Yes, you can make money selling Twitter accounts!

There are brands that look for people to give them followers and accounts so they can grow their business.

It’s something that some social media personalities have started to use, and it can prove to be a rewarding experience.

Plus, you can make some good money.

Here, we’ll go over how you can get paid selling Twitter accounts and the best companies that pay and help you get paid.

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Why Buy or Sell Twitter Accounts

Some people don’t want to do the legwork of organic reach on Twitter, so you can buy Twitter accounts, and there are different ways for you to do it.

Usually, you can sell Twitter accounts, and they’ll get real followers from this, boosting their presence and helping them get their brand out to other people.


How to Make Money Selling Twitter Accounts

The best way to do so is to team up with one of these companies that’ll sell accounts to other people.

While you can do this on your own, there are so many that make sure they offer genuine followers, and you’ll see the instant increase in followers through them.

When you sell these, you’re giving them great options for followers.

You can, for example, work with to help you start selling Twitter accounts and getting premium followers for them.

They want real followers, so you want to make sure you do get the best ones, and that way, they can grow, pushing their tweets forward, and you can also help with support on their websites.


Lead Generation

If you don’t feel like being in the foray of getting these followers to people, you can always do lead generation to find these.

Lead generation, in this case, involves culling through, finding real, active followers to add to these prices and plans as well.

By having this set up earlier, these Twitter accounts can be set for clients, and you’ll be able to send these out and offer engagements.

While many of these sites don’t guarantee followers that fit their demographics, through lead generation, you can build a list of followers that’ll help boost the presence of these people.

A good site for this is Viralyft which is one of the best to buy, and they even offer order tracking to help improve the transparency.


10 Best Companies for Selling Twitter Accounts That Pay or Help You Get Paid

If you want to start doing this, there are various sites that pay you for this, and there are many with strong user networks to offer the best results possible.


1. Get Viral

This is a trusted brand that does have a track record for getting good followers to boost the credibility and industry.

They have years of experience and are considered a reliable brand.

You can start to sell these accounts, and for 5000 of them, you can get $128.99 from the person.

All of this is done through cards or through PayPal, and they are all real profiles, so they’re reliable followers for people.

Click here to check out Get Viral


2. Twesocial

This is a great site if you want to sell Twitter accounts that promote growth.

This involves only real Twitter followers, and they offer the best services and have a great repute as well, so you will get seen on these social media sites with this.

Twesocial offers not just followers but also likes RTs, comments, and so much more.

You can sell accounts to people, and from there, you also can even set these lists to audiences so that you’re not giving the wrong followers to them.

Everyone is real, though, so you don’t have to worry about customers being upset for bots.

Click here to check out Twesocial

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3. Views Expert

This is one of the best sites to sell Twitter followers, too, since it offers a lot of options.

They also work with other platforms too, including Spotify and even SoundCloud, and they offer easy and safe payments through PayPal and other payment methods.

You can help different companies of all sorts grow to fruition, and they offer the best followers for you to do so.

You can make money selling accounts to this company, and they as well offer growth for different brands in a safe and secure way on Twitter, which is what people like.

Click here to check out View Expert


4. Social Packages

This is one of the best sites out there since they offer an affordable way to sell Twitter accounts, and most sites like to use this since this can offer more organic followers than other types of sites.

It’s risk-free for the clients, and you’ll be able to help sell these followers to them, and the payments are safe and secure for everyone.

You also can sell them in different types of packages and also help to fulfill the refill guarantee there if the person asks for it.

They do offer specific followers too, and you can help to provide lead generation for this.

With varying plans, they’re a company that’s great to sell Twitter accounts for.

Click here to check out Social Packages



5. Fastlikes

This is another site that’s very popular for selling Twitter followers.

It’s got affordable plans that you can make money on, and it’s a site that prides itself on speed.

They want to make sure that the highest and best followers possible can get to these people, with a satisfactory refund policy as well.

You’ll be able to bring together a list of different followers and guarantee high-quality followers and quick engagement to them.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

If you know you can sell accounts that get a good result but also make sure that they’re fast, you can do it with this site.

Click here to check out


6. Follower Packages

Want to put together different packages for people to choose from? This is a site that relies on this, which makes it reliable.

Unlike other sites on this list, they are a bit more personal and have been utilized by different personalities and businesses to boost the reach, and they really hammer in to deliver what they promise.

You will put together different follower packages that are real, genuine followers that improve follower count and Twitter account validity.

They only take actual, active accounts, and for 10,000 followers, you can get $75, which is pretty cool, and you’ll be able to offer different services if you choose to sell Twitter accounts with them.

Click here to check out Follower Packages


7. Tweeteev

This is a site that focuses more on selling Twitter accounts that will engage with the tweets.

They are more organic-focused in order to increase the actual followers there.

You simply can sign up to be an account manager, creating campaigns that’ll help to provide more followers to the different accounts that you run, and your goal is to put together those that are related specifically to the niche in order to engage with it.

This saves a lot of time and hassle since you’ll be able to provide these users for them so that the companies can work on growth, gaining real traction, real followers.

Click here to check out Tweeteev

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8. UseViral

This is a company that pays you to sell Twitter accounts for more specific needs and services.

While a lot of these mostly just focus on the organic, real followers, this one is expanding the services to offer different types of ways for people to build their social media brand through more specific types of followers.

The goal with this one is to make sure that you’re giving these people real, active users that’ll actually engage with your content.

They offer different types of packages, and they work with you to make sure that not only your Twitter account is active and growing, but they also work with other sites too, including Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok.

So, if you know how to sell those, you should be good to go.

Click here to check out UseViral


9. Global Like

This is another site that does pay a little bit more than the other site might for selling active followers.

It’s $40 for 5000 people to follow, and while some companies may find this expensive, you’re searching through and paying for high-quality followers that they can use.

You also will be responsible for making sure that there are money-back guarantees fulfilled or for replacing any dropped followers.

With that said, you’ll be able to help people get these followers and also provide support along the way.

You can sell accounts with followers from all over the place and even internationally.

It’s also simple to get started and simple to start providing followers.

Click here to check out Global Like


10. Venium 

This is a site that lets you sell Twitter accounts, but also, you can offer follower packages and definitely some good results.

While this is one of the cheaper ones, so you may not make as much money, it’s pretty easy to start selling today.

Minimally, you need to make sure the client pays for 100 followers before you drop them off, but with this, you’ve got the lifetime guarantee and can help different clients from all sorts of places grow.

Their goal is not only to boost your brand in social media rankings but also to improve your presence entirely online.

So, it’s a site that lets you sell for a reasonable price and helps to grow different brands.

Click here to check out Venium


Making Money Selling Twitter Accounts FAQs


What Do I Need in Order to Start Selling Twitter Accounts?

You need to make sure that, if you’re selling these accounts as leads for brands to use, that they are real, valid Twitter followers and not bots.

You will want to make sure that you also can offer followers that boost the social cred of different sites, which in turn will help to boost the presence of the company.

You also should make sure that these followers aren’t bots but, instead, people who are going to be active.


Why Sell Twitter Followers?

A lot of brands buy followers for a variety of reasons.

It helps them boost their numbers, and by buying from reliable retailers, they can have a boost in following while also making sure it’s organic as well.

It also helps to spread the presence that they have, boosting the engagement of their brand.

Sometimes, it does take a little bit of buying, and you can also have these people engage with your content, share it, and from there, bring more people in.


How Can I Make Sure the Followers Stick Around?

Minimally, if you’re selling Twitter accounts, to make your job easier and so you’re not getting refund requests, is to make sure that they’re engaging properly with the right accounts and brands.

Remember, if you do sell this, it does impact the social cred for certain brands, but if you’re getting followers that engage on these accounts, it boosts the presence still.

Minimally, you’ll want to make sure that they’re live, active followers.

While some sites don’t’ ask for specifics, it’s best to work with a site that asks for specific kinds of followers since it makes your job easier on your end.


How Do I Find Twitter Accounts to Sell as Followers?

You can simply start doing lead generation for this.

You can use Twitter and search for them to find valuable leads.

You’ll want to make sure they’re all put on a list, and you can ideally separate all of these in order to make sure they fit for different categories.

Once you’ve done that, put them together, sell them to the people that you want to, and from there, watch as your business grows.

Remember, you can always start your business too on your own instead of asking to work with sites to improve growth.



When it comes to selling Twitter accounts, the best way to do so is by selling followers to help businesses grow.

From there, they can gain traction all on their own, and get better, and have a better social media presence too.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE