There are certainly awesome side hustles for Architects who want to make extra money.

This article reveals up to 25 of the very best such side hustles for you to bring in extra cash, as an Architect!



Isn’t it amazing to know that as you look around right now with where you’re at that everything that you can see was at one time just an idea?

From that chair that you may be sitting on, the viewing of the screen to read these words, the Internet service that is bringing this writing to you, even the writing itself was just an idea.

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Through a process, that idea came to life, the idea became a plan, and the plan became the tangible item that we are referring to.

Every aspect of that process is equally as important as the other.

Additionally, there is a price tag associated with each of these steps.

Thinkers are paid for their ideas; architects are paid for their drawings and those that build are paid for their construction.

Being an architect is a critical occupation that we reap the benefits of daily.

The homes we live in, the buildings that we work in daily, the roads that we drive on, are all part of the planning process that utilizes an architect.

The payment for the education, experience, and work of an architect is a bargain as it relates to our quality of life.

And speaking of the quality of life, there is another number of opportunities that an architect can be involved in to earn additional income and increase their quality of life.


25 Best Money Making Side Hustles for Architects


1. Creating Courses 

Not only is it a way to earn extra money but a valuable side opportunity to help others through the teaching of online courses.

There may be a specific proficiency in your architectural experience or education that you can utilize to create online courses.

Also, you can talk about CAD drawings, new designs, and planning as well as share with the online student about trends that are occurring in the architectural world.

There are a variety of platforms that you can access to post your online courses. One of those online platforms is


2. Writing eBooks

An exciting way to share your architectural journey is to create an e-book.

These e-books can be self-published and there are a variety of resources that can be used.

Some of those resources include Kindle Direct Publish or Lulu.

As possible suggestions, there are several approaches you can take to this e-book.

You could write a new book about the profession of architecture and some of your experience and opinions based on where you see the profession headed.

Also, you can talk about your architectural journey and share with the reader how you entered into the profession, some of the challenges and experiences that you faced, sprinkle in a couple of illustrations of specific architectural challenges, or provide many humorous antidotes as well.


3. YouTuber

An option to earn extra income is by producing your own YouTube channel as it relates to architecture,

With this specific channel, you will carve out your niche and probably one that is not too saturated on the YouTube platform.

Suggestions of the content may include drawing, the basics of architecture, possibly a specific design that you were involved with, etc.

The money may come from your subscribers as they support you through a website such as or you may be able to get a sponsor to support your content.

Also, you could offer premium content by offering more intense YouTube training through presentations.


4. Tutoring 

No one needs to tell you that it is a demanding commitment to become an architect.

There may be individual students who are struggling with a particular course or series of courses.

By offering individualized tutoring, you can charge the going tutor rate to help individuals by providing private lessons and helping them to succeed in their chosen profession.

An architect tutor can command anywhere from $40-$65 per hour.


5. Blog 

If you enjoy writing, then a strong possibility of earning additional income is through the creation and writing of a blog.

Blogging does take a little bit of time and involvement as it relates to thinking and writing and may require 2 to 3 hours a day.

However, by obtaining followers, using affiliated advertising, and possibly securing a sponsor, you can earn some decent money by blogging.

An example of a quality blog can be found by clicking here.


6. Consultant 

With your vast experience and expertise, the strong possibility of you moving into the realm of consulting is a viable option.

This consulting service can be conducted either on a full-time or a part-time basis.

Many clients are looking for architectural consultant services.

One such freelance website that links individuals looking to hire a qualified freelancer can be found by accessing


7. Sell 

If you have created a significant number of designs, layouts, and plans that were not sold to customers, you can endeavor to market these plans and sell them to potential buyers.

An option of finding potential buyers can be researched by going to a search engine and using keywords such as host plans for sale or architectural designs to purchase, etc.

Also, many websites will allow you to pitch and sell these creations.

One such website is Houseplans.


8. Software 

If you have a technology interest and understanding you may want to put that talent to work by developing an application that will help other individuals.

This would be an extremely incredible application for architects based on your experience and knowledge and incorporating all of that into a helpful and practical app.

You could charge a subscription fee for the use of that app and that would help you realize some additional income into your budget.

Even if you don’t have the technology or the desire to create an app you could always hire a programmer who can run with your idea and develop the app for you.

This will be an investment on your part but if you’re able to charge around $25 a month and get 20 people to subscribe that’s a significant amount of money back on your investment.


9. Freelance 

While working for an architectural firm, aggressive architects can find freelance opportunities.

The availability of freelance opportunities can be found online, postings within a city or municipality job posting website, and more.

To search for some of these opportunities you can use the Internet and a search engine utilizing such keywords as architecture work needed or freelancing architectural jobs, etc.


10. Graphic Designer 

As an architect, you are well acquainted and have displayed your talent as it relates to utilizing CAD, Adobe, or other apps that allow an image to be edited.

As an extra “gig” to earn extra cash why not promote yourself as a graphic designer willing to work as a freelancer.

As a graphic designer, you will find that your skills are in great demand when certain structures need to be planned out and drawn.

As a graphic artist working on a freelance basis, you may also have the option of creating different graphic types of work such as banners, logos, and other images.

Again, these opportunities may be found by searching the web or by utilizing freelance work sites such as Upwork or


11. Small Projects 

How often have you heard I know a guy?

Such are the words that can be music to your ears as an architect.

People are always looking for individuals that will help them design a specialty room within their houses such as a den or TV room.

If you’re the guy that another guy knows, this might be a great opportunity to earn some additional cash on the side.

Websites that can help you in this process include Craigslist or


12. Writing 

If you wish to express yourself through writing, there are many options that you can consider as opportunities to earn extra money.

There are freelance websites such as Upwork or Fiverr where you might be able to find a job posting from an architectural firm.

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You most likely can take those gigs and set your asking price and if accepted you can begin writing that way.

You can also write on a variety of other topics and find a different number of venues where individuals are looking for quality writers.


13. Rent 

As an architect, you probably own a significant number of tools in the successful performance of your architectural career.

Of course, you are well acquainted with the tools such as architect scales, triangles, cutters, measuring devices that use laser technology, etc.

If you wish to rent these tools to others there are options that you have available to you.

One of those websites is Offerup.

Of course, it goes without saying that in renting any of these tools you have the proper contract arrangements in place and clauses about damage as well as requiring some sort of deposit for the use of these artisan tools.


14. Real Estate Investor

In the world of construction who knows better about design and construction than an architect?

You can put your experience and education to profitable use by investing in quality real estate.

This is a perfect opportunity to obtain a good return on your real estate investment because you recognize quality construction and design which will equate to a quality return on solid construction and excellent architectural design.


15. Artist 

As an architect, you have artistic skills and specific qualities surrounding your profession.

Therefore, why not put that artistic talent and creativity to making money for you by creating artwork.


16. Calligrapher 

Architects are known for their artistic design, preciseness, creativity, and attention to detail.

Often, your writing skills and penmanship is showcased in your architectural designs.

As a side “hustle”, why not take up the skill of calligraphy and utilize that skill to provide that writing talent to others for a fee or perhaps in teaching others how to be a calligrapher.


17. Furniture Fabricator 

Another option to earn money with your designing skills and creativity is why not utilize them in the area of being a furniture and product fabricator?

As part of the options in taking up this opportunity, you could create your designs and gather them together into your working portfolio to show others your design.

Also, if you are active on social media websites you can post some of these designs and not only build your customer base but also offer others the opportunity of being involved in this revenue-generating opportunity as well.

This is an area of the furniture retail business where the designers of furniture are partnering with architects.

One such example is Snøhetta which recently collaborated with a Danish furniture company. Click here for more information.


18. Leatherworker

Another transitional craft that architects are gravitating towards is working with leather.

One such example of a full-time architect managing a leather-making business during his spare time is a gentleman known as Peter Baird.

One of the better places to sell the leatherwork that has been created is by going online to


19. Photographer 

Because of your keen eye for detail, specific lines, and dimensions, you could utilize a quality camera and create a photography portfolio.

Some of your photographs could be submitted for the competition, which could be posted in various magazines or filed with Shutterstock to sell these photographs.

A website that conducts photographic competitions is Voubs and a magazine that accepts photography is


20. Design Consultant 

There are a variety of ways that presentations are made to potential customers, at in-house staff meetings or with sales personnel.

Often, the presenter will use a PowerPoint presentation that can be extremely dull and uninteresting.

This is where you come in with your creativity and your flair for possibly the unusual but certainly the dazzling eye-catching and engaging presentations.

As such you can be a design consultant and help other professionals with their presentations so that they accomplish the purpose of engaging and informing the audience.


21. Muralist

Another opportunity that may present itself to you as an architect is by being a muralist.

It would seem that your creativity, design, and artistic ability would be a perfect match especially if you were able to be an architect painter painting a mural on a side of a building.

What a great story and perspective that would be.

A designer of buildings painting murals on buildings.


22. Podcaster

A side hustle that has become very popular as of late is the podcast business.

You could create your podcast using a website such as PodBean and interview interesting individuals as it relates to architecture.

You can talk about the life of Frank Lloyd Wright or other famous architects or talk about the various designs that are in your community or around the world for that matter.

It would seem that this would be a fascinating subject given your expertise and background information researched on various unique architectural designs.

Related: Some of the Best Ways Podcasting Earn You Money.


23. Tour Guide

How about becoming a tour guide to earn some extra money?

What a fascinating tour it would be of older buildings, as you, a qualified architect could discuss the architectural design and the way the building was created or any other unique features as it relates to the design and structure.


24. Industrial design

An architect is usually an individual who is presented with a challenge but because of their capacity to think outside of the normal the square can design solutions that meet those challenges.

As an industrial design specialist, you will be able to take in and grasp what the challenge or problem is and create or design a product that will meet that particular challenge.

Examples could include adding extensions to a home that allow for the fullness of natural lighting, a design for mirrored glass cabin, an off-grid cabin on wheels, etc.


25. Clothes Designer

How about designing clothes?

If you think about it it’s not too far of a stretch to draw a comparison between the design of a building and the designing of clothes.

Your purpose as an architect is to develop a space that meets the needs of your client while feeling comfortable in that space and also using that space to express their individualism.

Is not the wearing of certain types of clothing the same concept?

Additionally, you could launch your brand and call it Spire Fashions or something to that effect.

This is not too far-fetched as it sounds.

For example, Virgil Abloh was involved in this dual enterprise and combined nicely his two loves together.

For more information about the late Mr. Abloh click here.


Personal Story

A whole new world was opened up to me when we began building a homeless shelter in the city where I worked.

The process of converting an old warehouse into a haven for those without a home began with the selection of an architect.

Many architectural firms submitted their bid for the project and through a series of considerations, a particular firm was decided upon.

The quality of work that this architectural firm demonstrated in transforming an older warehouse into an inviting homeless shelter was, to say the least remarkable.

Everything was taken into consideration on the drawings which included where the HVAC system would be, the various entrance ways, the laying out of each of the beds in the open spaced areas, down to the various electrical outlets that would provide charging stations for the homeless and their cell phones.

It was truly a well thought out well-designed blueprint plan to best maximize the square footage of the building and accommodate our guests.


Money Earning Side Hustles for Architects FAQs


Who is Probably the Most Famous American Architect?

With the designing of over 1000 structures throughout his life, Frank Lloyd Wright is probably the most famous.

His notoriety is not only due to his architectural genius but also because he harmonized humanity with the environment.

His philosophy of architecture was coined as “organic architecture.”


What is Probably the Highest-profile and Most Recognized Architecture in America?

Some of the architectural designs that would most likely be recognized and named include the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu Hawaii, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and perhaps the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California.



For an architect given their skills, experience, and creativity there are several cross-over “side hustles” that can earn the aggressive individual extra money.

When you push yourself away from the drafting desk push yourself towards these other opportunities.

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