You can easily sell a trailer if you know the tips and sources in this article.

It reveals very helpful tips and best sources to consider for selling your trailer.



There are different types of trailers that are available and designed for multi-functional uses.

For example, there are utility trailers that are hitched to the back of vehicles and on or in those trailers are placed pieces of equipment, lawn trimmings, trash, household goods, etc.

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There also are trailers that are used to transport animals from one location to another.

One such trailer is known as the horse trailer.

Then, there are trailers that transfer and accommodate people, and these trailers are known as trailer homes.

A trailer home can attach to the back of a truck and is known as a fifth wheel, there are self-contained trailers that are motorized and don’t need another vehicle to be utilized in the process of moving and then there are trailers that can attach to the back of a vehicle through a “hitch” process.

Owning a trailer can be an important piece of property to own depending upon one’s lifestyle and what they enjoy doing with their free time, where they live, (if a ranch) or their occupation.

Trailers are generally constructed well and built to last due to the various uses and paces that these trailers are put through.

However, the time may come when you need to sell your trailer when upgrading or possibly experiencing a lifestyle change.

If considering the selling of your trailer it may be helpful to know a few tips and tricks and where to sell your trailer.


15 Awesome Tips to Help You Sell a Trailer


1. Know the Selling Price

When wishing to sell a trailer it is important to have a good idea of how much the resale value of the trailer is.

If selling a trailer home, a site that you can go to find out the value of your RV is

If selling a utility trailer, a website that you can access to find a ballpark value or worth of your trailer can be found by going to

In either case, the value may be more or less depending upon the condition that the trailer is in.

In determining the selling price, it is best to hit upon a figure and allow for any negotiating room when talking with a potential buyer.


2. Fixing Minor Items

When in the process of selling your trailer, it is important to do a visual of your trailer and fix some of the minor issues that may need attention with your trailer.

For example, if the trailer you are selling is a utility trailer and has a broken rear light it would be a good decision to fix that light to indicate to the potential seller that you are safety conscious and have maintained the trailer for effective use.

With an RV, it may be as minor as a sticking cabinet door, faucet fixture, etc.

It is not generally suggested that major repairs be accomplished on the trailer prior to selling.


3. Service

Prior to listing your trailer home, it would be a good idea to have the rig serviced.

This does not mean an extensive overhaul of all of the systems but merely a good look under the hood and making sure that everything is running fine, the belts are engaged, the oil is changed, check the fluid levels, etc.

This would be a good idea to an individual who is looking to buy your trailer to ensure that everything is functioning fine as it relates to the engine.


4. Deep Clean

In preparation for selling your trailer, it would be a good idea to do a deep cleaning.

The deep cleaning could involve the use of a pressure washer to remove any dirt and debris around the utility trailer frame, underneath the platform area, the tires, etc.

With a travel trailer, it would be appropriate to scrub down the outside from top to bottom as well as clean the inside and make it look presentable to the potential new owner.

As a suggestion, it may be worth the investment in a traveler trailer to engage a cleaning company to clean the inside of the trailer home.


5. Organized

To add value and to make sure that you get top dollar for your sale it is important to provide any records that you may have as it relates to any maintenance performed on the trailers.

For the RV it could include any repairs conducted, any upgrades, oil changes, transmission or radiator repair work, etc.

With the utility trailer, it could be documentation reflecting the purchasing of new tires, any repair on the frame, replacement of any floorboards, etc.

Showing your organization and all of the maintenance records that you have will speak volumes to the potential owner that you have maintained your trailer, performed the necessary maintenance work, and had documentation to verify that work was done.


6. Honest

Honesty is the best policy and when conducting the sale of the trailer it is best to be candid with the individual, as that is what you would want, and share with them any issues that the trailer is experiencing prior to being sold.

For example, if the seal around the refrigerator door needs replacing but you as the owner knew that you were going to sell the RV and you put off the replacement of that seal.

You can point out that issue to the potential buyer.

It would be a good idea if the sale is made, that any issues are noted on the documentation so everyone understands any minor issues that may exist so that full disclosure was involved and yet both parties agreed to the sale.


7. Staging

As it relates to selling a traveling home it is important to understand that aesthetics is everything.

Therefore, just as if you are selling a non-mobile home, it is important that you stage the bedrooms and the living areas

This means that perhaps on the child’s bed some toys are placed on the bed, in the master bedroom decorative pillows are laid out.

Also, a picture or two in the living area as well as a vase of flowers, etc. will go a long way towards creating a homey environment.


8. Photos

When listing the trailer on a variety of websites it is important that in addition to the description of the trailer you add photos.

The photos do not have to be professional.

They need to be clear and not distorted and capture all angles of the trailer in order to give the potential buyer a full visual of what the trailer looks like.

If selling a trailer home, it is important to not only provide pictures of the outside but the inside as well.


9. Include Features

When listing the trailer, it is also important to describe any features that are unique to the trailer that you are selling.

For example, if you are selling a trailer home, it is important to let the individuals looking to purchase a trailer know that the trailer has a motorized foldout canopy that can be extended as a shelter from the sun and rain.

Also, if the utility trailer has just recently been equipped with two new wheels that need to be listed as well as that will add value to the sales price.


10. History

As a possible selling strategy, it may be in your best interest to share the history of the trailer that you are wishing to sell.

In your brief description you can talk about the travel trailer you could talk about limited or extensive travel or if selling a utility trailer, you can talk about its use just inside the city limits and utilized to haul trash, junk, debris, etc.



11. Details

When describing your trailer, it is important to use evaluation words to describe the condition of the trailer.

Some of those words could include:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Excellent


12. When to Sell

As they say, “timing is everything” and so it is with the selling of a trailer or RV trailer.

Right now, as of this writing, gas prices are sky high and that alone may negate the present being a time to sell an RV.

Setting the gas prices aside, the best time to sell an RV is:

  • When financing is low
  • Dealer inventory is low
  • Demand is high
  • And just before the summer camping season begins


13. Negotiate

If you get a response to your advertisement, it is important to realize that the individual may choose to negotiate with you.

Obviously, they want to get the best deal that they can and spend the least amount of money as well.

With the negotiation, you should start out at the high price range of the asking price, and then if you are willing to negotiate meet somewhere in between his counteroffer and your counteroffer.

It is a good idea to have a figure in mind that you are willing to consider as an acceptable purchase offer.


14. Bill of Sale

At some point in time, a potential buyer will contact you and ask if you two can meet so that he can take a look at the trailer.

Most likely he will inspect the trailer and if satisfied with what he or she sees and is willing to purchase the trailer then it is time to agree upon a price.

Once that price has been agreed upon, there are typically two forms of payment that you can accept, one would be cash and the other would be a check.

The best alternative between the two would be to take cash.

Once the transaction is made then it is important to write up a bill of sale.

A bill of sale is a legal document that indicates that the sale was transacted and provides the necessary information so that everything can be recorded legally at the DMV.

There are many templates online that you can download and utilize, or you can most likely get a form from your Department of Motor Vehicles.

One of those sites that you can access to download a template for a bill of sale can be found at

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After you have included your address and name have the buyer fill out their information on the form.

You will need to pay taxes on the transaction.


15. Transfer Title

Because a trailer is considered a motor vehicle, there is a pink slip or title of ownership involved and you will need to sign that title over to the new owner.

Each state has its own process and therefore it is important to check with your state of residency to find out what that process is.

Once the title has been transferred then have the buyer sign and the transaction between you and the buyer is complete.


12 Best Sources for Selling a Trailer


1. RV Dealer

If you own a trailer home, a fairly quick way of selling that trailer home to an interested buyer would be to deal with an RV dealership.

You may or may not be in the market for a new or newer RV trailer and if so you can use your RV trailer as a trade-in and receive the value offered to you for that motor home towards the purchase of a newer or new RV.

If not interested in purchasing a new trailer home the dealership may provide you an offer that will be at the low end of the scale, most likely, and it will be up to you to know what your lowest figure is that you will take.


2. Craigslist

At you can list your trailer for sale and include the narrative or description of the trailer that you are selling.

You can also upload a photograph of the trailer so that any interested individuals can get a good look at what is available for sale.

This is a good site and is localized for your area and is a good platform for individuals to meet to provide a number of services as well as opportunities to buy and sell items.


3. Social Media

A platform that you can utilize is social media platforms and if you have a significant presence on these platforms the better the opportunity to sell a trailer that you own.

You could also ask your friends and family members, who may have a more intense presence on social media, to also mention on their sites you are selling a trailer or RV trailer home.

Social media platforms include:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat


4. Classified Ad

One of the tried-and-true methods of selling an item is through your local newspaper.

You could pay for a classified ad and have the paper run the ad on a certain day of the week so that there would be greater visibility.

Typically, the best day of the week that will have the most visibility is Sunday.

The only drawback with a classified ad is that you would not be able to post a picture and remember that the cost for the classified ad depends upon how many descriptive words you use.

Check out the following related articles for more tips:


5. Travel Magazines

If you have a trailer home that you wish to sell more than likely you know that RV traveling is big business.

There are a variety of ways that individuals travel which could be alone or also travel in groups and go on various excursions together around the country.

In addition, to facilitate and encourage people to RV there are a variety of magazines available that are specifically designed to inform and reach the RV customer.

Some of these RV/Travel magazines will list RVs for sale. One such site is


6. RV Parks

As they say, in order to get to fish you need to go where the fish are.

In this instance, if you own an RV trailer, you can put up for sale signs in your RV with a contact phone number.

As you continue to use your RV in traveling from RV site to RV site, the possibility of people noticing that your RV is for sale has potential.


7. Yard Sign

A passive way of selling your trailer, whether it is a utility trailer or an RV, is to simply put up a sign that you can purchase at an office supply store or another retailer in which you can write on the sign for sale and place it in the window or on the trailer itself.

The trailer can be parked on a street so that individuals when they pass by will see that it is advertised for sale.

It also would be a good idea to check with any local city ordinances to make sure that where you park the vehicle or the trailer for sale that it is not against any city ordinances.


8. RV Websites

There are also a number of websites that deal strictly with the purchasing of new and used RVs.

Therefore, these websites will sometimes make an offer to purchase your RV if it is for sale.

One of those websites can be found at


9. eBay

At you can learn how to list vehicles for sale on eBay.

The process is fairly straightforward as it includes:

  • Preparing your vehicle for the sale
  • Create the listing
  • Manage the listing
  • And complete the scale


10. Contacting Local Construction Companies

If you have a utility trailer a more aggressive way that you can try to sell that utility trailer is by reaching out to certain companies.

One of those companies can be in the construction industry as typically these businesses are always utilizing utility trailers to transport goods and products from construction site to construction site.

You can ask the individual who you call who to talk to and ask them to transfer your call and then just simply make your pitch that you have this utility trailer for sale, the dimensions, size, and state your price.


11. Third-Party

Another opportunity that presents itself in selling a trailer or RV is to go through a third party.

A third party is a company or an entity that is connected with customers that are looking for an RV.

The company matches their need with your RV.

Such a site can be found at https//

If utilizing a third party, it is important to understand that they will assess a fee for their part or role that they play in the sale.

Therefore, the final sale amount will be provided to you minus their commission fee.


12. Donate to Charity

An option that you can exercise as it relates to selling a trailer or trailer home is to donate the item to charity.

The process involves the charity taking possession, paying all of the associated fees, and issuing you a tax receipt that you can use when you file your taxes.

Some charities also provide a gift card which is their way of saying thank you.

The benefit to engaging in this process is that you help a charity, receive a tax deduction, and feel good about your involvement.


Personal Story

I owned a Mazda Rx3 that I purchased in 1974.

7 years later and many mid-country cross trips later I decided to sell the vehicle based on the fact that I had taken on a job and one of the perks of the job was that they provided a vehicle.

I ran an ad in the local newspaper and listed the car for sale with the asking price of $1,000.

A few days later I received a call from an interested buyer and a time was set up the following day for him to look at the vehicle and see if this was something that he wanted to purchase.

We met, the engine was popped open, the tires were checked, etc. and the buyer agreed upon the $1,000 and the sale was made.

He became the proud owner of a rotary engine vehicle, and I came away with $1,000 along with 7 years of fond memories of times traveled in that vehicle with our family of four.

It was a bitter/sweet experience.

All that to say, in retrospect, I can’t recall producing a bill of sale, obtaining a receipt or for the new owner asking for one and I can’t recall whether I transferred the ownership of the vehicle through the proper channels required by DMV.

So naïve.


Selling Your Trailer FAQs


Does It Make Sense to Buy a New Trailer?

Financially it has been demonstrated that if you buy a new trailer and once taken off of the lot it will depreciate in value by 21%.


Do I Have to Notify My DMV When I Sell My Trailer?

It is important to check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

They may require a “Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability.”

When this document is filed it notifies DMV of ownership transfer which will release you from any possibility of liability.

Examples of liability could include:

  • Parking violations
  • Traffic violations
  • Civil litigation

Also, if required, you will have a set time frame to file this document.


You Can Do It

You have a trailer to sell.

It could be a utility trailer, or it could be an RV trailer.

Despite the differences in the items, the process is basically the same and you can make the sale through a variety of resources available to you plus adhering to a number of tips.



As Roger Miller crooned, “Trailers for sale or rent” so is the case with you as you have a trailer that you would like to sell.

The trailer can be a utility trailer or an RV trailer but the tips for selling are basically the same except flowers placed on a table in the RV rather than on the utility trailer are probably going to be more effective.

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