Yes, you can really recycle electronics for cash – talk about helping the environment and making money from the process!

This article explains how it works and reveals the very best companies that really pay you cash for electronics recycling.


Can You Really Get Paid Cash to Recycle Electronics?

Of course you can!

Like a new car that is driven off of the automobile showroom, so it seems it is with technology.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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No sooner had we placed all of our personal information on our cell phones and adjusted to the various new upgrades, it seems that the technology quickly becomes outdated.

So, the questions arise what do we do with our old devices, laptops, and other e-waste that has been replaced?

We recycle them!


What is Electronic Waste (e-Waste)?

E-waste can best be defined as those electronic or technology devices that have outlived their usefulness or are no longer operational.

Additionally, some e-waste has certain components in them that are defined as being hazardous. One such example is the cathode ray tubes that are found in televisions and monitors.

There are a number of options for an individual who owns these devices nearing the end of their usefulness. One of those options is to donate the equipment, if it is still usable, to someone or an agency that can use it.

The other option is to recycle these e-waste products which are beyond repair.

In some states, this recycling of e-waste is mandated and considered illegal if an individual simply throws these devices out into their trash bends.

Examples of those items that are illegal to be thrown out with one’s household garbage include televisions, some electronic equipment, and computer monitors.


Importance of Computer and Electronics Recycling for Money

There are many reasons why recycling e-waste is important.

First of all, it allows for the heavy metals used in the construction of our technology devices to be recycled. This recycling preserves as much as possible these natural resources.

Another reason why recycling e-waste is important is that instead of going to the landfill it can be recycled and be utilized in new technology. Therefore, through recycling the e-waste we are being good stewards of our environment.


15 Best Companies that Pay You Cash to Recycle Electronics


1. Best Buy

Best Buy is a popular technology store that not only has an online presence but bricks and mortar stores in a number of communities.

As a devoted technology store, they are committed to recycling used or unusable technology devices.

Those technology devices include cell phones, speakers, robotic vacuums, cameras, etc.

To facilitate the ease of recycling a product, the customer can take their recyclable into a local Best Buy and drop the item off at the local store for recycling.

Best Buy does not offer cash for those items that it accepts.

However, depending upon the value of the item Best Buy may issue a gift card to the individual so that they can use that card to upgrade to the next level of their needed technology.

The individual can assess the value of their item wishing to turn in by using their online trade-in calculator.

Also, promotions are offered from time to type with Best Buy for trading in or recycling their technology devices.

It’s important to understand that not all best buys accept or participate in the trade-in program, but the customer can use the online website to accomplish that transaction.

Best Buy will cover the costs will cover the shipping costs and will issue a gift card once the value of the turned-in item has been assessed.

Click here to check out Best Buy’s Online Trade-in Calculator.


2. Gazelle

Gazelle is one of the trailblazers in regards to offering money for recyclable technology devices.

Based on their being one of the first providers, many look to this company as being the standard or best practices company that deal with recycling items for money

By going to their webpage, you click on the item within the list of what you wish to sell recycle and sell.

You are given the opportunity to provide a candid assessment of his condition and then you receive a quote.

Gazelle specializes particularly in buying back Apple products. They also are interested in Google items and Samsung smartphones.

Once you agree to the terms and the quote that gazelle offers they will send the needed container items so that you can package your product up and send it into gazelle

Payment is generally made within a week and is normally what the offer amount was.

However, if it is determined that the item is in not as good condition as indicated they may adjust the office offer.

If the customer doesn’t want to take the adjusted offer, then gazelle will send the item back to the customer.

For more information about this company and its process, you can click here.


3. Gizmogo

This website will facilitate the acceptance of a variety of technology devices. Those devices could include phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and game consoles.

The uniqueness of this website and its service is that they will make an offer on a device whether it is working or if it is damaged.

The individual simply logs onto the website and selects the device, brand name, and model number. If your questions are answered and then an offer is provided by the website.

In addition, this website will take used and damaged electronics from the combustor customer and recycled the items at no charge to the customer.

For more information click here.


4. Whiz Cells

This recycling company with a website presence offers to buy cell phones that are in a variety of conditions.

Even nonworking cellular phones are eligible for possible cash paid by this company.

The interested individual simply logs on to their website and provides the details about the cell phone.

Some of those details include its condition and whether there are any accessories that will be included in the selling of the also phone.

The individual will receive a bed and if agreed, whiz cells will send the proper postage for the mailing in the item to their company.

All the customer needs to do is provide a padded envelope and then mail the item out.

Specials consideration is given if the item is more expensive, and they will provide the packaging required to ensure its safe delivery

Again, once whiz cell receives the item, the offered price may change based upon the condition of the phone as perceived by this company.

Click here to check out Whiz Cells

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5. WeBuyIcs

WeBuyIcs is an electronics recycling company that manages all types of each waste products.

Specifically, they recycle scrap computers telecommunication equipment, servers old cell phones and smart phones.

This company claims to purchase recyclables from all locations within the United States.

Additionally, any items that have any gold plating or gold component they will buy those items from their customers.

On their webpage they have a list of materials that they will offer money to recycle those items.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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Click here to check out WeBuyIcs


Get Paid to Recycle Electronics for Cash


5. Amazon

Of course, Amazon is the world’s marketplace for a variety of products to be purchased by customers.

Amazon, inevitably, branched ou1t into electronic devices. One of their popular products is Kindles.

Generally, electronic devices have a shelf life and of course, sometimes things inadvertently happen to our technological companions.

Subsequently, Amazon offers to the customer a service in which they take back any nonworking devices at no cost to the individual.

All the customer needs to do is go online, and requested a shipping label in order to ship off their nonworking devices.

As a service, Amazon will wipe all of the data and information from the unit, and once has been accomplished the item is recycled.

Although there is no money offered for the recycling of these products, just the fact that Amazon does this at no charge to the consumer is a savings and ultimately is added money back into the individual’s purse or wallet.

Click here to check out Amazon’s E-Waste Program


6. Canon

Canon is a large producer of various products. Some of those products are calculators, printers, cameras, etc.

As part of their commitment to saving the environment and recycling old or obsolete devices, Canon accepts these devices at no charge to the consumer.

The process that Canon has set up is that the individual simply goes online and conducts a search for the product that they are returning.

Once they have the data to find that product, they simply added to the cart and then allow the processing that is set up by Canon to take effect.

Similar to Amazon, there are no monetary awards for taking advantage of this recycling program.

For more information about this Canon recycling program, information additional information can be found here.


7. Sprint

Sprint is a national cellular phone service that has been identified by the environmental protection act as a responsible company as it relates to recycling their cellular phones.

As part of their commitment to the environment and to their customer, Sprint buys back devices for recycling or refurbishing.

The value that they assess to the item brought to Sprint for recycling is based on how the device responds when tested.

Once Sprint has purchased these returned cellular phones from customers they endeavor to do what minor repairs may be necessary to put the phone back into the back into use for what was intended.

If it is determined that the phones are beyond repair and usefulness, the materials are then given to recyclers who will salvage usable materials.

Finishing the responsible ecological process, Sprint requires that these 3rd party companies provide proof through a certification that the recycling proper recycling has occurred.

Based on the condition of the cellular phone, an individual can receive a payment of up to $300 per device that is deemed eligible for this rebate.

This is certainly an added incentive for the customer to be involved with the preservation of the environment.

Click here to check out this Sprint buy back program

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8. BuyBackWorld

BuyBackWorld is a website that specializes in receiving outdated cell phones, cameras, electronics, and accessories technological accessories.

By going to the website you are given the opportunity to describe with a bit of detail what it is that you wish to have recycled. The intern will offer a quote based on your description of the item.

Upon agreement, buyback world will send postage so that you can ship the items to the company for recycling.

Another added dimension of this website is that companies can access this recycling opportunity as well and can do so when they have a large number of devices to recycle.

This bulk option is provided to companies finding themselves in this type of situation.

Click here to check out BuyBackWorld


9. Local Recycling Centers

In each community, there are recycling centers that operate.

These recycling centers may operate under the mandate by their particular state law requiring that certain items are not allowed to be thrown out into the landfill.

As of this writing, there are 25 states that have passed legislation regarding e-waste and the laws requiring that these items be recycled.

Therefore, an individual should based upon their geographical location, research as to what the laws are.

Regardless of whether it is law or not, there are generally recycling plants within the community that will take all technological devices, monitors, etc., and pay a nominal fee back to the owner.

In turn, these recyclers will harvest various parts and metals that are used in the manufacturing of these items and put them back into productivity.


Others include:

10. eBay

11. Facebook Marketplace

12. Craigslist 

13. Decluttr

14. Swappa

15. Close 5

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Personal Story of Recycling Electronics for Cash

It was Monday afternoon, and I was sitting in my recliner when I heard this noise near the television.

To my amazement, like something out of a Western, I saw this smoke rising out from the back of the TV through the vent system of the 32-inch television.

Quickly nearing the TV I unplugged it and saw the blackened area from which the smoke was rising out giving me my smoke signal.

Our television had provided 13 years of interrupted viewing.

Wanting to give the television a quick burial I called a local recycling center and asked if they took televisions that were no longer working, and they said that they did.

Like burying an old friend, I put the television in the backseat of the car and off I went to the recycling center.

After lovingly handing off the television to one of the workers he, in turn, gave me a piece of paper. He told me to go over to the office and present the paper.

For my troubles and for the burying of my friend they gave me five dollars.


Getting Paid for E Waste FAQs


What Should We Do With E-waste?

The 3Rs come into play. Those three R’s are reduce, recycle, and reuse.

By reducing our purchase and dependence upon technology, recycling our old used and outdated technological items, and by reusing them we will do our part in reducing e-waste’s impact on the environment.


Are Our Cathode-ray Tubes Considered Hazardous Waste?

Most states consider television sets and monitors that are manufactured with cathode-ray tubes as being hazardous waste.

Subsequently, they are not allowed, by law, to be disposed of like normal trash.

The reason why they are considered hazardous waste is due to the amount of lead that they contain along with other toxic compounds.

Those other toxic elements include silver, cadmium, and other heavy metals.



As this comprehensive article has shown, there are indeed companies that pay you cash to recycle electronics and help the world get rid of e-waste.

With the increase in technology, it is important that we all do our part in recycling our e-waste.

There are many companies out there that will help in this process. Some will not only take the e-Waste but will reward the individual by paying for the recyclable materials.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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