Yes, you can get paid to sell your breast milk and there are legit companies out there that really pay.

This article reveals the secrets to how this works, how to get paid and the very best companies out there that really pay.


Why Sell your Breast Milk

Breast milk is very essential for the nourishment and health of a child.

Unfortunately for one reason or the other, not all mothers can produce the milk needed by their babies.

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To solve this problem, they may get a free donation or buy breast milk from other mothers or sources.

If you are wondering how to get paid to sell breast milk, then this is an article you will find very useful.

It discusses different ways of selling breast milk. Also, some of the best companies that pay breast milk sellers have been revealed.


The Importance of Breast Milk

Breast milk has the following benefits as listed below:

  • Breast milk is full of nutrients that help a newborn’s immature digestive system to develop during the first few days after birth.
  • It protects babies against infections and improve survival rates within the first year.
  • It helps reduce the risk of asthma, diabetes, obesity, necrotizing enterocolitis [NEC], and sudden infant death.


How To Get Paid To Sell Breast Milk (5 Different Ways)


1. Make Money Selling Your Breast Milk Directly Online

You can get paid for breast milk online. You can sell to websites where these bought and sold.

Some of these websites allow women to promote and sell their breast milk. You list your offer and get paid when a buyer makes an offer.

You can also set the price you want to sell your breast milk for when you choose to sell online.

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2. Make Money Donating Your Milk to a Milk Bank

Milk banks are institutions that accept donations of milk. A lot of them can be located near you.

These institutions use this breast milk to help solve the lack of milk issues experienced by many premies in the hospitals and nurseries.

In case you are not familiar with premies, they are babies born in premature births.

You can send your breast milk donations to these organizations and get paid.

Most milk banks will pay $1 or more per ounce of breast milk.

Donating to milk banks has procedures that you must meet. These include that:

  • The donor mothers must in good health.
  • The donors must complete short questionnaires and undergo a screening process.
  • Some donors may be required to donate the first 100 ounces of milk to defray the cost before they are started to get paid.

This could be a good side hustle for a teacher who wants to make extra money.


3. Get Paid Selling Your Milk Directly on Social Media

If you have a huge social media following, then you can choose to sell your breast milk on the platforms.

You can sell through the Facebook group, marketplace, or through other social interactive means.

You can choose to list and sell your breast milk through private Facebook groups.


4. Direct Peer-to-peer Milk Selling

You can sell breast milk to new parents you know.

Yes, many people can buy breast milk to feed their babies or to help nourish and treat their premature infants.

You can also sell to adoptive parents and same-sex couples who have babies needing breast milk.


5. Find Body Builders to Sell To

You can sell breast milk to bodybuilders. These people use the milk to get the protein they want for their bodies.


10 Best Companies That Pay for Breast Milk

The following are companies or websites where you can get paid to sell breast milk or where you can get connected with those who will buy your breast milk:


1. Breastfeeding Moms Unite  

Breastfeeding Moms Unite is one of the best places to sell you breast milk. On this platform, you can donate, buy and sell breast milk online.

It is about the biggest worldwide marketplace for donating and selling breast milk. It also gives you maximum exposure whether you are a buyer or seller.

There are reasons to choose this company or platform if you want to a place that pays for breast milk. These are:

  • This platform creates a safe environment for both sellers and buyers of breast milk.
  • You can advertise your breast milk at the cheapest rates. You will get the cheapest & best value Ad Packages starting from $20 for a 90-day in all categories!
  • You can personalize your ads and increase your selling potential when you choose the versatile ads where you pay more for a lifetime listing. On this plan, you can continue selling your breast milk while waiting for the right buyer/price.
  • This website will help you sell or donate your breast milk for whatever reason you choose to.
  • Breastfeeding Moms Unite provides a comprehensive guide that helps donors or sellers of breast milk achieve quick success and profit when selling their milk.
  • You are adequately compensated for the breast milk you sell via this platform. You can always set the price you want.
  • You will receive your earnings through a secured payment system like PayPal.

At Breastfeeding Moms Unite, you can start to sell your breast milk through the following steps:

  • Visit the Breastfeeding Moms Unite and create a profile. If you are not a member, you will not be allowed to post ads or sell on this site.
  • You can then post an ad about the breast milk you are selling. You are expected to specify the correct category that best fits your situation.
  • You can pump store your breast milk safely and following recommended tips.
  • You can ship your breast milk if you have struck a deal with a prospective buyer or mother.

Click here to check out Breastfeeding Moms Unite and get paid to sell breast milk.


Get Paid to Sell Breast Milk


2. Only the Breast 

Only the Breast is a classified ads website to sell breast milk. You can sign up with this site if you intend to get paid for breast milk.

This site is popular with many people who use it to buy, sell or donate breast milk. This classified system is discreet and safe for users.

To make the most of Only the Breast you have to adhere to the procedures before and during the selling process.

Only the Breast demands that you only sell screened breast milk. You must complete a screening test from AccessLabs. On this platform, you can buy a kit for $259.

The platform also states that “it is expressly forbidden in our terms of use to add any form of contaminants such as bovine i.e., cow’s milk”

Also, you must comply with their instructions on how to use handle, store, freeze, and ship breast milk to prevent contamination.

You need to comply with Only the Breast’s detailed at-home pasteurization techniques.

If you pass the screening, then you can sell breast milk in the quantity you want.

When selling breast milk on this site, your ads must be descriptive enough. You can post the ads in the right category.

Yes, there are several categories and you can post ads based on categories based on freshness, mom’s diet, age, or premature babies, etc.

You can list your breast milk for as low as $1 or as high as you want.

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3. Facebook

If you have a huge following on this Facebook, you can sell your breast milk on relevant Facebook Groups.

Many moms use this method to sell breast milk to those in their private groups.

You too can also sell your breast milk to potential buyers in your group, or on the Facebook marketplace.

For instance, you can sell to bodybuilders, moms, and other potential buyers using the Facebook platform.

Click here to check out Facebook to sell your breast milk.


4. Mothers Milk Cooperative 

Mothers Milk Cooperative is a platform where people can donate or sell their breast milk.

This site partner with charity organizations like the Red Cross.

You can sell your breast and get paid.

The payment is $1 per ounce of breast milk.

You would need to donate 100 ounces to cover the qualification expenses.

Mothers Milk Cooperative will only sell to members who have completed a medical questionnaire.

Once you qualify, you will ship your breast milk and wait for payment.

Mothers Milk Cooperative pays you 90 days after the milk is received.

Click here to check out Mothers Milk Cooperative to sell your breast milk.


5. Human Milk Banking Association of America

Human Milk Banking Association of America is a non-profit organization.

In a real sense, this platform does not pay for breast milk donated by mothers.

So, if you would like to make a selfless donation and get that satisfaction then you can check out this site.

Human Milk Banking Association of America garners a pool of selfless donors who don’t expect any compensation in return.

Click here to find a Human Milk Banking Association of America location and get the satisfaction of donating breast milk for free.


Other places to consider include:

6. Tiny Treasures Milk Bank

7. Helping Hands Milk Bank

8. LactaLogics

9. Prolacta Bioscience

10. MnMilkBank



As this article has revealed, you can indeed make money from selling your breast milk and there are legit companies out there that really pay.

This article went further and revealed the secrets to how this works, how to get paid and the very best companies out there that really pay.