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The holiday season, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other special events, are usually celebrated with the gathering of families and exchanges of gifts for an individual or individuals.

Sometimes the gifts that are received are exactly what we wanted and could be greatly utilized in our lives.

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On the other hand, sometimes the gifts are unique and, although we are grateful, we wonder how will ever use that particular gift.

A great example is the various ties that fathers receive on fathers’ days.

Gift giving is important because, beyond the gift that is given, is the gift of appreciation, love, or expression of friendship that the gift symbolizes.

Sometimes the gifts are purchased or handcrafted.

Additionally, sometimes the gifts are given in the light of what we think the person would enjoy or be able to practically utilize.

Often, the receiver of the gift will say that the gift was just what they always wanted or there may be hesitancy on their part as they want to be gracious but wonder what on earth the gift is?

Today, the convenience in solving the question of what to give a person when you don’t know what to give can be answered in two words.

Those two words are gift cards.

Therefore, let us look at gift cards and in particular Visa Gift Cards, and how and where to sell these if the particular gift card that you have received needs to be cashed in for the gift of hard cold cash.


25 Best Tips & Sources for Selling Visa Gift Cards


1. Know all about Visa Gift Cards

A Visa Gift Card is a pre-paid option for a consumer to purchase in a variety of stores that offer this retail option.

At the time of purchase, the consumer requests the amount of money that they would like to purchase the card for a particular amount of money.

That amount is “loaded” onto the card, activated and the purchase is complete.

A specific coding is assigned to that card.

The card can usually be purchased and rounded off in denominations up to $500.

The Visa gift card can be redeemed at a number of retailers.

Some of those retailers could include clothing stores, restaurants, movie theaters, specialty stores, etc.


2. Know How You Use It

The card is honored in the United States and can be utilized in physical stores and for online purchases.

Every time the card is used for a purchase that amount is reduced from the balance.

A card with an initial balance of $500 would be reduced to $400 if a $100 transaction is made.

The card is not reloadable and often a one-time purchase fee is associated with the purchase.


3. Know the Different Types of Visa Cards

There are certain types and many ways in which a Visa Gift Card can be purchased.

There are gift cards for businesses, a corporation can buy Visa gift cards in bulk, etc.

Additionally, these gift cards can be personalized, a unique design can be utilized as well as sending Visa cards virtually.


4. Check Balance

In keeping track of the gift card’s balance, there are a number of ways that this can be accomplished.

One way to check on the balance to see what is remaining is that the gift card number can be entered into the gift card visa site.

This can be found at www.giftcards.com

Another way is that on the cards themselves there is a toll-free number in which the individual can call, and respond to the various prompts and the balance of the card will be indicated.




5. Bidding Or Buying

There are a number of websites on which an individual can sell a gift card that they do not wish to use but would like to exchange for cash.

The two main processes involved include either the website purchasing the gift card all right or letting other users bid on your gift card.

The decision is to you and of course, the best methods to choose should be driven by what will provide the best amount given to you in exchange for that gift card.


6. Stay Away From eBay

One of the websites that an individual who wants to sell a gift card should avoid would be eBay.

The reason that eBay is not a good site to utilize for the sale of your gift card is that you receive the least amount or percentage of the value of the card.

Also, eBay has what is known as insertion fees and other fees that may take cut into the card’s value.

Other sites also have fees but the reality is that these other sites are devoted strictly to the selling of gift cards and therefore other potential fees are not part of their business model.


7. Gift Card to Bank Account

Some websites may be more appealing as you can directly transfer your balance to your bank account and have cash available.

Two of those particular sites are Gift Card Granny or CardCash and may wish to access and make the transaction so that the money can be deposited into your bank account.


8. Buy Other Merchant Cards

Another option that you may take advantage of is to exchange your gift card for another gift card that can be used at a different merchant.

An advantage to stretching your gift card amount even further is to find what is known as a gift card sale.

These gift card sales or deals offer you savings of a certain percentage or more on a gift card.

You could buy a $50 gift card for $40.

Amazon, in particular, if you are a Prime Member may possibly provide the opportunity to double or even triple your benefits by combining with money-saving secrets offered by being a prime member.

Some of those secrets include:

  • No rush shipping reward
  • Warehouse deals
  • Outlet store
  • And more


9. Pay Your Bills

If the Visa Gift Card that you have received is a cash card then most likely, you can use this card to pay a variety of your monthly bills.

If the gift card is for a particular retailer you may be able to pay your revolving charge card account with that retailer by using the particular gift card that you have received.


10. Regift

How many times have we taken a gift that we have never used and re-gifted it to somebody else?

This is a common practice and is one that can be utilized by giving your Visa Gift Card to someone else to use if the particular card that you have is of no interest to you.


11. Buy Items to Flip

Another way that you can utilize your Visa card and turn that card into cash is to buy items with that card and then turn around and sell them to others or through a website.

One such website would include eBay.




12. CardCash

CardCash is a basic Internet marketplace in which the selling and buying of gift cards can be made.

This site accepts cards from all types of retailers including popular department stores, grocery stores as well as restaurants

The site indicates that 92% of the value of the gift can be recouped.

The payment by CardCash is direct to you once your card is accepted.

The process involves a quote from this Internet website and if accepted the card is mailed in and then the transaction is completed.

Click here to check out CardCash


13. ClipKard

Through ClipKard you log onto the site and use the quote tool to see what the payment by this website will be to you for your gift card.

If you agree to the quote you then ship your gift card to this company using a prepaid label that is sent to you.

This site indicates that they consider the purchase of gift cards from over 100 retailers which include department stores, various restaurants, and fast food sites.

Click here to check out ClipKard


14. Gameflip

Gameflip offers a hybrid process to offer you a bid on a gift card that you wish to sell.

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The process can be best defined as a blending of Upwork for gamers as well as eBay.

The process begins with the creation of your own profile on the website and through the process, you can sell gift cards that perhaps you have received from gaming sites such as Steam, Google Play, PlayStation, etc.

Through this process, you are in complete control of the pricing and it is recommended by the site that you reduce the value of the card anywhere from 2% to 15% of its value.

If someone who also is a part of the Gameflip community wants to buy your card, they transfer the funds into your Gameflip wallet.

You can then draw on these funds through your Gameflip wallet, or use sites such as Skrill, Payoneer, or Bitcoin.

In addition, Gameflip does take a percentage of 2% for listings that are only used through the digital format.

Also, it is important to realize that there are other fees involved with the use of the wallet.

Click here to check out Gameflip


15. GiftCash

The GiftCash website indicates that you can earn up to 92% of the value of your gift card.

Also, this site indicates that they accept 150 available gift card brands.

The process involves your registration and receive a quote from the company on the gift card that you have and its value.

The value of the gift card must be at least a minimum of $25.

Click here to check out GiftCash


16. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is direct and to the point as it relates to selling your gift card.

This particular website accepts a variety of gift cards including Visa Gift Cards which can be exchanged for cash

This particular site can offer up to 90% of the card’s value.

The process begins with selecting an offer and once you select you can submit for the exchange of this card for money by working through the verification process.

Click here to check out Gift Card Granny


17. Sell To Someone

A fairly easy way of exchanging your card for cash is to locate someone who enjoys shopping at this retail outlet where the card can be used at.

You can negotiate a deal and offer a percent off on the value of the card and this would be a win-win for all involved.


18. PayPal

The value of working with PayPal to exchange your gift card for the money is that there are no associated fees.

Upon signing up, you simply link a bank account to your PayPal account and you can transfer any gift card funds into your Paypal account.

The cardholder goes to their PayPal account and clicks the wallet option and then goes to link a card and fills out the card information by following the prompts.

This process is provided at no cost to the individual if the standard transfer option is selected.


19. Venmo

Another account, similar to Paypal, is the mobile app known as Venmo.

This is a payment service provided through the website and allows the gift card holder to add their balance and then transfer the gift balance to their bank account.

Click here to check out Venmo


20. Retailer

Another option, although it does not involve the exchange of the card for cash, is to convert your Visa Gift Card from one merchant to another that is more meaningful and beneficial to you.


21. Quickcash MI

QuickcashMI provides money for gift cards and is a straightforward website as it relates to the process.

On the site, you enter the amount of the card and Quickcash will indicate to you an offer of what they are willing to pay.

The offer is dependent upon the brand and can range accordingly.

The physical card can actually be mailed in or the form can be filled out on the site and when received, payment can be expected anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Click here to check out QuickcashMI


22. Charity

If you are feeling philanthropic, another way that you can exchange your gift card for money but help others out in the process is through the website of Gift Cards 4 Change.

Through this program, your gift card is donated to help others. some of those services that can be supported through your gift card are the provision of clothing for children, food, shelter, domestic violence victims, etc.


23. Raise

Raise is an app-driven process that allows the individual to sell unwanted gift cards.

Once the app has been downloaded and an account has been listed, you then can indicate the gift card or cards that you have.

The more popular the gift card, of course, the greater your opportunity is to realize close to the value of the cards.

Also, the control of the card is maintained by you and if it’s not sold right away you can always make adjustments as to your asking price.

The charge to use this platform for the sale of a gift card is a 15% fee.

An additional fee for handling a physical card is also assessed.


24. Kiosk

A potential option for exchanging your card for cash is to find a kiosk.

A kiosk is a separate machine that can be found in various retail outlets as well as individual stores.

The only challenge would be finding a kiosk and a store that carries this machine and allows for the exchange to transpire.


25. Money Order

A potential option when you have a Visa Gift Card may be the opportunity to use your gift card to purchase a money order.

Money orders act in the same way as does a bank-issued check and many Walmarts and some grocery stores now issue money orders.

You would need to check with these particular retailers to see if they would honor the use of your card in exchange for the issuing of a money order.

Once this has been accomplished, then you simply cash the money order or you can make a bank deposit into your own account.


Personal Story

I recently bought my three sons an item that resonated with me and expressed my love and appreciation for each of them.

They were a set of dog tags that had an inspirational inscription upon them of words of encouragement and love and appreciation for the men that they had become.

As one would expect, between the three sons each of them responded differently.

My point is that often we buy gifts for an individual in appreciation of who they are and in a celebration of an event that is happening in their life.

Sometimes the gifts leave the recipient scratching their heads about what the item might be or why that particular item was purchased.

Despite the questions, usually, an individual appreciates the gift and for another person thinking of them.

For a number of reasons, I don’t buy gifts anymore but either send money or a gift card to an individual so that they can purchase what they need or want and yet still be reminded that they were being thought about and appreciated.

Besides, sending a gift card through text message, email, or just handing one over is much more convenient than writing a check and mailing it out.


Selling Visa Gift Cards FAQs


How Big is the Gift Card Industry?

Globally, the gift card industry is over 295 billion dollars in worth.

The United States gift card market alone is anticipated to reach over 170 billion dollars by the end of 2021.


How Many Gift Cards Annually Go on Redeemed?

Answer: According to Finder, approximately 20% of the gift cards that are presented after a full year from the purchase go unredeemed.

It is also estimated that 3% of the cards are never actually used.


You Can Do It

You have received a gift card but it is at a retailer that is not necessarily one of your favorites.

Rather than utilize the gift card at that retailer, you are thinking about exchanging it for money and utilizing the gift in another way.

It is good to know that there are options that are available and will also maintain the integrity of the gift that was provided.



The giving of gift cards is big business.

In addition, for the giver and the receiver of the gift, it is a convenient way of receiving a gift indicating appreciation, friendship, love, etc.

However, if for example, you are a vegetarian and receive a gift card to a steakhouse, it is a gift that will most likely not be used by you.

You would have the option of exchanging that card for cash, re-gifting it, exchanging it for a different gift card, or donating it.

It is not a matter of not being appreciative but maximizing the intent of the giver of the gift card to ensure that it is properly utilized.

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