Yes, you can learn how to make money selling Knives by reading this article. It will show you 25 easy ways and tips that really work.



Many useful and basic tools have been created for individuals to make their lives easier.

Some of those created tools include screwdrivers, bottle openers, spoons, forks, scissors, corkscrews, an awl, etc.

Another useful tool is various knives available for a variety of purposes.

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For example, there are certain created knives that are serrated in such a way that they can easily cut through a loaf of bread, knives that are constructed for carving, knives that are constructed for filleting, and steak knives that will cut meat, etc.

Tools and specifically knives are useful for a variety of purposes and have consistently been part of kitchens, outdoor activities, and other locations for areas of use.

If interested in knives and wishing to sell knives and make money, let us hold the knives out of their sheaths and take a look at ways that this can happen.


Personal Story

As a boy, and most likely like all young boys, we had love affairs with pocketknives.

Having a pocket knife was always a good opportunity to bring the pocket knife out and do some whittling, playing a game of chicken, or impressing those around me.

I’ve had in my possession several pocketknives that came in handy when something needed to be cut, trimmed away, or for another useful purpose.

The best pocket knife that I ever owned was a Swiss Army pocketknife.

This was always a fascinating tool to me in that it not only had different types of blades but also was a Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, fork, spoon, corkscrew, and a variety of other accessories.

It was always “cool” to try to use those different parts of the knife and impress those around me.


25 Best Ways & Tips on Making Money Selling Knives 


1. Know about Relevant Restrictions

As it relates to the selling of knives, knives in the hands of the wrong person can be used destructively.

Therefore, there may be limitations and restrictions as it relates to selling knives and how the knives are being marketed and sold.

Therefore, it is important to know the laws associated with the selling of knives and, in particular, not selling knives that are considered a legal

One such illegal knife that cannot be sold online is a switchblade.


2. Know about Fixed Type of Knife

A fixed blade knife is available in various lengths and for a variety of uses.

A fixed blade knife is always in the extension position and is not foldable.

A quality set of fixed blade knives are built for durability as well as their intended use and the quality of the knife is dependent upon how it is forged and tempered with a quality knife being more expensive.


3. Know about Pocket Type of Knife

A pocket knife is a small blade knife that can be folded through a tension system and can easily be carried in one’s pocket.

Often a pocket knife has multiple blades which can include a 2-inch blade or longer, smaller blades, and other potential accessories that come in handy when small tools are needed.


4. Know about Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are easily found online or at various retailers and are packaged in a wooden block with various slots for the different blades.

Some of the knives can include a large carving knife, paring knife, steak knife, bread knife, etc.

Having these knives conveniently available on a kitchen countertop makes a cook and chef’s job easier due to the placement of these knives and accessibility in one place.


5. Hunting Knives

A hunting knife can be either a folding knife or a fixed blade.

The blades are forged from high-quality steel and can be used by the hunter as it relates to any game that is caught in preparing the animal for a variety of uses by the hunter.


6. Military Knives

The military knife, as inferred, is used by military personnel as it relates to being a general all-purpose tool as well as in combat situations.

Generally speaking, military knives are made from high quality solid stainless steel with the blade being exceptionally refined and sharp at the edges

Additionally, the handles are extremely well-made and formed for the soldier to obtain a firm grip for their safety as well as for combat purposes.


7. Survival Knives

Survival knives are specifically designed for use in the outdoors or wilderness and can vary in length ranging up to 10 inches long.

The grip or handle of the knife has specially formed areas for the hand to comfortably but firmly hold on to the knife

These are exceptionally useful tools that can be utilized not only for defense in the wilderness but also involved in the preparation of food and other situations where cutting and slicing is necessary.


8. Fillet Knives

A fillet knife is a specially designed knife that is utilized in the preparing of caught fish.

The blade is long but thin to properly slice the angler’s food.


9. Use Blogging

A way that you can earn money by not only selling knives but talking or discussing the topic of knives is by creating a blog.

Your blog site can talk about the history of knives, their importance in civilization, the way that they are made, the various types of knives, their use, etc.

Revenue can be generated by support from your followers, affiliated advertisement, and sponsorships.


10. Use YouTube  

By developing your own YouTube channel you are provided many options as it relates to earning money through selling knives.

One of those ways is to create videos that depict the various knives available that you have for sale and professionally demonstrate their use.

Also, the video presentation can talk about the importance of knives, how they were made, and how they are made today.

Also, you can use your YouTube presence to sell knives.

Revenue can also come through support from your followers and the possibility of being sponsored.


11. Knife Sharpening

A side business as it relates to selling knives would be to offer the professional service of sharpening knives for knife owners.

This can be done locally or people can ship their knives to you and have it professionally done and then have the items shipped back.


12. Use Sites like Etsy

Another retail option that is online driven is

After you’ve set up your account, you can design your virtual store and then begin to list the knives that you have available for sale.


13. Use Sites like Craigslist

A venue where you can advertise your availability of knives and sell them is Craigslist.

The value of Craigslist is that you can select a particular category to list your knives under and not only get exposure locally but also globally.

With Craigslist, there are generally no restrictions as to what knives can be listed whereas on other websites there are restrictions on what items or knives can be sold based on legislation and legalities.

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14. Word-Of-Mouth  

One of the most powerful ways of marketing that will help you to realize some significant sales as it relates to selling knives is customer satisfaction and word of mouth.

If an individual is happy with their knife purchased and the blade lives up to the qualities of durability, strength, and sharpness, others will tell their friends about their purchase and this may provide additional customers ordering through your website.

Also, if you are providing unique knives that have special handles, engraved handles, or handles that are made from different materials, the excitement generated by these unique knives will add to your profitability.


15. Use Your Website

An Internet possibility where you can sell knives and make a profit is by constructing your website.

Through your social media platforms, blogging, and word-of-mouth, people will know about your website and visit your site to see what sort of knives you have available and what can be purchased.

On your website, you can also give a brief history about knives, the various types of knives available, etc.

Your website could serve as a commercial site but also an informational site as it relates to everything and anything about knives.


16. Use Sites like Amazon

Of course, it’s important not to overlook major e-commerce websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Amazon has a significant presence in the e-commerce world and as such will provide a larger customer base for you to market and sell your knives to potentially more customers.

By working with Amazon, you will not need to worry about collecting payment, or the hassle of shipping and distributing to the individual buying your product.

By utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon, the site will do the entire process for you and you just need to have the product, in this case, the knives available.

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17. Use Knife Forums

When thinking of a customer base and selling knives, it is important not to forget about various forums that are frequented by individuals who have an appreciation of knives and especially handmade knives and collectibles.

A number of the individuals that frequent the forums could be termed as experts and know about knives and specifically blades in particular.

Also, an individual on a forum, because of their experience, would be able to identify fairly rapidly any uniquely made knives or antique type knives.

Also, through a forum, you can learn the knife selling business and more about knives themselves.

To access various forums you can check out


18. Know about Relevant Laws

When it comes to selling knives, there may be some ordinances or laws that are on the books that prohibit the certain selling of particular knives.

Not knowing about these laws is not an excuse and therefore, one must be acquainted with what is legal and what is illegal.

Therefore, it is important to know what the laws are and not distribute or sell those particular items or knives that are not lawful.


19. Know about Pricing

When it comes to pricing, you mustn’t price yourself out of a sale and yet short-change yourself by giving away the item and not maximizing your profit.

The best way to go about pricing the knives correctly is by doing your research and finding out what the average cost of that particular knife is.

By staying within that range, you can set your price a little or lower and still potentially make a sale and profit.

Also, with pricing, you must include shipping fees and any taxes as it relates to the customer’s state of residency.


20. Know about Age

Age is important when selling to a customer that you are selling to an individual that is of the appropriate age to purchase a knife.

As it relates to private sales, you can easily determine an individual’s age by making sure that a copy of their driver’s license is obtained.

In this way, you will not only have the personal information needed to ship the knife but you will be able to determine what their age is.


21. Know Other Tips

Tips in selling knives include measuring the length of the blade so that there is no doubt that the customer receives the certain length blade that they want and purchase.

To standardize this measurement, you can access various websites and YouTube presentations to understand the measuring standards that should be used.

One such website is


22. Use the Right Photos

It is important to take good photos from various angles so that the customer can get a true picture of what the knife looks like and be completely aware of what to expect.


23. Shipping

Another important consideration is the shipping of knives through mail service or package delivery company.

The knives can be shipped by the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, Etc.

It is, however, important to know the regulations as it relates to shipping knives through any of these services.

A good website to access as it relates to shipping can be accessed here.


24. Use Social Media

As an individual who wants to make money selling knives, social media platforms can be a marketing opportunity.

Some of those sites include Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram to name a few.

If choosing to go this route in marketing and selling your knives, it is important to read any of the stipulations that outline the terms of the agreement as to what can be done and not done as it relates to selling knives.

The value of social media platforms is that you can sell directly through these options or you can direct individuals to your website to make the purchases.


25. Use Sites like eBay

EBay is always a “go-to” commerce website in which you can register as a seller and then begin to list your items for sale.

As it relates to your knives, you would need to take quality photographs, upload them to your particular page and utilize certain keywords.

When customers search for knives, their search will reveal your commerce site.


How and Where to Sell Knives FAQs


How Long Have Knives Been Around?

The earliest knives found in various diggings were made of flint.

The first metal knives were double-edged daggers and the first single edge knife was made during the bronze age well over 4000 years ago.

The usefulness of the knives would’ve been demonstrated through hunting, cooking, and carpentry.


What is the Most Famous Knife in the World?

In no particular order, some of the famous knives in the world are:

  • The Swiss Army knife
  • Case Trapper
  • Kershaw Leek
  • Old Timer 80T Senior Stockman
  • Chris Reeve Knives


You Can Do It

With a little understanding of knives, the different types available, and their usefulness, a knife selling a business can help an individual realize a profit in the sale of these useful tools.

It is just a matter of knowing how to market and take advantage of several platforms that can help in the sale as well as incorporating a few tips to aid in the sales of the knives.



It has been often said that accomplishing a job is often easier when you have the right tool.

When in the kitchen, you would not use a hammer to slice a tomato nor would you use a knife to hammer a nail.

The right tool for the right job would be the slicing knife for the tomato and the hammer for the nail.

The need for knives is still real today and utilizing the appropriate knife which is designed for a specific purpose.

Any way you slice it, there is money to be made by selling knives.

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