This article reveals a lot about selling car parts, whether you are doing that to make money or just to sell yours.

It also reveals some of the best sources you can use, to sell car parts.



Vehicles in America are a large part of our lives America.

Our cars and trucks help in our commute to work, aid us in our weekly routines, and enhance our times of leisure and vacation.

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When our vehicles run smoothly, our lives have a tendency to be equally as smooth.

However, when those times of mechanical breakdowns and failures of various parts of the engine and body occur, our lives can also reflect a bit of breakdown.

This is due to the fact that we rely so heavily upon our vehicles and the thoughts of being without transportation and repair costs can send us in moments of chaos.


Personal Story

When it comes to car repairs, it always seems that it will be the worst-case scenario and will cost a lot of money.

Surprisingly, this was not the case.

As I drove away from refueling, I hit a large pothole and suddenly found myself in a car that was going nowhere.

Being on a Saturday, I had to leave the car at the service station and return Monday morning.

Sharing the story with the mechanic on duty, he consulted his vehicle manual for this early nineteen-eighties vehicle and returned to the car with a smile on his face.

Lifting up the rear door of the little station wagon, he reached in, found what he was looking for, and proceeded to tell me to try to turn the car over.

To my delight, the engine roared to life.

Come to find out a built-in safety feature cuts the flow of the fuel.

When a significant impact in the rear portion of the vehicle happens a safety fuel flow stoppage occurs.

The mechanic reset the switch in the rear of the vehicle and the fuel pump was reengaged.

No part replacement, no large fee, no problem.

For those of us who own a vehicle, we are specifically appreciative of not only mechanics, but car part suppliers to maintain our love of the affair with our vehicles.


10 Best Tips for Selling Car Parts


1. Online or Physical Store

As with any business enterprise, it is important to determine whether the entrepreneur will have a brick and mortar presence or if they will operate strictly online or provide a combination of both for their customers.

Obviously, there are pros and cons associated with each of these venues.

Of bricks and mortar location, the added expenses will be overhead costs associated with either purchasing a building or renting a building for retail operations.


2. What Will Sell 

Another important decision that needs to be made is in regard to what products the car parts store will provide to the consumer.

Prior to making this decision, an important marketing process that should take place is what will resonate with the consumer.

A marketing process may ask potential customers or local mechanics, what are the greatest needs in the car parts retail marketplace.

As part of that marketing survey, the local mechanics may indicate that their biggest need is finding car replacement parts that are for specific car models or years the car was manufactured.

It is important to “go fishing” where the fish are rather than where they are not.

Particularly, will the car parts store provide replacement parts for just domestic vehicles or foreign vehicles, or both?

Additionally, will one particular car or truck replacement parts be available?

Specifically, particular parts carried could just include Chevrolet, Ford, or General Motors.


3. New or Used Parts 

As a car parts dealer and retailer, the individual may want to offer a combination of parts to their customers.

Specifically, will only new replacement parts be offered or used as well?

Obviously, customers are always looking for a way to cut down expenses, and perhaps a part that still has significant usefulness can be offered for sale.

Also, a determination will need to be made as to whether the car parts retailer will sell only OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, parts, or have an inventory of quality replacements.


4. Description 

A car parts retailer needs to have in place an inventory system.

The inventory system can allow the customer to search for a particular part in a variety of ways.

One way is for the customer to use a filter that allows them to put in the make, model, and year of their vehicle.

Then the inventory system will return all of the available car parts that are offered for that particular search.

Another filter option to find a vehicle part will allow the individual to put in their vehicle identification number (VIN) or registration.

The bottom line is the process needs to be as simple as possible so that the individual can quickly find their needed replacement part and make the purchase.


5. Pricing 

Another important tip on how to sell car parts is to determine pricing.

Obviously, the car parts retailer does not want to sell at just their cost.

That certainly would not be beneficial to the company making a profit.

Therefore, a determination needs to be made as to how much of the markup will be assessed to the car part that is purchased from the supplier.

To stay competitive with other car parts dealers, one would need to make sure that they either charge the same amount or a little bit last than their competitor.


6. Pictures

Another important part of featuring car parts available online is to have pictures of the part posted.

These pictures should be optimal in appearance and not be blurry or fuzzy.

It is also important that the pictures portrayed represent different angles of the particular car part that is being offered for sale.

Additionally, it is important to capture any identification of the part which may include any numbers or letters as part of the vehicle part ID process.


7. Customer Base

As part of one’s business plan in selling car parts, it is important to identify who the customer base will be.

It may be a combination of individuals, companies, or local repair shops.

Additionally, the dealer may just wish to focus on one particular segment of that customer base and provide the needed car replacement parts for that group.

As an example, if your car parts business model was to sell to automobile shops or local garages, you would be known as a wholesaler.

These local businesses would then in turn use them for their local repairs completed on customers’ vehicles or would sell them to customers for them to do their own mechanical work.

The advantage of being a wholesaler is that sales can be steadier and provided at lower costs to these entities.

Subsequently, an increase in volume, which would all translate into higher sales for the business.

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8. Supplier

As a retailer of car parts, you as the business owner will want to obtain the best price for the parts that you purchase and advertise to your customers.

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Therefore, it is important to determine who your best supplier or combination of suppliers will be.

This can be determined by studying the various customer reviews associated with these suppliers and talk to their sales reps to find out which company will offer the best price and the best customer service.

Obviously, another quality factor to determine who your supplier will be, in addition to price, is their ability to deliver the supplies in a timely manner.


9. Shipping 

One of the keys to a successful online car parts retail shop will be shipping.

If the inventory being sold to customers includes external features of a vehicle such as hubcaps, bumpers, grills, they will require specific shipping containers.

Therefore, will there be a shipping department within the company, or will the business plan utilize a shipping company?

Therefore, if utilizing a shipping company, one may want to bid out that particular component of getting the product into the hands of the customer.

This can be done by simply contacting various shipping companies and asked them to submit a proposal.

Selection of the proposal would include costs, customer relationship features, ability to provide timely shipments, customer reviews, etc.

Also, as part of the shipping process will the items purchased are shipped across state lines?

Therefore, it is important to determine what, if any, those expenses are and how they will be passed on to the customer.


10. Partnerships

Another option of a marketplace in which an individual can sell car parts is to link or partner with eBay and or Amazon.

eBay seems to have had a head start in the car parts selling market.

However, Amazon is closing the gap.

eBay has lower requirements for an individual to sell automotive parts.

Also, eBay allows for the selling of used parts.

Amazon does not allow for the sale of used parts and seems to be a better market platform for car and truck accessories rather than replacement parts.

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10 Best Suppliers to Sell Car Parts


1. Magna International

Located in the province of Ontario, Canada, this large supplier of car parts is one of the top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of replacement parts for vehicles.

They specifically have a significant inventory of replacement parts for the interior and exterior of the vehicle as well as parts associated with the opening and closing of roof systems.

Also, their inventory includes parts for the powertrain as well as the vehicle’s electronic replacement needs.

Click here to check out Magna International


2. Visteon

Visteon is located in the Van Buren Township located in Michigan.

The car replacement systems that are part of this company’s inventory include interior electronic parts as well as climate control systems.

Click here to check out Visteon


3. BorgWarner

This parts supplier company is headquartered in Michigan.

The replacement parts include a number of electronic replacement parts such as engine valve timing and ignition systems.

They also have an inventory of turbochargers, emission and thermal systems as for the transmission as well as torque management systems.

Click here to check out BorgWarner


4. Tenneco

This automotive parts supplier located in Lake Forest, Illinois, supplies parts dealers with aspects of the emission control system.

They also supply catalytic converters and reduction mufflers, shock absorbers, struts, and a variety of electronic suspension products and systems.

Click here to check out Tenneco


5. Dana Holding Company

Axles, driveshafts, thermal and ceiling management products, transmissions designed for off-highway vehicles, and tire management products are a significant part of the inventory by this company located in Ohio.

Click here to check out Dana Holding Company


6. Lear

Inventory of this car parts supplier includes seating and management systems that operate the needed electrical power within the vehicles.

This company is also located in Michigan in the city of Southfield.

Click here to check out Lear


7. Johnson Controls, Inc.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this car parts supplier company provides door and instrument panel replacement parts.

They also supply seating, electronics for the interior cabin, batteries, and center and overhead consoles.

Click here to check out Johnson Controls, Inc.


8. Robert Bosch

One of the highest-grossing automobile suppliers is Robert Bosch.

Headquartered in Germany, this company supplies auto part retailers with gasoline and diesel systems.

They also supply controls for the chassis, starters, steering systems, exhaust gas turbochargers, and treatment systems.

Click here to check out Robert Bosch


9. Denso

This international company is headquartered in Japan.

The specific inventory carried by this auto car parts supplier includes electronic and electric systems, powertrain control, small motors, and telecommunications.

Click here to check out Denso


10. Delphi Automotive PLC

Mobile electronics, powertrains, systems designed to control and provide security, entertainment units within vehicles, and electrical and electronic components are a part of the inventory provided by this company located in Troy, Michigan.

Click here to check out Delphi Automotive PLC


Selling Car Parts FAQs


How Much Can You Get for Selling Your Car for Parts?

The average amount selling the core parts associated with a vehicle could range anywhere from $500 to $1,000.


What Is the Best Online Platform to Sell Used Car Parts?

e-Bay appears to be the best platform.

This is because of their policies which allow for the selling of used car parts.



The reality of operating a vehicle is that they are not designed nor mechanically built to provide uninterrupted service day after day to their owner.

Therefore, an entrepreneurial venture that provides automotive replacement parts is always going to be needed.

If an individual is wishing to offer car parts for sale, they can be assured of an ongoing customer base; if their service is customer-oriented, reasonable in price, and able to deliver the parts in a fairly rapid fashion.

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