Did you know that you can sell your data for cash?

While it’s not allowed everywhere, this is a huge step in places where they used to frown upon selling your internet data.

But is it worth it?

Here are 25 different tips and ways to help you sell your internet data and earn money, in a way that truly does benefit you in the best ways possible.


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25 Best Ways to Sell Internet Data and Make Money

Here are 25 ways and tips to sell internet data and allow you to make money with this.


1. Use Honeygain

This isn’t an app per se, but Honeygain allows you to sell data because you’re selling what you do on your phone via an internet connection.

This also utilizes market research, and this is pretty cool, as it technically does involve some data aspects, and it’s pretty easy to use.


2. Choose Phone or Computer

Some people are fine with their data overall being sold, but the thing is, not everyone is.

If you’re not sure, just try to sell the data from ne device.

If you like to use your computer a lot, consider the phone data.

If the phone is more secure, then consider computer data.


3. Be Mindful of Privacy

Some of the data that you might sell is a bit personal.

If you have personal data that you refuse to sell, then you should not do this.

If there is secure information on a computer or other device, you’re better off not selling that data.

That way, you don’t get in trouble, and you can still participate, you just control the data that you put forward.


4. Set Up a Device With Nielsen

Nielsen computer and mobile panel is a simple way to sell data from a device.

Just tack it onto a device, and let it run.

It tracks the activity, and you can earn some points that are up to $50 a month.

Overall, you earn about $50 a year, so if you’ve got a TV that you can sell the data off of, then you should try it.

Read More about Nielsen computer and mobile panel.


5. Sell it to Search Engines and Apps 

Here are certain brands that’ll take your data to help learn about consumers better.

If you’ve heard about this, they do look for people who will pay you for your data.

It’s not going to earn you a fortune, but I’ll definitely be profitable to consider.


6. Remember This Won’t Make You Serious Cash

Remember that, while this is a way to make money, don’t expect it to be a steady stream of passive income.

About fifty bucks or so with each means is what you’re going to be looking at, but this might be good if you’re interested in making more purchases.

If you do feel like doing this, keep in mind that while the payouts are nice, it will never make you a millionaire.


7. Be Comfy With Revealing Personal Information

This is going to get personal

People start to do this, but then they realize they don’t want to, but then it’s too late, the data is out there and brands will sell stuff to you.

If you’d rather not want that, then be mindful about the personal information that you’re selling.

If you don’t feel good selling this, then don’t do it, and try to look for other means of selling stuff or offering opinions in order to make some money.


8. Use Datacoup

This is something that can be good for you to possibly get paid for.

You share information, and it allows you to offer this data to Datacoup, and they are used for different markets.

This is what brands like to use to get information on the people who buy from them, which is why the brands look for this.

It’s basically a data marketplace, and Datacoup will only take what you’re willing to share.


9. Social Media Selling

Datacoup is but one example of people selling data for money.

However, they use social media, which involves you allowing them to access data from these accounts.

They don’t want personal information, but they look at content, rather than anything else.

Keep this in mind, and if you’re okay with companies getting the content that you normally look at, then it’s one way to do this.


10. If They’re Asking for Personal Info, It Might Be a Scam

They want data, which might not even be the personal information that you have, but rather habits that you have.

If you have someone demanding that you give out personal information, especially that personal information that’s going to compromise your privacy, that’s probably a scam, and you shouldn’t get involved in it.

When companies get your data, they’re usually not interested in the private info, but the spending habits and the like to learn more about the people who buy from them.

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11. Show Interest with Monetha

Monetha is a platform that looks at the spending habits, and rewards people for actually sharing this.

You’re essentially sharing what you think about stores and the like, and it’s a good way to profit from your data.

They don’t want the personal information of course, but they want the interests that you have, in terms of stores and brands, and which ones make you tick.

When you’re looking for sites that look at shopping habits, this is a great one.


Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE

12. Share Current Internet Activity

Upvoice is one that basically allows you to earn money while just surfing the web.

Your current internet activity allows you to show off what you do.

They collect that data, and it’s all anonymous. Maybe those countless cat videos could be helpful for you.

It’s a cool way for you to definitely make some money, and it’s a brand that rewards people.

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13. Look Into Other Means to Share Data

Some companies, if you share enough of the data, allow you to offer more detailed branding strategies and whatnot.

This is something that’s great, especially if you’re stumped on what you should look for when sharing data.

There are some companies that even allow you to share branding strategies based on this data.

Worth looking into if you’re interested in allowing your data to be used by brands.


14. Try Paribus to Save Money

Did you know that you can share data and say money?

Parabus is basically an app that syncs with the email in order to monitor the purchases that you make. You can also upload receipts too, and you get pay back for each item.

This is a great way to allow you to make some nice, extra cash, while also of course, sharing the information on purchases and saving some money.

Next time you get bummed about something going on sale, consider this site.


15. Add the NCP App

The National Consumer Panel app is basically a scanner that scans any barcodes on what you buy.

Basically, you’re sharing data on what you buy, to get some points that you can spend on gifts and get paid to do so.

It’s a cool way for you to make some sweet extra cash, and if you’re fine with sharing the data on what you purchase, it’s a simple app to set up, and it can net you tons of money.


16. Choose Apps With Sweepstakes

If you’re going to share your data, always make sure that you’re also getting a chance to earn even more.

Some of these sites allow you to try for winning a sweepstakes they have either monthly, annually, or throughout the year.

The cool thing about this, is that you can earn some serious money with this, and you may end up getting chances to earn more if the site has other incentives.


17. Look for Surveys

Surveys are another good option to sell your data, particularly survey sites that offer it as a supplement to the data sharing that’s possible.

Surveys are a great way to share the opinions that you want to and make some money if you’re looking to share what you know.

Some people like to do these because it can boost your earnings by a lot, especially if you have the data panels already on there.


18. Consider Case Studies

Case studies are another great way to share your data.

These can be offered from other sites and panels used to help with getting information out of other people, and it’s a good way to earn more money by sharing data.

Some of these case studies may involve watching your internet experiences, and what you do on the internet.

Others might just be asking for information.

Whatever the case, these are fun ways to earn money.


19. Smart Panel for Smart Devices

Smart Panel is a great one if you don’t’ want to put it on a phone or computer you don’t want to share data from.

You can get $5 just for participating in surveys, and you get monthly giveaways and other bonuses given out too.

Another simple way to share the information you want to.


20. Get Invited to Screenwise Panel

This is an invite program that Google offers, and you just have to install the Chrome browser, and you can pretty much put mobile meters on other devices.

You can earn a little bit of cash just for having this panel on there.

Screenwise Panel is used to better understand the habits of people who use their devices.


21. Share the Phone Processor

This is basically a process that involves you sharing the processor when not in use.

PhonePaycheck basically works when you plug in the charger.

It doen’st consume data, and it basically doen’st access personal data, just the processor that’s there.


22. Get Paid for Healthy Habits

Did you know that the data involving your healthy habits could benefit you?

With Evidation, you can get paid for the healthy activities that you do, including sleeping, meditation, and exercise.

This is used to tell different health and fitness brands and businesses a little bit about the customers, and this is also a good way for you to get motivated to do things that are healthy as well.


23. Permission Research

This is a survey site, and Permission Research is an app that you put on there that does pay you for the data that you use.

It also pays you for surveys and other activities, and it’s good for definitely looking at different ways to get paid for the data that you have.

It also never takes your personal data.


24. Fusion Cash

Th is a god one that pays you for signing up.

Fusion Cash does require you to fill out surveys, but you can pretty much share your social media and forum activity, and also other completions to the profile.

You can make some pretty decent cash with this one, and it can be a good one for you to seek out if you want to get paid for your data.


25. Share the Shopping Habits With Dosh

Finally, you have Dosh, which is an app that does look at the data through a card that you use.

If you’re fine with sharing this, you can link the card, and find the stores and brands that participate, buy from them, and also earn some money back.

While Dosh is not the best on the list, it’s a good way to earn some cash, and some people like this one because it allows you to get some cash without needing to upload your receipts.



Your personal habits can earn you some cash, and if you’re fine with sharing the experiences that you have on various sites and apps, this is a good way to do it, and a fun way to start earning some cash today.

If you’re fine with doing this on a device, download it and try it today!

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE