If you want to know some of the very best products you can buy cheap and sell high, you will definitely find this article helpful.

It reveals exactly the best products anyone can buy cheaply and sell much higher to make a lot more profit.


Are There Really Products or Things You Can Buy Cheap and Sell High?

Of course there are.

In real life, there are rules for living that have stood the test of time.

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For example, “do unto others as you would want to be done unto yourself” or “don’t judge another person until you have walked in their shoes.”

In the financial world, in order to succeed, there are proven rules as well. Some of those rules include, “don’t spend what you don’t have” or “a penny earned is a penny saved.”

Another rule, as it pertains to investment, is to “buy low and sell high.”

All of these rules are simple and yet, at times, hard to follow.

Buying cheap and selling high is also known as Retail Arbitrage.


Personal Story of Retail Arbitrage

Several years ago, due to the increase of the Treasury in printing money, I came across a few websites that promoted the selling of gold and silver. I hadn’t a clue about investing in precious metals.

Anyway, on a whim, I bought 3 oz of gold at $1,011.67 per ounce and 100 oz of silver at $20.16.

Today, of course, the value of both metals has increased.

I didn’t have a clue but fortunately “fortune favors the bold.” However, in my case “fortune favors the ignorant.”

The point is to buy low and sell high.


15 Best Products You Can Buy Cheap and Sell High to Make Money


1. Jewelry

Jewelry is always an eye-catching accessory that both men and women wear. They can adorn their body or the clothing that they wear.

In any case, jewelry speaks loudly to other individuals about style, grace, and the thickness of their pocketbooks.

Therefore, a good item to buy low and sell high is jewelry.

For some, the money may run out and so people resort to selling jewelry that they possess in order to quickly turn it into cash.

They offer the sale of jewelry to a friend, an online company, or a local pawn shop.

Wherever a jewelry owner may turn, the selling of a good quality jewelry item can give them the needed cash.

Therefore, being an opportunist may allow one to purchase or invest in the jewelry and cherish it for a while.

It may be sold to another for a profit or back to the original owner for a small markup.


2. Garage Sale Items

Sometimes, attending garage sales can be like mining for gold.

One may come across a valuable item that unfortunately for the homeowner, they don’t know the real value of what they are selling.

Sometimes it can just be a quality item and is being sold quickly at a lower price. The reasons for the quick sale could be a person is moving or needing quick cash.

The price of the slightly used item can be negotiated resulting in a bargain for you.

After buying this at a low cost, one can then sell it for a higher price. The net difference will be a profit for you.


3. Sports Items

Sports items are always a popular way of purchasing something at a lower price and then renegotiating a higher price as you sell to another individual.

Due to the popularity of sports, there will always be a market for sports memorabilia.

These memorabilia can be ticket stubs to that big game in which the game had an incredible comeback win for the underdog. The items can be sports cards, autographed bats or jerseys, bobbleheads, etc.

The list of popular sports items to buy at a low price and turn around and sell them at a higher price is almost endless.

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4. Stocks

Stocks are the classic commodity that an individual should buy low and sell high.

Sometimes the stock value of a company will decrease. It may be to their business decisions or negative issues swirling around what is happening within the corporation.

Or it may just be simply a downturn in the stock market.

It’s always good to be on the lookout for a bargain in the stock market. When that stock dips below what you know is the value of that stock, a savvy individual can “scoop up” shares that they can afford.

These stocks are then part of the individual’s portfolio. When the value of that stock rises, the individual can sell or continue to hold or sell when the stock rises to a certain value per stock.


5. Undeveloped Land

The land is always a precious commodity. Additionally, for the most part, the value of land is always increasing.

If undeveloped land is situated near or adjacent to developed land it is almost inevitable that the area is a prime location for expansion.

It may therefore be a good investment to purchase as much acreage as possible knowing that development companies will come knocking.

When that occurs the owner of the undeveloped land is situated in an enviable position to make a significant profit off of their undeveloped land for a profit.


6. Vintage Items

If an individual has the time, it’s always entertaining to visit antique stores. A visit to an antique store is like stepping into a time machine and being transported back decades.

A visit to an antique store may treat the customer or browser to admire quality wooden furniture, marvel at old coins, and reminisce over items that once graced the kitchens of families in the 40s or 50s.

If you know of an individual who is interested in these types of items, then possibly you can garner a good deal from the antique store owner.

With items in hand, you can display them to interested individuals or even post them on online websites. Those websites would include ebay.com and Etsy.com.

One such example of a houseware product that was popular in the 60s was Pyrex. Today certain sets or individual pieces of Pyrex can command a very good resale price.

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7. Sunglasses

An easy item to buy cheaply and turn around and make a profit are sunglasses.

Sunglasses not only serve a practical purpose in filtering out ultraviolet rays and shading the eyes from the sun but also help an individual look stylish and cool.

There are a variety of websites available in which an individual can buy sunglasses in bulk at a set price.

In fact there are even websites to get eyeglasses for free!

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They then can turn around and mark those sunglasses up by 25 to 50% or more and make a profit.

One such website can be found through eBay and as many as 10 pairs of sunglasses can be purchased for $20.


8. Real Estate

A proven way and popular method of flipping a purchase that is bought low and sold high is real estate.

A variety of tragedies can happen in an individual’s life. Those tragedies could include the death of a family member, loss of job, foreclosures, divorce, etc.

Often, if there is a home involved, the owner who experiences such loss may wish to liquidate their home quickly and sell it as is.

Or perhaps, the home has been neglected and the owner simply wants to sell the home without any improvements.

When such opportunities arise, an individual can help people in these situations by purchasing the home. This may be perceived as taking advantage of people.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The buyer is simply facilitating the sale and giving the current owner the opportunity to be released, in a number of cases, the burden of the home.

If the sale of the home is made, the new owner will renovate the home and add certain improvements. The house is then put on the market and sold at a profit.

It is a win/win for all involved.

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9. Books

Another good product that one can purchase at a fairly reasonable rate and sell at a higher cost include books.

Long before e-books became so popular and easy to download to read, books were bound in hardcovers.

An individual can go to a thrift store and browse their book section or go to a garage or estate sale and find a treasure trove of books that other individuals would love to have in their collection.

Who knows whether a first edition might be stumbled across or a book that is no longer in print but is worth a substantial amount of money?

By buying up these books, an individual can turn around and sell these books to used bookstores or offer them online to reach a broader customer base.


10. Toys

Toys are a hot commodity, especially during the holiday season. Some toys become so popular that they sell out very quickly.

One prime example was the Tickle Me Elmo doll that flew off the shelves.

If one can identify those toys that are going to be popular for the children and purchase a few of those toys prior to them being sold out, they may be able to sell those toys at a markup to parents who want to make their children happy.


Products You Can Buy Cheap and Sell High


11. Furniture

By searching online, going to garage sales, and antique stores, quality furniture can be purchased.

You can tell quality furniture when you see it because it is actually made of wood and is not made out of particleboard or other inferior material.

Another way that you can tell if the furniture is quality furniture is by looking at the construction of the drawers.

A quality constructed piece of furniture utilizes joints that are defined as butt joints, dovetail joints, or corner blocks.

If an individual is able to buy one of these quality pieces of furniture such as a roll-top desk, they can then resell it to another individual and receive a significant boost in their net profit.


12. Cars

Many people who are mechanically inclined or have worked out an arrangement with a good mechanic purchase cars and then sell them for a profit.

Cars can be purchased through classified ads, looking on Craigslist, or by attending various auctions.

The individual just simply purchases the car, does some detailing of the car, and has their mechanic friend check out the engine and the motorized parts.

The car can then be sold at a good markup for everyone to realize a profit.


13. Clearance Items

Some individuals go to discount stores and buy various products. They especially focus on purchasing large quantities of clothing.

They then take these purchases and sell them.

Some individuals have their own retail clothing store and use these clothes for inventory.

The discounted clothing is sold to their customer base as a markup.

Consequently, the retail store owner buys the items at a significantly low price, marks the items up.

Customers purchase those items at a higher cost and help the retailer to earn money.


14. Electronics

By shopping at thrift stores, scanning the classified ads, pouring over Craigslist, and attending garage sales, one may want to be on the lookout for vintage electronics.

Some examples of these vintage devices could include Walkman’s, cassette and VCR players, cameras, gaming consoles, etc.

If you can purchase these items at a fairly low price, there is a market for individuals who are looking to purchase these nostalgic items and make them part of their collection.


15. Picture Frames

There is a great demand for wooden picture frames that are of good quality.

Today frames are generally made out of plastic or other inferior material.

Individuals are looking for these quality frames to show off paintings that they may have created, pictures of relatives, or just to highlight their own personal family.

By attending estate sales or garage sales, an individual may come across some quality frames that they can purchase for a fairly reasonable rate and then in turn offer these quality wooden frames to interested individuals.

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Best Products You Can Buy Cheap and Sell High FAQs


What Does It Mean to Buy Low and Sell High?

This term generally applies to the purchasing of stock. It is a financial transaction when stocks or securities are purchased at a low price and then sold, after a period of time, when those stocks rise in value.


What Is the Easiest Thing to Flip?

At the top of the list would be sporting shoes especially Air Jordan’s and vintage electronics.


You Can Do It

Buying low and selling high is the mantra for successful entrepreneurship. This is not only true in services offered to customers but in the products that they provide as well.

For the individual who is willing to shop around, purchase some lower-cost items and do a little bit of refurbishing, they stand to make some positive gains on their investment.



This article has revealed some of the very best products you can buy for cheap and sell much higher, to make a lot more money.

As the old saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

When it comes to buying low and selling high the key is not about trash but about recycling, refurbishing, rethinking, and renewing.

Buying low and selling high is like mining for diamonds. You find the coal and with a little pressure and sometimes you turn the item into a beautiful gem that a prospective buyer wishes to purchase.

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