Should Bloggers Pursue Joint Ventures To Increase Their Authority?



I belong to so many forums that I literally had to obtain software to help me monitor the conversations. Now you may be curious as to why I joined so many forums, it’s not for the same reason most people do. I joined these forums looking for opportunities to find partners for joint ventures.

It was my intention to find members with similar interest to team up with to not only increase my profits and limit my risk but also to create mutually beneficial partnerships with other bloggers. Creating these partnerships increases my blogs visibility through sharing, gives me killer back links and an instant team for profitable campaigns.

A lot of bloggers have this misconception that creating Joint Ventures only involve the development and sale of a product but that’s just one of the facets of these partnerships.

Joint venture’s can actually help your business grow faster, bigger and generate greater profits than you could ever do alone. Choose the right partners for your plan and it should easily benefit you both.  Both of you will instantly have access to new markets and customers, different but complimentary skill sets, and a ready made team.


What are the key benefits of forming a joint venture?

1. Sharing critical expertise and experience such as management, industry knowledge, technological capabilities or any other expertise or experience necessary for your business. (Ex: One partner may be experienced or an expert in SEO and the other could be an excellent copywriter.) That’s a compatible relationship if I ever saw one.

2. Sharing Assets. Creating a joint venture allows the participants to share their collective assets in pursuit of a common business objective. (ex: You could collectively own or create expensive services or software or jointly share the rights to the development of a new product, or co-own expensive software platforms.)

3. Access to New Markets. Forming a joint venture can give you greater access to geographic or high-growth markets that you may not be able to access individually. (ex: one member may have the giant social media list and the other may have a hot product they just developed.)

Those are just 3 of the obvious key benefits of Joint Ventures. There are many more but I haven’t the time or space to list them all….


How Do You Find JV partners?  (If you’re wondering)

There are a lot of ways to find JV partners but I personally prefer forums in whatever niche I’m trying to market to. The reason I choose forums is because they basically tell you what that market needs. As long as you ask a question and engage in a conversation you not only create more authority for your website you also get the insight of those already experienced in the niche. This one on one interaction makes it a great way to find a Joint Venture partner that you’re compatible with. Sure there are other ways to find a JV partner but the most successful in my opinion are forums like the one you’re on right now.

How will Joint Ventures increase your Authority?

Joint Venture partnerships build real trust. A high value partner that’s well-known in that particular niche attract’s a lot of new customers and leads. It allows you to create authority by partnering with an authority that believes and backs you or your product.

Of course you also increase the growth of your own Joint Venture partner’s authority by backing them with your audience. When you are both high value, well-known authority figures in your field of expertise you have the formula for doubling or tripling your business by sharing your audiences, experiences and assets.

What other ways of joint ventures are there?

There are just too many joint ventures you an create like cross promoting  with other bloggers, guest posting or just getting links to your partner’s blog post in your weekly newsletters and communications and having them do the same for you.  You can create partnerships to perform interviews,co-author blog post, share traffic or almost anything you can think of involving your online business.

With a few strategic partners your Google authority should skyrocket from shared post, increased traffic and even paid advertisements.   Increased exposure, especially with a well thought out plan, will always lead to a higher ranking in Google.

What are your thought’s about setting up Joint Ventures to improve your Authority?



  1. Hello Gordie,

    Let me start off by wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.

    That was a super post. It was very insightful and very informative.

    I have tried to start a couple of ventures with a couple of bloggers but it was like pulling teeth. But I definitely am looking for joint ventures this year because I definitely see it’s a win-win situation as long as there is trust in the partnership.

    Hey thanks for writing about that topic and mixing it up a little bit enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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    • Hey Darrell,

      I hope you have an extremely prosperous New Year yourself.

      This is why I recommend forums, so many joint ventures have started from forums like Warrior and Stack the Money and have gone on to make millions. One of my closest mentors confided in me that his first real profits didn’t start until he did joint ventures and he was just your average affiliate marketer selling other peoples products. His first deal was with a blogger who had a huge list but no sales so he provided the products and the funnel and they split the profits .

      Key point, find the partner you need for the venture and point out the key benefits of becoming partners. Take your time, find someone with the same vision and you may reach 7 figures together.

  2. Joint Venture is one way that people can make money online. It is a partnership which requires the parties to make certain contributions to a project and share the rewards based on certain percentage.

    Pursuing Joint Ventures to increase authority of less known blogger is feasible. This is especially when the partners are already influencers or popular in the project or industry.

    However, bring value to the market place is what would help the blogger breakthrough in the project!

    • You’re right Amit, bringing value to the marketplace is what it’s all about. But with joint ventures we can expand that value by providing outside of the box value. Something as small as giving a testimonial for somebody’s product in exchange for a backlink can bring value to your project. If you partner with the right persons your testimonials and sig link could be seen by thousands at no cost to you.
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  3. Hi Gordie,

    I completely align my thoughts with yours on the need to pursue JV for improved authority.

    I think your share here makes good sense:

    “With a few strategic partners your Google authority should skyrocket from shared post, increased traffic and even paid advertisements. Increased exposure, especially with a well thought out plan, will always lead to a higher ranking in Google.”

    • Thanks Paul I’m glad you caught the strategy part. The only reasons Joint Ventures sometimes don’t meet expectations is because the strategy wasn’t well thought out. It’s important to align your partnerships with your values and what you hope to accomplish. Simply choosing to partner with someone that has a huge following doesn’t necessarily mean you or they will benefit. Both of you have to develop a joint strategy for accomplishing the goal you’re trying to achieve.
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  4. Hi Gordie,

    Bloggers should consider joint venture to increase authority. There are many benefits associated with it.

    Joint ventures enables the participating partners to determine their investments and profits on pro rata basis.

    However, doing enough research and choosing the right partners for the joint venture would absolutely make for success.

    Your take on this joint venture for increased blogging authority is welcoming!

    • Thanks for responding Steve, you’re right doing the research is the most important part for finding the right fit for a partner.

      People are little apprehensive about approaching strangers to so I recommend they attempt to find partners in forums they’re already involved in rather than forming a blind partnership based on profitability. Using forums they can easily identify like minded individuals and better gauge compatibility.

      gain, thanks for your input.

  5. Every blog would grow is the right partnership is struck. I recommend that the right partnership be sought.
    In joint ventures, everyone is a ‘winner’ in both investment and reward.

    Bloggers have the duty to strike partnership like the joint venture type to improve growth and benefits.

    Yes, to answer your question Gordie, bloggers should pursue joint ventures to increase their authority!

    • Thanks for commenting Carl, and of course a special thanks for agreeing with me. I’ve done the research and every successful blogger, marketer and online entrepreneur has attributed their success to forming partnerships. Bloggers, in fact, form more partnerships than any other online marketers just by posting on other blogs and sharing their email list.