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Importance of Right Hand Itching Superstition

Several questions can be asked and used as icebreakers.

Some of those questions could include what came first, the chicken or the egg?

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Another question could be is the zebra a black animal with white stripes or is it a white animal with black stripes?

Fun questions and individuals will answer these brain teasers respond with their answer and affirm with reasons why.

By the way, there are scientific answers to these questions.

Another question that could be controversial is, are left-handed people smarter or more artistic than right-handed people?

It is probably best to leave that one alone.

However, to add to the “intrigue” of the importance of hands, what does it mean if our left-hand itches or our right-hand itches?

Let us explore the possibilities as to reasons why the right-hand itches.


Being Right Handed

We live in a world that favors right-handed people.

Little things such as swiping credit cards for transactions (on the right side of the credit card processing machine), cutting with scissors are a couple of examples.

Additionally, those times we went into banks, the pens attached to the desks favored the pen being held in the right hand.

Even in our cars, the cup holders are on the right.

Interestingly, because the brain is cross-wired, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

A dominant left side of the brain is supposedly more orderly and analytical while the left side of the brain is more visual, intuitive, and creative.

Unfairly speaking, it has been proven that right-handed people earn more money than left-handed people.

Specifically, 10-12% more. Whether this is just a coincidence or a sinister plot against left-handed people is open for discussion.

So, what does the itching of the right hand indicate?


Origins of the Itching Palm Belief

The origins of the itching palm belief and how to respond date back to the Saxons and Celts.

Firstly, in the Celtic belief system, hands were thought to be especially powerful.

So much so that the hands became the embodiment of power or represented power.

The right hand was viewed as the dominant hand and therefore the more powerful of the two.

Hands are also associated with energies and powers that are mystical and magical.

Think of how those who cast a spell are depicted as waving their hands.

It was thought that the hands were a channel or tool used for the flow of these energies.

Even in some aspects of Chinese culture, hands are thought to channel mystical forces and rebalance energies. Reiki is one such example.

Returning to the Celts, they believed that silver was a powerful remedy for a variety of diseases.

Consequently, they would rub their itchy palms with this valuable metal. The expected result was that the diseases would be cured.

As things often do, this thinking began to evolve and take on a different mean.

This early-day belief eventually transformed into the thinking that itching palms meant money was coming one’s way.


5 Spiritual Meanings of Right-Hand Itching


1. Action and Doing

The right hand, in the spiritual context, is an indicator or representation of masculinity or giving energy.

The right hand is about action. The right hand represents manifesting and doing.

The right hand is the receiving hand.

Even in The Bible, individuals cite the importance of the right hand.

The verse in Isaiah 41:13 states, “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, ‘Fear not, I am the one who helps you.'”

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2. Money Is Coming

An itchy palm can be interpreted as the possibility of money headed one’s way.

This is due to the energy of the itch and subsequent attraction or manifesting of finances.

The belief of riches coming one’s way could include a reward, winning the lottery, coming across money on the ground, or even the passivity of a pay raise.

Also, the possibility of selling something may present a golden opportunity of receiving an offer that exceeded expectations.

In addition to the itch on the man’s right palm, the palm was to be rubbed against the wood.

This belief originated with the Celtics and was to ward off the resident evils spirits who lived within trees.

Rubbing one’s itching palms on the trees or wood prevented the evil spirits from taking away the good luck.

Also, it is thought that this scenario gave rise to one “knocking on wood.”

However, it was important not to scratch the itch. This would negate one’s potential windfall.

Therefore, to relieve the itch it was important to rub it.

Hence, as it pertains to the old saying, “Rub it on your knee.”


3. Women – Negative Indication

If a woman experiences itchiness of the right hand it is believed that she will experience bad news in the not-so-distant future.

The potential negative experiences about to come into a woman’s life, it is believed, are due to the strength associated with a woman anatomically.

It is thought that the right side of a woman has less strength than a man’s right side of his body.

Therefore, the energy or itch experienced on the right side or palm of the woman’s hand is negative energy.

Consequently, something foreboding will occur.

It is also believed that itching of a woman’s right palm is a sign that money will be leaving or being expended dramatically.



4. Strength & Growth

Also, because of the itching palm or surge of energy, it is thought that this condition is a “sign” of strength and growth.

It was the universe’s indicator to the individual to be bold and daring. The power of the “itch” was a sign of taking action.

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The strength and power of the itch was the universe’s way of encouraging the person to venture forth and make a positive change.


5. Freedom

As it relates to itching of the right hand it can be interpreted as a feeling of being controlled.

It also is an indication that one’s life is limited or is being blocked from a life that would give more joy.

Examples of this limitation could be the feeling of being “stuck” in a job or a relationship that no longer brings joy.

Consequently, the itchiness of the right hand or the electric impulses of the condition may be an indicator to press forward and take action.

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Right Hand Itching Medical Signs

On the other hand, itchiness of the right hand could be a symptom of a medical condition.



A medical condition that can cause the skin to be itchy is known as eczema.

This medical condition is outwardly recognized by the appearance of blisters on the person’s skin. These blisters cause the skin to become itchy.

Of course, the palms of one’s hands would be affected, and the itching would be an uncomfortable symptom experienced.



This condition is caused when there is a flood of uncontrolled amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.

A symptom of this condition of diabetes can be itchiness in the palms of the right or left hand.


Dry Skin

The itchiness of the palm could mean money or good fortune is coming one’s way or it could simply mean dry skin.

The dry skin could be due to overexposure to the sun, constant hand washing, or as a result of the weather.

Consequently, the dryness of the skin becomes inflamed which creates itchiness.



There are many allergies that individuals experience.

These allergic reactions can be caused by the food we eat or by being subjected to various airborne substances.

Hay fever is a classic allergic reaction to pollens in the air.

The body responds by producing histamines which can cause skin rashes.

The palm of the right hand may experience this created rash which could lead to the palm become irritated or itchy.



This condition is another medical condition that can cause the itchiness of the skin.

Confirmed by medical diagnosis, this medical condition is caused by white blood cells called T cells. These cells help to ward off disease but in the case of Psoriasis, these cells are triggered by mistake.

This then causes the skin cells of the hand to have a shortened life span which causes a more rapid turnover of the cells. This in turn leads to the buildup of skin and subsequent swelling.

Of course, this process can lead to the skin on the palms of the hands becoming irritated and itchy.



Stress also can have an adverse effect on the human body.

Stress creates an imbalance within the body which in turn increases the production of insulin.

Similar to diabetes, the over-production of insulin can result in the skin being irritated and becoming itchy.

Of course, the palms of our hands are layered with our skin and could be the reason why the palms of the hands become itchy.


Palm Rash

A palm rash is not necessarily a symptom or an indicator of some disease that the body is experiencing.

This type of rash, however, could be a serious condition caused by an infection or contact with some type of irritant.

The possibilities abound of hands developing a rash to the everyday exposure to people and things.

For example, people touch people, people touch things, and there may be irritants in the air.

The possibility of the hands developing a rash with subsequent itching is a strong possibility of the right or left hand developing an itch.

Some examples of a palm rash could include contact dermatitis, impetigo, and ringworm, to name a few.


Right Hand Superstition Meaning FAQs


What Is So Meaningful About the Right Hand?

The right hand is given more importance because the majority of people are right-handed.

Also, when shaking hands, it is normally done with the right hand.

Also, the right hand usually is the hand that gives money and receives money.

Therefore, the right hand has become the dominant hand when interacting with others and money.


What Is the Belief About a Man’s Left-hand Itching?

It is believed that when a man’s left hand or palm itches that it is an indicator that money will flow out or be lost.


What Is the Purpose of Superstitions?

Superstitions are created when there doesn’t seem to be any scientific or logical explanation for what happens.

By developing or believing a superstition the individual can embrace an answer that will help to provide control in a situation.

Superstitions are passed on generationally and often are dispelled based on knowledge and understanding that provides answers.

A prime example would be the breaking of a mirror.

It was once thought that a mirror was the reflection of one’s soul. If a mirror has broken the belief was that a person’s soul was damaged.

Therefore, the breaking of a mirror was considered to be harmful to the individual and their soul.


What About Right Hand Itching for Lottery?

As it relates to lottery, all the above superstitions meanings can also apply, depending on you and what you want to believe.

So, yes, it mostly all depends on you as an individual, what your beliefs are and whether you choose to go with one meaning or another.



So many beliefs are passed on generation after generation.

Sometimes they are believed and sometimes it becomes a habit that we indulge in without thinking.

Also, there may be validity to them or not.

It does appear, however, that the itchiness of the palms of a hand for both men and women is a reality.

How you choose to respond to that itch may be different now knowing a little more about the background and other possibilities of the itch.

Itchiness of palms and specifically the right palm, what does it mean?

One can choose science or superstition as an explanation.

Or just maybe the right palm of the hand itches because it simply itches.

However, just to be on the safe side, what would it hurt to rub it on your knee?

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