This article reveals some of the best side hustles for college students who want to make extra money without affecting their studies.

Yes, many of these side hustles can be done by students in their free time and they can earn good money on the side.


College Students Can Make Extra Money with Side Hustles

So yes, if you are college student, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – college students can engage in a lot of side hustles.

These are things they do part-time to earn extra money while they are still in school.

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They can sell things, offer services with their skills, or start a small business that could fetch them a regular income.

A college student may want to know of the best side hustles to start. If you are in the position then it is a good thing you are reading this post.

Keep reading to learn of some of the very best side hustles for college students.


What Makes the Best Side Hustles?

Best is a relative term. What constitutes best for one college student may not be the same for another student.

However, there are general features that apply to side hustles that most people go for.

These features include:

  • The best side hustles are free to join or enter. You don’t pay any money to join.
  • The best side hustles are easy to start.
  • The best side hustles come with low capital outlay.
  • The best side hustles allow students time to study.
  • The best side hustles offer flexibility and convenience.
  • The best side hustles pay well.
  • The best side hustles provide instant pay and rewards.
  • The best side hustles have growth potential for the students. You gain broader skills and knowledge.

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13 Best Side Hustles for College Students that Pay Very Well


1. Dog Walker

You can become a dog walker and make money even though you are still a student.

A dog walker helps dog owners to exercise or walk their dogs around.

One of the importance of this is to improve their health.

You can help dog owners walk their dogs when they have no time to do it by themselves.

Dog walking provides many students with an additional source of income.

You too can take advantage of this to earn money.

On average, you can make $20 per hour. You can walk more than two dogs in a day and earn how much you want.

Also, it would interest you to know that you can make extra money if you feed, groom, and remove poops from dogs.

You can contact dog owners near your school or in your neighborhood to find a dog-walking gig.

Another way to find dog walking side hustles for students is to check out websites like


2. Virtual Assistants

You can become a virtual assistant as a side hustle.

This is a job where you can help managers or executives with their clerical duties from a remote location.

A virtual assistant can type documents, send emails, schedule meetings, and perform various types of organizational tasks on behalf of clients.

If you are a student with a knack for organization, a virtual assistant job would be suited for you.

Virtual assistant jobs can be done part-time even as you continue your studies.

You can check out some websites like and to find virtual assistant jobs.


3. Translator

If you are a student that is fluent in more than one language, then you can offer translator service as a side hustle.

You can become a language translator and make money while you continue your studies.

This job entails you translate documents or speeches from one language to another.

For example, you can translate a document written in English to Spanish, or vice versa.

You can get a job as a translator from some freelance websites.

The job offers you flexibility and convenience. This means you can work when you want and choose whom to work with.

From the comfort of your dorm room, you can start to make money as a language translator.

Most of the companies that hire remote translators would demand that you pass an assessment test before you are provided with translator jobs.

How much you earn as a translator will depend on a lot of factors that may include the platform you work for, the rates you charge, the complexity of the language, and the time and quality you put in for the project.

Some of the best places that students can get translator jobs include:

  • Gengo
  • OneHourTranslation
  • Translators Cafe


4. Freelance Writer

If you are a student with good writing skills, then you can start making money as a freelance writer.

You can start this side hustle and get paid to write different types of content for clients.

From the comfort of your school dorm, you can complete writing projects for individuals or businesses.

You can get paid to write articles, resumes, study notes, blogs, and other content for clients.

Freelance writing allows students to exercise their writing skills.

You can also get paid to write short stories or even write what you want, how you want, and from where you want.

Most importantly, freelance writing side hustle allows you to make extra money you can use in addition to your school loan, allowances, and other incomes.

Students can sign up with freelance writing platforms like, to find writing jobs that would help them make extra money while in school.


5. Transcriber

Students can get paid to transcribe documents for clients.

This is a side hustle that can give you extra money as a student.

You can transcribe content that is in audio format to text format.

The types of documents you can transcribe include speeches, court depositions, lectures, medical diagnoses, and more.

Once you complete a specific transcription project you get paid.

There are different types of transcription jobs that students can go for.

The most popular transcription jobs include legal transcription, medical transcription, and general transcription.

Transcription of documents or content offers students lots of opportunities to make money even as they continue their studies.

On average, you can make up to $15 per hour transcribing audio files.

If you garner more experience, then you can earn up to $30 per hour.

As a student, you can check out websites like and to find the best transcription jobs for students.


6. Be a tutor

If you have experienced with specific academic subjects or topics then you can become a tutor and get paid.

This is a side hustle that would allow you to impart academic knowledge to other students.

You can be paid to tutor academic subjects under languages, arts, sciences, current affairs, etc.

It is one of the best side hustles for students who want to make extra money while still studying in school.

You can teach tutors online or you can organize a physical class.

Start from your school and organize extra lessons for students with poor learning abilities.

You can set your hours and work when you want.

Utilize online tutor websites to find jobs where you can be paid for tutoring adults, kids, or professionals.

You will get paid well as long as you deliver quality tutorials and get high ratings from your students.

Tutor sites that students can sign up with to get paid include:


The average hourly pay for a tutor is between $10 and $40.

Also, if you can do SAT or ACT prep, you can earn $45-$100/hour.

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7. Sell College notes

You can sell college notes as a side hustle to make money while you are still a student.

These are also known as study notes. You need to take your time and compose these notes during lectures.

A lot of students who can’t take organized notes can buy from you.

Also, you can upload your study notes to some websites dedicated to buying and selling notes.

On these platforms, you can make money with your notes as some of them would pay you while others would take a commission once your notes sell.

The selling of college notes is highly rewarding for many students as a side hustle. You too can take advantage of it.

A list of some of the best places to sell college notes:


8. Drive for A Ride-Sharing Service

If you are a student who is 18 years of age and with a valid driving license then you can drive for a ride-sharing service.

This is a side hustle where you can make money driving passengers from one spot to another.

You can apply with any of the popular ride-share services Uber or Lyft.

With any of these platforms, you can work when you want.

You can do this side hustle during weekends or holidays to make get extra money while still in school.


9. Deliver foods

Another side hustle that is suitable for students is the delivery of foods to customers.

You can use a vehicle like a car, van, tricycle, motorbike, bicycle, or even feet to deliver foods ordered by customers at their homes or offices.

Food delivery service is a flexible side hustle you can do at your time.

You can pick up cooked or baked foods from restaurants and deliver to homes, offices, or other destination.

The pickup and delivery foods are not limited to pizza, burgers, hotdogs, breakfast meals, etc., you can also get paid to pick up and deliver groceries, vegetables and fruits, and the like to customers.

To make money delivering foods, you can check out websites like:

  • Instacart
  • Postmates
  • UberEATS
  • DoorDash


Other types of side hustles suitable for college students include:

10. Becoming an overnight attendant

11. Babysitting for parents

12. Taking care of lawns

13. Buying and selling items online



College students can explore a lot of side hustles to make extra money while still in school.

Some of the best side hustles they should engage in are highlighted above.

If you are a college student, you should consider any of the above sides hustles to make extra money.