Should Bloggers STOP The Promotion Of Old Content?


Content promotion is vital for blogging success. It helps in giving exposure to the brand and providing the needed conversion for the business.

The problem with most bloggers is that they concentrate all their promotional efforts on new contents and neglect the old content completely. For me, this is a bad idea because:

> It would be difficult to maximize ROI if only new content is promoted while old content is neglected.
> There is no rule that states that we must only promote new contents.

If we concentrate our promotion strategy only on new content, we may only get spike in traffic for a just a few weeks and this will suddenly die down.

In the long run, you will discover that you have not reached out to the target audience you were supposed to reach within this short period.

Promoting old content is as vital as promoting new content. Part of the process should include updating and re-purposing the old content for the sake of sharing new information and satisfying new audience.

More so, promoting old content will add impetus to your return on investment. Thus, you can maximize ROI by:

> Updating your old content like guides, ebooks, articles, etc., with new information
> Reposting old content on social media once in a while
> Reposting old content in forums once in a while
> Repurposing old content to meet with the needs of particular audience.
> Setting up Google Alert to get updates to get feed backs on what has been mentioned about the posts we shared in the past.

Nevertheless, this is just my opinion, and it might be different from everyone else’s opinion . What do you think?

Should bloggers stop promoting old content and concentrate all promotional efforts on their new content?

What will happen if this be the case?


  1. Sunday:

    Your points on the value of “old” content will never go out of style.

    The pace of innovation on the Internet is so staggering that perfectly valid strategies and resources fade into the background due to information overload from the launch of the latest shiny new objects.

    With the rise of social media strong marketing strategies like blog comments and RSS feeds are being neglected.

    I have visited many new blogs and can’t find any trace of an RSS feed.

    You can bundle multiple old posts that are closely related in theme in a customized RSS feed, promote the new feed, and significantly increase your authority status.

    As you suggested re-purposing old content like making a PDF out of old posts and listing with document sites is a strong viable strategy.

    Don’t neglect re-purposing old content for YouTube.
    It is much easier to rank a video on page 1 of Google than a blog post.

    Best of success.
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  2. Hi Sunday,
    No, bloggers must never stop the promotion of old contents. Especially if such contents are epic with evergreen contents. A little update and rehashing will be fine to make the content lively again.

    Promotion of old content should be given as much attention as the new ones because they could be the repository of strong back links that have made your blog remain visible overtime!

  3. Hey Sunday,
    I am with your perception and that of other commenters on this topic. No, bloggers should not stop the promotion of old contents.

    Stopping the promotion of old contents will decrease the propensity of back links and exposure.

    However, I must emphasize that only ‘valuable’ or ‘relevant’ old contents should be promoted. This is necessary to achieve maximal value in the long term!

  4. definitely not. Just keep promoting them. chances are, you put in the hard work to create the content and it’s usually ever green. People can read it tomorrow or next year and still get a lot of value from them. I keep sharing my old but more successful posts regularly. Sometimes, a big site picks it up, even if its 2 years old then I get a flood of new traffic and subscribers. That’s always awesome 🙂
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  5. Hi Sunday.

    A good post is like a good friend.

    You put time and effort into time creating it, choosing your words just right, reading and refining it until you find harmony and form a bond with what you have created.

    Welsh composer Joseph Parry said about friends: “Make new friends, but keep the old; Those are silver, these are gold.”

    So why throw the gold out of the window just because it is no longer yesterday’s child? A masterpiece will stay a masterpiece as time goes on.

    Seeing that I am in the mood for quotes allow me to twist one to fit my comment: Freshness, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    A few people may have seen your post when you first created it. Millions did not. To them content is fresh when they see it for the first time. As long as your information is valid there is no such a thing as
    an old post.

    Keep your evergreen content and allow it to work for you whenever. You made it. Be proud of it.
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  6. Sunday,

    Good topic. I’ve been wondering about this myself lately, and this blog has a lot of good comments for why you shouldn’t ignore your old posts.

    I also use Google Alerts, but not the way you have mentioned using them here. I’ll have to give that a try.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

  7. Sunday, I agree with your premise, as long as the old content isn’t so out-of-date that it offers no value.

    My content is on the subject of self-improvement, so I’d say most of my content is what we called “evergreen” when I was a news reporter.

    I repost my older content via social media all the time, but try to freshen the headlines to appeal to new audiences. Sometimes I’ll come up with a new visual and attach that to the post.

    A easy way to do this is by using MavSocial – – which is much like Hootsuite but I like it better. The free version of MavSocial is much more powerful, allowing you to set up campaigns. I have set up campaigns based on my keywords, such as “happiness”, in which I include old and new material.
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  8. Hello Sunday,

    I agree with you here, there’s the need to promote old content using the methods you listed here.

    With the many changes always happening online, just updating old content with new information is important.

    Updating old content with new information can make such old content to look new again, and will surely help people who find and read it.

    To answer your question, yes, I think it’s a good idea to promote old content.

  9. Hey Sunday!

    You should always Re-Purpose your old content and never really stop promoting it (unless it is outdated information).

    One of the best ways to promote your old blog posts is with Content Marketing.

    For instance, you can put a simple content marketing strategy to promote a lot of your new and blog posts. Just put a few links to them throughout the articles that you publish on other sites.

    This is something that I am doing myself.

    Just like you would refer to older blog posts on your new blog posts, do the same when implementing a content marketing strategy.

    Another great way to re-purpose your old blog posts is to turn them into a PDF File. Create a PDF Version of your blog posts and share them all over the internet.

    You can upload them to sites like You can also give them away as a freebie.

    And, of course, you should have links to other blog posts inside that pdf file. Also, make sure you have a call to action at the end, telling people to go to your blog for more awesome knowledge 😀

    This is something that I am also implementing. I usually make a PDF Version of my longest blog posts and give them away for free in exchange for an email.

    I have actually been getting good results by doing this. It seems like a lot of people would really opt in to download the PDF Version of a blog post.

    Especially, if your blog post is very long and detailed. Sometimes people just skim through it because they don’t have a lot of time at that moment to read it all – so, why not give them an option to download a pdf version of so they can read it later?

    They can refer to this pdf version of your blog posts later on and for a very long time. This is also another way to keep your old blog posts alive (in pdf files) heheehe 😀

    Another thing that I do to keep promoting my old blog posts, is I have a Follow-Up Sequence inside my Auto-Responder. I still get comments and emails from people thanking me for sharing a blog post I published last year.

    As new email subscribers come in, they get emails with my best old blog posts. 😉 … this is a genius idea!

    This is what I would add here.

    Great topic, Sunday!

    Have an awesome week!
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  10. Hello Sunday,

    I absolutely agree! In fact, I’m about to start promoting more of my old content now because it’s summer time and internet marketing usually slows up a bit during this time. Of course, I will still write new content but I have lots of old content that I can promote.

    Many times people think that their old content is irrelevant but that is far from the truth. Old content is just as important as new content. Sometimes when you are promoting people don’t notice it until the second time around. When you promote your old content you are giving those people a chance to see and read it.
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  11. Interesting take, Sunday. I have always wondered whether people read older-dated blog posts and content. How do we really know that re-purposed content is something our followers want?

    So, I created a one-question poll to find out. But, I need more people to reply.

    Here’s the link:

    I’ll write a blog post with the results if I get enough responses.
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  12. Hey Sunday,

    I’d have to agree with you here.

    Promoting old content is vital. Especially if it’s evergreen content. Some of the old advice that was given 5 or even 10 years ago is still relevant today.

    Besides that updating or repurposing your old content would be a great idea.

    I plan on updating a few reviews I’ve done in the past. There have been a lot of updates, and some of the features have been taken out and there are other features that have been added.

    In this case, it would be wise to update the content about tools or services I use so that if someone within my target audience were to purchase anyone of them through an affiliate like, they wouldn’t be caught by surprise.

    Also, repurposing content is a great idea as well. Some audience prefer other type of content such as video, infographics, or even a podcast.

    Creating content that would appeal to a specific audience within your niche market will definitely help to improve your ROI.

    Great question Sunday!
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  13. Hello Sunday,

    I don’t think bloggers should stop promotion of old content.

    But I think what to bear in mind is whether the content is still current or not. It’s not good idea to keep promoting content which is out of date.

    For such content, you were right that part of the process should include updating and re-purposing the old content for the sake of sharing new information and satisfying new audience.

    It’s good to first update before promoting.

  14. Hello Sunday,

    I haven’t ever thought of promoting old content, but what you said here makes sense.

    It’s a really good idea to promote old content.

    I also learned a lot from the comments here, like comments of Freedom Blogger above who talked about re-purposing old blog posts using ways such as turning them into PDFs and uploading to sites like

    Thanks guys.
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  15. Hello Sunday,

    This is an easy NO for me. Why should anyone stop promotion of epic content just because it’s old?

    If bloggers have spent a great deal of time putting together what they consider to be epic content, they should not stop promoting it.

    If the content does very well when published, they should continue promoting it.

    But this is for evergreen content, though.

  16. Thanks to everyone sharing all their ideas.

    Any old content that I can re-purpose, I do. In more one ways than one. Most of my content is 2K words or more. If an old article has fell in Google or engagement has died, as long as it relates to “today’s content,” I use it in new content. I’ll always retire the content to avoid duplicates.

    I also use it for new optins, a new ebook. That’s always a great idea, gives your older content new purpose and you get a new optin. Again, it needs to relate to today, but many things never change.
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  17. There are two kinds of content: trending and evergreen. Both have value, but you don’t want to keep promoting trending content forever. There comes a point when it becomes yesterday’s news.

    That leaves evergreen content. Some of that is worth promoting on an ongoing basis. But you can’t constantly promote everything, because you probably can’t afford enough clones. So you have to prioritize.

    I have a lot of content up at ViralContentBuzz and JustRetweet. Some of it is quite old. After 6 months to a year, I have to decide whether I remove it to reduce the clutter, let it slowly ride out its credits, or push it back up to the top for more promotion. Those are tough decisions, but one thing is for certain: you can’t promote everything, so you have to make some choices.
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  18. Hey Sunday

    Great post! And also a great reminder for me. I usually focus on writing new content even though I have tried to get one of my best retweeted post on twitter published into an “ebook” in order to entice readers to subscribe.

    I believe some older content that was well received or brought you a lot of traffic should be repurposed and also promoted.

    Because it can still inspire and may still spike your traffic. I think we should concentrate on our new blogs quality and relevance but let’s not neglect the old ones.

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  19. You pretty much answered the question in the first few paragraphs, Sunday! Promoting old content, assuming that the old content remains relevant, is a valuable tactic to help drive more traffic to your site. Repromoting them helps increase the ROI of each post and also expose them to your audience who haven’t seen them before.

    I am a believer of content repurposing in relation to this tactic. It is best to find different ways to refresh and update your content using different formats so your audience can better consume your posts. For example, if your old content is in text format, you may want to repurpose it into an infographic or a video so your audience who prefers browsing on images and watching videos may be encouraged to check out your “old” post.

    Also, I suggest that you REPUBLISH your content on different web 2.0 properties to increase your chances of getting found by your audience on these platforms. The concern about this tactic is the reproduction of duplicate content, but if you follow the tips I mentioned in my link about this tactic below, you have nothing to worry about!
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    • Hey Christopher,

      I agree with you concluding paragraph on this comment,

      Also, I suggest that you REPUBLISH your content on different web 2.0 properties to increase your chances of getting found by your audience on these platforms. The concern about this tactic is the reproduction of duplicate content, but if you follow the tips I mentioned in my link about this tactic below, you have nothing to worry about!

      It makes so an interesting addition to this discussion.

      I never really thought about replublishing into other web 2.0 platforms without the risk of duplication.
      The three advises you gave in your content are very fundamental. I guess I have learned a new thing today! Thanks for sharing this fresh insight!

  20. I’m absolutely convinced that there is a lot of sense to promote old content of the blog. If it doesn’t belong to some specific event or trend that already passed, then the content is always actual.

    For example, if we are talking about a business blog, it usually consists of very useful posts about business related things: websites, social media promotion, banks, etc.

    That’s why somebody who just starts his/her own business would definitely find it useful to read and use.