Yes, you can definitely make extra money selling sports cards!

This article reveals exactly how it works and some very powerful tips to help you sell sports cards.



The entertainment world of sports has always been an integral part of the past-time fabric of the United States.

Sports heroes, both men, and women have always been idolized as young children would emulate their swing, their catch, ball handling, etc.

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Not only would posters be part of the decoration of the girl’s and boy’s bedrooms with such names as Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Johnny Unitas, Billie Jean King but sports cards would be bought.

Sometimes packaged with bubblegum the hopes of getting your favorite player would be top of mind.

The importance of trading cards is a reflection of our love for the purity of the game that was being played.

It wasn’t about salaries, arbitrations, social issues, etc.

Trading cards were a reflection of the players that played the game and on the back of those pictures that we idolized were their statistics and not their political views.

Today, trading cards are a reflection of simpler times when the enjoyment of the game far outweighed the issues of the times and was an escape from the reality of life for a few brief hours.

The value that is placed on trading cards is apparent today as it seems that people want to recapture those simpler times.

Therefore, there is a market for sports cards.

Let us step into the batter’s box and swing towards the fences as we talk about ways to sell sports cards.


Personal Story

I loved the game of baseball and especially during the summer months and would always take my glove, place the hand strap over the handlebars, and go looking for a pickup game.

Growing up in Chicago during the late fifties and early sixties, there were two baseball teams.

For some reason or other, I gravitated to the team that played on the north side of Chicago. I became an avid Cubbies fan.

My heroes were Ernie Banks, Ron Santos, and company.

A thrill of a lifetime came for me as I was rewarded for being a school crossing guard and our efforts earned us a trip to Wrigley Field one afternoon rather than going to school.

I was in awe that afternoon of being in the park, caught up in the enthusiasm of the game, but most of all watching the players play.

I have no idea who won that game that day, but I know that it is a memory of a wonderful earlier time that can never be erased.

In my mind, I have a sports card of that day that is priceless.


What Are Trading Cards? 

Trading cards are small cards similar to a playing card within a deck of 52.

The cards are constructed from thick paper or a paperboard-type material.

On the front of a trading card is typically a picture of a sports figure.

The sports figure could be from the sport of baseball, football, soccer, ice hockey, etc.

On the front of the card is an action picture of the individual, the name of the person, and what team they may represent.

On the back are a number of their sports statistics.

For example, if it is a picture of a baseball player, on the back of the pictured cards would be the individual’s position played, batting average, number of home runs, and if the pitcher their ERA, etc.

Often, individuals would collect these cards in hopes of fielding a team or trading cards to get one particular card that represented their favorite player.


Tips to Help You Sell Sports Cards


What Cards Do You Have?

Before an individual begins the process of selling sports cards it is important to know what cards you have.

Critical ways of identifying what your card may be worth are to look at the year that the card was produced and who the manufacturer or the producer of the card was.

If uncertain about these specifics, one can look at the back of the card as it will often share the year of being produced.

Another way that you can determine what year the card was produced is by looking at the back of the card that shares the statistics of the player and looking for the last year in which the player’s statistics are revealed.

It stands to reason that the card will be one year ahead of the last recorded year of the statistics on the card.

Also, the card may contain the date of copyright and who the manufacturer is.

Another way that you can identify the card manufacturer and date printed is by doing various searches on search engines.


Evaluate Their Condition

Another key element in determining how valuable your sports card collection may be the condition of your cards.

Quite frankly, cards that are bent, faded, or contain any significant flaws will reduce the value of your collection.

However, despite any apparent flaws, it’s always good to get your card evaluated as even a flawed card may prove to be valuable if it reflects a sports player whose card is a rarity.


Grading System

Trading cards are also separated into specific time frames.

These time frames may add value to the trading card.

For example, a card that was printed after 1945 and before 1985 is categorized as vintage.

If printed before 1941 it is labeled as prewar (World War II) and anything after 1980 is classified as modern.

Typically, the older the card is the more valuable it might be.

Therefore, cards classified as vintage and prewar may be more valuable than modern-day cards.

Another way to grade your collection of trading cards is what players your collection may include.

Therefore, it is best to try to identify star players to see if you have that particular player represented by a playing card.

A good way of cross-referencing great players is to search online and use keywords such as greatest player and then whatever the particular sport is that you are searching for.

An example of such a website to find the greatest National Hockey League players of all time would be obtained by clicking here.


Check Selling Price

To not get your hopes up or sell a card for less than it’s worth, it is important to get a close estimate of what your card or cards are worth.

This can be done by once again going to the Internet and doing a word search on your sports trading card.

Any information that you can utilize as part of your search will help to narrow down the possibilities of finding out what that card may be worth.

Often the cards are numbered, or you can put in the player’s name or put the year that the card was manufactured and by whom.

When you search for this card, multiple listings will probably present themselves including eBay which is a great way of trying to find out whether you have a valuable card.


10 Best Sport Cards Buyers to Sell Your Sports Cards

Now that you have an idea of what you may have as a potential quality collection, it is now time to find a buyer.

Several online sites are potential opportunities to sell your sports card collection.


1. Beckett

Beckett is one of the more well-known and go-to online sites where individuals have had great success in selling their sports cards collections.

As with any marketplace, there needs to be a gathering of potential customers for what you have, and Beckett provides that venue for buying individuals.

To sell sports cards on this site requires that you itemize your cards in the organize section on the page.

Once you have done this then find the selling button and click on that particular button.

This then will take you to the opportunity to put your asking price in for your set of cards and then go live with your collection.

To view this website click here.


2. Dave and Adam’s 

This online website differs from others in that it is not a go-between you and a potential purchaser of your sports cards.

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This site, depending upon the value of your collection, will buy your cards directly.

All the individual needs to do is to reach out to the company and tell them about the card or cards that you have and ask if they would like to purchase that card.

They may counter any offer that you provide and if they are interested, it is simply just a matter of negotiating the deal.

The email address to contact a representative with this company is

You can also learn more about Dave and Adams by clicking here.


3. SlabStox 

As of this writing, this website has just started its full operation as a sports cards site.

This site not only will buy but sell your collection.

To participate as a seller/or buyer requires that the individual register.

For more information, you can click here.

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4. eBay 

eBay is a great site for an individual to access to sell their sports cards.

It is so effective that there are over 24,000,000 card listings on the site alone.

For many, eBay is the premier site to log on to find sporting cards.

To create a listing on the site is provided at no cost to the individual for their first 200 listings.

eBay does charge a commission fee of 10% and is capped at $750 when your items are sold.

If you find a buyer, you are responsible to ensure that the product or card is shipped to the customer.

You can pass that cost on to the buyer.

eBay handles the collecting of the money and pays the seller either through direct deposit or PayPal.

For more information about eBay click here.


5. Facebook Groups 

The structure of Facebook allows for the formation of many groups that share a variety of interests.

Therefore, on Facebook, you may be able to advertise your sports cards by being involved in one of these Facebook groups.

However, it is important to realize that not everybody is honest.

Therefore, there may be individuals who may try to take advantage of other people.

As they say in baseball, “heads up.”


6. COMC 

COMC stands for Check Out My Collectibles.

This website is strictly about selling sports cards.

The site requires that the individual who wishes to sell their collection register and then apply to the site to consider purchasing their sports cards collection.

Unlike other sites, this site does not interact between the buyer and a seller.

If the website decides to purchase your collection, the transaction is made between you and them.

This is extremely beneficial because the seller of the collection does not have to worry about finding a buyer.

COMC will then take the collection under the terms of the quote, and they will list your collection or card for you.

If they find a buyer, they will also complete that aspect of the transaction by selling the collection and shipping the card to the buyer.

For more information about COMC click here.



7. Blowout Forums 

This is a community of enthusiasts who enjoy sports cards and collecting.

Within this forum, a variety of categories are listed that correspond to different sports.

Within this community is also the opportunity for each of the individuals to either sell, trade, or buy cards.

Another advantage of being involved with this forum is that it is a great place to rub elbows with others who are knowledgeable in the selling and purchasing of sports cards.

For more information about this forum, you can click here.


8. PSA Card Forums 

This forum is similar to the Blowout Forum with one significant difference.

That difference is that this forum allows you to view the collection of other individuals.

This allows the collectors to see what cards they may be missing and help facilitate the obtaining of those cards to complete their set.

If it so happens that you have a card that one of the other members of the forum is missing, you can contact them via email and see if they are wishing to purchase the card that you have to complete their set.

Click here for more information.


9. StockX 

This website operates as an auction.

If you list your card for sale you provide the lowest price that you are willing to sell your collection or sports cards for.

Once this process is completed and the listing has occurred, then individuals who are interested in your card or collections will then begin to bid on that item.

The process is completed when your bid threshold has been met.

The sports card or collection will then be sent to this website to authenticate what was listed and match what was presented to the website.

Upon verification, the sold item is then sent to the buyer and StockX releases the payment to you the seller through either a bank transfer or PayPal.

For more information about StockX click here


10. Card Shows 

By attending card shows one will be introduced to the exciting world of sports cards enthusiasts, buyers, and sellers.

Also, a vast array of autographed memorabilia is present at these types of gatherings.

One such significant convention that is held annually and attracts collectors, dealers, and other interested groups is the National Sports Collector’s Convention.

You can learn more about this convention by clicking here.

Because of the attendance at these types of conventions, it is often very easy to find interested individuals for your sports cards and collections.


How to Sell Sports Cards FAQs


What Stores Still Sell Sports Cards?

There are still card shops that can be found in local communities.

Also, there are retail shops that sell cards that are boxed in packages.


What Was the Highest Amount Paid for a Sports Card?

The highest amount paid for a sports card was in the amount of $5,200,000.

The card was a 1952 Topps baseball card and featured Mickey Mantle of the New York Yankees.

It was purchased by Rob Gough.

The card featured Mantle’s 1952 rookie season.



If you have a sports cards collection, it may be worth some money to someone if you are willing to part with it.

Who knows, you might have a vintage Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Roberto Clemente, Venus Williams, or Johnny Unitas sports card that may fetch some significant sports dollars.

Additionally, if it still has that bubblegum smell it may be even worth more.

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