If you want to sell Pokémon cards to make some pretty great cash, there are a lot of great ways to do it.

And plus, if you have rare ones that are worth a lot of money, you could net a huge profit, especially if you have had these for a long time.

But where can you sell them? What’s the best location to sell Pokémon cards? What are your options for doing so?

That’s what we’re going to dive into here today, and here, we’ll discuss, of course, how to sell Pokémon cards and the 15 best places to sell Pokémon cards.


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Why Sell Pokémon Cards?

If you’re looking to sell these, you may wonder why you should.

If they’re sitting around collecting dust, it’s definitely something to consider.

You also might want to do it if you’ve got a passion for finding collectibles and flipping them.

If you get them for cheap, and then you flip them, you can net a huge profit.


How to Sell Pokémon Cards

There are a few things to understand when selling the Pokémon cards you have, and how you sell them does matter.


1. Check the Condition

A huge factor in selling Pokémon cards is the condition.

If the cards are in good shape, or even like new, you’ll get more money for them.

On the flip side, if they’re torn, have creases on them, are messed up, or are damaged from liquid, this can markedly affect the profit.

If you take care of them and put them in binders, you can net a huge profit.


2. The Rarity Matters

Another big factor you must consider before selling is the rarity.

Not all Pokémon cards are special, and the profits are from the “base cards” rather than just any of the expansion packs.

Base cards are your original cards that were printed all the way back in 1999 and included most of the first generation of Pokémon.

Rarity does play a big part in this if you look at the symbols.

Circles and diamonds don’t mean much, but stars of first editions are valued and rare.


3. Holo and Unlimited Cards Do Turn a Profit

If you’ve played the game or collected it, you’re probably familiar with holographic, or as they call them, holo cards.

These are the cards that are reflective and have a shine to them, but this is only on the monster picture and not the entire card.

There are also unlimited cards, which don’t have the first edition symbol, and have a shadow that’s behind the picture of the Pokémon and gives it a 3D effect.

These are normally worth a lot of money.


4. Online Is Probably Your Best Bet for Rarities

Usually, if you want to sell your Pokémon cards, it’s best to do them online.

That’s because people are willing to pay a premium.

For example, back in 2020, there was a Pikachu card that sold for over 200,000 dollars! That’s insane, and only for one card.

Of course, if you want people to pay you the best prices, you want to do this through an online resource.

eBay is a good option to start with when choosing an online marketplace to sell.


5. Check With the PSA

And of course, before you sell, check with the PSA, the professional sports authenticators.

This is an official site that checks the value of your cards.

You can submit it to them, and from there, they determine the value.

A great way to make sure you’re charging the correct price for the cards you have.

Click here to check out PSA


15 Best Places to Sell Pokémon Cards

Now that you know how worth is determined and where to check, it’s time to check out the 15 best places for you to sell your Pokémon cards.


1. Troll and Toad

This is a marketplace for pretty much anything involving games, including board and trading card games.

Their biggest market is Pokémon, and they do accept both bulk and individual cards.

You need a minimum of $30 of cards to sell, and if you’re selling any cards or bundles above $5000, you must contact.

They do have specific rules, but a quick look-through of them will help you.

Click here to check out Troll and Toad


2. Card Market

This is a European marketplace that makes selling the cards very easy.

You just need to click on the cards to sell, and then you fill out the list.

You can then fill out the different factors and different characteristics of each card very fast.

Click here to check out Card Market


3. TCG Player

This is an online platform for collectibles and cards.

You can sell the cards to this, and they do offer different subscriptions, including pro-level card scanners that scan everything, tell you what cards they are, and estimate prices.

They sell individuals and bulk, and it’s a great one if you want to get your cards seen on these sites.

Click here to check out TCG player


4. Facebook Marketplace

I know Facebook marketplace doesn’t have the best repute, but it can give you some local people to buy your items.

It is all done via Facebook on the app or platform, and you can look at the listings too.

They also have different pickup options, including porch pickups for those who don’t want to get too close to anyone.

They can even pay with debit cards too, and the earnings go directly to your account.

Click here to check out Facebook Marketplace


5. Cape Fear Games

This is another platform for selling the cards directly.

You can ship it to them or bring them in-store, and you can sell there.

You can check their buylist to see what they’re accepting and what you’re going to get.

Once they agree to take your cards, they take them, and you get paid.

You can get paid via PayPal, MTGOTraders Credit, store credit, or a check.

Click here to check out Cape Fear Games


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6. Card Cavern

This is another way to sell them, but they only buy up to $250 from one seller every single day, so you’ll need to ship multiples to them otherwise.

They also want you to sort the cards based on type.

They aren’t the best but are an option if nobody else is taking them.

Click here to check out Card Cavern


7. CCG Castle

This is actually one of the best places to sell, and they offer a large marketplace where you can buylist what you’re looking to sell, including items in the cart to sell.

You do get information on the items too.

You do need to pay the shipping, but they pay in-store credit and PayPal, and they also offer a rewards program if you’re going to buy from them.

CCG Castle


8. Dave and Adam

This is a vintage toy and card store, and they have pretty much every single collectible vintage thing you can think of.

They also are known for selling holographic, and you can sell cards through them.

You can look at their buy list to see what they will take, and they pay either with cash, PayPal, or a check.

You get the money up to 48 hours after the cards are gotten, with shipping being free for sales of up to $199 or even more, and they also give you $25 in gift cards if you sell over $500 with them.

They’ve been doing this for decades and are a reliable seller.

Click here to check out Dave and Adam


9. Sell2BB Novelties

This is another site that sells trading cards and collectibles.

They do this in two different ways, either you sell the cards individually after showing the price, or you sell these bad boys in bulk.

The cards do need to be either mint or like new, without creases, bends, or scratches, and they need to be the regular US.

Their prices aren’t the best, but if you have a bunch of, say, commons or uncommons, or even energy cards you want to get rid of, you can sell to them.

Click here to check out Sell2BB Novelties


10. Amazon

Amazon does buy Pokémon cards, and they do usually sell them for a reasonable price.

They also make it easy for you to tell who bought, and they do collections and bulk too.

They’re reliable and a good option if you don’t want to go through a game shop.

Click here to check out Amazon


11. AliExpress

This is another site that sells many items, sometimes in bulk and usually for a lower price.

If you want to sell here, you might be taking a bit of a discount compared to other sites, but they are good for bulk collection or for those collections with cards that might not be worth a lot.

Click here to check out AliExpress


12. Craigslist

Craigslist is still a strong selling place and is good to sell cards that aren’t totally valuable.

Similar to the Facebook marketplace, it’s free to list, there are no commissions, and it is good for selling lots to other people.

It can be a great way to sell a lot of those extras, such as commons and energy cards, especially if you have a lot of them.

Click here to check out Craigslist


13.  Full Grip Games

This is another bulk Pokémon card seller, and they do take your cards.

You do get emails on the status of your orders of Pokémon cards, and they also do take booster boxes too.

You also can give them presale items too, so if you’ve got any of those boxes, you can sell them.

Right now, they only take a mint or near mint and English, and they will take any rarity.

However, they will not take world championship, jumbo, or damaged cards.

Click here to check out Full Grip Games


14. Mercari

Another selling platform similar to eBay, this one is growing in popularity when it comes to selling Pokémon cards.

They accept virtually all kinds, and with your listings, you can offer discounts as well on various items, especially if you’re selling in bulk or if it’s not selling.

This is one option if you want to add these cards as listings here.

Click here to check out Mercari


15. Poshmark

Similar to eBay and Mercari, this is another site that lets you list your Pokémon cards to showcase to others.

People who see your items can like, share and even comment on your listings, and you can give details on what you have.

You can sell individual cards here, but Poshmark does well with selling bundles, so it’s a good one to consider.

Click here to check out Poshmark

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Selling Pokémon Cards FAQs


What’s the Best Option to Sell Pokémon Cards?

The best option is usually to sell online for valuable cards, especially if they’re worth a lot.

However, the orders don’t happen immediately.

Selling online, though, means you’re more likely getting the card at the price that you want.

For bulk or pack cards that are organized, you can do them in person to get better options.

Some may also choose to do it in person if you just want to get rid of the collection as well.


What Do I Need to Do to Sell My Pokémon Cards?

You will probably need to sort them as well by sets, which is done by the symbol.

You’ll want to form there, sort these numerically, and then make a list of everything that you have.

From there, do your research, and also cull your collection if you see cards that are damaged.

Chances are, those are going to be worthless, and you won’t sell them.


Can I Sell Bent Pokémon Cards?

You may be able to, but the price for them will be virtually nothing.

With Pokémon cards, unless they are in near mint or mint condition, they’re virtually worthless otherwise.

If you have bent energy cards, it’s probably better to just toss them before trying to sell those to anyone currently.



Selling your Pokémon cards, whether as a collector making a profit or just trying to get rid of them, can be a challenge.

But, with the popularity of the TCG coming back, selling is better now than ever before, and there are still a lot of collectors and players.

You learned the best places to sell and also what you need to do to ensure that you get a profit from your cards.

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