Yes, there are side hustles for mental health therapists to make extra money.

Reading this article reveals 25 of the best ones to consider, if you are a mental health therapist.



If you own a vehicle, you are well aware of the various maintenance timelines that are recommended by the manufacturer.

For example, every so many months or miles the oil needs to be changed.

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Additionally, the transmission fluid needs to be changed when a certain point in time is reached.

Also, the tires need to be rotated every so many miles, and a variety of other maintenance checks and changes need to occur.

This maintenance schedule also holds for us as humans.

Every so often, we need to have a physical, have various laboratory tests conducted to check out our cholesterol, red and white blood cells assessed, at a certain age we need to have various tests taken, etc.

Also, people check other aspects of life which could include our financial situation, assessment of relationships, work reviews and performance evaluations, etc.

Perhaps, out of all of these maintenance schedules and checks and balances, one important dimension of our life is overlooked.

That dimension is an assessment of our mental health.

A particular occupation that is critical to an individual’s mental health is a mental health therapist.

A mental health therapist fully understands the importance of mental health and takes practical strides and measures to manage mental health.

As with others, one of the issues that may be facing a mental health therapist is the need for extra money which can relieve the stress placed upon the mind when there are more expenses than there is income.

If this is the situation for a mental health therapist, they understand the need to put all that into perspective and yet do something practical to alleviate the challenge that is being faced.

With all of that circulating in our healthy minds, let us get off of the therapy couch and look at ways and opportunities that a mental health therapist can be involved in side hustles to earn money.


25 Best Side Hustles for Mental Health Therapists to Make Money


1. Teaching

Because of your degrees and various credentials, you would have the professional ability and capability to be an adjunct professor at a local college or graduate school.

You could teach the various curriculums offered by the school or create your course as it relates to mental health.

Your teaching would be extremely beneficial to the school and especially the students will gain from your experience, the lessons that you have learned, and the lives that you have touched.


2. BetterHelp

An option that presents itself given the recent pandemic is ample opportunities to interact with clients through technology.

This can be done from your practice or can be done in other ways

A platform that you could be involved with is called Better Help and it makes that connection between an individual wishing to talk to and help a mental health professional.

Of course, there are other telecommunication options, and it is important to do your research and determine what the requirements are and what best suits your professional needs.


3. Professional Writing

There are a variety of journals and magazines that look for well-written and professionally researched writings as it relates to the area of mental health.

By researching the opportunity of writing for some of these publications you can earn money as a freelance writer.

In addition, when you have published writings, there is a tendency to expand your resume and portfolio as a mental health expert and open other doors as it relates to receiving recognition and earning money.


4. Retreats

Many companies are beginning to understand more and more the value of having team members that take care of themselves in all aspects of their health including their mental health.

Many companies offer mental health days to their employees.

The focus that you could bring is helping the team players, and leaders as well, to manage their mental health and present a variety of topics and sessions designed with that in mind.

In approaching corporations, you could share the staggering statistic that 23% of people who responded to a survey indicated that they are experiencing a sense of burnout as it relates to their job.


5. Public Speaking

Public speaking is another way that you can share your expertise and your experience in the mental health profession.

There are many associations, organizations, and other medical and professional organizations that would benefit from your insight and knowledge about mental health.

Typically, for a speaking engagement, you will be paid with expenses covered or possibly receive an honorarium.


6. Expert Witness

During court proceedings, lawyers on both sides of the legal system, prosecution and defense, call upon individuals who are experts in their field to bolster their case or defense of the individual on trial.

Through this process, you might be able to earn extra money by being involved as an expert witness.

One of the sites that you can access to find out more about this opportunity and possibly be involved can be found at


7. Develop a Course

Taking advantage of your experience and skill set to earn additional income would be to create an online course.

Based on the anxiety that America is facing, through all of the downturns in the economy, and the recent pandemic, the anxiousness of Americans is at a high level.

Through a website such as, you can add your course to the other courses that are available to individuals.

You can also advertise your course through your social media platform for individuals to be involved with.


8. Affiliate Marketing

If you have your website or are actively involved in blogging, a way that you can add revenue to these opportunities is to be involved with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you allow other companies to place links on your site so that when they are clicked, and purchases made by your customer you receive a percentage of that sale.

Also, revenue can be earned through this process when individuals are referred and make a purchase as well.

An example of a marketing program that is designed with mental health professionals in mind can be found at


9. TalkSpace

As a mental health professional, it will come to you as no surprise that 20% of the American population experience mental illness in any given year.

Sometimes people are hesitant to seek out a mental health professional or some people just don’t have the available time for a variety of other reasons.

A convenient program that might alleviate an individual delaying their mental health is through a therapy app known as TalkSpace.

Through this app, a client or an individual wishing to talk to a mental health professional can schedule a chat with a therapist online whenever there is a need.

A therapist is matched with the client and will continue that patient-therapist relationship over time

As a licensed mental therapist, you can be part of this therapy for others and begin to earn additional income.


10. Psychological Testing

Many occupational roles require that the individuals considered for the position undergo psychological testing.

In particular, this can happen in several churches where individuals looking to be involved in the clergy.

The reality is that the heavy stresses placed upon them and the expectations of the ministerial role.

With this in mind, it is also possible to offer your services to be part of the psychological testing process for large corporations and businesses for certain positions due to the job requirements.

The argument for utilizing this type of testing is that recruitment and training can be an expensive process and one that should not be repeated frequently if the right hire is made.

By providing psychological testing, you can provide that added dimension to the hiring process for the hiring of potential employees.


11. Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is an opportunity that is provided by this retail giant to others to sell various products through its platform.

The concept is that you send the inventory to Amazon to be stored in their warehouse and when an order is received Amazon will ensure that the entire fulfillment process is provided by their sophisticated business model.

In other words, all of the hard aspects of selling a product are accomplished by them and you simply need to provide the product.


12. Blog

A potential side hustle or money raiser for you as a mental health professional is the creation of a blog.

The focus of the blog could be directed to your peers and talking or sharing with your counterparts about the latest developments in the mental health world, ways to maintain their mental health, sharing salient points as it relates to case studies, etc.

The other audience that you could write to would be lay personnel and talk to them about the importance of mental health, managing stress, dealing with difficult relationships, etc.

The blog could be a rich resource for both audience and with their appreciation, these supporters and followers of the site may provide monetary support as well as the possibility of utilizing affiliate advertising or gaining a sponsor.

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13. Consultant

We live in a day and age where individuals who have knowledge and experience are provided ample opportunity to share with others who could take advantage of that experience and knowledge.

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This opportunity is known as consulting and with you being a mental health professional there are a variety of ways that you can provide your service as a consultant.

As a consultant, you could assist businesses and organizations to help identify and help facilitate better relationships as it relates to the employee to employee or employee to manager or manager to manager.

As a consultant, you would be self-employed, work your schedule, and be paid an hourly rate.

Of course, the added benefit to all involved would be a healthier working environment.

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14. Small Business

If there is an entrepreneurial side to you a small business may provide that additional income.

The small business does not necessarily need to have a connection with your profession but could be many business ideas including the operation of a:

  • Laundromat
  • Vending machine business
  • Carwash
  • etc.

Also, other small business opportunities that may present themselves could include taking photographs and selling them to various stock photo Internet sites, being an event planner, bookkeeping, house flipping, etc.


15. App

If you have an idea for an app that will contain features or modifications that would be more beneficial to the client and their mental health therapist, then perhaps you can create an app for a more involved experience and therapy for all involved.

If you do not have the computer programming skills necessary or expertise to create an app you could always partner with an individual who does and create that app for individuals to utilize.


16. Website

A powerful resource for you and for those that you interact with is the development of a website.

The website could be designed for both professionals and non-professionals alike.

On the site could be a link that provides significant resources for both groups of people and additional or more involved resources could be provided through a subscription basis which would be an income producer.


17. Tutor

Tutoring is another possibility to earn money as a side hustle.

Through tutoring, you could help individuals that are currently in school and working towards the achievement of their licensing to practice in the mental health field.

As a tutor, you could interact with individuals through various lesson plans, and subjects that they may be struggling with, or provide insight for the individual to help them to better understand what is being taught.

You could provide this tutoring on your own and advertise your service through your social media platforms or website or you could be part of a tutoring website such as


18. Podcast

A podcast is an audio program that provides information that can be informative, motivational, instructional, inspirational, etc.

A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast with the exception being that the podcast can be downloaded and listened to on an individual’s smartphone at their convenience.

By creating a podcast, you could interact with other mental health professionals, offer tips and suggestions to the listening audience, talk about the various statistics, the value of mental health, etc.

You can create this podcast yourself by using an inexpensive sound system and edit your program by using a free software program found at

Also, you can work with Spotify to list your podcast on their platform


19. YouTube

A very popular media platform is YouTube.

You could create a YouTube channel and make video/audio presentations that could assist individuals with their mental health.

Utilizing a variety of illustrative tools, you could teach others about the importance of mental health as it relates to their involvement with others, the workplace, and above all in interacting and maintaining their mental health.

The platform could be academic or be a lighthearted approach but still, present the impactful and powerful message of good mental health.

Monetization of your efforts could come from the support of your followers, providing premium services on a subscription basis, affiliate advertising, or possibly obtaining a sponsor.


20. Design Consultant

A service that you could render to other medical professionals, especially in the area of mental health, is to provide service as a design consultant.

You understand the power of colors and the way that the office space is designed and situated.

You could bring your understanding of the importance of a well-designed therapeutic office and space to others and provide this as a consultant in helping them with their professional practice.

For more information, you can read this article


21. Private Practice

If you are currently a member of a practice mental health group, you could begin to explore the possibilities of venturing out into your practice.

The added benefits would be your autonomy and running your own business and demonstrating practically to your patients the mental health aspect of being confident and following your dream.


22. Coach

Many individuals today are looking for a mentor or a personal life coach that can provide insight, motivation, and inspiration to their lives to meet their goals in life.

With your professional acumen in being a mental health therapist, you would be in the perfect position to be a personal life coach for an individual to help them to plummet the depths of their being, gain confidence, set goals, challenge difficult relationships, and move forward on their goals in life.

Those goals could include career goals, health goals, relationships, and other personal goals.


23. Workshops

As a business service to companies and other interested entities, you could offer mental health workshops.

Through your workshops, you could offer insight to help individuals to recognize mental health challenges, and provide tools, and practical insight in helping these individuals not only cope but overcome.


24. Rental Property

An opportunity that may present itself as a way to earn additional money as a side hustle is to become a landlord.

There would be the investment of purchasing a rental home which will require a down payment.

Once a renter is found you can be involved as little or as much as you wish

You could also hire a proper management company to manage the property.

Typically, a management property management company will charge 10% of the monthly rental fee and provide oversight of the property.

That oversight would include:

  • Working out the lease agreement with the renter
  • Collecting the rental payment
  • Utilizing professionals in the community to provide any needed repairs
  • etc.


25. eBook

An opportunity to earn additional income would be to author an e-book.

If you have a creative side, you could write a short story and draw upon your experience as a mental health professional.

A possible storyline for a short story e-book could be a fictional story about an individual who had Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality.

Or your e-book could potentially be a story about your journey in becoming a mental health therapist and perhaps some of the obstacles you overcame on your journey.

It may provide inspiration and motivation for others in overcoming their challenges.

To learn more about self-publishing an e-book you can go to https//


Personal Story

There are many challenges and circumstances that we can face in our lives that can cause our thinking to be disrupted, and sometimes throw us into a state of confusion and potential darkness where we look for answers.

I was experiencing a turbulent relationship issue that not only threatened to jeopardize my marriage but my career as both were intricately woven together.

Not to go into all of the gory details, I sought the professional counseling of a mental health therapist.

Through several sessions, talking about the issue, and being candid with the therapist his guidance was to help me through the process and help me to realize that in jeopardy was not only the marital relationship but my career relationship which caused dual anxiety and stress.

Through his counsel and advice, I was able to see the situation clearly and take the appropriate measures and utilize his advice and the insight provided to help me through the process.

All that to say is that sometimes we need guidance from others to help us on our journey of life and to grow from those experiences.




What is the Major Role of a Mental Health Therapist?

The major or primary role of a mental health therapist is to create a safe space for a non-judgmental client, where the individual can express themselves freely, and candidly.

When this has been accomplished the health professional then can help their clients identify specific challenges they are facing and help them to create better-coping skills, minimize the symptoms being experienced, and create a plan of action to help the individuals cope with those challenges.


What Are the Requirements to Become a Mental Health Therapist?

In most states therapists must have a graduate degree and related license to practice in their state.

Generally, a Master’s degree is required to become a licensed professional clinical counselor.


You Can Do It

As a mental health therapist, you have so much to offer to maintain the mental health of individuals and also help them sort through issues in their life that could hurt their mental health.

In addition to your practice of being a mental health therapist, there are other side hustles or gigs in which you can also extend your professional service to others in different ways and also help yourself financially in the service of others.



You cannot put a price tag on having good health.

This assertion is not only about an individual’s physical health but their mental health as well.

Fortunately, some professionals can help us in maintaining good mental health and in their professional roles provide mental health therapy.

Additionally, there are other opportunities in which a mental health professional could interact with others through their commitment to helping others by taking on additional roles and responsibilities through side hustles.

Whether we interact with these professionals in their official capacity as mental health therapists or interact with them through other opportunities, they can play a critical role in maintaining our overall health.

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