Wondering between Shipt Vs Instacart for getting paid to deliver groceries? Then this article is a must read.

It looks into the differences and similarities between them and why you should pick which, when it comes to getting paid to deliver groceries.

For the uninformed, Shipt and Instacart are two popular grocery delivery services.

Customers can signup and order groceries and other products from any of these platforms.

These platforms will engage shoppers who have registered with them to help their customers shop for the items they need.

If you are interested in on-demand grocery shopping and delivery service, then you should be thinking of Shipt or Instacart.

However, how do you know which is the best?

Well, it is a good thing you are now reading this piece. It discusses and compares these two platforms.


About Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service owned by Target Corporation. It is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

This company was founded in 2014 but in December 2017, Target Corporation became the new owners.

Shipt delivers groceries, home products, and select electronics, to individuals and businesses via its website or app.


How it works

To start using Shipt, download the Shipt app from the Google Play store or the App Store.

Yes, you can download and install the app whether you have an Android or iOS platform.

After installing this app, you can then register as a shopper or customer.

If you register as a shopper, you can start using the app to order and deliver groceries to users.

Also, you can register as customer and order groceries and other items from your favorite retailers.


About shipt shoppers

Here quick details about Shipt shoppers you should know

They get paid to deliver groceries

You can apply as a Shipt shopper and get paid to deliver groceries for clients.

You can earn up to $22 or more including tips.

Every Friday, you will receive a direct deposit for the deliveries you completed and any in-app tips you have earned that week.

They create a schedule that works for them

As a Shipt Shopper, you can choose to work as little you like or as much as you want.

You can have the privilege to choose to work as a part-time or full-time shopper.


About Instacart

Instacart is a company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada.

This company offers its services via a website and mobile app.

Customers can order groceries from participating retailers with the shopping being done by a personal shopper.

Instacart was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA.

To date, it operates in more than 5500 cities in the United States and Canada.

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How  Instacart works

You can start using Instacart through its website or the app.

Once you download the app or access the website, you can then sign up as a shopper.

You can also sign up as a customer and order groceries to be delivered at your home, office, or any location.


Comparing Shipt and Instacart



In terms of Partner availability, Shipt has operated about 5,000 cities while Instacart operates in more than 5,500 cities.

So, Instacart has a broader market than shipt. However, you can still check your city if any of these companies operate there.

Sign-Up & Ordering Processes

The signup and ordering processes of both Shipt and Instacart are done via their website or their app.

You can simply create an account once you access the platform online and sign up as a member to order your groceries.

You can create a list of the grocery you want to pay for the orders you made.

Both Shipt and Instacart have similar apps and online interfaces where members can sign up and order for the grocery they want.

Also, the platforms allow the use of various payment options to include Debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, EBT cards, and so on.

Shopping and Customer Experience

When it comes to grocery shopping, the customer experience is crucial to the success of the business.

Shipt and Instacart provide the following shopping and customer experience to members.

Shipt apps allow customers to:

  • Communicate in real-time with the shopper while they are working with the order.
  • Select the stores they want the shopper to shop in and get the items they want.
  • Substitute preferences before orders are made.
  • Choose the time the deliveries are to be made within the day.

The Shipt customer service is available by phone 24 hours every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Instacart app allows customers to:

  • Shop from their favorite major grocery stores, neighborhood markets, drugstores, and specialty retailers from home.
  • Chat with their shoppers in real-time to fulfill their orders.
  • Make changes to their orders or choose replacements for items that are unavailable.


Shipt Vs Instacart


Membership Fees and Benefits

Customers that sign up with Shipt or Instacart pay different fees and enjoy some benefits.

If you are a Shipt customer then you have paid a membership fee of $99 per year.

For each order you make, you get pay per order instead of committing to a yearly membership plan.

The benefits of becoming a Shipt customer or member include:

  • Shipt can deliver your ordered groceries at a place of your choosing – at home or a place of work.
  • If you are on vacation, this platform can deliver the orders at the vacation spot.
  • You get waivers on delivery fees if your order is above $35.
  • You pay only $9.99 for single delivery of orders that are below $35.
  • If you have subscribed to the yearly plan, you will enjoy unlimited same-day delivery for orders above $35.

If you choose to shop with Instcart, you can use their service even without signing up as a member.

However, this platform has a membership service called Instacart Express.

A member who applies to this service will pay $9.99 every month or $99 annually.

The benefits of becoming an Instacart Express member include:

  • You are not charged delivery fees for orders above $35.
  • You are not charged peak hour fees.
  • You will get a discount on the 5% service fee.
  • You are ensured faster delivery and reduced service fees.


Delivery and Locations

When it comes to delivery of orders and the location, Shipt and Instacart offer slightly different features.

Shipt allows its customers to order groceries and a variety of other products from major local and national retailers.

So, apart from groceries, you can also order medication, pet supplies, household items, office supplies, etc.

Shipt shows customers the available stores for delivery.

They offer same-day delivery in some cities. In some cities, deliveries can take less than one hour.

Delivery of groceries by Shipt takes place in over 5,000 US cities.

Instacart offers very fast delivery. Most deliveries take less than two hours.

Members and non-members of Instacart enjoy fast delivery of their orders.

Instacart delivers groceries and other products like beauty products, sporting goods, office products, home and decor products, medicine and healthcare products, and convenience goods, etc.

The locations where Instacart can make deliveries include 50 states of the US and Canada.

It has partnered with more than 600 retailers that operate across 5500 cities in North America.


Coupons, & Loyalty Cards

Both Shipt and Instacart offer a variety of deals to attract customers. Here is their approach to pricing, coupons, and deals.

Shipt provides occasional digital coupons on various products.

These are applied to eligible products when you check out.

However, Shipt is not the best place to access in-store coupons and loyalty cards.

Instacart highlights eligible coupons so that members can take advantage of them.

It also offers lots of loyalty cards to members’ accounts.


Partner Stores

Shipt and Instacart partner with most major grocery chains and many big retailers.

However, there are specific stores available which each platform regularly partners with.


Shipt Partner Stores

The number on store that partners with Shipt are Target. This is not surprising because Target owns Shipt.

Aside from Target, other supported grocery and retailers include:

H-E-B, Meijer, Costco, CVS, Publix, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, and GNC.

Others include Office Depot, Kroger, and Petco, etc.


Instacart Partner Stores

Instacart currently partners with more than 300 grocery and retailers.

These include top brands like Aldi, Costco, CVS, Publix, Sam’s Club, Wegmans, and Loblaws.

Others include Kroger, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, and Petco.


Referral Program

Both Shipt and Instacart offer referral programs to customers.

Referral bonuses are given to those who invite their friends to use any of the platforms.

Shipt gives you $10 as a referral bonus if you invite a friend to join.

If that friend signs up for the annual Shipt membership, he or she would get a $10 discount.

However, to access the bonus, your friend must have used Shipt and placed orders within 30 days.

Instacart referral program allows members to invite up to five people to use the platform.

You will get a $10 account credit if your referral places an order. Also, your referral will get a $10 credit on his or her first order.


Should You Pick Shipt or Instacart?

If you ask me, I would pick Instacart in place of Shipt.

The reason being that this platform is a winner for me in areas like flexible monthly plans, more locations, wider availability, and better customer experience.

Shipt is also a good platform but having reviewed their features. I will stick with Instacart for now.


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The article revealed important details about Shipt and Instacart.

It also looked into the differences and similarities between them and why you should pick which, when it comes to getting paid to deliver groceries.