Many moms take a few years off when their children are young.

However, once the kids are in school, these moms look for jobs to do during school hours.

The jobs need to be flexible and allow moms to get the kids to school in the morning and then be there again in the afternoon.


Why School Hour Jobs for Moms?

Moms who are the primary caregiver need to be available before and after school hours. They also need to be available when the kids are sick.

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The 20 jobs suggested in this article meet both of these requirements to varying degrees.

Higher paying jobs are somewhat harder to manage, but it is possible.


20 Best School Hours Jobs for Moms to Do During School Hour


1. Business Owner

Starting your own business represents the best opportunity for controlling your schedule, making decent money, and doing what you love.

It will be difficult to get started, and there is a risk of failure.

But the opportunity from owning your own business is worth it.

Check with local professional organizations for support with breaking into the market. Consider hiring professional advisors.

Be sure the market shows a high demand for your business.

Advertising will be critical.

Consider a variety of ways to reach your audience, such as:

  • Social media
  • Targeted online advertising
  • Flyers
  • Sponsoring local sports teams


2. Part-time Warehouse Associate

The pandemic showed how essential warehouse employees are to supplying businesses with products.

Many warehouses have part-time hours, including a 9 a.m to 1:30 p.m. shift.

Warehouses pay $15 to $20 or more and require no experience or advanced education.

Many are even offering $1,000 to $3,000 sign on bonuses if you are vaccinated.

A warehouse job would be one of the easiest, well-paid jobs for a mom to do during school hours.

However, it is physically demanding.

This job has the added bonus for taking the place of a gym membership, but the physical requirements may be a barrier to this job for some moms.


3. Cafeteria Monitor

Many elementary schools need cafeteria monitors to help supervise and assist kids during lunch.

This is another job that is easy for moms to do during school hours and that does not require experience.

A cafeteria monitor probably only makes $20,000 to $30,000.

But since the job is only a few hours a day and not particularly difficult, this may be enough for a lot of moms looking for part-time work.


4. Custom Crafter or Artist

Selling custom crafts or art online can be done during school hours.

Moms would just need to create a website and social media to get started.

This job would require certain skills, but would be rewarding and enjoyable.

To ensure flexibility, be careful not to take too many orders.

To be successful, moms should track their orders including deadlines, and how much they are paid.

They should consider speaking with professionals about taxes and maybe forming an LLC or other business to protect them.


5. Volunteer

Some moms do not need to earn money with their jobs during school hours.

Moms who are more interested in rewarding work should consider volunteering.

There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities.

To find one, first identify the type of work you want to do or if there are any special skills that make you more helpful for certain organizations.

For example, people with law degrees may provide pro bono legal advice to a non-profit organization.

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6. Professional Organizer

Becoming a professional organizer is another flexible, easy-entry job for moms to do during school hours.

Being a professional organizer does not require certification or training, but programs for certification and training exist.

Getting started as a professional organizer just takes finding a neighbor, friend, or family member who needs some help.

To set your rates, call around to other professional organizers in your area.

Like with other freelance jobs, you may need to speak with a tax or business professional to make sure you are doing everything legally.

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7. Realtor

Returning to work as a realtor is a popular, traditional option for moms.

Whether you have experience as a realtor or not, when the housing market is booming, you can make great money being a realtor while the kids are in school.

Most states require licenses and training for realtors.

However, this training usually does not take long or cost too much.

The downside to being a realtor is that you may have to work some afternoons and weekends.

At times, you may work long hours and have little flexibility if you have an emergency.

Working with an agency will provide you with support in the event of an emergency.

And working as a team with other realtors may make it possible to work fewer hours.


8. Online Teacher

Many websites hire moms to teach classes online.

If you have special training, you can make $100+ for each class.

For example, web developers who teach classes at charge $25+ per child per class.

Although you will have to pay Outschool a 30% fee, you can still earn a lot of money teaching these classes.

Other websites for teaching online are:


9. Virtual Assistant

As more professionals, like lawyers and therapists, move to remote and online work, they no longer need in person assistants.

Instead, they hire virtual assistants for a few hours a day to just do a few tasks.

Some beginners virtual assistant jobs are easier to get and do if you have special training.

For example, legal assistants often have a certification showing they have the skills necessary to work in the legal field.

But the training is not too demanding or costly.

Working as a virtual assistant can be well-paid and challenging.

Moms have the patience, attention to detail, and customer skills needed to succeed as virtual assistants.


10. Freelance Graphic Designer

Moms who are freelance graphic designers during school hours earn great money and have a lot of flexibility with their time.

This is one of the jobs that requires special experience, though.

Build a portfolio of your best work before listing yourself on a freelance website.

Plan to start at a lower pay rate, perhaps $15 to $20 per hour, but as you gain experience, your pay should increase to $35 to $50 or more.


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11. Life Coach

A significant portion of the workforce has decided to change careers due to the pandemic.

Many would benefit from a life coach giving advice on the best careers for them and how to best accomplish a new career.

Moms who have experience in career advising should consider working as a life coach during school hours.

They can earn $15 to over $150 per hour, set their own hours, and enjoy a rewarding work experience.


School hours jobs


12. Adjunct Professor

Local colleges sometimes hire adjunct professors to teach a class.

Although moms may not be able to pick when the class is offered, the time commitment should be doable.

This job is best for moms with specialized education and experience.

For example, certified nurses often teach classes at local colleges.

The pay for an adjunct professor varies based on location, field, and experience.

But you can combine this job with others to create a flexible work experience that meets your needs.


13. Landscape Architect

Moms who enjoy outdoor design should consider working as a landscape architect.

You may need to take some classes, but the job would be interesting and pay well.

Even if you do not have any experience as a landscape architect, you should invest in your future if you are interested.

Although becoming a landscape architect may take a year or two, you likely have at least 20 years left in your career.

Finding work that you love is worth it.


14. Insurance Adjuster

Moms have great negotiation skills from haggling with kids all day for years, so they do well as insurance adjusters.

Most states require training and licenses for insurance adjusters, but you may be able to do this in just a few weeks.

Insurance adjusters spend a lot of time meeting with customers and providing claim estimates.

Insurance companies frequently hire insurance adjusters, so finding work in this field should be easy.

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15. Customer Service

Moms can work in customer service during school hours for many companies.

This work is usually remote and pays about as well as most hourly, part-time jobs.

Customer service often does not require experience, but if you have specialized skills, you can do higher-paid customer service jobs.

For example, moms with IT experience could do IT help desk work for higher pay.


16. Grant Writer

Moms with good writing skills could work as grant writers.

You get paid $30 or more for each grant and only need your computer to get started.

Most clients prefer grant writers to have a bachelor’s degree and experience.

To gain experience, consider signing up for a freelance website and taking any grant writing job available, regardless of pay.

Once you have built a portfolio, it will be easier to find higher paying jobs.

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17. Freelance Full Stack Developer

Moms with experience as a full stack developer may find it hard to re-enter the workforce after being home with the kids for a few years.

But they should not let these skills go to waste.

There is a high demand for full stack developers.

Consider offering your skills on a freelance basis so you can control your hours and only work during school hours.

Full stack developers are one of the highest paid freelancing positions, with many earning over $100,000, even on a part-time basis.


18. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

Gyms hire moms to teach fitness classes or be personal trainers during school hours.

If you have a passion for fitness classes and have taken them for years, you may find a position like this.

Some fitness instructor or personal trainer positions may prefer people with certifications and training, but smaller gyms often do not.


19. Podcaster

If you have a special interest that others would like to learn about, consider starting your own podcast.

This would be flexible and rewarding.

Getting started with a podcast may take a lot of work and it may never pay off.

But if you can build a following of listeners, you can be successful with a podcast.

The most successful podcasts bring in millions of dollars, but even averagely successful podcasts make a decent amount.


20. Voiceover Artist

Voiceover actors record everything from advertisements to training videos.

You may need to invest in a home recording studio.

If you decide to invest in home recording equipment, be sure to research the best quality equipment.

Pay is better for high quality voice recordings.


Jobs for Moms During School Hours FAQs


What Are the Best Jobs for Moms Who Need Flexible Hours?

Some of the jobs suggested here provide more flexibility in the situation where you have an emergency.

Freelance jobs where you set the due date are more flexible, such as graphic designer and full stack development.

If you do not have much of a support system, it is a good idea to maintain flexibility when taking on new work.

Try not to overextend yourself.


What Are the Best Jobs for Moms Without College Degrees?

Many of the jobs on this list do not require advanced education.

Some of these include owning your own business, podcaster, fitness instructor, and cafeteria monitor.

If you are a mom just looking for readily-available work during school hours, these options are better than ones requiring education or licenses you do not have, such as realtor or insurance adjuster.


What Are the Best Paying Jobs for Moms to Do During School Hours?

The best paying jobs for moms to do during school hours are ones requiring specialized skills.

These include full stack developer and freelance artist.

The best paying jobs that do not require specialized skills are ones like warehouse associate and owning your own business.

These often involve difficult physical requirements or a lot of time.


 Are There Programs to Help Moms Return to Work?

Many companies have developed returnships for moms who have been out of the workforce for a few years.

These are most common in the STEM field, but some companies accept moms with any bachelor’s degree.

The programs last for around six to 12 weeks and are paid.

They refresh your skills and give you recent experience for your resume.



As this article has shown, there are many jobs moms can do during school hours.

They should not limit themselves to gig work, though.

Jobs like virtual assistant, landscape architect, and adjunct professor are rewarding and pay well.

Other jobs are easy to break into and frequently posted, like warehouse associate and grant writer.

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