If you love to write song lyrics, you can definitely make money selling lyrics online and there are legit companies that really pay.

This article reveals the different ways to get paid to write and sell lyrics and the very best companies that really pay.


Can You Get Paid to Write and Sell Song Lyrics?

Yes, you can absolutely get paid to write and sell song lyrics.

People who write lyrics may believe they must be a singer to get paid, but this is not true. You can get paid to write lyrics on a casual basis or even full-time as a career.

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How much you can get paid will depend on your reputation as a songwriter. The more experienced and well known you are, as a songwriter, the more you can earn.

In terms of actual earnings though, it’s common for average songwriters to get paid anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 yearly.

Some ways to get paid to write lyrics are more difficult than others, but this article covers several different ways songwriters can get paid.


Why Get Paid for Selling Song Lyrics

Why not, right?

Especially when you really love to music and love to write!

You should get paid for your lyrics for encouragement. The more you are paid, the more you will want to practice writing lyrics, and the better you will be at it.

Getting paid will increase your portfolio and reputation as a good songwriter.

Moreover, if you are paid for your lyrics, you will have more confidence in pursuing a full-time career as a songwriter.

There are a lot of services, companies, and individuals who will pay you to write lyrics. There are even services that will connect you with others wanting to buy your lyrics.

With so many options, it is more doable to get paid to write lyrics than you may think.

Keep reading to learn a lot more and the exact companies that really pay.


How to Sell Song Lyrics Successfully


1. License Your Lyrics

The most traditional way to get paid to write lyrics is to license your lyrics to artists and recording studios to sing. This can be done through a broker or directly.

When you license your lyrics instead of selling them, you retain rights to the lyrics.

Specifically, you retain the right to receive statutory royalties for anyone else who covers your song.

Under compulsory licensing, though, you cannot decide who else licenses your work after you license it to someone.


2. Enter Competitions

Some publishing studios for song lyrics will host competitions with large prizes. You could win over $1,000 if you write the best lyrics.

Song competitions usually judge songs on:

  • Originality
  • Melody
  • Composition
  • Lyrics

It could take entering a lot of competitions to win. Some competitions charge a fee to enter.

To make a profit from entering song competitions, enter your best lyrics.

To write the best lyrics and win competitions, consider having a catchy chorus.

Also, browse the categories of song types and pick one that is not as overloaded with entries. Keep the song short, so the judges do not get tired of listening.

Finally, have an interesting, unique title.


3. Freelance Lyric Writing

Many freelance websites let you get paid to sell your lyrics. These websites allow for you to post a service job to write lyrics or allow buyers to post jobs to hire you to write lyrics.

Many of the freelance websites require a commission of some type.

For example, money making freelance website Upwork.com charges for you to apply for freelance lyric writing jobs and then take 5% to 20% of your earnings as a commission.


4. Write Podcast Opening Songs

Podcasts hire people to write music and lyrics for their opening. They like catchy jingles that will define their brand.

Often, podcasts hire someone to write their opening song on a one-time basis. They probably look for songwriters on freelance websites.

Some of the freelance websites for being paid to write lyrics are:

  • Fiverr
  • Muuchmakers
  • Upwork
  • AirGigs
  • Twine


5. Lyricist for Recording Studio

Recording studios pay people to write lyrics for their artists to sing and record. You are usually paid a salary and have no rights to the music after you write it.

Recording studios also sometimes work as brokers to find lyrics for outside record labels, publishers, and producers. They may sell your lyrics for other artists to record.

Finally, recording studios sometimes request specific kinds of lyrics for one-time submissions.

For example, they may request lyrics for songs to be in Christmas movies. So, they want Christmas-themed, upbeat songs.

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Copyrights and Selling Your Lyrics

Copyright law is confusing. If you are concerned about maintaining your copyrights in your lyrics, you may need to hire a copyright attorney.

This could cost $100 to over $1,000, but could be worth it.

At the least, you should understand that any published, creative work that is not a work-for-hire is automatically covered by copyright laws.

But it may be hard to protect your lyrics from being copied if you do not register your lyrics with the copyright office.

You can register for just $45-$65 per work.

If you write the lyrics as a work-for-hire through a freelancing website, then the buyer owns the copyright.

If you work with a publisher for the lyrics, then they may be entitled to 50% of your royalties.

Once you have registered your work, you can get paid performance royalties by a performing rights organization such as ASCAP.


20 Best Companies That Pay You for Selling Your Song Lyrics

Below are some of the very best companies that either pay you directly for selling your song lyrics or help you get paid.


1. Ditto Music

Ditto Music allows you to sell your lyrics and keep all of the royalties. It releases your music to many platforms, including:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • deezer
  • Amazon Music
  • Tidal
  • Pandora
  • TikTok
  • Vevo

You pay $19 to $69 per year to use the website. You can submit your songs to playlists.

To be most successful with getting paid to write lyrics for Ditto Music, team up with a singer and someone to do the music.

Visit this link to check out Ditto Music


2. AirGigs

AirGigs is a music-focused freelancing website. You can find many artists to collaborate with and to buy your lyrics.

There is no cost to join and no membership fees at AirGigs. This makes it one of the best options since other freelancing websites take 20% or more of your earnings.

Not only that, but AirGigs pays a 2% cash bonus when you withdraw over $500 in earnings.

You have seller protection, which means the buyer prepays, and AirGigs holds the funds until the end of the project. Y

ou can offer buyer protection that entitles buyers to a 100% refund. This is a good idea when you start out.

More clients will be willing to hire you with this reassurance.

Visit this link to check out AirGigs


3. Songtradr

Songtradr is an online platform for licensing your lyrics.

Songtradr also has sync licensing opportunities where you receive royalties for your songs to be played in everything from television shows to ads.

If you have a basic account, you receive 90% of your royalties. But if you have a professional account, you receive 100% of your royalties.

Professional accounts are $19 per year for lite and $49 per year for pro.

Starter and lite accounts receive 60% of sync licensing royalties, and the pro account receives 80% of sync licensing royalties.

Visit this link to check out Songtradr


4. Vocal+ Awards

Vocal+ Awards is an online competition website where you can win money to be paid to write lyrics. They pay $5,000 to the winner of the competition.

Submissions for the Vocal+ Awards are open from October to December each year. This is a unique opportunity for you to submit your lyrics as a literary piece.

If you craft a series of songs that tell a story, like an opera, this could be an interesting competition to enter.

Your lyrics must be between 400 and 4,000 words to enter. The submission may be one song that is like a poem or multiple songs that are like chapters of a story.

Visit this link to check out Vocal+ Awards


5. Songbay

Songbay is an online website for selling your lyrics. Here, you can find singers and audio engineers to produce your songs. You can also sell your lyrics.

Songbay allows you to set your price and does not take a percentage of your earnings. This company operates on a monthly membership that costs between £1.99 and £9.99.

Moreover, Songbay provides advice on how to price your lyrics and how you should sell them.

In some situations, you may want to license your lyrics, but in others, you may want to do a copyright exchange.

Visit this link to check out Songbay

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6. Twine

Twine is a website that lets songwriters post their lyrics for sale and where people post requests for song lyrics.

People pay $25 to over $250 for custom song lyrics.

Twine is a general freelancing website with jobs for creative, development, and marketing freelancers.

So, Twine provides less support for how you sell your lyrics.

A basic account with Twine is free, but a pro account is $9.99 per month. Pro accounts can apply for more jobs and get promoted on Twine’s Instagram page.

There are fees for getting paid. It costs $2 for your earnings to be transferred to a US bank and 6% for a transfer to Paypal.

Visit this link to check out Twine



ASCAP collects royalties for songwriters. When your lyrics are performed, if you own the copyright, then you should receive royalties.

You receive 50% of the royalties, and the publisher receives 50% of the royalties. There is a $50 application fee for writers.

When you sign up, you will have to provide documentation showing you are entitled to royalties.

This can be done by registering your lyrics with the copyright office. Once you have registered your lyrics with ASCAP, you will be paid for your lyrics.

Visit this link to check out ASCAP


8. American Songwriter Song Contest

American Songwriter Song Contest hosts bi-monthly lyrics contests where the first-place winner receives a guitar.

Once a year, one first-place winner is given a round trip flight to Nashville and a co-writing session with a top songwriter.

You must pay $15 for each song to enter the bi-monthly contest. You may enter as many songs as you want.

Only amateurs whose income is not primarily from writing lyrics may enter.

The top four entries from previous contests may not be re-entered into the contest, but honorable mentions and others can resubmit.

Visit this link to check out American Songwriter Song Contest


Selling Song Lyrics


9. Taxi

Taxi is an independent A&R studio. You can submit your music for a variety of genres. Taxi list submission requests on their website.

It costs $299.95 per year to join and $5 per song that you submit. However, Taxi does not take a percentage of your commissions.

Taxi comes with other benefits, as well. They provide feedback to improve your lyrics.

Moreover, they have a free convention every year for you to learn more and network.

Visit this link to check out Taxi


10. Fiverr

Fiverr is a general freelance website that has job postings for freelance songwriting. Fiverr has jobs related to many industries.

People who are less familiar with paying people to write lyrics may post here instead of specialized freelancing websites.

Fiverr allows buyers to search for sellers of lyrics by genre. Sellers set their own prices.

For example, one successful seller sells short hooks for $25 and full songs for $65.

Fiverr keeps 20% of your earnings. Moreover, it does not provide any assistance on how to sell your lyrics.

You would need to know whether you are licensing the work or otherwise transferring your copyright.

Visit this link to check out Fiverr


Others companies that either pay you directly for selling your song lyrics or help you get paid through songwriting gigs include:


11. TuneCore


12. Songwriting Opportunities

Visit this link to check out Songwriting Opportunities

13. Premium Lyrics

Visit this link to check out Premium Lyrics

14. Ditto Music

Visit this link to check out Ditto Music

15. Lyrics.com

Visit this link to check out Lyrics.com

16. Songcast Music

Visit this link to check out Songcast Music

17. SoundBetter

Visit this link to check out SoundBetter

18. Upwork

Visit this link to check out Upwork

19. HitPredictor

Visit this link to check out HitPredictor

20. Musicxray

Visit this link to check out Musicxray


Selling Song Lyrics for Money FAQs


What is the Best Way to Get Paid to Write Lyrics?

The best way to get paid to write lyrics depends on how you work best.

If you prefer a reliable, traditional career, working full-time for a recording studio is best.

They pay relatively well, but if you write a hit song, they will get the majority of the profits.

If you are self-driven and independent, freelancing your lyrics is the best way to get paid. You are able to search out jobs and manage your writing time.

If you just want to write lyrics as a side job, both freelancing and submitting to contests are best for you.


Should You Have Demos?

You can sell your lyrics without having them recorded, but you may see more success if you have demos of at least a few songs to show your talent.

Buyers want to know that you are skillful at writing lyrics.


Do You Get Paid to Write Lyrics Before Writing Them?

Some jobs pay you before you write the lyrics, whereas other jobs and contests pay you after you have written your lyrics.

Many freelancing websites require sellers to deposit the payment with them when the job starts, thus ensuring that you will get paid for your lyrics if you deliver a satisfying product.


Can You Make Money Selling Drama Lyrics?

Of course you can. The same techniques apply with selling song lyrics.

You can also use some of the companies listed in this article to try to sell your drama lyrics.


How Much Can You Get Paid to Write and Sell Song Lyrics?

It will really depend on the song lyric and the particular company that you are selling to.

And of course, it also depends on your reputation as a songwriter. The more experienced and well known you are, as a songwriter, the more you can earn.

In terms of actual earnings though, it’s common for average songwriters to get paid anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 yearly.

Yes, that can be earned on the side as a songwriter if you get the right gigs.

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Writing lyrics requires talent and skill, so you deserve to be paid to write lyrics.

You can get paid to write lyrics as a freelancer or as a career for a music studio.

Successful lyric writers make a good amount of money.