Yes, Lawyers can engage in side hustles to make extra money apart from their usual day to day activities.

This article looks at some of these side hustles, especially those that pay very well and can be done easily on the side.


For the uninformed, Lawyers are professionals authorized to practice law, conduct lawsuits, or give legal advice.

They help individuals, businesses, and governments with litigations and other legal services.

Do you know that lawyers also engage in side hustles to complement their training?

If you are a lawyer and you find yourself in a highly competitive location where you barely make ends meet, then consider a side hustle.

There are many side hustles which lawyers can take advantage of and some of them are included in this article.


What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a job that allows you to earn additional income outside of your regular employment.

So, for a lawyer, this is any job that allows you to earn additional income outside your regular professional legal practice.

A side hustle is not limited to a job where you earn money for your time or service.

It could also mean the selling of items in exchange for money.

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What Constitute the Side Hustles for Lawyers

Lawyers can start side hustles to complement their regular job.

However, it is not all side hustle that lawyers should start.

The features of the most suitable side hustle for lawyers are those that:

  • Still allow you extra time to practice law
  • Have good Pay
  • Have Flexibility and Convenience


12 Best Side Hustles for Lawyers that Pay Very Well


1. Sell a Niche Legal Course

If you are a lawyer, you can create and sell niche legal courses as a side hustle.

There is no doubt that there is an aspect of the legal profession you are well vast in.

Yes, content creation can definitely be done as a side hustle, especially content around legal issues that others will find very helpful.

You can also write a course based on legal issues and sell law students or those who are already practicing.

You can utilize the features of platforms like OpenSesame, Educadium and Udemy to create, promote and sell your course.

This side hustle can give you passive income and you have ample time to practice your profession.


2. Freelance Legal Writing

If you are a lawyer with great writing skills then start using this skill as a side hustle.

You can write articles, resumes, depositions, court papers, and other documents related to the legal service for clients and get paid.

You can write for individuals, groups, or businesses. Also, you can write for legal blogs, websites, or periodicals.

Some lawyers create their blogs and post articles regularly.

They earn affiliate commissions for promoting products or services. They may also get paid for ads on their posts.

You can write from anywhere – from the comfort of your home, office, or any remote location.

You can set your rate and get paid once you complete a freelance writing project for clients.

One of the best platforms to find freelance writing gigs is


3. Conduct Test Prep Courses

You can become a test prep coach for law students as a side hustle.

You would be making money by coaching law students who are studying and preparing for their bar exams.

Conducting test prep courses for would-be lawyers can bring in regular cash as studying for the bar exam is stressful.

So, exploit your knack for teaching and get paid to help law students prepare and pass their bar exams.

You can check out sites like   to connect with law students whom you can work with and get paid to Conduct Test Prep Courses.


4. Create a Popular Podcast

A podcast is an audio file distributed over the Internet.

Podcasting is very popular as you can use it to inform, entertain, educate or instruct listeners.

You can start a podcast to offer legal insights to listeners.

You can share the ethics of being a lawyer, or a guide on how to become a good lawyer for would-be lawyers.

You can start a podcast as a side hustle.

According to Forbes, more than 100 million people across the globe listened to podcasts every month in 2020. It is expected that by 2022, the number will rise to 125 million.

You need simple equipment like a mic, laptop, and open-source editing software to start a podcast.

You can make your podcast popular by posting quality content always.

Once you have built a passionate audience or a huge following, then you can monetize your content.

You can get paid for each episode download of the podcast you shared.

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5. Do Legal Research for High-End Firms

You can do legal research for high-end legal firms and get paid. This is a side hustle you can go for as a lawyer.

Basic legal research is typically done by paralegals in law firms.

However, if you are a qualified lawyer, you can go further to research legal cases for firms.

Yes, some firms may hire you to research some cases for them.

This is especially if have specific legal expertise, or you have carved out a niche for yourself as a legal researcher, then you can take up legal researchers and make huge more.

This is a side hustle you should consider to make extra income.

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6. Publish a Legal Blog

You can publish a legal blog and make money with it. This is a side hustle you can do as a lawyer.

You can publish legal-related content on this blog and monetize it for money.

On this blog, you can share your legal experiences. Or, you can share articles, videos, or pictures to educate, instruct, inform or entertain readers.

If you have a lot of traffic on this blog, you can leverage it to sell products, get paid to write sponsored posts, or take advantage of affiliate marketing.

You can also sell advert spots on the blog to make money.

Just make sure that you post quality content that would attract visitors and businesses to do business with you.

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7. Teach as an Adjunct Professor

If you are a very good lawyer that can teach others, then you can work to become a professor.

You can consider being an adjunct professor as a side hustle.

As an adjunct professor, you can work as a part-time legal professor in college or law school.

You will get paid to teach a few classes in a week. This side hustle can greatly boost the income you already earn as a lawyer.

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8. Become a Headhunter for Legal Firms

You can become a headhunter for law firms. This is a side hustle that many lawyers take advantage of.

A headhunter is a recruiter of personnel for firms or corporations.

He or she can easily spot and recommend talent for employers.

Many people would like to use job sites or job boards to find jobs at law firms.

However, some firms would prefer to recruit their staff from headhunters or “real persons”.

If you are good at spotting talents – especially for law firms, then start a head hunter gig as a side hustle.

You will be paid well and have a boost to your annual income with this side hustle.

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9. Work as a Lawyer Through an Online Marketplace

You can provide legal counsel to people and make money online. This is a side hustle that many lawyers take up.

All you need to do is take up work at an online marketplace like

This platform connects individuals, startups, and small businesses with qualified and trained lawyers.

You can set your rates at and select the type of job you want to do. Of course, you can choose a job you are qualified for.


10. Become a Public Speaker

If you have great communication skills then you can consider becoming a public speaker.

Of course, in your profession as a lawyer, good communication is needed to interact with clients, and win litigations.

You can hone your skills to attract many followers or a large audience.

Be a public speaker and make presentations that would captivate the audience.

You can make money when you become a speaker at business events like seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.

You can also make money speaking at ceremonious events.

You can set the rate you want to charge at an event where you become a public speaker.


Other side hustles for lawyers you should know include:

11. Publish Legal ebooks

12. Invest in Real Estate



As this article has revealed, there are indeed some cool side hustles to make money with as a lawyer, especially those that pay well and allow you time to still practice law.

If you are a lawyer seeking a side hustle, then this article will really help you.