Yes, you can learn how to make money selling Legos by reading this article.

It will show you 25 easy ways and tips that really work.


Importance of Legos

During the 1960s many popular toys were created for a child’s entertainment and education.

In those days, boys were given toys for boys, and girls were given toys thought to be appropriate for girls.

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My sister, in this particular year, was given a Chatty Kathy doll that when the loop and cord were pulled on the back of her neck and let go a recorded voice from within the doll would say certain prerecorded phrases.

Also, for a girl, there was the ever-popular Barbie doll.

For boys, there were guns, cars, and toy trains that were always popular.

Of course, in addition to toys for entertainment, many parents included educational toys.

Some of those educational toys might have included books, a chalkboard, flashcards, etc.

An educational toy that I received was a Lego set.

The plastic interlocking bricks came with diagrams of what you could create or you could use your imagination and create something different. thick in

As a child, you could spend hours making new creations and utilizing your imagination.

Today, Legos are still popular and have gotten even more sophisticated in that you can purchase various sets that when properly constructed will create a popular item such as something from a movie, popular character, or cartoon figure.

All that to say is that Legos are still very popular and in great demand even by older people who are collectors and who sell to other individuals who are trying to finish a set or buy items that would be classified as collector pieces or sets.


25 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money Selling Legos


1. Resale

One of the more lucrative ways to earn money selling Legos is if you have a Legos set in which that particular item has been discontinued.

Because it is no longer being produced, this makes it rare due to limited availability and therefore can bring a better selling price.

If you own a Lego set that has been discontinued, it is best to utilize it to maximize the sale price.

One of the best sites that will allow for competitive bidding would be the listing of the Lego set on


2. Selling

As it relates to owning a discontinued or limited edition of a Legos set it is important to do your research.

The research should include what these items have sold for previously so that you do not undersell your item but maximize the amount that you can receive.

A good research site to access would be


3. Buying New

Having a serious commitment to selling Legos and making money, it is a good idea to purchase new Lego kits when they are first offered to the public.

After purchase, the strategy would involve hanging onto the sets and viewing them as an investment so that when the sets are no longer available or are being sold to the public, their value will increase due to limited availability.

When the process reveals that the sets are selling for more money than what you paid, you then will have the opportunity to sell the items at a higher price and receive a good return on your investment.


4. When to Buy

As with the purchase of anything to get the best price, timing can be a major factor in getting the best deal.

The best time to look for sales would be around the holiday season and especially on days such as Black Friday or cyber-Monday.


5. Check for Sales

If deciding upon buying the Lego sets, you must buy them at the lowest price that you can.

Therefore, a good strategy is to be on the lookout for sales locally or online.


6. Check Prices

Also, a good strategy to get the best price is to use various apps or add-ons that can attach to your web browser so that when you are shopping, if there is a discounted price on that particular item, you can take advantage of the lower priced item.

Some of those browser extensions to help you save money with your online shopping could include:

  • Honey
  • Ibotta
  • Rakuten
  • Keepa


7. Forums

When joining the world of selling Legos and enjoying what you do, it is good to know that there are other fellow enthusiasts and there are ways that you can learn from these individuals.

Some good forums to be involved with would include:


8. Used

Even if you buy Lego sets that have been purchased and put together, these used Lego sets will still have a higher resale value than the original price.

The idea behind buying used sets is that when they too are discontinued, the resale value increases, and therefore, any difference between what you paid and what you sell the useful items for will be profit.

The same strategy should be implemented whether you buy new or used as you hold onto the items and wait for the value to increase due to the item being discontinued.

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9. New

Of course, if the Lego set has not been used or is still in its original packaging and pristine condition, this scenario will secure a higher resale value,

As an example, in the year 2007, the Star Wars Lego set known as the Millennium Falcon was released. The retail value of that Legos set was roughly $500.

The set is no longer available due to its being discontinued.

However, if you have this Lego set in your possession and has not been opened, it is worth a little over $3000.


10. Quantity

In addition to selling kits, money can be earned by selling individual pieces of Legos.

A way to earn money through this process would be to buy these Legos in large quantities and then marketed them as being available and resold to buyers who need these pieces.

The pieces of Legos can be purchased individually and in bulk.

Bulk costs for Legos are paid by the pound.

Selling individual pieces is certainly a possibility as there are Lego sets that may be missing a certain piece and if you have that particular piece it can be sold to individuals at a marked-up price.

Websites such as or may reveal potential customers in the selling of these individual pieces or selling in bulk.


11. Incomplete

As a serious individual looking to make money through the selling and buying of Legos would be the occasional opportunity in which you can buy a set advertised as available but missing a few pieces.

With this full disclosure from the individual, you can purchase the incomplete set, and endeavor to find the missing pieces online and through a variety of websites replace the missing piece(s), and make the set complete.

You then can sell that completed set on the market at an increased cost due to the missing piece added which would increase its value.


12. Quality

An important factor as it relates to the selling and buying of Legos is the condition of the product.

If you choose to buy a set that is advertised as used and in fair to good condition, you can make that investment commitment.

When received inspect the product to ensure that all of the Lego pieces are there and are in good condition.

Upon purchasing the use item, you can provide a little maintenance by cleaning the pieces and possibly replacing any damaged Legos.

When finished you can then sell the Lego set at a markup for your time and effort.


13. Categorize

As part of your process of making money off of Legos, you must perceive the process as a business and ensure that you are organized.

One of the best ways to organize Legos, as it relates to having an inventory of a variety of pieces, is to categorize and store the individual pieces.

A suggestion of a system in which you store the items could include the investment in plastic storage containers.

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They can be further separated or categorized by color, type, or, if known, what set the pieces may belong to.


14. Shipping

Part of the fulfillment of selling Legos is the shipping of the individualized Legos or the boxed set to the customer.

If selling a valuable item that is in its original box, you certainly want to maintain the integrity of that container and therefore shipping care should be followed.

This can be done by a postal annex that will ensure that it is professionally packaged and shipped.

It is important to remember that when selling these items you include the shipping costs in the overall price.


15. Cleaning

When you have purchased Legos and are the conscientious seller of this product that you are, you want to make ensure that the product is clean and usable.

The best way to clean Legos is through a hand cleansing process in which the pieces can all be placed into a laundry bag and then put that laundry bag inside a larger bucket that contains a solution of water and mild soap.

Once they have soaked for a while, you then can take them out of the bag and rinse them off in another larger container that only has water.

Once this process has been completed you can then take out the pieces and allow them to air dry by placing them on a towel to absorb the water.


16. Marketing

When marketing your Legos it is important to know where is the best place to market and sell the Lego items that you have.

The broader your customer base or potential customer base the greater the likelihood that you will sell the item at a better price.

You can list your Legos for sale utilizing such websites as eBay, through your social media platforms, or even list them on Craigslist.

Other websites could include or


17. Lego Ideas

Rather than selling Legos would be the option of thinking about creative ways that Legos can be utilized in the design of a new item or feature.

If you have such an idea, you can contact Legos and present your suggestion.

To receive payment from Legos for any new ideas, a voting process is involved and if the idea receives 10,000 votes or more, then payment for the approved design will be made to you from the company

As an added incentive, you will receive a commission on each of the designs and be paid at a rate of 1% per sale of the set.

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18. Apprentice Builder

A unique way of earning money in the Legos industry is through employment with the Legos company.

One of the levels of employment is designated as an apprentice builder.

This is on the low end of the pay spectrum and it is a salary given to an individual who glues together Lego pieces.

Often these glued sets are for exhibition.


19. Senior Builder

The next level of employment opportunity as a Lego builder is the higher tier of the senior builder.

This particular level of expertise is an individual who does the same work as an apprentice but has added responsibilities.

Those added responsibilities include a supervisory role as it relates to procedures, processes, and working under the supervision of the master builder.


20. Master Builder

The upper level of employment as a Lego builder is termed a master builder.

The master builder, as the name implies, is extremely qualified and skilled in the construction of Lego sets.

The occupation of a master builder as a Legos employee is extremely limited with only 40 such builders being recognized globally.

There are specific qualifications the master-builder must demonstrate.


21. YouTube

An additional way of earning money through the industry of Legos is to create your own YouTube channel.

Novices and experienced Lego enthusiasts would flock to such a channel to witness your creativity as it relates to putting together a Lego set and demonstrating various techniques.

Also, you can inform your viewers on how to earn money by selling Legos.

Revenue could be earned through the support of your followers, engaging in a subscription process, or the YouTube channel itself is sponsored by the Legos Corporation.


22. Graphics

Because of the popularity of Legos, there are a variety of other ways that you can leverage this popularity.

Not only can you sell kits and individual pieces, but you can utilize any artistic talent that you may have in painting or creating a picture or graphic depicting Lego sets.

Individuals may wish to purchase these graphics or paintings and utilize them with their collection or display of Lego products that they have.


23. Blogging

Another opportunity that may present itself is to create your blog as it pertains to anything Legos.

On your blog, you can talk about the history, provide testimonials from other individuals, review new sets being released, talk about how to make a profit off of the selling of Legos, etc.

Possible revenue may be generated by your followers sponsoring your blog, affiliate advertising, or having a sponsor such as Legos or a toy company.


24. Merchandise

One additional way of monetizing people’s love and appreciation for Legos is to create handcrafted items that mimic or simulate Lego pieces or a completed set.

Examples could include bracelets made out of Lego pieces, earrings, necklaces, etc.

This type of “jewelry” would be a possible hit amongst Lego enthusiasts and be a topic of conversation when the items are worn.


25. Facebook Marketplace

You can definitely sell used or even new Lego sets on Facebook marketplace.

The beauty with this marketplace is that you can reach a lot of people who will be interested in buying for themselves or their kids and you don’t even have to pay a dime to list or sell!


Personal Story

I remember one Christmas I was extremely blessed as I received the top three items from my Christmas list.

Those items were a transformer for my Lionel train, Mr. Machine, and a set of Tinker Toys.

Tinker Toys are a combination of small circular wooden spools about two inches in diameter and a 1/2 inch deep.

On these circular items were several holes on the outer part of the piece and a hole in the middle.

The set also consisted of long pieces of wood that you could insert into the various holes.

You could make a pistol, Ferris wheel, alien creatures, etc.


Selling Lego Online FAQs


What is Considered the Hardest Lego Set to Make?

According to the top Lego sets that were the most difficult included:

  • Roller coaster
  • Millennium Falcon
  • Firehouse Headquarters
  • Tower Bridge
  • Bugatti Chiron


What Were Legos Originally Made From?

The original bricks were manufactured from cellulose acetate.


You Can Do It

Not only do you enjoy Legos, but you understand there is a way that you can share this enjoyment with others as well as earn some revenue based on your strategy and marketing of various ideas.

It is just a matter of constructing a plan and following through on your ideas.



Legos started as a toy designed for the entertainment and education value that they could bring to young people.

Today, young people not only enjoy the Lego products but the young people of yesterday have grown as well their continued enthusiasm for Lego products.

Additionally, that enthusiasm has spilled over into opportunities to earn money by providing Legos and related products.

All of these aspects have provided even greater appeal and enthusiasm for the Lego industry.

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