesale Real Estate

If you know how to already work the field, you can actually start wholesaling or bird-dogging properties, which means you’re investing in this and offering your real estate services to others.

You can start with a purchase agreement or option agreement to assign the right end buyer for the job to begin.


4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant pretty much helps someone, and there are people looking for Vas in the real estate field.

It’s also a growing field, and sites such as Summit VA are looking for a variety of agents, especially in real estate.


5. Be a Blogger

A blogging job is actually a great side hustle.

If you have a lot of experience in the field, you can make some good money by sharing what you know in a blog.

Other people can read it, and you’ll get some money from this.


6. Financial Writer

Do you know the financial side of real estate? This is a very valuable aspect, and it can markedly help those who are interested in this field.

If you know the financial aspects of this and are willing to help people with understanding this better, you can easily find jobs.

Or better yet, pair with a blogging company and start writing for them to get started!


7. Managing Airbnb’s

Airbnb is a great side hustle for those who are curious about this.

You don’t even need to own the property, but you need to work with property owners to find rooms.

Your job will be to get guests in and out, and you also can make some easy money with this.

It’s pretty similar to looking for new tenants, but instead of it being just for a 12-month contract, it’s really just for the stay that they’re there.


8. Flipping Properties

Are you good at taking properties and making them better?

Well, you’re in luck.

This is a great hustle for real estate agents since it can actually make you some great money in some cases.

The one downside is you do need some capital, but there are low-cost ways to start this up too.

Fundrise, of course is one of them, and a great one for flipping and finding key focal properties to try out.


9. Manage Properties

Are you good with handling the management of facilities and also can get people to go in and fix broken sinks and whatnot?

Well, property management is a good one.

It does require that you either have experience with managing or have a property to manage, but you can get paid 10% of the monthly rental income.

It’s a good way to get insight and experience and also get you a feel for how you can manage these.

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10. YouTube

Creating videos on Youtube is a very good way to make some money as a side hustle.

It is a good income because it shows people entertaining content, and you can show off your expertise as well right there.

It’s very easy for you to start monetizing, and even just having paid ads and sponsors can help you make money just through videos as well.


11. Get That Affiliate Marketing Going

There are so many great ways to do affiliate marketing.

Whether it’s in YouTube videos or even in content that you have or on your social media page, it’s a really viable side hustle income.

The procedure is simple.

When someone purchases something through your link, you get a commission.

If you already have a social media page that’s already growing, then this is one way to do it, and it’s a good kickback to really boost your income.

ClickFunnels is a good way to start this.

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12.  Consider Ebooks or Other Content

Are you good at writing about your real estate experience in ways that can actively help other people?

Well, you’re not alone, and in fact, there are people out there who actually will buy that content off of you.

If you’re good at writing and want to make some good money with this, you can write an eBook and publish it.

It may not sell immediately, but over time, with every single different sale, you begin to grow.

You can even make a whole series of books to help funnel this business, and it’s a simple, effective way to really make money.

To start, KDP has an easy process for self-publishing.


13.  Real Estate Photography

Are you good at taking pictures that really show off different photography? Well, you’re in luck, because this is a good sort of business for you.

You don’t even have to get hired in-house? What can work is checking Zillow and finding different places that have bad photos.

Reach out and see if they’ll pay you.

It’s so simple, and it can make you good money.


14. Training Agents

Are you good at your job as a real estate agent and want to help others?

Well, you can do that.

There are plenty of agents who do need a little boost, and you can be the person to offer this.

Plus, it can actually boost your experience and networking too.

Checking agent Facebook Pages and seeing if they need help can be a great way to find leads for this side hustle.


15. Coach People!

Want to make it a little more one-on-one?

Well, a good way to actually boost your income and help others is through coaching.

Some people do need help to make it in the field, especially since it is saturated.

With these coaches, you’ll be able to, quite readily, create the best experience you can, and start to really help others while making some good cash.


16. Property Tax Appealing

What is this?

It’s basically a side hustle where you show assessors that they’re overvaluing properties for tax reasons.

You do need to know how CMAs work, and it can be a little complex, but if you know that there are overvalued homes on the market, you can make some good money.

It also is a way to offer an incentive to get people to work with you through a free property tax review, and you can assess whether or not they’re paying too much.


17. Credit Repair

Some real estate agents, already know a little bit about buyers who don’t qualify for loans.

If you’ve already helped those who wouldn’t get a loan get their credit in check, you can make extra money doing this.

It is a bit of a specialized skill, but it’s a good side hustle for real estate agents to make money.

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18. Estate Selling

Estate selling is when a person is downsizing or dies, and they have a home of items that need to be sold.

Estate selling is pretty much the process of doing this, and they make it easy.

It does require that you know how to:

  • Market a sale
  • Price all of the items accordingly
  • Check and arrange inventory
  • Get rid of extra inventory when done

It can be too much as a side hustle, but if you want to do it, you can always outsource to let others handle it.

Ross Auction does this type of sale a lot, and it can be a good way to learn how the market works.


19. Courses

If you’re familiar with how the market works and how to be a real estate agent and investor, you can make some good money as an instructor.

You can even do these online and sell them for a profit so that people have this information at hand.

Udemy is one that’s good for courses online and one that plenty of people use to get the information they need.


20. Index funds

Index funds may not seem like a viable side hustle for real estate agents, but it’s incredibly passive.

It’s risky, but they are pretty safe.

The cool thing is, if you know how the market works, this is good. Also, if you know about the overall state of home businesses and general business structure, you can make some good money with this.

The whole thing works like normal investing, where you buy shares and put a bunch of money into different kinds of organizations and companies.

A lot of the companies mentioned are those you probably see in your real estate career, so it works out.

A good one to start with is Vanguard since they offer a lot of different investment ways to begin.


Side Jobs for Real Estate Agents FAQs


Is Being a Real Estate Investor a Good Side Hustle?

It can be since you already know how to handle the transactions, so it’s profitable without being too hard to really learn.

But the problem is, the current market is insanely competitive, which is why some people may prefer other jobs in the field than being an agent or an investor.


Why Should I Look for Side Hustles for Real Estate Investors?

The simple answer is you’re already dealing with a very competitive field, and it’s only gotten more competitive.

With many groups eating up these properties, you have to look for other kinds of ways to make money.

Plus, you may have trouble with finding properties that need to be listed since it is not really a buyer’s market at the moment.

It can also get you some good money.


Is It Illegal to Run a Side Hustle Like a Real Estate Agent?

It shouldn’t be but check the local laws before starting.


What Are the Factors for Good Side Hustles for Real Estate Agents?

The best ones for real estate agents usually involve something that they are already familiar with.

It also should involve:

  • It’s something that’s relatable to clients and prospects in the field
  • It can be used to cross-promote your current job since it can help
  • Offers diversifying of income for extra protection
  • It is quick to start and doesn’t take a bunch of money
  • It is something that you can do and is easy for you to begin with

With that, you have a lot of options and ways to do it.



These 20 real estate side hustles may take a bit of time to start, but if you already have a good foundation for one or the other, it can turn into high income for you now and into the future.

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