If you want to know how and where to sell used Legos, this article is going to help.

It shows some of the best tips and sources for selling used legos. It also includes some websites to use.



During the Christmas season, toy sales soar.

Historically, it seems that one particular toy distinguishes itself from the rest of the toy pack and becomes a popular best seller.

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Consequently, last-minute shoppers often find themselves disappointed because these popular toys have been sold out.

A holiday movie was produced around this idea with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a father looking for an action figure at the last moment in the movie Jingle All the Way.

Some of the more popular toys over the last 50 years have included:

  • Stretch Armstrong in 1976
  • Strawberry Shortcake in 1979
  • Rubik’s Cube in 1981
  • Cabbage Patch Kids in 1984
  • Game Boy in 1991

Some of these popular toys come and go but one popular toy that remains popular and has carried over from childhood into adulthood is LEGO®s.

In fact, in 1982 the most popular toy was the LEGO® train set, LEGO® 255 basic train set.

Today, some LEGO® enthusiasts have used LEGO®s and wish to earn income off of their love for these plastic building pieces used to construct various models and other projects.

Therefore, let us pour out our LEGO®s and see how and where we can sell our used collection of LEGO®s that we have acquired over the years.


25 Best Ways & Sources to Sell Used LEGO®s


1. Brief History

The first LEGO® blocks were created in a wood workshop in the city of Billund, Denmark.

The name of the wood craftsman is Ole Kirk Christiansen and the year was 1932.

Two years later the name of the company was taken from the Danish phrase leg godt or “play well.”

In 1949 LEGO® created the first brick made from plastic and in 1958 the son and company were awarded a patent.


2. Research

As it relates to how and where to sell used LEGO®s to maximize your efforts and get the best price, it is important to be knowledgeable and conduct your research.

By utilizing your favorite search engine, you can simply type in the words research selling used LEGO®s and you will be rewarded with several websites to investigate.

Part of your investigation will give you tips and tricks on how to sell your used LEGO®s, the marketability of LEGO®s, how to make money in this process, and you may even come across the ultimate selling guide that will help you to maximize your efforts.


3. Why?

There are many reasons why an individual would want to sell used LEGO®s.

One of those reasons could be that you may have a variety of assorted pieces that an individual(s) is missing to complete their LEGO® set.

Therefore, an individual may pay a decent price for that piece or pieces to complete their set.

Another reason to sell is to earn additional cash if you have several LEGO® pieces within your home or business

Another possibility of the reason why to sell used LEGO®s is that you have decided to move on from this hobby and therefore wish to liquidate your inventory and make as much money as possible.


4. Discontinued

Another reason why used LEGO® pieces may be in demand is that often, LEGO® will retire or discontinue a particular LEGO® set and therefore its availability, on the market, is difficult to find.

Therefore, any pieces of the LEGO® set that you may have as it relates to a discontinued item may even bring a higher resale value due to their difficulty to find.




5. Check Prices

When beginning the process of selling LEGO®s, an important consideration is the pricing.

Some used LEGO® sellers sell their products in bulk as well as in single pieces.

You, as a used LEGO® seller, can offer both options if you have sufficient quantity.

When checking the price, it is important to find out what other dealers are selling their products for.

Your pricing for items should be comparable.

Of course, if it is a unique piece to a unique collection, the asking price can be sufficiently more.

Other factors include the quality of the items, as well as taking into consideration the shipping of the items to ensure that you are not losing money in the process of selling.

BrickLink and BrickSet can help with this process.


6. Check for Sales

As part of the process of increasing your inventory, it is important to be on the lookout for sales.

There are many websites that you can access or make add-ons to your web browser.

Some of those browser extensions to help you save money with your shopping through the Internet could include:

  • Ibotta
  • Rakuten
  • Honey
  • Keepa


7. Incomplete

Another great strategy to increase your inventory and gather several pieces together as part of your collection is to buy incomplete sets.

One of the sites that you can investigate to see if incomplete sets are being offered for sale would be www.eBay.com.

You could purchase these incomplete sets and see if you have the missing LEGO® pieces that can make the set complete or you can break down the incomplete set and add them to your inventory of single pieces.


8. Quantity

A way that you can sell used LEGO® pieces is by the pound.

You could package the LEGO® pieces in various quantities (one, two, 5 pounds, etc.).

Also, as part of your marketing, you could offer a sale in that if a certain quantity is bought then additional LEGO®s are offered at no charge as part of the buying incentive.


9. Quality

As a used LEGO®s seller you want to be professional and demonstrate your integrity and build a good reputation as a used LEGO® provider.

Therefore, you want to make sure that you evaluate and sort each of your LEGO® pieces into quality categories.

As a suggestion, some of those categories could include new, lightly used, heavily used, sealed in box, or sealed in a damaged box.

When advertising the availability of used LEGO®s, it is important that these LEGO®s are defined accordingly and the customer realizes the quality of the LEGO®s that they are purchasing.


10. Categorize

There are several ways that you can categorize your used LEGO® pieces.

Specifically, they can be categorized by:

  • Color
  • Groups (bricks, plates, tiles, slope, etc.)
  • By part


11. Shipping

When it comes to making a sale and shipping the product out, it is important to remember that these small pieces can add up in weight.

Therefore, it is important to ship out the product according to the wishes of the customer, (cheapest shipping method, priority, expedited, etc.).

The shipping costs should be added to the cost of the LEGO®s sold.

The USPS determines the cost of shipping a package by taking the length of the package multiplied times the width and the height of the package or box size.

This calculation is then divided by a standard DIM divisor.

This process is known as dimensional weight or DIM.


12. Cleaning

When you have purchased LEGO®s with the intent of reselling them, you want to make sure that when sold you are delivering a product that is clean and usable.

The best process to utilize to clean LEGO®s is through a hand cleansing system.

The pieces are simply placed into a laundry bag and the bag is placed into a large container that has a mixture of water and mild soap.

Once the bricks have soaked for a while, you then can remove them from the bag and rinse them with clean water in a separate container.

Once this process has been completed, the pieces can then be allowed to dry by placing them on an absorbent towel.




13. YouTube

You could create a YouTube channel that is all about LEGO®s. you could provide some interesting backdrop stories about LEGO®s, its history, sets that have sold for thousands and thousands of dollars, how to sell LEGO®s, etc.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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In the process, you can mention that you are also in the business of selling used LEGO®s and perhaps you might get some positive feedback and sales from your followers.


14. Brick Link

At http://www.bricklink.com once you click the login or register button you will see a pop-up that you submit after you have filled it in.

Bricklink also requires that the individual registering sends a photo ID and proof of address and inventory.

There are fees associated with the selling of used LEGO®s on this site and the fees are based on the final dollar amount between you and the customer.

BrickLink is a LEGO® owned online marketplace and has more than one million members and an extensive marketplace consisting of over 70 countries.

Click here to check out Bricklink


15. Social Media

A powerful way to advertise the availability of used LEGO®s that you have for sale is through your social media platforms.

Those social media platforms would include Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc.

You could let your followers know of the availability of these LEGO®s, and give a brief sales pitch on how fun they are or can be used as gifts for individuals in their lives.


16. Blogging

An idea to sell used LEGO®s is to create a blog.

The blog would be about anything or everything about LEGO®s.

The blog can be about the history of LEGO®s, personalized stories of people that you know or your own story about how meaningful LEGO®s are new LEGO® sets that are coming out, and interesting information about LEGO®s that perhaps nobody knows about.

You can, through your blog, advertise your availability of having used LEGO®s and provide this opportunity for people to purchase them.

Also See: How to Start a Hat Business & How to Start a Go Kart Business.


17. EuroBricks Forum

EuroBricks Forum is a LEGO® forum in which all sorts of topics, surrounding the LEGO®s bricks, are discussed.

It makes for very interesting reading.

Additionally, under the bricks community heading there is a link that says buy, sell, trade, and find.

It is here that you can discuss the possibilities of making your used LEGO®s available for sale.

Click here to check out EuroBricks Forum


18. Reddit Forum

Reddit Forum provides an opportunity for a LEGO®s seller to learn more about LEGO®s and join a knowledgeable crowd as it relates to the LEGO® toy industry.

This forum will prove to be beneficial in helping you to obtain more knowledge about LEGO®s, the various ins, and outs of LEGO® toys available, and selling ideas.

Click here to check out Reddit Forum


19. The Plastic Brick

The Plastic Brick on its website states, “the largest retailer of used & out-of-production LEGO® sets.

The site has a link for sellers of LEGO® sets that can be used, unopened, or classified as vintage.

Their commitment to the seller is to pay the shipping and do all of the needed work. Plus they indicate that they will pay a fair or market value.

Their sell form can be found here.


20. Bricks and Minifigs

Another website that purchases used LEGO® pieces is Bricks and Minifigs.

On this website, they will buy and trade all LEGO® products.

This commitment to purchase includes tubs of LEGO®s as well as collections.

Click here to check out Bricks and Minifigs


21. eBay

eBay provides the seller of used LEGO®s another platform to take pictures of their used LEGO®s for sale and post them on this global retail marketplace.

It would be a great opportunity to display the LEGO®s that you have available by simply registering as a seller on eBay, downloading pictures of your collections, and then, with the help of eBay, market the product that you have available.

Click here to check out eBay


22. DeCluttr

Decluttr invites owners of large quantities of LEGO®s to consider them for purchasing boxes or even closets full of these popular plastic bricks.

They indicate on their website that they buy in quantities of weight and not just sets.

The process involves the placement of the bricks into a plastic bag, weighing the bag, selecting the weight, and getting an offer.

If you accept the offer you then ship the LEGO®s at no cost to you and receive the agreed-upon payment.


23. Thrift Stores

Often local thrift stores have used LEGO®s.

By frequenting these shops or talking to the store manager to let you know when LEGO®s are donated your promise to them would be to pay top dollar.

Often thrift store owners frequent estate and garage sales and may come across a set.

Also, most of the non-profit thrift stores depend on donations which may be the opportunity to receive LEGO®s to add to your used inventory.


24. Garage Sales

Good use of your time on an early Saturday morning would be to go to a variety of garage sales in search of used LEGO®s.

You might come across a set or a variety of individual LEGO®s that you can add to your inventory.


25. Craigslist

At Craigslist.com a variety of services, products, etc. are offered.

You could check out this website and do a search utilizing the search bar on this site.

You can either buy used LEGO®s or you can offer your used LEGO®s for sale to those individuals looking for your product.

Click here to check out Craigslist


Personal Story

I always have looked forward to holidays.

Apart from the obvious benefits of getting time off and relaxing were the other enjoyments surrounding these special days of celebration.

The first and foremost of course was the intent of the holiday and therefore, the enjoyment came in entering into that celebration of the holiday event and what or who was being honored.

The other significant dimension of the enjoyment of the holiday was it allowed me to catch up on time with my family and interact especially with the children by giving them added attention.

We often did things together like playing a game, watching a movie, bike riding, etc.

For these reasons, Christmas was particularly meaningful because it also meant new toys and interacting with the kids.

Although the surface benefit was making the child happy by giving a new toy to play with the more in-depth benefit was the quality time that I enjoyed in being a kid again and interacting with my family.


Selling Legos FAQs


What is the LEGO® Industry Worth?

The LEGO®s company is valued at $9.1 billion.

Also, The revenue reported by LEGO®s for 2021 was $1.94 billion.


What Are the Most Valuable Used LEGO® Sets?

Some of the higher used LEGO® sets and their used sale value include:

  • Town Plan (1962) – $2,951
  • UNICEF Van (1985) – $2,265
  • Fire Station (1957) – $1,758
  • ESSO Filling Station (1956) – $1,666
  • Vehicles (1965) – $1,581.3


You Can Do It

You have used LEGO® sets and used LEGO® pieces that you have accumulated over the years.

The good news is that there is a significant market for these items and in providing these used LEGO®s you are not only helping others to complete a set or obtain a LEGO® set but you can be part of the nostalgic process.



Fads, as it relates to toys, vary from one holiday season to the next.

The popularity of one toy may have its “moment in the sun” but the next year is replaced with something more engaging, fun, popular, etc.

It does seem however that some toys are enduring.

One of those toys is LEGO® and is not only a reflection of its popularity today but perhaps a reminder of special times in the past when family members were involved in the LEGO® building process.

As such, LEGO®s and used LEGO®s is still a popular commodity as, perhaps, individuals wish to rebuild a memory.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

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