Wondering what the best scalable business ideas are, for making money?

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The philosopher Plato states in Plato’s Republic that “Our need will be the real creator.”

Another way of expressing this truism is that “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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During the last two years of 2020 and 2021, the world, including the United States, was at a crossroads where individuals were not permitted to work because of the pandemic.

However, the need for money was not affected by the pandemic and the reality was that money still needed to stream into the American household in addition to government programs and stimulus checks.

This necessity brought about the dynamic of remote working and a greater emphasis on freelancing and individuals starting businesses.

An added component to starting a business was to increase the income side of the ledger but not increase expenses.

By definition, this is the meaning of a scalable business or company.

With the previous two years somewhat behind us let us look at good business ideas that can be defined as scalable in our effort to make money.


25 Best Money Making Scalable Business Ideas


1. Consultant 

If you have business acumen and a penchant for evaluating business processes, a perspective on evaluating a company’s morale, and an understanding of the need for leadership training, then the possibility of being a business consultant would be a great scalable business opportunity.

A business consultant is invited into the workplace to assess the business practices of a company.

The concern of the leadership could include low morale, high rate of turnover, low productivity, etc.

A business consultant will be based on their experience and education, observe all that is going on and then make recommendations to the leadership.

As part of the service, the consultant may also provide training, leadership assessment tests, etc.

Advertising your services as a business consultant can be done by directing web traffic to your website, utilizing social media platforms, employing a marketing individual to maximize SEO writing, use of LinkedIn, etc.


2. Home Stager

A home stager is like an interior decorator but more temporarily in that they will stage or decorate a home that is for sale to make the home more inviting and appealing.

A home stager will understand the various components of bringing out the unique features of a home that often contribute to the successful sale of the residence.

You can advertise your service by visiting realtors in your area, offering a presentation on staging to a realtor’s association, utilizing social media platforms, also incorporating before and after pictures on sites such as your Instagram platform, etc.


3. Exercise 

Many individuals wish to get in shape, especially after being isolated and at home for the last couple of years.

A good business to inaugurate or grow would be a physical fitness trainer.

Depending upon your state of residency will dictate what certification or degrees you will need to qualify as an official trainer.

You could also earn certification by taking an online course which may be the only certification or accreditation needed in some states.

To build up clientele, you can promote yourself through the various social media platforms, if you have permission to post before and after pictures of some of your customers, visit physical fitness training centers and offer to work with the Jones and Sherry portion revenue, etc.


4. Pet Services 

People and families have always enjoyed their pets.

Typical pets within the household could include dogs, cats, birds, and other assorted added members to the family.

As part of a business idea, you can provide pet care to the four-legged or winged members of the family.

Additionally, it would be important to bring a unique dimension to the service as there are several services available in which individuals will pet sit or walk the animals for exercise.

Perhaps, as an added dimension, you can offer to shop for needed pet supplies or, even take the pet to the local veterinarian for their checkups or shots.


5. E-books 

If you have a certain writing flair and are passionate about a certain subject, you could write an e-book.

The e-book could be a short story that is creatively written and imagined by your mind.

Another possibility would be the creation of an e-book used as a tutorial on how to do or create something, or the e-book could be a unique feature of your life that you believe will resonate with others and inspire them.

To learn more about the production of any book and following through on its publication you can go to www.kdp.amazon.com.


6. Online Courses 

An educational business idea is to sell courses that you have created.

For example, if you’re an accountant, many courses that you may have or can create could include accounting for charities, an elementary accounting course, understanding the balance sheet, various types of accounting software, etc.

Once you have completed these courses you can upload these educational documents to various websites.

One such website is www.teachable.com.


7. Drop Shipping 

Dropshipping is a strategy used by retailers in which the individual involved does not directly manage or distribute their product.

The power of the dropshipping strategy is that there are no inventories to maintain.

Rather, if an order is received from the customer, the order is fulfilled by a third-party company.

One such third-party company is www.shopify.com.


8. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is an individual who is comfortable in piecing together various types of images or motion graphics to create a designed piece.

Often a graphic designer is in demand for items that need to be published or printed or utilize electronic media.

Some of those publications include brochures and various types of advertising,

Ways to promote your business would be through your website, social media platforms, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

You can also look through freelance websites such as www.fiverr.com or job posting websites such as www.indeed.com.


9. Translation 

As the global economic market becomes smaller and smaller and business can be conducted overseas as well as locally, the need for translation and a translator is increasing.

If you are bilingual or have access to bilingual individuals, your company can provide translation services for your clients in facilitating the communication between your client and their customers.

You can advertise your company’s service through social media platforms, your website, and by visiting companies that deal internationally within your community or have a need locally for translation services.


10. Personal Shopper 

Many corporations and big businesses will sometimes present a gift to their clients or prospective clients as a token of their appreciation.

To secure these gifts of appreciation, an individual that they will utilize is a personal shopper.

A scalable business idea is to become a personal shopper.

The personal shopper will purchase items based on their insight, creativity, use of their imagination, etc to shop on behalf of the business for the client.


11. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is an individual who has the skill set of organizing, planning, working with customers, associates within the business, etc. as it relates to office procedures and engaging with the community.

The position of a virtual assistant can be done virtually or remotely from one’s home.

Specifically, a virtual assistant will answer phones, provide answers to questions of a general nature, direct various calls as instructed by management, keep the calendars for individuals, etc.


12. Web Development 

If you are technology savvy and know about coding, a business idea that is in great demand is web development.

Businesses understand the importance of a quality webpage as it relates to promoting their business and not only retaining customers but reaching new customers.

You can create these sites for other businesses and allow the power, effectiveness, and layout of your quality webpage to be an indicator to other businesses of your professional capabilities.


13. Resume Writer 

A business idea to make money in which additional customers can be added without adding to the expense side of the ledger is through resume writing.

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A resume writer is an individual who has an extensive vocabulary as it relates to describing an individual’s work, education, experience, etc.

A resume writer provides a product that is grammatically correct and error-free of spelling mistakes.

A resume is the first introduction of a candidate to a job posting and should be an eye-catching, dynamic, and accurate portrayal of an individual’s work experience.

Many employment seekers utilize a professional resume writer to provide that all-important document.

Marketing can be accomplished through social media websites, word-of-mouth, LinkedIn, and meet and greet sessions with other business leaders in the community.


14. Blogs 

Another business idea is to create a blog.

A blog can be an interesting read to many individuals especially when it resonates with others with the same interests.

Blogging topics could include sports, current events, offering advice, relationships, sharing events that are happening in your life that others may find useful, etc.

A blog can be set up using a website such as www.bluehost.com. Revenue may be generated by the blog followers with the potential of sponsors.


15. Event Planning 

An event planner is an organizer that utilizes their skills of providing attention to the smallest of details, organizing, being creative, etc.

Many individuals, to enjoy the event, will employ an event planner to take on the role of planning the event to completion.

An event planner may also work with a caterer, secure a venue, and work out an agreement with entertainers.

Check out more business ideas for making money:


16. Tutoring 

If an individual has an aptitude for teaching and a skill that is in demand as it relates to tutoring, this is a strong possibility of a good business idea.

The tutoring can be done via technology through such programs as Zoom, or the tutoring can be done in person at an individual’s home or other conducive location.

The tutoring options could include specialized teaching for the student in various classroom studies such as science, math, English, or tutoring of learning how to play a musical instrument.


17. Bookkeeping 

Due to the recent pandemic and workers performing their job functions remotely, many businesses see the value of utilizing freelancers and outsourcing their work.

One such job can be the work of a bookkeeper who can work remotely and have all of the needed data sent to them via technology so that they can use the software utilized by the company.

Sometimes the software can be cloud-based which makes it even more efficient for a bookkeeper to fulfill this role of keeping a company’s books remotely.

Additionally, a bookkeeper, pending upon the size of the business that they contract with, can maintain the books for several businesses, which will increase profitability.


18. Etsy 

If you have a specific craft or hobby that you enjoy, a great way of turning this into a scalable business is to sell these items on various websites.

One such website is www.etsy.com.

Through this website, you can create an account and open up a virtual store and begin to display your items for sale.


19. Handyman 

If you have a broad knowledge of plumbing, drywall repair, painting, etc. then the opportunity as a handyman will provide a good business idea to make money.

A handyman is often utilized by a homeowner to repair a number of these items around the home and at a reduced cost rather than using a professional service.


20. Vending Machines 

A scalable business idea is an investment in a vending machine franchise.

The overhead is low as there are no employees, inventory can be purchased at a reduced cost to provide passive income, and oversight of vending machines does not take a considerable amount of time.


21. Grant Writer 

A business idea that is in great demand for an experienced writer is in the area of grant writing.

Usually, a grant is written to promote an idea that needs to be implemented in the community but lacks startup funds.

A grant writer will be able to help the not-for-profit identify potential grantors and write a powerful grant that addresses all the needed components of a successful grant application.

A successful experience grant writer can command a quality hourly rate or a fee for the total project.


22. Creative Writer 

Through such freelance websites as www.upwork.com, an individual who has creative writing abilities can find consistent work.

Often, on these websites, you will find job postings that are looking for an individual to write an autobiography or a creative story in which they ghostwrite for the individual.


23. Print on Demand 

If you enjoy doing graphic design, an opportunity that can increase business without additional investment is your involvement in a website such as www.shopify.com.

Upon registering, a virtual store is opened up for you and you can display the graphics that you have designed.

The buyer can then purchase those graphics and have them printed on a variety of products including T-shirts, coffee mugs, purses, wallets, etc.

The website does all of the printing and fulfillment of the order and you receive the income minus any fees assessed by the partnering website.


24. Website Testing 

A business idea that helps other individuals and companies with feedback on their website is offering a website testing service.

As a website tester, you will provide suggestions to the website developer who may have missed a detail or an added important dimension.

Work through this business idea can be found by accessing www.usertesting.com.


25. SEO 

Search engine optimization or SEO is a writing process that improves the visibility and discovery of a website when a customer uses certain words in their browsing for a service.

An SEO writer can place themselves in the web browser’s computer chair and anticipate the words that the potential customer will use in looking for a particular service.

For example, as an SEO writer, you’re writing for a plumbing company, and the plumbing company has a website that talks about low-cost plumbing fixtures, repair of leaky faucets, installation of water heaters, free estimates, guarantees, etc.

As a writer, you will want to write articles for your client that incorporates these keywords based on any articles that the plumbing company wants to be written.

Therefore, when a potential customer is looking for a plumber and utilizes these keywords, the return for the web browser will have on their populated screen this particular company.

The search engine optimization process should have a certain level of saturation of keywords so that the possibility of the company being located by the customer who needs the plumbing service will be revealed.


Personal Story

In 1995, I registered the name of my business with the county that I lived in.

This start-up was going to earn me money and fulfill a passion of mine.

I continued to look for regular employment, after losing my previous job, but decided to still write on the odd occasion to earn extra money which sometimes came in handy.

It wasn’t until my recent retirement that once again I picked up the “pen” and began to write more consistently to supplement our retirement income.

All that to say is that the business that I chose, writing, required no inventory, insignificant associated expenses, low overhead, and yet the opportunity to increase the customer base was always a possibility.

Today, that desire is still strong but has become even more intense as the desire has almost transformed into a necessity for us to maintain a livable standard of living.




How Many New Businesses Were Created or Started in 2021?

2021 created a new record for applications that were filed to form a new business.

That figure came in at nearly 5.4 million applications.


What Major Sector in the Business Community Saw the Greatest Increase in 2021?

The business sector that saw the most increase in new business applications was in the category of transportation and warehousing.

This category was then followed by retail trade, food services, administrative and support, and other services.


You Can Do It

Part of the incubation process in creating a new business not only includes an idea, a commitment, use of skill and talent but also something even more empowering.

That empowerment comes from your perseverance and dedication to doing whatever it takes to be successful and following your dreams and meeting your needs.



The recent period of transition not only in the United States but globally that has occurred has created a need.

This need is for a variety of services that can be provided by entrepreneurs who have a vision, talent, and skill that is easily marketable.

True necessity is the mother of invention and your idea for a business will meet that need.

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