You can easily sell your used printer and put some money back into your pocket by reading this article.

It contains very helpful tips and best sources to consider for selling a used printer.



Technology is a wonderful thing.

Technology makes our lives easier by helping us to interact with others, keep current on news events, do our shopping, and help us with our performance in our various employment roles.

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The only challenge is that technology is ever-changing and there are constant upgrades that are being offered to us not only in software but in hardware.

Those hardware upgrades can be in purchasing a faster computer, having more memory, fancier monitors, etc.

The other important component that completes a functioning computer system is having a printer.

The typical features of a printer include the ability to fax a document, copy a document, scan a document to your computer, etc.

The challenge is that when you upgrade any of this technology is what to do with the current or old technology that you have.

In this case, as it relates to printers, what is the best way to sell a used printer.


10 Epic Tips to Help You Sell Your Used Printer


1. Why Sell

There are a variety of reasons why an individual may wish to sell their working printer.

Some of those reasons could be:

  • Simply wishing to upgrade
  • Want added features such as the ability to fax
  • Different model


2. Working?

When looking to sell a printer is a good idea to be completely upfront and honest with the individual about the printer.

Specifically, it is important to share with them if the printer is working or not.

Other considerations could include any issues with the quality of the printing, being out of alignment, etc.

This is especially important if selling to a close friend or a member of the family.


3. Cleaning

Before selling your printer, you must clean the printer up as much as possible.

This means cleaning the printing heads by doing a cleaning process that is built into the printer, cleaning any keypads, vacuuming the inside of the printer, cleaning the glass, dusting off the exterior, etc.


4. Cartridges

As part of selling your printer, it may be a good idea to also, as part of the sale, give any cartridges that you may have to the unit.

This may help to add to the value of the printer for sale by packaging everything together.


5. If Not Working – Charity

If the computer does not work, you may wish to give it to charity and receive a receipt for your donation.

You can inform the charity that it doesn’t work, and they still will most likely accept it because they have “as is” sales or can put it out into their thrift store, if they operate one, and inform the customer that it is not working.

The customer may choose to buy it anyway for parts.

The charity will issue a receipt that you can use to offset your taxes if you utilize deductions.


6. Include Manual

An added dimension that may add value to the selling of your printer is if you can provide the original manual that came with the printer.

This will help the new owner to understand the various features that the printer offers as well as set up the printer for use with their computer.


7. Include Software

Another added benefit that you can provide for the buyer of the printer is to give them any software that is associated with the printer.

This will save them a significant amount of time searching online for the software, if it is available, and help them with the installation process and maximize the use of the printer.


8. Wipe Memory Clean

Depending upon the sophistication of the printer that you’re planning to sell, it is important to wipe any memory or data that is stored in the unit.

Possibilities of data that may be in the printer could include phone numbers, documents that have been saved, or if the printer has a hard drive, that also needs to be wiped clean.


9. How Much?

The other important question or factor that needs to be addressed is how much you’re going to sell your printer for.

You need to be realistic and not expect full value or resale price for what you paid for the printer.

It has been indicated through various sources that the best rule of thumb is to start with an asking price of one-half when you have had the printer for three years.

Any years less than that or more need to be adjusted accordingly.


10. Shipping

An important consideration is shipping.

When you purchased the printer, it was well packed to protect the various features and insulate the printer from possible rough handling.

When selling this is important if the sale requires this action.




15 Best Sources for Selling a Used Printer for Extra Money


1. Best Buy

As it relates to printers, Best Buy offers two programs.

The one program is that if you purchase a new printer and you bring in your old printer you will receive a 15% discount off of any eligible Hewlett-Packard inkjet printer that you purchase.

Also, Best Buy offers printer owners the option of selling their printer to Best Buy for having the printer recycled.


2. Bonanza

Bonanza is similar to eBay, Amazon, or Etsy.

It is a retail online platform in which individuals can register as a user and can either buy items or sell items.

Through Bonanza, you could upload the pertinent information about the printer that you have for sale, provide a picture and post the item for sale so that an interested individual can come across your printer for sale and buy it if they are interested.


3. Buy Back World

Buy Back World bills itself as an instant cash coding platform.

This simply means that anything that you own can be sold to this Internet retailer.

The process works in that you let the online company know what you have for sale and Buy Back World will offer an upfront quote and if both parties agree upon the deal, in this case, the printer, you will receive cash.

With this site there is no charge for shipping the item to the Internet site and also if purchases are made, there are free returns.


4. CraigsList

You can list your printer for sale on Craigslist.

Craigslist can be likened to the classified ad section of a newspaper but considerably more extensive and far-reaching as it relates to potential customers.

You could list your printer for sale, describe it, possibly mention a few ways the printer can be used, ask for a set price, or best offer, and wait for individuals to contact you.

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You can also post a picture of your printer.


5. Classified Ads

You could always list your printer for sale in the classified section of your local newspaper.

This way your audience would see what you have for sale both through print as well as on their online presence.

You could quickly market the classified ad as a usable printer for a student or young person.

It is important to remember that you are charged for a classified ad by the number of words.


6. eBay

If you have an account on eBay, you can list your used printer for sale.

There may be buyers for this printer who simply want a used printer and that is all they need or they may want to buy this printer for parts.

If you do not have an account, it is easy to set up by just providing personal and banking information, submitting that information as part of the registration process and you will be ready to sell not only printers but other items that you may have around your home.

When advertising the sale of your printer, it is good to take good photographs that capture the printer and all of the features available to show its good condition.


7. Sell Used Printers

At SellUsedPrinters their primary goal in buying used printers is because of their commitment to be environmentally friendly and decrease the effect on the environment.

On their website, there is a form that you fill out.

The form requires:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • City, State, ZIP Code
  • And manufacturer and model of the printer

Once submitted you will be connected with a representative.

If everyone agrees to the purchase price, the ranchers and shipped and payment is received.


8. Social Media

Through your social media website, you could advertise that you are selling your used printer and are planning to upgrade to a new one.

You can share with your followers that your current printer works perfectly fine and that you would even make available extra cartridges that you have for the printer will, of course, if you have them.


9. Pawn Shops

A retailer that may be interested in your printer could be a pawn shop owner.

By giving the pawn shop owner your printer, you are in essence taking out a loan and using the printer as collateral.

After the period has elapsed and you do not buy back the printer, with interest, then the printer becomes the property of the pawn shop owner and he or she can sell it in their store.


10. Oodle

A marketplace in which you can list items for sale can be found at Oodle.

Its format is similar to Craiglist in which you access the site, your particular geographical area, and list your item for sale.

Some of the selling or advertising areas for individuals to purchase products include:

  • Merchandize
  • Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Tickets
  • And more

It would appear that the printers would be listed under merchandize.

The site allows for a full description of the product, and printer, along with the opportunity to post a picture.

There is no charge to post an item for sale on this website.


11. Global Garage

Global Garage provides the service of trying to find a buyer for your printer.

A seller signup registration is required and as much information about the printer as possible.

Videos, documentation, and other means can be submitted.

Global Garage will then try to find a buyer and aid in the inspection process.

A fee is charged by Global Garage for this process.


12. JJ Bender

By filling out an online form with JJ Bender you will be contacted by a representative from this company to see if a deal can be brokered to sell your printer.

If the bid provided to you is acceptable the printer will be mailed in and if the printer is in the condition agreed upon you will receive payment.

JJ Bender will refurbish the printer and then make it available for sale.


13. Recycler

If your printer is rather old or is not working and you feel that it would be more work to sell your printer for money than what you could gain monetarily, then a good place to sell your printer would be to a recycler.

Often a recycler will take the printer as is and will recycle the item for parts so that they can be reused again in different units.

The amount of money that you would get by taking your printer to a recycler would be minimal, but you would receive something for your time as well as knowing that you are doing the right thing as it relates to the environment.


14. Buy Printers

Buy Printers has an online presence and has been buying printers since 1991.

They take the used printers repair and refurbish them and can sell them to customers through their online presence.

The process of starting to make the transaction with MyPrinters in selling your printer is by calling 1.888-654-3376.


15. Friends

If the printer is in good working order it could start as a starter printer for a member of the household.

You could offer a 30-day guarantee that if for any reason they weren’t satisfied with the printer or it didn’t work as they expected you would take back the printer, no questions asked.

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Personal Story

When working for a not-for-profit, we were always inundated with several computer items that individuals wished to donate to us.

We would receive a variety of items that included actual computers, laptops, monitors, and of course printers.

Being a not-for-profit, we always wanted to honor the individual’s wishes and appreciate their thinking of us in this way so we endeavored to use to the best of our ability the items that were donated.

On one particular occasion, there was a new but cheap model of an Epson colored printer that was donated so I decided to give it a try to see if I could get it to work and utilize it for my color business printing.

After some significant time searching online for the software, I was able to achieve success and felt like I had finally arrived as it related to coming in through the 21st century and having a color printer.


Selling Your Used Printer FAQs


Can Printers Be Recycled?

Yes, printers can be recycled and are one of the more common household electronic items that go this route.


What is the Smallest Printer That is Available for the Consumer?

One of the smallest printers is made by Canon with the dimensions being 12.7 x 7.3 x 2.6 in.

This small printer weighs 6.7 band and does print in color.

It can print up to 330 pages on full charge.


You Can Do It

Being the practical and environmentally conscious individual that you are you don’t want to just throw away your printer.

You want to recycle it and one of the ways that you can recycle a printer is getting into the hands of somebody else that can use it and if getting paid to do so everybody wins.



As it relates to technology not only are the speeds of our computers being enhanced to increase our productivity but even the internet is getting a significant boost from greater speeds of connectivity.

To provide these enhancements, there is a constant opportunity for upgrades both in software and hardware that affect all aspects of the computer system including the printer.

Consequently, the question arises as to what to do with the hardware that we currently have and is being upgraded.

One of those options is to sell these items to others.

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