This article reveals a lot about selling damaged cars, whether you are doing that to make money or just to get rid of your damaged car.

It also reveals some of the best sources you can use, to sell your damaged car.



Cars on the same road, different types of drivers, and different levels of driving experience…

What could go wrong?

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Adding a mixture of natural disasters such as flooding, and hurricanes and tornadoes and you have the potential of a lot of damaged vehicles.

Therefore, the question arises as to what to do with all of these damaged vehicles.

Interestingly, when it comes to car insurance, many insurance companies rather than investing a lot of money into repair, often write the vehicle off as a total loss.

They issue the owner a check, often make arrangements with a salvage dealer to take the car off of their hands, raise your automobile rates and ride off in the sunset.


Personal Story

A recipe, in the baking world, is taking a number of ingredients, mixing them all together, and perhaps baking them in an oven for a set period of time at a certain temperature.

The end result is that you have a cake.

Another expected recipe is when you take a number of drivers with various degrees of experience and skill, put them behind the wheel of a vehicle, and put them on the road together.

The recipe is generally the individual successfully gets to where they want to go.

However, sometimes the recipe doesn’t go quite as planned and the cake falls, or you have accidents.

For me, my recipe found me at a 4 way stop sign and one of the drivers, for whatever reason, didn’t see the stop sign and I became a victim of a traffic accident.

Fortunately, the car was not totaled.

The insurance company issued a check for $1500 to provide repairs and to travel on.


10 Best Tips on Selling Damaged Cars


1. Use the Right Dealership 

Dealerships are often in the market for damaged cars.

They may purchase your vehicle and provide the needed repairs to resell the vehicle.

Most likely, the damaged car owner will not get top dollar for their vehicle but certainly is a possibility.

Also, dealerships will deduct any trade-ins if the individual buys a vehicle from that particular dealership.


2. Check Online Buyers 

There are available online a number of sites that specialize in buying damaged vehicles.

The process is very easy and begins with a simple online questionaire.

Questions include the make and model of the vehicle, manufacturing year, mileage, etc.

Within minutes an offer is generally made and if accepted the company will make arrangements to pick up the vehicle at no charge.

At that point in the transaction the owner is generally paid, and the selling of the damaged car is completed.

It would also be a good idea to obtain a number of quotes.


3. Clean It 

Even if the car is damaged, a clean car will be more appealing to a potential customer.

Cleaning the car could include washing and waxing the exterior.

Of equal importance would be wiping down the interior of the vehicle with an appropriate luster creating product.

Also, the flooring should be vacuumed as well as under the front seating.

Also, the use of product designed to clean the walls of the tires is indicated.


4. Assess the Damage 

To determine the value of the damaged vehicle it would be best to have a qualified mechanic give an appraisal.

This will help when the asking price of the vehicle is negotiated.

It would also help the buyer and seller realize the extent of the damage and provide a transparent accounting of the condition of the vehicle.

This would help to mitigate any possible issues or potential discussion claiming that full disclosure of the vehicle’s condition was not revealed.


5. Repair 

A tip that may improve the selling of the vehicle is to have a mechanic repair any mechanical issues with the damaged vehicle.

Any repair work will certainly add to the value of the vehicle and potentially increase the chances of a sale.

It is important to remember to include those repairs into the asking price of the vehicle.

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6. State Laws 

Before transferring ownership of the damaged vehicle to its new owner it is important to be familiar with one’s state laws regarding vehicle transfers.

This process should include understanding the Department of Motor Vehicle’s laws and procedures on how this should be handled.

Included in the process should be the filing of properly filled out forms.

If not done properly there may be legal and insurance ramifications if the car is in a accident and ownership of the car has not been properly filed with the state.


7. Making the Deal 

If the car owner has received an offer from a private individual it is important to always be cautious.

This means that if you accept the offer from the individual, it is a good idea to conduct the transaction by only accepting cash, money order or certified check.

Accepting a personal check always leaves room for potential insufficient funds or simply the writing of a bad check.


8. Donate 

Although not a money-making action of selling one’s car, an option is to donate the damaged vehicle to a charity.

One such charity is Kars4Kids.

This charity, similar to other worthy non-profits will pick up one’s vehicle and save the individual from all of the associated hassles of selling a damaged car.

The non-profits do not pay the car owner, but a tax-deduction will be offered which may help to lower one’s tax liability to the IRS.


9. Obtain Documents 

In order to sell a damaged car, there needs to be a number of documents available and provided.

Those documents include the vehicle’s title and registration.

Other meaningful documents would include any maintenance records that the owner has that would reflect the care and maintenance of the vehicle.

Legal documents that would be beneficial and help to mitigate any possible legal action down the road would include Release of Liability, As-is document, and Bill of Sale.


10. Remove Personal Items 

It goes without saying but an important point by way of reminder is to remove any personal items still remaining in the car.

Checking the glove compartment, console area, storage spaces behind the front seating and the trunk of the vehicle are prime storage areas that may have been forgotten.


10 Best Sites For Selling Damaged Cars

Each of the below listed damaged car-buying sites has an Internet presence and each requires that the process began with an online form.

The online form asks for the make, model, and year manufactured of the vehicle.

Each of these companies pays in cash and can pick up the vehicle at no charge to the customer.

Generally, a bid is offered by the company and the potential customer can choose to accept that bid or not.


1. Junk Car Masters 

Junk Car Masters purchases damaged cars whether they are running in condition or not.

Their website,, also offers a 1-800 number in which a potential customer can call.

This website asks that the potential customer provide a photo of the vehicle.

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2. Cars IAAI

This damage car buying business offers to buy vehicles that run the whole gamut whether they are running or not.

Even if the vehicle has failed to meet the standards of the smog emission test, they will purchase the vehicle in cash.

Also, this particular company has a local presence.

Therefore, they indicate that they can pay a better rate for the vehicle because they are local and cut out any middleman charges.

Click here to check out Cars IAAI


3. Peddle 

Peddle is a company that has a network of buyers situated around the United States that will purchase damaged vehicles, or junk vehicles.

They generally recycle the parts of these vehicles and offer them for resale.

This website boasts customer interactions with over 70,000 individuals.

Added value to utilizing this company are the positive reviews that have been posted with customers’ interaction with this damaged car-buying website.

As an added bonus, Peddle lists on their website recent transactions that were conducted with customers.

It lists the amounts that were agreed upon, the mileage of the vehicles, the year, make, and model.

Click here to check out Peddle


4. Wheelzy 

Wheelzy is a reputable damaged car buying company that will purchase directly from the owner.

They don’t ask any questions regarding the damage to the vehicle and in order to start the process, an application is submitted online to begin the sale.

Following this initial application, a representative from wheels will contact the individual and provide a quote.

Once the quote is initiated it is good for 7 days following that date.

Click here to check out Wheelzy


5. Cash for Cars 

Another option for the owner of a damaged car and wishing to sell that car is Cash For Cars.

This company will entertain bids for a damaged car whether the vehicle is in running condition or not

Once the online form has been submitted an agent representing cash for cars gives the customer a call and offers a bid to purchase the damaged car.

Once the deal has been accepted, the vehicle is towed away and the individual is paid for their damaged car.

Click here to check out Cash for Cars



6. Carmax 

Most likely, a car owner is familiar with the company Carmax.

In addition to selling and buying cars they also offer a fair price for cars that are damaged.

It would appear that the process of selling a damaged car to Carmax is a little bit more of an involved process.

Once the application has been submitted online, the car needs to be brought to a local outlet so that service personnel affiliated with Carmax can produce a vehicle inspection.

To be involved with this process there is a processing fee charged by Carmax ranging anywhere from $100 to $400.

Carmax will purchase a vehicle that is not in running condition, but they will not accept a car that has any history of salvage, flood, or frame damage.

Click here to check out CarMax


7. Car Brain 

Vehicles that Car Brain will purchase include vehicles that have been involved with a collision, cars designated as total losses, broken down cars, and cars that are in less than good condition.

Car Brain prides itself on the technology that they utilize to develop a custom-made program price to the owner of the damaged vehicle.

Additionally, to help personalize the bid for the vehicle, a number of photos that are supplied by the owner include views of the car, where the customer is located, the make, model, and mileage of the vehicle.

Click here to check out Car Brain


8. Sellmax 

Sellmax offers its customers wishing to sell damaged cars two options to make the transaction happen.

Specifically, it can be done via the Internet or by making a phone call.

Sellmax is dedicated to providing complete transparency and is clear that there are no hidden changes embedded with the final offer or any other hidden fees in the transaction.

Once the offer has been accepted, a pickup date will be arranged that is in keeping with the customer’s schedule.

The vehicle can be transported from the customer’s choice of location which could include home, work, or other location.

Click here to check out SellMax

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This company has been in business since 2007 and presents itself as the top expert in the damaged car buying industry.

The vehicles that they purchase can be damaged mechanically or damage to the body.

The vehicle’s owner simply needs to provide the keys to the vehicle, sign over the title, and provide access to the car.

If the vehicle still has a lien on it, Damaged Cars will help assist get that title released to this company.

Damaged Cars has a working network of partners that will help to pick up the vehicle.

Generally, the vehicles are towed within 1 to 2 days after the offer has been accepted.

Click here to check out DamagedCars


10. Copart Direct 

The list of damaged makes and models that this company purchases are manufactured from such automobile companies as Toyota, Lexus, and more.

Additionally, they note that if the vehicle has been vandalized, been subjected to a hailstorm, or flooding and fire they will make an offer of the vehicle as-is.

This can prove to be a benefit for the customer as it will avoid maintenance repairs and restoration of the vehicle.

It appears that the presence of this damaged car buying site is located on the West Coast along with the city of Boston and Richmond.

Click here to check out Copart Direct  

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Selling Wrecked or Broken Car FAQs


What Type of Damaged Cars Can Be Sold?

Depending upon the company that is offering to buy a damaged car is dependent upon what sort of damaged vehicles the company will purchase.

A damaged car is defined as one that may have problems such as:

  • Dents and scratches
  • Missing title
  • Interior or exterior damage
  • Mechanical problems
  • Flood, fire, hail and/or hurricane damage

Damaged cars are also those that are classified as a total loss.


Can You Sell a Car That You Still Own Money on?

Yes, this is possible.

One way to sell a damaged car that has a lien on it is to sell it privately and then use the proceeds to pay off the balance of one’s loan.

However, this particular option may prove to be a challenge as most people, looking to purchase a car, want one that is not

However, some damaged car buying companies will offer to pay off any balance that is owed.

Any difference, between what is owed and offered by the company would, of course, be the responsibility of the individual.



If in the market to sell or buy a damaged car, there are a number of companies with an online presence.

These actions would be beneficial in a number of ways.

One, it would help to decrease the hills of junk cars and provide an individual money in return.

Also, buying a damaged car would do the opposite but have the same positive effect.

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