Who says you can’t make extra money as a pregnant mom!

Of course you can, thanks to side hustles for pregnant moms to make money.

This article reveals 25 of the best such side hustles to make money with, as pregnant moms.


Why Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms?

Congratulations are in order.

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You just received a call from the doctor confirming the good news that you are pregnant.

It seems that the day of the blessed event will be in about eight months and now your mind begins to race because there are so many things to prepare for to welcome the new member of the family.

The nursery will have to be repainted, there are assorted baby items that need to be purchased, certainly a new crib, baby dresser, and so forth.

Your mind is just racing at all of this good news.

After the excitement that this wonderful news creates and thinking about what you want to do to decorate the room subsides, the stark reality that all of this is going to cost money hits you.

The question and the challenge present themselves as to where that money will come from?

No problem.

You are accustomed to meeting the challenges of life and so you will not just sit idly by for the next eight months.

You will look for a job that you can do remotely from your home while enjoying every moment of your pregnancy, as much as possible.

Putting away the paintbrush and roller for a moment let us explore remote working opportunities for you as an expectant mother.



25 Best Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms to Make Money


1. eBook Writer

Perhaps, with any spare time that you have, possibly some creative ideas have come to mind and the thoughts about writing an e-book were a thought you may have had.

An e-book is a shorter type of narrative that roughly is comprised of 3000 pages or more.

The subject of an e-book can run the entire gamut and can range anywhere from a short story that you have possibly thought about developing, a how-to book on motherhood, your journey being an expectant mother, etc.

Additionally, if you don’t have the time available to write an e-book you could always hire a ghostwriter that can be contracted through one of the freelance websites.

To learn more about developing and publishing your own e-book you can visit https//kdp.amazon.com/en_US/.


2. Transcriptionist

If you have good typing skills and are able to concentrate on what is being said, then you might be able to take on the role of a transcriptionist.

An individual who transcribes text from an audio or video file listens to what is being said and then types into the needed format what is being voiced on these files.

A variety of websites are available for an individual with the skill set to be a transcriptionist with one of those sites being www.transcribeme.com.

Often, the payment is made by the number of words typed or can also be based on an hourly or flat rate.


3. Social Media Manager

Many businesses are beginning to see the value of having a presence or an interaction on social media platforms.

However, many businesses do not have the personnel to manage all of the activity that is occurring and the potential of maximizing the business’s social media presence.

A job that can be done remotely for a business is through the opportunity of the social media manager.

The social media manager will be tasked with managing all of the sites, reviewing the content, and engaging with customers and potential customers.

Some of those social media sites include:

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • And others


4. Coaching

As a mother and a mother-to-be, you understand fully the reality of motherhood and have used your experience and coping skills to manage and “juggle” all of the various roles and experiences that you are involved with.

You understand the importance of being a mother, wife, and member of the family, and understand the importance of nurturing yourself as well.

With this experience and knowledge, you can offer the role of being a mentor and a coach to other women who find themselves in the same situation but need support and assistance in fulfilling those roles.

This consultation and mentoring can be provided to other women by advertising through your social media platforms and counseling others through a variety of tile technology programs.

You could also set up group sessions in which individuals can be on a conference-type call and support each other through the process.

You could charge a fee per person and also a set fee for all those who participate in a conferencing session.


5. Caption

At www.rev.com there is an online employment opportunity in which you are sent video files.

The job entails listening to the audio and watching the video and typing the words that are being said so that they can be incorporated as captions.

Captions are a meaningful service provided to individuals who watch videos but for a variety of reasons (hearing-impaired, different language) are unable to understand what is being said.

As a video captioning employee, you will transcribe the video message into the format required by the employer.

Payment is generally made per minute of the video that is captured with a pay range anywhere from $.40-$.75 per minute.


6. Photographer

Perhaps you have a “good eye” as it relates to capturing unique pictures or photos of a variety of subjects.

Within your home, you could take pictures of any children within your family, unique angles or photos of family pets, capturing wildlife outside your window, etc.

These photographs can be submitted to stock photo Internet sites such as:

Often, these stock photos are purchased by others when wishing to use specific photos for their social media sites or websites, etc.

Another way that you can possibly earn money with your flair for photography is to enter into contests.

Often these contests provide award money and also the opportunity of moving on in the contest to become recognized for your photographs.


7. Handcrafted Items

If you have a hobby, skill, or specific talent, why not monetize that past time in your life and earn some money in the process.

Examples of hobbies that others may find an appreciation for and purchase your talent and ability could be knitting, embroidery, making jewelry, handcrafting leather products, etc.

You could open an account with www.etsy.com and upload pictures of these items after you have registered a business account on this site.

Etsy will open up an online virtual store where you can display these photos and individuals looking for handcrafted items may come across your site and make purchases.

Once the purchase has been made, Etsy will help you process the mailing of those items to your customers.


8. Freelance Writer

Another gift that you may possibly have is the ability to write.

As a freelance writer, you can look for writing opportunities on a variety of websites and put your writing skills to work to earn good money.

Examples of writing opportunities could include:

  • Grant writing
  • Creative writing
  • Technical writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • And more;

A website that you can explore for writing opportunities can be found at www.iwriter.com.


9. Blogging

Being a mother and a mother-to-be is an exciting life for a woman.

Of course, there are off days, but this can be part of your writing if you choose to create a blog.

Through a blog hosting site such as Bluehost.com, you can set up your blog site and begin to write away.

You can write on a variety of subjects that may resonate with other individuals who will follow your entries and what you have to say.

Possibilities of your blogging could include:

  • Preparing for motherhood
  • Looking for job opportunities while pregnant
  • New baby products that you have come across
  • Humorous side to pregnancy
  • And so much more

Through your social media websites, you can advertise your blog and gain followers and hopefully, those followers will support you with monetary donations as well as pursue the use of affiliate advertising and a possible sponsor.


10. Voiceover

There are a variety of websites that are looking for voice talent.

Through these sites, there may be a need for an individual who has a soothing voice, a certain pitch, dialect, accent, etc.

By making an application with the sites you can look for voice-over opportunities and submit your sample voice recording to see if that is what the company or entity is looking for.

Also, through voice-over opportunities, the opportunity of recording an audiobook may be a possibility.

One such voice-over-Internet site can be accessed by going to www.voice.com.



11. YouTube

An opportunity to reach individuals that are like-minded can occur by starting your own YouTube platform.

Being an expectant mother, perhaps an idea, as you prepare for the blessed event, is to purchase various baby products and conduct reviews of those products.

For example, you could purchase a nursery baby monitor and from opening the package to evaluating the product, you can share a video presentation that captures your thoughts and thinking about the item.

This example of reviewing baby products may gain you a following of other expectant mothers who will use your valuable insight and purchase the product as part of their safety baby monitoring needs.

The potential of money can be realized through support from your followers, affiliate advertising and possibly gaining sponsorship from one of these baby product manufacturers.

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12. Search Engine Evaluator

There are a number of search engines that individuals use when browsing the Internet.

Some of those search engines include:

A search engine evaluator is hired by these companies to utilize the search engine and provide feedback on a form that is provided.

The purpose of a search engine evaluator is to report back to the company so that the company can make adjustments to its various algorithms in order to be a more powerful search engine and more conducive to the user.

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If interested in this type of employment role you can log onto www.appen.com.


13. Proofreading

A potential freelancing opportunity that you can perform from home is the needed skill of being a proofreader.

A proofreader is an individual that will review various types of narratives and check the document for the use of proper grammar, any misspellings, sentence structuring, etc.

A proofreader is a valuable part of the writing team as often a good writing narrative that is grammatically incorrect or has considerable spelling mistakes can detract from what the writer is conveying.

If you have a good knowledge of grammar, an eye for detail, and enjoy not only a good composition but one that is accurately written then a proofreading position might be a good match for you.

Often proofreading positions are advertised on a number of freelance websites.

One of those potential freelance websites in which you might be able to find this position would be www.freelancer.com.


14. Data Entry

There are a number of companies that have outsourced traditional jobs that were once part of the employee work pool.

Due to the cost of health benefits, and focus on downsizing, many companies have outsourced jobs that can be done on a remote basis by a freelancer.

One of those opportunities is data entry.

An individual who is involved with data entry can capture facts, statistics, numbers, etc.

As a data entry clerk working from home, the data will be sent to you via email or other method and you will enter the data into the format that your employment is requesting.

A data entry clerk is detail-oriented, disciplined, and ensures that the data is entered correctly.

Opportunities to be a data entry clerk can be researched using a freelance website such as www.upwork.com.


15. Pet Walker

It is important for you to exercise and take care of yourself and in the process take care of the baby that you are carrying.

A great way to do this and earn money in the process is by taking daily walks which can be accomplished by providing a pet walking service.

By downloading the app known as Rover you can sign up to be a provider of pet services for individuals in need of an individual to help care for these members of their family.

Through the app on your smartphone, a request is made, and you have the option of except doing that opportunity or not.

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16. Freelancing

The world of freelancing and the employment opportunities that freelancing affords is skyrocketing.

The increase in freelancing opportunities is due to the reality that many companies have downsized and have reduced their workforce to cut costs associated with employee benefits.

Therefore, what work that used to be done in-house by traditional employees is now outsourced to others who have the skills and talents to perform the job.

Some of the freelancing opportunities available through a variety of websites could include:

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Ghostwriting
  • Taking surveys
  • And more

Just about any position or employment opportunity that you can think of may now be available through freelancing.

Freelancing websites that are available for individuals to register and create their profiles would include:


17. Test Websites

An employment opportunity that can be done remotely is the position of testing websites.

The process involves being utilized by a company with the job role being the testing of websites and reporting back to the employer any broken links found, misspellings, vague writing, etc.

The reporting is done through an evaluation sheet and submitted within a specific timeframe back to the company that hires you.

Payment can be roughly $10 earned for each session with a session lasting about a half of an hour.

To check out the possibilities of evaluating websites you can log onto www.checkealos.com


18. Online Surveys

Another opportunity that you can be involved with as a mother-to-be is by accessing various online survey websites.

Two such sites are www.swagbucks.com and www.surveyjunkie.com.

These sites, upon registering, will provide certain tasks that you can accomplish if you fit a certain demographic.

The tasks can include playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, etc.

Payment on some of these sites can be in cash where others provide points that go towards the earning of a gift card.

Also, some sites will provide you with a bonus for just registering.


19. Bookkeeping

If you enjoy working with numbers, have a little knowledge about debits and credits, are detail-oriented, and provide consistent and accurate work, then perhaps being a remote bookkeeper is an option for you.

Many smaller to mid-size companies outsource their bookkeeping and often the bookkeeping software is cloud-based.

The data would be provided through email or another way of communicating the information and you would input the various entries into the proper side of the ledger.

To find potential remote bookkeeping jobs you can look at a website such as www.indeed.com.


20. Cooking

Perhaps you are a good or extraordinary cook or baker.

As part of a way to increase your revenue stream coming into the household, you can take advantage of this skill and talent and provide baked goods or meals that are prepared for others to purchase.

For example, if you are able to create delicious homemade pies you can advertise these pies for sale through your social media platform or if you have a skill in making quality homemade bread.

You can figure out what the total would be per item based on the ingredients used and factoring in your time to create these delicious items.

Also, rather than leaving your home, you can make arrangements for individuals to pick up their baked goods at certain times during the course of the day.


21. Virtual Workout

As with all individuals, it is important that an exercise routine be developed and followed through on.

This is especially true as it relates to women who are pregnant.

A way that you can earn money remotely is by managing and leading a virtual workout.

This can be done through a teleconferencing software program, and you can gather a group of individuals together and lead the workout and also be the motivator and inspirational leader of the group so that the exercises are performed on a regular basis.

Also, you could provide nutritional tips, encourage the other pregnant women about the importance of following through on their routine prenatal checkups, etc.

You could advertise this virtual workout through your social media platforms and charge a fee for the setup when conducting the workouts, the cost of the teleconferencing session, etc.


22. Graphic Designer

Another opportunity that presents itself to utilize your imagination and creativity is by being a graphic designer

Even though you may not have formal education or a degree as it relates to being a graphic designer, you can still utilize tools that will basically do the work for you.

One of those websites where templates for graphic design can be found at www.canva.com.

Once you have created designs, you can sell those designs through a website such as www.etsy.com.

Through your online retail store, your graphics will be displayed and if individuals are interested they will purchase them and have the option of applying them to various products such as coffee mugs, purses, t-shirts, wallets, etc.


23. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a professional that supports leadership staff within a company.

A virtual assistant would be called upon to schedule appointments, keep an individual’s calendar, make calls, answer calls, etc.

As a virtual assistant, you would not have a physical presence in an office, but your duties would be performed in a virtual manner.

Also, a virtual assistant may be called upon to do light bookkeeping duties.

Virtual assistant opportunities can be found on a variety of websites such as www.simplyhired.com.


24. Babysit

With the rising cost of childcare, many parents look for alternative choices to care for their children while they are at work.

This may be an opportunity for you to be involved with babysitting or childcare services.

It is important to check with your state to determine how many children and how many hours you can babysit without needing a license.

A way that you can check on licensure needs can be found by accessing https://licensingregulations.acf.hhs.gov/.


25. Tutor

Being the amazing woman that you are perhaps you also have a skill or talent that others would like to learn.

Possibilities could include your ability to play the piano, guitar, music theory, are able to sing, etc.

You can tutor other individuals as it relates to these skills or any other potential talents or skills that you have that are marketable.

You can advertise through your social media platform that you provide tutor lessons and that they can be accomplished through telecommunication sites such as Skype or Zoom.


Money Earning Side Hustles for Pregnant Moms FAQs


What is the Best Piece of Advice as It Relates to Working a Side Job While Pregnant?

The best piece of advice as it relates to working a side job while being pregnant is to make sure that you take care of yourself and your baby.

This means that you should get the proper rest, eat properly, put your feet up as much as possible and avoid the adverse effects of stress as it relates to juggling all of your roles and responsibilities.


What Are Some of the Do’s and Don’ts While Working During Pregnancy?

This question is best left to the experts to answer.

A few recommendations by the Mayo Clinic can be found at https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/pregnancy-week-by-week/in-depth/pregnancy/art-20047441 .


You Can Do It

As a mother-to-be, you are a provider and now you wish to take the role a step further by taking on an employment opportunity from your home.

You are to be congratulated and your dedication and commitment will provide you with many rewards including the reward of money.



With the expansion of the family due to pregnancy there is also an expansion needed as it relates to income to provide for the new child is a brought into the world.

The good news is that there are many employment opportunities for both the mother and father to be involved in that can be accomplished remotely and not disrupt the family life too much.

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