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Several years ago, there was a series of ads that were run by a major motel chain.

One of the ads depicted a lady being threatened by a grizzly bear that was standing on its back legs and growling at the woman.

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An unknown tourist passed by and shouted out to the lady the gravity of the situation.

He offered the advice of approaching this $1,200 grizzly bear by showing her teeth and snarling in hopes that the flight instinct would kick in for the bear and he would runoff.

The passer-by then said if that doesn’t work then walk towards the bear growling and when you get up to him box him on his ear.

A person standing next to this individual that was giving the advice asked if he was a Forest Ranger and he said no but he did stay at this motel last night.

The tagline was the saying that it did not make you smarter but it made you feel smarter.

So, it is today with computers and the various simulators that the computer user can be involved with either as part of their job or just by playing a game.

Simulator we don’t physically experience what was it is going on but we have a better idea of the experience through the simulation process.

One of those simulators is known as the Ranch Simulator which gives the individual a pretty good idea of what it involves to make a living on a ranch and supply various products to the surrounding community.

Let us open this game up and play a while and learn more about how to make money in the ranch simulator computer program.


26 Best Ways & Tips to Making Money With Ranch Simulator


1. Know all about Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator is a game that can be played by a single player or a number of friends.

The game revolves around the storyline that this once-thriving farm has now become rundown and it is your job to work hard, turn things around and make it once again into a vibrant farming/ranching operation.


2. Know What You Can Do 

When you start the game, you can customize your character by taking on different details to create who you are in the simulation.

Some of the details include the choice of:

  • Hair
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Most
  • Jaw
  • Body
  • Apparel


3. Purpose

The game involves the restoration of the ranch to its former self, caring for livestock, hunting, selling products that are generated by the ranch, etc.

The specifics of the game involved rebuilding the ranch, doing all of the chores that the ranch owner is required to do (milking the cows, building chicken coops, selling items, driving to town, etc.)


4. Cost

The publisher of the game is Excalibur games and the graphics are provided by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon RX 470.

In this writing, the cost for the program is $24.99.


5. Computer Requirements

To effectively run Ranch Simulator on your computer the following requirements are needed:

  • 64-bit processor and operating system
  • The operating system of Windows 10
  • Processor-Intel core 55-3570K or AMD FX-8310
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • The graphics of either NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon RX 470
  • Storage of at least 15 GB


Products That Can Be Sold


6. Trees

In this simulated game, the ranch is situated in a forest.

The trees in the forest can be cut down and can be utilized for a number of buildings that can be erected in the game.

Some of those buildings that can be created through the use of the planks of wood from the forest can include the building of the house, barns, chicken coops, etc.


7. Chickens

As part of the simulation game, are a variety of livestock animals including chickens.

Chickens can be purchased from the general store and the hens cost $50 each and the roosters are $250 each.

The hens are available in three colors and when the hen hatches chicks, the color of the chicks is the same as the mother that laid the egg.

Also, roosters are available to fertilize the eggs and the fertilization and the hatching of the eggs are accomplished at a set time.


8. Pigs

Pigs are also available through this game and they are the most profitable as it relates to the money that you can earn.

With the pigs, you cannot breed them and they can be purchased at the general store for $300 each.

The good thing about pigs is that they are easily raised and just need to eat food that is purchased from the general store.


9. Cows

The purchase of cows can also be made from the store at a cost of $650 each.

As of this writing, there is no option for the cattle to breed and create calves.

Cows can be sold to provide meat products but also the milking of these animals provides revenue for the rancher.


10. Bear

As part of the simulation game, there are also wild animals and one of those types of wild creatures is a bear.

Being protective animals and aggressive, part of the game is that the bears always present the possibility of attacking the rancher, so it is best to have a weapon to protect yourself.


11. Wolves

Another wild animal that is part of the simulation game is wolves.

These animals are dangerous and again are aggressive and will endeavor to kill the rancher in this game.


12. Deer

Another animal that is part of the engaging game is deers.

This animal although wild is very passive and reaches to be of considerable size which provides a significant amount of meat.


Making Money in Ranch Simulator: Process Foods


13. Sausage

Another product that you can offer for sale in the making of sausage.

There is equipment that needs to be purchased and once accomplished the making of sausage can occur.

After the meat has been ground the ingredients of milk and eggs can be added to the cooking process.

Once the process has been fully accomplished the sausage can be sold for profit.


14. Curds

There are three different types or kinds of curd/cheese that can be made.

They are regular, white mold, and blue mold.

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The game provides instructions for the making of each of these types.

Of course, it costs money for the ingredients but the curds and cheese can be sold for profit.


15. Meatballs

Another product that can be made from the meat that you have obtained is to make meatballs.

The meatballs can be sold either raw or dry by indicating on the game for you and hanging it in one of the highlighted spots.

The creation of meatballs can be sold at one of the shops in the nearby town and in particular at the Burger restaurant.


Ranch Simulator & Making Money: Tips


16. Petrol

When you are driving within the game, it is important to drive as fast as you can.

The reason is that once you have reached a decent speed then you can turn the engine of your car off by pressing “E” and you will be able to travel at a greater distance without expending any fuel and therefore save money.


17. Buy Coolers

Sometimes you have the opportunity when you are hunting on the simulation game to hunt down more than one type of wild game.

Therefore, a good moneymaking tip in playing this game is to invest in a cooler so that if the opportunity arises and you are able to kill two bears then you can put the meat into the cooler and save money rather than going back and forth.


18. Food Multiplier

When taking your food products to market, it is always best to try to sell the meat at the burger restaurant.

At the back door, you will see a menu board, and listed are the specials of the day as well as a place multiplier.

It is always a good idea to check daily and sell things on special in order to get the best money for your product.

A good rule of thumb in order to get the best price when the product is to wait until you get 1.9 or times 2 multipliers offered for the sale of the meat.


19. Multiplier

A tip on earning more money is when you find out what the current multiplier is at the burger restaurant and if you are happy with the options that are presented then you can go ahead and sell your food items.

If you are not happy, at this point, you can save the game and then reload.

Once the game has reloaded the multiplier option will change and hopefully will have increased.


20. Pig Meat

When the pigs are butchered, the meat can be sold for a profit.

A good moneymaking tip to make the pigs mature faster and be ready for the market is to keep the pig in a store.

This will create a process in which the pig will eat more than if it was outside and therefore the maturing of the pig will increase at seven days rather than at 10 days.

Therefore, less time for maturity will get the pig to market quicker, earn money, and start the process again.

In the game, you can realize an amount of money ranging from $700 to $900 for a pig.


21. Bear Meat

When hunting for meat the best animal to hunt is the bear.

The reality is that the bear is the biggest animal in the game and therefore can provide the most meat to sell.

Also, you can sell the bear skins.

Also, if you come across a bear that is stalking a deer allow that process to happen and when the bear kills its prey then kill the bear and save on ammo.

It takes 4 shots of ammo to bring down a bear.

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22. Deer Meat

The most passive wild animal in the game is the deer.

The deer is also a large animal, and a considerable amount of meat can be realized for sale.

Also, as it relates to ammunition it takes two shots from your weapon to neutralize the deer and therefore the use of ammo is less than hunting a bear which will save money.


23. Milk

The cows on Ranch Simulator are a good source of revenue and cost the rancher $650 per animal.

The main product derived from the cows is milk and the milk is placed into the milk can with the cows being milked up to 3 to 4 times per day.

The milk can then be taken to market and sold as an individual commodity or as an added ingredient in the meatballs, sausage, etc.


24. Chickens

In addition, eggs can be fertilized by roosters at a specific time frame and therefore this will create chicks that will increase the chicken population of your livestock that you own.

Chickens can also be part of the recipe when making the other food items or can be sold separately.


25. Lumber

With access to the trees surrounding your ranch, you have the opportunity of selling lumber.

The lumber can be sold at the general store at a price of two dollars a plank.


26. Eggs

The chickens lay eggs and the unfertilized eggs can be used in the various recipes that are utilized to coast the various food products.


Personal Story

Living in central Wisconsin one would realize that there is a lot of farmland and dairy farms.

During my 15th year, a good buddy of mine told me that he had gotten a job on a farm and wanted to know if I wanted to go to work there as well.

I’m not one for farm work, being around animals, and doing that type of work so I declined.

At the end of the summer when school reconvened, I linked up with my good friend and the physical change in him was incredible.

In addition to his loss of weight, was his loss of hair.

I asked him what happened, and he said that he shaved most of it off because the manure that he was getting rid of in the barns would get into his hair and he decided to shave his head to prevent that from happening as much as he could.

It was then and there then I realized that up to that point in time not choosing to work on the dairy farm was one of the best decisions I had made.


Ranch Simulator & How to Make Money FAQs


How Many Players or People Can Play on the Ranch Simulator?

The game will accommodate up to four players at the same time.


What Have Been the Revenues for Ranch Simulator?

Recent estimates of revenue generated in the selling of Ranch Simulator is roughly $3.2 million.


You Can Do It

Ranch simulator is a game in which you try to improve the ranch that you received from your grandfather.

It is a game that you certainly will be involved with and endeavor to improve this inherited ranch and make yourself proud in the process.



Playing Ranche Simulator will not make you a rancher but it certainly will provide some practical insights as to the cost, hard work, and business sense that is needed in making a ranch productive.

It may not make you smarter, but it will make you more aware of life on a ranch.

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