This very comprehensive review about Rodan and Fields contains a lot about this skincare brand and answers some of the FAQs you might have about it.

If you are a skincare enthusiast there is a chance you have come across Rodan and Fields formulations.

They are skincare products manufactured by renowned dermatologists at Stanford Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

The popularity of Rodan and Fields in the skincare market is on the rise.

The products are formulated with ingredients that help the skin to glow and clear from blemishes.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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If you would like to know more about Rodan and Fields’ products, then it is good you are on this article.

Keep reading for lots of important details about Rodan and Fields you should know.

Also, the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this brand are shared in this piece.


What is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields is a company that was started by the duo of Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.

The duo is friends and were coworkers at Stanford University.

Rodan and Fields specialize in the manufacture and sale of different types of skincare and anti-aging products.

It sells its products using multi-level marketing.

Rodan and Fields was founded in 2007 by dermatology friends. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California, US.

Before the above-founded date, the company was initially launched in 2002 and was purchased by Estee Lauder in 2003.

It moved into direct sales and multi-level marketing in 2006 before it was bought back in 2007 by the founders.

Before Rodan and Fields, the duo of Rodan and Fields has developed a skincare treatment for acne known as Proactiv.


What is Rodan and Fields Product Line?

Rodan and Fields has an extensive product line.

It manufactures and sells different categories of skincare products

The company’s product line fall under categories like:


This is an anti-aging skincare set and product line.

Products under this category are formulated to get rid of sagging skin and wrinkles on the skin.

The Redefine product line is designed to clean, exfoliate, and revitalize aging skin.

Its components help to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines which appear on the skin.

So, if you are interested in combating signs of aging then you can choose from the different types of Rodan and Fields’ Redefine products.

You will take advantage of products that will keep your skin smooth and look younger.


This product line focuses on the treatment of skin discoloration.

The products under this line brighten and lighten the skin.

The variety of products under Reverse come as exfoliating wash and toner with anti-aging and skin brightening ingredients.

Rodan and Fields’ Reverse product line will help visibly reduce the full range of skin discoloration concerns and provide for a skin that is even-toned and with a radiant look.


Rodan and Fields’s Recharge products are intended to boost, balance and defend blotchy, dull, and dehydrated skin.

It is suitable for people whose skin has become rough and dry as a result of stress.

The Recharge formulations combine anti-aging properties, antioxidants, and moisturizing ingredients.

Young adults with skin issues resulting from stress can apply the Recharge formulas to achieve and reveal the healthiest-looking complexion.


Rodan and Fields’ unblemish product line helps to address adult acne and aging concerns.

They help to clear and prevent breakouts on the skin.

They are also formulated to tackle visible signs of aging that include loss of firmness, uneven skin tone, pores, and discoloration.


This product line from Rodan and Fields is formulated to help teens and young adults get rid of acne blemishes and breakouts on their skin.

The Spotless Regimen is formulated with acne-fighting properties that are fast-acting on the skin.


This is a product line that is meant for people with sensitive and irritated skin.

The Soothe Regimen contains scientifically based ingredients that add moisture and reduce skin irritability and sensitivity.

The product is best suited to make visible dry, redness and sensitive skin to be calm.

Apart from the above product lines, Rodan and Fields offer specialized products with advanced technologies.

These products are targeted to deal with specific skin concerns.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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These products are called RODAY + FIELDS ENHANCEMENTS.

Also, there are RODAY + FIELDS ESSENTIALS lines.

These are miscellaneous skincare and beauty products for everyday dermatologic necessities and healthy-looking skin.

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Is Rodan and Fields a Scam?

Rodan and Field is not a scam. It is a genuine business brand that has received positive ratings globally.

But of course their products may not work for everyone, as different people have different results with just about every product.


What is Rodan + Fields Business Model?

Rodan And Fields operates the direct sales and multi-level marketing business model.

Individuals can sign up and sell the different product lines manufactured by this company.

This business model was introduced by the company in 2006. Since then it has made the brand very popular.

Rodan and Fields’ business model allows its consultant to sell their premium skincare products around the world.

The model allows Rodan and Fields to sell their products to consultants for one price who in turn sell it to consumers for another price.

This business model allows Rodan and Fields to save on advertising, marketing, storefront, employee cost, and so on.

Put in another way, the consultants take over most of the cost of promotion and publicity leaving Rodan And Fields with high marginal profit.

Consultants focus on social media, phone, and in-person presentations to sell products and invite others to join their team


Who is a Rodan and Fields Consultant?

Rodan and Fields consultant is an independent consultant who buys and shares the product of this brand.

As an Independent consultant, you can easily start your own business and become a part of a community that inspires people.

You are going to be sharing products that can change lives for the better.

A Rodan And Fields consultant has to be anyone interested in sharing and selling Rodan and Fields products for profit, rewards, and perks.


How Do You Become A Rodan And Field Independent Consultant?

To become an independent consultant with R+F, you need to enroll through the enrollment page on the R+F website.

Or, you can sign up through the personal website of another consultant.

According to the site:

All you need to become an R+F Independent Consultant is the Rodan + Fields Business Starter Pack!

This Business Starter Pack empowers you to jumpstart your R+F Journey with business-building tools and samples of our top-selling products designed to help you introduce the R+F brand to prospective Customers and team members and set your business up for success.

So, get your business Starter Pack, Set up your website,  and leverage the business-building tools from R+F.


Advantages of Becoming a Rodan and Fields Consultant

The following advantages will accrue to you as an independent consultant working of R+F:

  • You will set your own business and be your boss
  • You can inspire people and change lives
  • You will take advantage of personal development
  • You can work when you want and where you want
  • You can become part of the future growth and expansion of Rodan and Fields.
  • You can be among those with the best-looking skin
  • You can earn commission on the products you and your team sell.
  • You earn advancement rewards for hitting targets.
  • You can get gifts and rewards when you reach milestones along your R+F Journey.

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What is a Preferred Customer?

A Preferred Customer is a Rodan and Fields customer who takes advantage of the PC Perks Program.

The Preferred Customer receives varieties of perks when he/she buys R+F’s products in different ways.


What is the PC Perks Program?

According to Rodan and Fields’ website:

PC Perks is a subscription program that offers a 10% discount on all orders, free shipping on orders of $80 or more (after applying the 10% PC discount), a Perks Present, and deliveries every 60 days with the flexibility to change future products and shipment dates in your account settings.

PC Perks members also gain access to exclusive offers, promotions, a priority Customer Service line, and receive a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all products.

You can join PC Perks for a one-time fee of $19.95 with a minimum subscription order of $80 or more.



The above is a review of Rodan and Fields.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about this platform have been highlighted as well.

It is a great manufacturer and marketer of unique skincare solutions.

This company uses the direct sales and multi-level marketing business model to sell its products.

Independent consultants leverage the opportunities and tools of this platform to sell and inspire lives.

Preferred customers of this site can participate in the PC Perks program and enjoy great discounts, free shipping, and gifts.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE