Yes, you can really get paid to write Sermons, especially if you are one of those who loves scriptures.

This article explains how this works and some of the best companies that really pay you to write sermons.


Importance of Sermons or Christian Writing Jobs

About giving a good speech, Aristotle said, “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”

Every Sunday morning and on Saturdays as well, congregation members gather together to hear a good sermon.

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It may be in a physical church setting, over the radio airwaves, or televised.

The faithful want to hear God’s Word.

Sermons are an important part of one’s faith and worship.

Some believe that it is best to see a sermon rather than hear one.

Others believe that the teaching of the Scriptures through sermons is an integral part of one’s faith and spiritual growth.

Sermon preparation is intense.

It requires accurate information, challenging thoughts, engaging to help keep parishioners awake, and inspired.

Sermon writing is not for everyone.

However, if you have a calling to write sermons there is a pulpit for you.

Let us turn to today’s passage and delve into sites that may reward you for your faithfulness.


Personal Story

There are good sermons, bad sermons, short sermons, long sermons, and then there are the best sermons that are demonstrated.

One of those better sermons that I ever “saw” occurred during the Christmas holidays.

A man had just received his boxes of groceries and the toys in a black trash bag so that the family could present the toys to the kids themselves.

During the charitable process, a volunteer asked the man if he could help him carry his Christmas groceries and toys out to his car.

When he replied that he didn’t have a car, the volunteer asked how he was going to get home and the man said that he planned to take the bus.

The volunteer, moved with the Christmas spirit, asked if he could give him and his Christmas items a ride to his home.

The man was pleasantly surprised and together they traveled to the man’s home with the volunteer utilizing his car.

Later on, the Good Samaritan related that the ride to the man’s home was four miles away.

The charitable volunteer also shared that during their travels together that they shared in some small talk.

The Christmas volunteer asked the man how he had gotten to the Christmas center early that morning.

The man explained that the buses weren’t running early in the morning so that he had to walk those miles to take his place in the long line.

This dedicated husband and father had walked four miles in the early morning of a cold December morning to get toys for his children and provide a Christmas meal and food during the holidays.

Sometimes the best sermons on how to live life are not delivered by words or talk but in actions reflecting a beautiful interaction between two dedicated individuals caring for each other.


10 Best Companies That Pay You or Help You Get Paid as a Sermons Writer


1. Sermons and Devotionals

If you are a retired pastor, a leader in the church, or feel that you have a gift in sharing an inspirational message with others, there are a variety of ways this can be accomplished.

A sermon, based on the Scriptures, is a Biblical message that takes the reader through an introduction, various points made on the scriptural passage or story, drawing a conclusion and offering a challenge to the individual.

A devotion is a shorter narrative that is the development of a thought from a Scripture verse or verses.

Often the devotional begins with an illustrative story and then the writer draws a parallel of that story with the Scripture.

It doesn’t end there of course – the writer provides their thoughts on the story and verse, and then challenges the reader to meditate on that message and incorporate practically the powerful teaching in their lives.



This website invites individuals to submit written content that falls within three categories.

Those categories include articles, sermon manuscripts, and homiletical resources.

On this website, page are the requirements for submission which include attaching the work as a Word document, capitalization instruction, and how to submit the writing for possible publication.

They also asked for a W9 so that one’s possible earnings will be properly reported

To submit writing to this website the individual can attach their document and email the submission to

Click here to check out


3. Indeed

This website is an option for sermon writers to locate employment opportunities as it relates to being a sermon writer.

The homepage provides the individual with a search bar field in which they can put in keywords as to what jobs they are trying to locate.

In this case, sermons or sermon writing would be a good start to see what jobs may be posted on this job location website.

Once the keywords are inputted, click the magnifying glass and any jobs that are posted at this time based on your inquiry will be revealed.

If any positions or opportunities are returned, it will indicate what is available, based on your word search.

Click here to check out Indeed


4. Upwork 

This site is an online forum in which jobs are posted by individuals or companies that require the professional work of a freelancer.

As a freelancer, who wishes to specialize in writing sermons, they can register on this website and once their registration and information have been verified they can begin to search for sermon writing opportunities.

The opportunity for freelance positions, which may include sermon writing, is fairly robust.

Also, employers may search for you, and therefore in your resume, it is important to put that down as part of your specialty so that when a search is done by the employer your contact information will be revealed.

Click here to check out Upwork


5. Simply Hired 

This job posting site allows for the individual to enter keywords into a search bar and either specify a particular location or leave it blank to see what jobs may be performed remotely.

If entering the words sermon writing, and hit return, you will be offered several opportunities that are either a good or close match to your keywords entered.

If something of interest appears then simply click on that entry and it will provide on the right-hand side of the website a description of what is entailed for the position or opportunity offered.

As a possibility, you may also choose to use the keywords “creative writing” to see what positions might be made available in response to your search.

Click here to check out Simply Hired


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get paid to write sermons as a sermon writer


6. Guru for Christian Writer Jobs

This particular website allows for you as a sermon writer to post a narrative about yourself.

This site requires that you register as a user and when that has been accomplished you can specify what sort of freelance skills you are offering.

Therefore, it is important to include in your portfolio the keywords of sermon writing or similar words that will provide a return for someone who is searching for your writing expertise.

Click here to check out Guru


7. Truelancer 

This website matches individuals who require a freelancer with individuals looking to utilize their services.

One of those needs is wishing to hire someone who writes sermons.

There is a registration involved and once this has been completed, you can begin to search for sermon writing opportunities.

Also, the website offers the option for those needing your sermon writing abilities to search for you based on keywords.

Some of those keywords could be Christian, creative writing, sermon writing, etc.

Once a return is based on these keywords, your profile should appear and the person needing your skills can contact you.

If you accept a job, payment is made through this website, and upon successful completion, the funds are released either through PayPal or directly to your banking account.

Click here to check out Truelancer

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8. Fiverr for Christian Writing Jobs

Fiverr is another online website that matches the skills and talents of a variety of people with individuals who need what that individual can offer professionally.

By registering on this site, the individual can set up their resume or portfolio and indicate their qualifications, background, and experience as a sermon writer.

Therefore, if a customer who utilizes this website is in the need of a sermon writer they can search your name and bio will be one of perhaps many that will be returned on this search performed.

If an agreement is made between the provider of the service and the individual or customer needing the service, then the work is performed.

Once approval has been given on the work accomplished, payment is released by Fiverr to the freelancer.

Click here to check out Fiverr


9. Upper Room

Upper Room invites devotional writer’s welcome individuals to submit their written work.

This site is internationally based and does not appeal to one specific denomination over another.

The purpose of Upper Room is to encourage and empower Christians in their personal spiritual lives as well as being inspired disciples.

Their vision is to bring Christians together of all faiths through the power of prayer around the world.

Upper Room is a magazine that is written in over thirty languages and is found in over one hundred countries.

On this website are several tips to help the individual who is composing a meditation as well as the mechanics of how long the meditation should be.

The submitting writer should provide their contact information.

They indicated that they are in constant need of content and that devotionals can be submitted at any time.

For each accepted meditation the payment is $30 to the author.

Written devotions can be sent to or via email at

Click here to check out Upper Room


10. Bible Advocate 

This publication accepts written narratives from freelance writers.

For each published submitted item, Bible Advocate pays an honorarium of $25 up to $65.

They also accept what is known as fillers and poetry.

Their area of written consideration includes the need for messages on overcoming roadblocks, developing ideas, etc.

By clicking on an embedded PDF, the individual can find out more about the guidelines that need to be followed to submit writing.

Those guidelines include the length of the document, use of Scripture, format, etc.

Click here to check out Bible Advocate

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Get Paid to Writer Sermons FAQs


How Do You Prepare a Sermon?

A sermon is divided into an introduction, transitional phrases, several points (usually three), illustrations to drive home the points, a conclusion, and then a challenge to the listener.


What Is the Purpose of a Sermon?

The purpose of a sermon is to bring a message from God’s Word to the congregation.

The sermon should be insightful, inspirational, and provide answers to help the congregation understand God’s relevance in their daily lives.


Are There Different Types of Sermons?

There are three types of sermons.

Those three types are Expository, Textual, and Topical.

An expository sermon expounds on the selected Biblical text and a comprehensive analysis is delivered.

A textual sermon uses the Biblical text selected to provide a word-by-word message to the listener.

A topical sermon is based on calendar events on the church calendar (Easter, Christmas, etc.) or events happening in the world but the light of the Scriptures.


You Can Do It

You have a passion and a message to share coupled with your writing creativity which allows you to be a good sermon writer.

Although you wish to be paid for this service, the ultimate goal of your writing is to be an encouragement and inspiration to others by providing insight into Scripture.

More than ever, today, people need to hear what you have to say.

Therefore, be an inspiration to others.



Sermon preparation and writing a sermon is unique gift and talent.

Not only does it take insight as to what you are writing but it takes a special type of writing to convey the particular message that is generally captured through the writing of sermons.

As long as there are people who are hurting and in need of good news in their lives, there will always be a need for the writing and delivery of good sermons.

Remember, the pen is mightier than the sword and the pen in the hand of a good sermon writer is even more powerful.

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