Sell Anything With These 4 Steps



You may think that there are people who have an unnatural ability to sell things. It may look like that on the outside but you can actually tap into a very long-standing process that will help you sell anything to anyone.

“You can have anything in life, if you just help enough people get what they want” – Zig Ziggler

Now, this quote from Zig Ziggler is one of the most famous quotes about selling. If you understand what he was saying you would be steps ahead of your peers in the selling process.

There are two parts to this quote that I want you to understand. First is to know what they want. You can’t go about giving people what they want if you have no idea what it is. You need to know what they want, what their goals are, what their dreams are.

Do this by asking a few questions.

What problems are my prospects trying to solve?

What pains are they trying to get rid of?

What outcome are they trying to achieve?

The second part is you need to effectively communicate how your product will help them get what they want.

Everywhere we look we are bombarded by ads. So, you can’t just go out and say what you have and expect people to buy. You need to know how to get your message through to your prospect.

Understanding this will help you immensely when you go through the 4-steps.

Step 1. Attention

We see somewhere around 3,000 commercial messages everyday. Just about everywhere you look you will see some sort of advertisement. And, people have gotten pretty good at filtering out these messages.

So, the question is, if these filters are so good, how do I get my message through to my prospect?


Email subject lines, video titles, blog titles, these are all forms of headlines. You get their attention by making your headlines curiosity provoking.

People only pay attention to things that peaks their interest.

Now, the easiest way to do this is to go to your email inbox. Take a look at all the subject lines that peak your interest. Chances are if they got your interest, they will interest other people like your prospects.

Step 2. Interest

Once your prospect opens your email or clicks over to your video or blog post you need to keep them interested enough to stay on. If they are not interested they will just click away.

Do this by having an interesting open. Expand on what you talked about in your headline. Keep your prospect engaged by telling a story, or by giving them some valuable information.

Step 3. Desire

You need to appeal to their desires and you need to be able to intensify those desires. Know what your prospect wants and then clearly show them the benefits of your product. Show how your product will help them achieve what they want or how your product will help them get rid of the problem they don’t want.

Many marketers go about this wrong. They tell all about the products features but they never clearly explain how these features will benefit their prospect. The prospect ends up leaving the page thinking “So what?”

If you can ask, “So what?” then you need to explain the benefit.

Understand what your prospect wants and how your product can help them achieve what it is that they really desire.

Step 4. Action

You need to be very clear about what you want your prospect to do.

Do you want them to read your blog post?

Do you want them to buy your product?

Do you want them to attend your webinar?

Lay it out, as clear as you can. You can’t just leave it for them to figure out what you want. People are too busy to know what you want them to do, so tell them.

Make it super easy.

By following these 4-steps you will find selling is not as hard as you thought it was.

You may just turn into a natural.​


  1. Hi Harry,
    These 4 -steps you have laid out are timeless in selling. Attention, interest, desire and action or the AIDA formula works like magic to sell anything.

    It focuses on opening up and providing what the prospect will benefit from.
    Each stage of the process is very crucial and mastering how to apply the right words on each stage will go a long way to help marketers sell anything!

    I completely agree with you on these four steps!

  2. Surely, one can sell anything applying this techniques of creating attention, creating interest, invoking desire, and urging call to action!

    This is one of the widely used copywriting technique. Content marketers in the traditional setting has seen this work for them.

    However, in this digital age, sellers also experience conversions through them!

    I completely agree with you Harry!

  3. Hi Adam,
    I agree with you, with these four steps, one can sell just about anything online. To get the most at each stage, the business or brand must understand the audience and the timing necessary to offer the required value.

    A clear cut call-to-action is sure essential to inspire rewards from visitors or prospects!

  4. Hi Adam,

    I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people get what they want since my Mom let me sell our excess eggs to neighbors living in our small farm community, when I was 7 years old.

    The biggest secret I’ve learned was to ask questions and listen for clues of unfulfilled dreams and problems – as you mentioned in your post: ‘Sell Anything With These 4 Steps’.

    Enjoyed your insights and dig your enthusiasm.
    Edward Thorpe recently posted…Granddaughter Tales and 20 Dollar Dog TricksMy Profile

  5. Hey Adam,

    I like AIDA!

    I’ve used it few times in my blog post whenever I do a product review and I tell you that it does pique interest.

    You definitely need to know what your audience is looking for and what problems they have. By doing this, you can focus on which features will benefit them and help them solve their problems.

    But you have to ask good questions and listen well as Edward mentioned. I also check my analytics to see which blog posts my audience responds well to which gives me the idea to either update them or create another that’s similar.

    Thanks for sharing Adam! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Importance Of Branding Yourself Online When You’re Broke With Little TimeMy Profile