This article shows you the best ways to sell used tires for good money.

It also shows you the very best sources and websites to use in successfully selling your used or recycled tires.

So yes, if you have tires that you no longer use then you should consider selling them for money.

There are many places where you can sell used and new tires for the money.

Selling tires for money is one way to make quick money for cash.

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Just make sure that the tires are in very good condition. Also, make sure you sell to the right buyer.

Keep reading to learn exactly how and where to sell tires for some extra money.


6 Best Ways to Sell Used Tires 

If you have tires to sell, there are many ways to do just that. Below are some of the ways to get rid of those tires and make some extra money along the way.


1. Recycle Used Tires for Cash

You can sell your used tires through recycling. Recycling tires is the act of processing used or abandoned tires for use in creating new products.

If you sell used tires to recycling facilities then you may receive some money for it.

Many recycling companies will not pay you for the tires, rather you will pay them.

However, if you have a truck then you can get into the business of helping auto repair companies to haul old tires lying in their stores to facilities where they would be recycled.

You will make money in the process of transporting the tires.

The auto repair shop can pay you, let’s say $4 per tire, and you deduct $1 that recycling centers may charge per tire at drop-off.

Going by this calculation, you will make $3 per tire.

The following are companies that offer tire recycling services in different parts of the United States:


2. Recycle Used Tire Rims For Cash

A tire rim is the outer part of a wheel to which the tire is attached. It is made of metal or aluminum.

If you would make money selling tires, then you should also consider recycling use tire rims.

The rims attached to your tires can be a source of fund for you. Most local recycling centers don’t pay for tires but they can pay for rims.

This is not surprising as the aluminum used for the rims can be recycled to make other products.

You will get good cash selling those rims at recycling centers.


3. Sell Your Used Tires to Other Drivers or Car Owners

You can make money selling used tires to other drivers or car owners.

As long as the tires are in very good condition, you will make good money from those around you.

Instead of dumping those tires in the landfills, you can sell them to others who may not be able to buy new ones at the moment.


4. Retread Your Old Tires or Sell to a Retreading Facility

A retread of tires is not an easy process.

It requires a lot of training, skill, and professionalism.

Also, you must have the right tools and equipment to engage in it.

If you have what it takes to retread old tires then you can go ahead and do so.

You can sell the retreaded tires to others who cannot afford new ones.

Retreading is a process where you give new treads to the worn tires.

If you don’t have what it takes to retread tires, then consider selling your tires to any retreading facility near you.


5. Create Arts and Crafts From Used Tires 

Do you know that tires can be used to create arts and crafts?

Yes, some artistic people can repurpose vehicle tires for handmade arts and crafts.

Items like bags, wallets, jewelry, etc, can be crafted from tires.

You can sell used tires to these artists for money.

Or, if you are artistic, then use that old tire to create a product and sell locally or at fairs.

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Where To Sell Used Tires


6. List Your Tires Online

You can sell used tires for money by using online market places. Many companies specialize in the buying and selling of tires.

Sign up with these platforms, list your tires, and get paid when any buyer interest in what you have.

Many classified ads websites and online retailers also sell tires listed by individuals.


7 Best Websites to Sell Second-hand Tires 


1. Sell Your Tires Using Craigslist

Craigslist is easily one of the most popular and reputable classified ads website. You can use this platform to sell used tires. Listing your tire on this platform is free.

You are expected to add a good description of the tires on the site.

Compare the ads you see about used tires so you can sell post ads about those tires you no longer need.

Craigslist and alternative sites like it are effective when you are planning to sell tires locally.

It would interest you to know that single tires can sell between $30 and $75 on this platform.

If the tire comes with a metal rim, then you can make more money.

Click here to check out Craigslist to sell tires you don’t need.


2. Sell Through is an online website that specializes in tires. You can sign up with this site if you have tires to sell.

This platform allows you to list your used tires. Those who need used tires patronize this site and save money that could be spent on buying new tires. works like a classified ads website. You can post an ad about your tires with a photo and full description.

Registering and signing up with this platform is free. You can also post any type, size, or condition of tire you want.

Click here to check out to sell your used or recycled tires.


3. Sell to Local Tire Shops Near You

You sell tires to local tire shops near you. If you look around it is possible there is a tire store near you.

Contact them to see if they are interested in your tires.

Of course, you must know that selling to some of these local tire shops will not give you a large amount of money.

They are out for business to make a profit and so they may price your tire low.

However, to attract these buyers, make sure that the tires you present to them still have sufficient tread life remaining.

How much you will earn selling tires to local tire shops will depend on the condition of the tire, the brand of tire, and what the store is offering, etc


4. Use is an online platform where you can sell used tires. You can sell used truck tires and tire casings.

On this site, it is described as a place for used truck tires and tire casing exchange. helps both individuals and businesses to buy and sell used tires.

So, sign up with this website to gain control of your used truck tires and tire casing management. is a membership website. You can join as a silver or gold member and start making money selling tires.

Some of the benefits of using this platform are that you get a fair price on every tire, and you can take advantage of weekly pick up and delivery trucks to transport your tires, etc.

This platform can be used to buy and sell tires across the United States and Canada.

This is not surprising because they have contacts with tire stores, dealers, and manufacturers in both countries.

Click here to check out to sell your truck tires and tire casings.


5. Sell to a Retread Facility

You can sell tires to any Retread Facility near you. A Retread Facility is a company that remodels tires by giving them new treads.

There are many Retread Facilities out there. They use tires that can be remodeled or retreaded.

You can make money selling truck tires to these facilities for money.

If your tires meet the criteria then you are in luck.

You can find a local retread buyer in your area. Or, you can use some popularly retread facilities like


6. Tire Management Inc

This company is based in Illinois and also specializes in buying and selling semi-truck tires. The platform also sells tire casings. The site will buy your tires and retread them.

It would interest you to know that Tire Management buys usable tires that are capable casings or regroovable. This site also retreads tires.

According to this platform, “50 Tire minimum pick up and 20% good tire ratio to qualify for $7.50 disposal fee on junk tires! Regular disposal fee $10.50 per tire“.

Click here to check out Tire Management Inc. to sell your tires.


7. Corporate Tire

Corporate Tire is another website you can contact to sell tires. This platform is based in South Carolina, USA.

This company has more than 30 years of combined experience in the commercial truck tire business.

If you sell your tires to this platform, the company can refurbish, retread, or recycle the tires.

You will get a good price for the tires you sell to this platform.

Click here to check out Corporate Tire.


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As you have seen from reading this article, there are really smart ways to sell your used tires for good money.

This article revealed some of the best ways and the very best sources and websites to use in successfully selling your used or recycled tires.