Yes, you can now get paid to become a professional cuddler!

As weird as that sounds, it’s indeed thing and there are genuine companies out there that help you get paid to cuddle.

This article explains how it all works, the different ways to get paid to cuddle someone else and the best companies that really pay.

You can now become a professional cuddler and help clients do away with their loneliness, stress, and psychological challenges.

Some companies will help connect you with strangers who need cuddling services.

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If you qualify or meet the need of the clients then you can start to make money after providing your cuddling skills.

That said, keep reading to know what cuddling is all about as well as getting to know how to get paid to cuddle and the best companies that pay.


What Is Cuddling?

For the uninformed, cuddling is simply a show of affection where you hold someone close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth.

Cuddling is a new trending job position or business model in the marketplace.

People who are into the cuddling business can market themselves as “professional cuddlers” and make money for providing cuddling services.

Most cuddlers work as freelance cuddlers or they can work with a company for a permanent position.

Professional cuddling may involve cuddling a random stranger to bring love and joy into that person’s life.

The service will involve holding hands, spooning, and providing light massage to the client in a nonsexual way.

A lot of people are into professional cuddling today. They render this service and make good money.

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How Much Money to Make as a Professional Cuddler

If you are interested in how much a professional cuddler makes, are details you will find interesting.

You should know providing cuddling or snuggling services pay very well.

Most professional cuddlers can make around $40-$80 per hour.

So, if you cuddle more than one stranger for 4 hours a day then you should expect to make $160-$320.

Yes, you can definitely get paid more than $200 dollars a day if done right.


Who Needs a Professional Cuddling Service

A cuddling service has become a necessity for some groups of people.

Most people with a physical and emotional vacuum would require the best cuddling services out there.

Specifically, the people that would need this service include those undergoing some form of stress, anxiety, and loss in their body or mind.

So, people with post-traumatic stress, physical disability, and those on the autism spectrum are the perfect candidates for a cuddling service.


Benefits of Cuddling

There are many benefits associated with providing cuddling service to clients. These include:

  • It helps lower heart rate
  • It decreases feelings of loneliness
  • It’s a natural stress reliever
  • It produces a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety
  • It helps increase trust
  • It builds self-esteem
  • It improves immunity
  • It improves your mental well-being
  • it enhances mood and promotes happiness
  • It increases trust and self-reliance
  • It decreases anxiety and depression
  • It serves as an energetic elixir for all patients, especially those with chronic medical conditions
  • ETC

The list could go on and on.

Each individual or client can benefit from professional cuddling depending on his or her needs.

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How To Get Paid To Cuddle (3 Legit Ways)


1. Become a One-on-one  or Independent Cuddle Provider

One of the ways to get paid for cuddling is by providing one-on-one cuddling services to others.

You can help cuddler someone who is elderly, sick, or lonely for a fee.

You can set your rate and work anytime you want.

Here you work as an independent cuddler. You can create a special area or room for cuddle service.

You can set up a website where clients can connect and contact you personally, etc.

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2. Work for Cuddle Shops

You get paid to cuddle or hug if you offer to cuddle services through a cuddle shop.

This is a storefront where clients can order a certain type of cuddling service off the menu.

You will earn money depending on the type of cuddling service rendered to clients.

The range of services could range from a 20-minute power nap to a full massage to a stranger.

You may find one or more cuddle shops or cafes near you. Contact them if you can work with them.

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Get Paid To Become a Professional Cuddler


3. Become a Professional Cuddler

You can become a professional cuddler and make money. You need to undergo the right training and get a certification.

As a professional, you can work when you want, where you want, and with whom you choose.

Professional cuddlers may be trained by some cuddler agencies.

Also, you can get hired and paid by the best cuddler agencies that need your experience and skillset.

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6 Best Companies That Pay You to Cuddle

Many companies pay you to cuddle strangers, these include the following:


1. Cuddlist

Cuddlist is a company that offers professional cuddle therapy to clients. If you have skill and experience with cuddling you can be hired by this company to provide professional cuddle therapy.

Cuddlist was launched in 2015. It has been a fast-rising company connecting more than 400 professionally trained cuddlers to clients who need relief on their body and mind.

Yes, clients of this company are mostly those who need cuddling therapy to get rid of the anxiety and stress affecting their body and mind.

If you work with, you can charge your fee depending on the sessions.

Cuddlist does not take a percentage from the cuddling sessions you have with clients.

Cuddlist requires that you enroll in their training course to become a professional “cuddler”. This online course costs $149.

There are three steps to become a cuddler with These are:

1. Enroll in the self-paced training program put in place by Cuddlist

The cost of this training program is a one-time payment of $149. You can also choose to become a certified Cuddlist. The cost of certification is $249.

2. You can complete the minimum requirements to qualify for membership

Market yourself as a trained Cuddlist with this company.

3. Join the Cuddlist community as a Cuddlist member

Membership costs $39.99/month. The benefits of becoming a member of Cuddlist include:

  • Your profile is listed on the site
  • You can network and share resources with the Cuddlist community.
  • You will get free continuing education and mentoring programs.

Click here to check out Cuddlist and start getting paid to cuddle.


2. Cuddle Comfort

Cuddle Comfort is one of the best companies you can check out to make money cuddling.

You can make money in your extra time while you help other people deal with their stress, loneliness, and anxiety through cuddling.

If you are a kind, caring, and understanding person that loves to snuggle or cuddle then you can leverage Cuddle Comfort to make money.

Here is how you become a professional cuddler with Cuddle Comfort and earn good money while working from anywhere.

The requirements for working with Cuddle Comfort to earn money as a cuddler include:

  • You have a photo to attach.
  • You can be affectionate to anyone.
  • You are accepting of all races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations.
  • You should be reliable with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • You understand and agree to the Cuddler Contract.

Once you have sign-up with Cuddle Comfort, the platform will promote your skills and services.

Clients can then connect with you directly via the platform.

You can agree with the clients on a cuddle session from the first chat. Or, you can chat with them before agreeing to a session with them.

Before the cuddle session with clients begins, you will get paid in cash or via the preferred online method. You can choose the price you want for your services.

On average, cuddlers receive $80/per hour. However, you can still charge more if you choose.

Click here to check out Cuddler Comfort as one of the best companies that pay you to cuddle.


3. Cuddle Connect

Cuddle Connect is a community of people that love to cuddle. If you want to get paid to cuddle, then you should become a member of this platform.

This company has been featured in many news networks like Fox News, NBC News, Digital Journal, CBS News, and ABC News, etc.

You can become a professional cuddler with Cuddle Connect and earn good money.

Professional cuddlers with Cuddle Connect are trained and certified in cuddling. They perform their duties similar to massage therapists or wellness therapists.

At Cuddle Connect, clients usually come to hire a professional Cuddle Practitioner for an hour-long or multiple-hour session at a comparable hourly fee.

To make the most of this platform as a cuddler, here is how you get started:

  • Sign-up to this platform as a professional cuddler.
  • When you have signed up for this platform, you can then use the platform to search for cuddle buddies in your area.
  • Clients will begin to connect and pay your hourly fee for cuddle sessions.

 Click here to check out Cuddle Connect to explore getting paid as a professional cuddler.


Other platforms you can check out and get paid cuddling strangers include

4. Cuddle Up To Me

5. Cuddle Convention

6. Certified Cuddler Program



As this article has revealed, it’s indeed possible to make money as a professional cuddler.

This article also revealed exactly how this works and the best companies that really pay.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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