“Rome was not built in a day” is a popular wise saying, referring to the fact that any great achievement doesn’t come easy.

According to Wikipedia, it “is an adage attesting to the need for time to create great things”.

This saying can be applied to those who have made good money online or become successful from the Internet as well.

The idea of building your very own online “Rome” (becoming successful online) will not happen overnight and you must understand and have this mindset.

If you take the time to study most of the successful Internet entrepreneurs today or even those who have made considerable money online, you will discover that they did not get to their “destination” overnight.

It took them time and effort before they got there.

While keeping their dreams and aspirations in perspective they also made the necessary “sacrifices” that took months or years to achieve or build their “Rome”.

That being said, if you aspire to be a successful Internet entrepreneur or inspire to make considerable money online, you must keep this in mind.

Also, you must keep in mind the other part of the saying which refers to the input that is needed to become a successful entrepreneur online.

For clarity sake, the saying would be “Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks by the hour”.

Yes,“…they were laying bricks by the hour” is the hidden secret used to build Rome.

For aspiring Internet entrepreneurs, this part of the saying should be very important for you. Laying your bricks (doing what should be done online) by the hour, will get your “Rome” built, eventually!

The following are 6 very compelling reasons why your Internet success story, like Rome, won’t be built in a day:

1. You Need to Start Small and Make Incremental Progress


Most successful Internet entrepreneurs of today did not become rich overnight.

They started with an idea, worked on it to provide value, and steadily grew they wealth by selling the value. It took some a few years to get “there” while it took others many more years to arrive.

Even those you see who make many thousands of dollars or even millions within few days, spent years to get to the point of being able to do all that within few days.

Some started with just one employee, one business idea, one system, etc, but with time, effort, and experience, they grew and got better in all ramifications until they became successful online entrepreneurs.

You will need to also start small and make incremental or marginal increase in the effort you put each day. Laying your bricks like the Romans did, will help you achieve online success, eventually.

And what’s even more important is that by laying your bricks “by the day” as the Romans did, you end up building a much stronger online empire. One that can stand the test of time and one that will add value to the lives of all those who do business with it.

Isn’t that worth laying your bricks diligently for? I think it is!


2. You Need To Follow a Proven System

Most successful Internet entrepreneurs of today followed or created a proven system that helped them succeed. The system can be referred to as the organization of efforts, skills and knowledge to achieve a certain objectives.

You shouldn’t just follow any system blindly. Instead, follow a system that has already been proven to lead to success. This will save you time you would have wasted doing what won’t work.

Thankfully there are many others who have already succeeded in many fields of endeavor. Learn about what they did and follow their proven system.

If you concentrate on the right proven system and apply the right actions with determination and dedication, all these will eventually lead to your online success.

A proven and right system is the right brick that will help you actualize your Rome.

Daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly habits in laying your bricks will eventually help you build your empire!

Like what James Clear said in his short Huffingtonpost article:

“Actually Rome is just the result, the bricks are the system. The system is greater than the goal. Focusing on your habits is more important than worrying about your outcomes.

Of course, there’s nothing necessarily impressive about laying a brick. It’s not a fantastic amount of work. It’s not a grand feat of strength or stamina or intelligence. Nobody is going to applaud you for it.

But laying a brick every day, year after year? That’s how you build an empire”

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3. You Need To Learn By Practice and Repetition


True successful online entrepreneurs will still be successful again if they suddenly lose all they have now.

Why is that?

Because they already learned what it took to get to where they are now. They have learned from the years of practice and repetition.

They did not just wish to be rich without doing anything to make their wishes come true.

Instead they put in the needed efforts in creating and promoting the products that brought them where they are today.

You should do the same to get the same results.

You should not be afraid to fail with any idea and never give up until you have mastered the skill that will take you to the necessary success level.


4. You Need To Exhibit Strong Attitude of Patience and Courage

On the journey of success, patience is required to accomplish what has been planned out.

Internet entrepreneurs obviously also experience lots of hiccups and challenges along the way but the virtues of patience and courage supersede the thought of giving up on their dreams.

This should apply to you as well, if you are serious about eventually succeeding online and joining the league of successful online entrepreneurs.

You need a strong attitude of patience to keep going until you succeed.

You also need strong courage to face the possible challenges that may want to discourage you, along the way. And trust me, you will face challenges, no matter how good you are.

Many have quit when faced with such challenges.

Don’t be one of them.

Don’t quit!


5. You Need To Make The Right Investment in Time and Resources

Successful Internet entrepreneurs invest time and resources in what they do.

They believe that there is the time to sow and there is the time to reap. So, they make all efforts to invest time, energy, and resources needed for success.

Every effort and action has its time-frame and the necessary resources for accomplishment.

This should also apply to you as you work towards your success online.

Since Rome was not build in a day, you need to invest the time needed to succeed in your venture.

The fact remains that some projects would be accomplished faster than others but it helps when you have the mentality that investing time and resources in a particular project would eventually be rewarded with success.

Good things in life do not go to those who don’t work for it. That’s just the plain truth. Even if some lazy people achieve success without putting in the right amount of work, such success usually won’t endure.

If you want yours to endure, you have to be ready to put in the right investment of time, resources and effort.


6. You Need To Understand the Reality of Becoming a Successful Online Entrepreneur


Becoming a successful entrepreneur has its peculiar challenges even for Internet marketers. Don’t ever forget that.

There is the reality of setting goals, making plans, connecting with the right people, serving the target audience, taking the right action which leads to wealth, and of course – maintaining the wealth.

It’s not just getting the wealth, but maintaining or sustaining it.

All these takes time and effort.

Becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur should not be a fantasy you only wish for. It must be followed with a sense of responsibility, hard-work, determination and perseverance!



Rome was not built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. If you must become a successful Internet entrepreneur, you should be ready to lay the daily bricks of time, resources, effort, etc.

Do that consistently and eventually you WILL build your own Rome and become an online success story!


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Whether you agree with what I shared in this article or not, please share your thoughts in the comments below. I look forward to reading them.