How To Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys




In the early days of the Internet you could sell products and make money if you knew how to put an advertisement together. Marketers made money by simply advertising their products on a website.Now the rules have changed.

To have any success online marketers now have to know more than just how to market through advertising. You must know how to win friends and influence people. You must know how to write and how to connect with people.

There is no more room for excuses. You have to do both or you fail. Period.

In the new Internet marketing you have to make things happen – every day, all the time. If you advertise and then sit back and do nothing life will return the favor by giving you nothing. On the other hand, if you act you will determine what happens to you. You have to take the first step – and the last and everyone in between.

You have to plan

The first step starts where everything else starts. In the mind. You have to adopt the right mindset – a mindset of taking action and doing whatever it takes.

What comes next? Most marketers choose to set up a blog and fill it with content. Competition in cyberspace is tough and therefore it is necessary to know that the rule of the jungle applies: survival of the fittest.

Your content has to be the fittest. It has to be strong enough to attract readers. It has to be amazing.

Most of all it has to touch emotions because people are emotional beings. They get angry and frustrated. They also get happy and thankful. Your main task is to trigger positive emotions with what you write. You want them to know that your advice is amazing and that you are amazing.

The best way to do that is to help people. In a nutshell, good content is helpful content that will trigger a thank you response in their emotions. When you help someone you have made a friend.

How can you help?

You help by playing doctor. You have to sooth away pains.

As marketers we all struggle with certain aspects of our marketing. It is your job to find the pain points of other marketers and solve their problems. Finding pain points can sometimes be a research project in itself if you do not know how but a keen eye and an open ear help a lot. Go to forums on Internet marketing and see what questions they ask there. Go to Facebook groups and look at the questions there. You will soon enough find questions on how to to this and how to do that. Research those topics and turn a pain point into an epic blog post.

The question that comes to mind now is how do I create this amazing content?

The answer is really ridiculously simple. How do you do anything? Let me rephrase that. How do you do anything successfully? You work out exactly what it is you want to achieve and then you plan step by step how to get there. You plan. You work according to a plan.

Your plan should clearly state

* The topic of your post.

* A short description of the content.

* Some keywords.

* and the offer that you want to promote through your article, if any.

Then research your topic well. How do you do that?

By going to the sites of the experts. See what they write about. Go from site to site and copy the articles you find helpful and save them in a document. Understand what they say. This will be your source of reference when you start writing.

Understand your audience

Before you jump into creating your post keep in mind that the biggest force driving human action is emotion.

How does emotion enter the picture?


In order to communicate three elements have to be present. You need:

* a sender

* a message

* a receiver (or receivers).

As the content producer you are the sender and your blog visitors are the receivers.

You create a blog post by typing symbols – called letters – on a keyboard.

In order to turn the symbols into a message with meaning the receiver must read the letters one by one and blend them together into words and sentences. Of course this happens at lightning-speed in the mind unless you have really bad readers.

Once the message has been conveyed and understood what happens?

The receiver filters the message through his or her perceptions formed through education and experience and that is where emotions come into play. To use an example: If you write that the sky is green you will probably cause the reader to feel irritated or angry for wasting his time. His perception tells him it is not true.

In the same way your message can cause happiness, sadness, or excitement to name just some.

The point is: emotion comes into play in the communication process and people act on emotion. Therefore your aim should be to stir a positive emotion such as excitement or at least satisfaction with your content. You want to win friends and influence people.

Writing your post

Armed with your research material, you start writing.

Make sure your message is clear and true and your writing is free of mistakes. Your reader is doing you a favor to read it. Do not make your content hard to read or understand. You will touch the wrong nerve and that is very bad for business.

Give value. Tell your readers something valuable they do not know and help them in the process. If you have done your research well you will have found some great golden nuggets to share.

At school we learned to write essays with a title, an introduction, a body and an ending. For blog articles the roadmap is very much the same except that we also need a call to action and a picture or two.

There are some basic rules to writing well.

The headline


Keep in mind that you have to capture   your readers’ attention. This you do through your headline.

A good headline has to:

* carry a promise. Promises get read.

* contain your main keyword to make it easier for the search engines to find your content.

* include adjectives, such as “amazing” or “unbeatable” to give your promise that much more impact and make it speak to emotion.

If your article is on traffic generation and your keyword is traffic then your headline should not be “Traffic generation”. It should be something like: “Proven methods to drive insanely large streams of traffic to your content”.

Why do you write a headline?

You give your article a headline for one reason: to capture attention.

If your headline does not do this, delete it and write another one.

The Introduction

Here it is important to use an image if you do not use one at the very top of the page under the headline. Not only does it make your writing look attractive but a picture paints a thousand words. The human brain is wired to think in images. It also reads images a lot faster than it does text. You dream in images, not in text. Images are your friends; use them freely.

They also help you reach the emotions of you reader quicker. An interesting Image can be a good eye-catcher .

The introduction should build on the headline.

You use your introduction to create interest. Here you can play with the language to bond with the reader. The introduction also builds on the promise that you created in the headline. You do not deliver on that promise yet, but you play with it in a way that creates a bond between you and the reader. You can explain why the receiving the information in the article could be life-changing for your reader. You can tell him or her that you have also struggled with the same problem but that you have found the solution and you are about to share it with them. You move closer to your reader emotionally. You want to stir curiosity. That you do in your introduction.

When you write an introduction that should radiate the same sort enthusiasm that you have painted into your headline. It should set a tone of excitement and vibrancy.

Why do you write an introduction?

Not to explain the pros and cons of your product. Introductions are more about creating common ground between you and the reader than it is about selling. It is the ideal opportunity to start building trust.

Follow your introduction with your first subheading.

Subheadings are a good place to include keywords to be friendly to the search engines. Don’t just write a subheading. Put some thinking into it. It should be something that blends into your article and serve as a hint for the reader about what is to follow. It is easy to try and find something witty and use that as a subheading, but it is not recommended. A subheading should be a change-over from one idea to another. Subheadings also serve the purpose of breaking up the content so that you don’t just present rows and rows of text to your readers.

Why do you write subheadings?

We write them not only to break up the text but also because a subheading is beneficial as far as SEO is concerned. It gives your article structure as it is a clear transition point from one thought to another.

The Body

That brings us to the body – the main part of the article.

facial expressions

Spread images throughout your body text. Images of people with interesting facial expressions are especially powerful as facial expression is a non-verbal aspect of communication.

 Use your research material to identify the main ideas that you want to include and then write about those ideas in your own words and style. The temptation may be there simply to rewrite but you have to think like a writer. Build your own material around the ideas and facts that you have identified and write from the heart and in your own words.

Do not try simply to teach, try to connect. “Do you struggle with driving traffic as I did in the beginning? It is really heartbreaking isn’t it? Well I have some great advice.”

Emotion connects to emotion and you help the reader to live your content rather then read it.

You should have calls to action, spread throughout your article. When people are excited about what you tell them give them the opportunity to act immediately.

Great content deserves great endings. Don’t just end abruptly. Find a way to end an article in such a way that it rounds off what you have said. It must have the effect of causing the reader to nod and say, yes that is very true. I must try that. You want him of her to reflect on it for just a moment.

Place a call to action in the conclusion as well.

Once you have finished writing make very sure to read the article again and correct any mistakes. Then save your article and let it sit for two days before you read it through very carefully again. Only publish when you are very certain that the article is clean.

Marketing your content

Start your marketing campaign by flirting with the influencers.

Who are the influencers?

They are the people who have made a name for themselves in your niche. Influencers are usually great content writers and outstanding marketers and they are easy to find through a simple Google search.

What to you need from them?

They get the traffic that you want. They have the list you need. They have the knowledge you need.

A lot of people visit their websites and if your link is on there some of them will click on it and visit you. If they like your content they will optin and your list grows.

Leave comments on their sites and then visit their visitors and comment there as well.

Do not submit a post and ask them to consider it as a guest post. When you do that you ask a favor with nothing to give in return.  We all know that a friend in need is a bit of a pest. If they are in need today they will probably still be in need tomorrow and they like to make their problems yours. We do not want to be seen as someone like that. First establish yourself in the industry by getting your own followers then you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Connecting with influencers is however not the beginning and end of marketing. Marketing online is a long process of getting others to like and promote your content. Of course you will have to do your bit as well. Learn how to promote to different social media and make friends there. Promote your own content as well as others on these sites.

Move your content off your site and onto places where others will see it such as social networking sites. You want it on as many places as you can get it. You want to talk to as many people as you can reach.

You may feel like you are fishing for traffic with a line but as you do this day after day you are actually creating your traffic catching net. Work with a plan. Create great content, promote it and let others promote it. That is what list building is.

As a marketer creating your list is the warm-up exercise. Once you have a good solid list, the work really begins. But that is a story for another day …



  1. Hello redtiger,

    I really enjoyed reading this.

    You not only talk the talk but also walk the talk as I didn’t see any mistakes in this.

    It’s obvious you followed your own advice of letting it sit for 2 days to read through again in search of mistakes before publishing.

    I like how you covered the important aspects of writing killer content and even included tips on marketing the content, since just writing killer content is not enough without marketing it.

    I’d say this is a complete post.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Hi redtiger,

    I like the points you made in this post.

    I agree with you that the rules have changed now and online marketers now need to know how to win friends and influence people.

    But am not so sure I agree with you on learning how to write as one of the precursors for online success .

    For bloggers, this is true, they have to learn how to write. But marketers who make money mainly from things like affiliate marketing, they don’t really need to know how to write, I think.

    They need to know how to win friends as you said and how to connect with people, but not necessarily how to write.

    Some affiliate marketers making lots of money are bad at writing great content, but they are making lots of money by mastering other aspects.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  3. Great post here.

    This is a well crafted post that gives the blueprint to getting producing great content that is read, followed by a great marketing plan.

    Being the doctor when is exactly what is needed when it comes to producing wanted content. You have to find out what will ease the pains of your patients. Find out their wants and needs.

    I have been using this strategy and it has been useful.

    I’ll be sure to spread it.

    Lawrence Berry recently posted…How To Stay Motivated and Inspired To TravelMy Profile

    • Hi Lawrence

      I agree with you: being helpful starts with identifying needs and wants.

      Research is very important. So is being able to produce valuable content and spreading your message effectively. In Internet marketing these factors go hand-in-hand.

      I am glad you have enjoyed the post. I see from your blog post title that you regard staying motivated and inspired as very important. Seeing a blog post as a challenge is a great motivator.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys to ProsperMy Profile

  4. Hi RedTiger,

    Great post, with a lot of great tips on crafting your content and marketing it!

    “To have any success online marketers now have to know more than just how to market through advertising. You must know how to win friends and influence people. You must know how to write and how to connect with people.”

    I would like to agree with this, but the results tell me otherwise…

    Especially when I look at some of my friends who make millions using nothing but advertising.

    Some of them are terrible at writing, and avoid it altogether.

    Some of them never even blog. They don’t even have a blog.

    Some of them have no friends or influencer connections in the niches they operate in.

    I don’t think there is anything that cannot really work, if you know the steps to using it correctly.

    However, writing and connecting with people is still very necessary, as you mentioned.

    But I believe the effort is better spent crafting and writing emails to connect with your audience, as opposed to blogging and connecting with the big boys.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Leonardo “List Legend” LaVito recently posted…10 Insane List Building Secrets I Discovered While “Comment Hacking” Neil Patel’s BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Leonardo

      Dont misunderstand me. Blogging is not a necessity if you want to spend on advertising. In fact advertising is the better way to go -100 percent. But it costs money and newbies do not often have it. Blogging is simply the free alternative and even bloggers have to use advertising from time to time.

      However they cannot do it all the time and the blog is an opportunity to get some more eyes to their content.

      You mention crafting e-mails to connect with your audience. The aim of this post is to help people get an aidience in the first place without paying for advertisments or clicks.

      Thanks for a great comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys to ProsperMy Profile

  5. I’m an everyday girl sharing ideas on fashion, beauty, home and travel.

    My blog is my outlet to do what I love and it makes me happy 🙂

    I blog for the fun of it and don’t put too much time to produce the type of content people call killer content nor do I flirt with the big boys, but I think am doing quite well.

    To each, his or her own, wouldn’t you say?

    I get your point, though, which is that I can do better by producing the type of killer content you talk about in this post, right?
    Barbara George recently posted…The “Sexy” BraMy Profile

    • Hi Barbara

      When you blog for fun and your blog makes you happy you are already producing the content people want to read.

      You know what you write about, you love it and it shines through in your content. Your topics are exciting and you write about them with passion.

      On the other hand …
      Selling affiliate marketing courses for instance has no real natural vibrancy. It is simply hard work and makes a dry, uninspiring topic.

      If a topic does not connect to the emotions of your reader, you have to make it bubble and sparkle. When writing does not come naturally, this is diffficult and a few pointers may help. That is what the post is about.

      Thanks for a welcome comment

  6. Hi,

    You covered many wonderful points with this post. I love it.

    The only thing I can say is, I think if you add ‘How To” before the title of this post, it would be more appropriate:

    “How To Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys to Prosper”


  7. Hi redtiger,

    This is sure an epic content that teaches people how to write epic content . The discussion is clear and practical. I agree to the points you have made!

    Producing killer content begins with understanding the audience and their pain points.

    If the pain points are identified then it becomes easier to influence people.

    I guess it would be easier ensuring that all it takes to flirt with the big boys are provided.

    Good content is a content that provides solution for the readers

  8. Hi,

    This is a very well written post, I must admit.

    The professional way you wrote this shows you know how to produce killer content yourself.

    I also like the way you used “flirt with the big boys”. That made the title sassy, 🙂

    You made a good point of going to the sites of the big boys and learning from them.

    It’s even easy to know the types of content that performed very well in such sites, from the number of shares and comments, and learning from all that, to produce yours.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Judith

      You mention a very good point which can be valauble for any blogger who just cannot think of a topic next time he or she wants to write a blog post. Look at the number of comments on the influencer-sites.

      Usually when a post gets a high number of comments and shares it can be an indication that he or she has addressed a “pain point” in the post.

      Then you use the same topic and write your own post about it. There is no reason why you should not also get comments and shares if you promote well.

      Thanks for a very good comment.

  9. Hello redtiger,

    I don’t really put much attention to producing such type of killer content but I should.

    It’s scary sometimes to think of doing blogging like big bloggers.

    But I have to start learning eventually, don’t I?

    I can’t run away from that forever unless I want to forever remain a small blogger, which is not good.

    This post will serve as good resource to help me create great content.

    Thank you for posting.
    Anju Jerry Mathew recently posted…INSPIRATIONAL QUOTESMy Profile

    • Hi Anju

      You say It’s scary sometimes to think of doing blogging like big bloggers.

      Yet blogging is really not that difficult. If you can talk to a friend, you can write a blog post. Just talk on paper and enjoy it.

      Never let yourself be forced into a style of writing that is not your own.

      As long as you are confident that you have a good and well-researched message you are home and dry. The more you do that the more it will become second nature. The rest will follow naturally.

      Do not think about writing like the big bloggers. Many of them do not really write that well anyway. They became big names because they choose their topics well and know how to promote their content. That is the important part for the marketer.

      Thanks for your kind words about the post.

  10. Hi,

    You seem to have taken your time to put this together, as it’s pretty good!

    I Love it, particularly how easy it is to read, flowing from one part to the other smoothly.

    I haven’t done all the influencer flirting thing at all but it’s worth doing, to get one’s content promoted.


    Memorable username you got there, by the way 🙂
    Yan Yan Chan recently posted…IN MY JEANSMy Profile

    • Hi There Yan

      Thanks for your very positive comments. I am glad you liked the post.

      By the way I just hopped over to your site and I am impressed. I think your written content is great and the way you use pictures to tell their own story is very powerful.

      Well done. I can imagine you get many followers on sites such as Pinterest.

  11. Hello redtiger,

    I have read many posts like these which talk about how to produce great content but only talk on the surface. This is different.

    By breaking it down from:

    writing the headline,
    the introduction,
    the subheadings
    and finally the body,

    you covered the very important details to help anyone produce great content.


    Thanks for writing this. I found it really useful.

    • Hi James

      Thank you for a great and much appreciated comment.

      You mention that posts far too often only scratch the surface. This is very true.

      Many Internet marketing teachers do not give good writing the respect it deserves. In fact the very first so-called mentor I had suggested that you use PLR content and just change a word here and there. I think that is bad advice and soon found another mentor.

      If your visitors enjoy your writing they will come back to your site. I believe your style of writing is important. It can make you stand out from the crowd. The challenge involved makes marketing that much more enjoyable.

      I am glad you found the post useful. Thanks again.

      • I indeed enjoy the post, redtiger.

        You said Internet marketing teachers do not give good writing the respect it deserves and even suggest using PLR. That’s true, I have noticed that as well with some Internet marketers.

        But isn’t that because they are marketers first and writers second? Is it that their main objective is to sell, not to write?

        What’s the difference between those who are marketers first and writers second, and those who are writers first, then marketers second?

        Your knowledgeable thoughts here will be appreciated.

        • Hi James

          You make an interesting and valid point.

          If a teacher tells you on the one hand to use PLR and on the other that you should add value with your content I have a problem with PLR.

          I think marketing is the tip of the iceberg.

          When marketer becomes teacher and decides to charge a pretty penny for his services he should go the whole nine yards. By all means teach marketing but also teach proper planning, setting up a website, writing, social media, driving traffic etc.

          The main aim of writing should be to help the reader. Researching your topic from a variety of sources will give you a better chance of doing that than just republishing an article from yesteryear. Some PLR articles out there are rather outdated, others are quite good.

          If the PLR make good advertising copy by all means use it. In fact for people who are not English speakers PLR can be a godsend provided it is fresh and fits your product.

          However my opinion is that if you want to make a good impression and build relationships, put your own stamp on your content with good original writing.

          Thanks for a great comment.

  12. Hello redtiger!

    Thank you for this useful article!

    Usually I read fast, but this time it took much more time, because I really dove deeply in what you have written.

    There is the interesting topic about influencers. In one side they are like your competitors, but from another side they are your stimulation to rise up and succeed.

    But I don’t completely understand how to connect with them. Do you think they are interested in promoting someone’s blog on own blog pages?

    • Hi Citadin

      I am glad you enjoyed the post and appreciate that you took the time to dig deeper.

      My idea about the influencers is based on the old saying that to be the best you must learn from the best. Thats why I suggest you read their posts but do not stop there. Comment and share their posts on social media. Connect to them on Twitter and Facebook. It they offer a free telephone call on their site – and many of them do – sign up for that.

      Not only will you get great advice but they will know your name. They will start sending you emails. Everytime you share one of their posts, let them know through social media or by by email that you did. Keep on visitng them and keep on commenting. You will soon start building a relationship with them.

      Chances are at some point they will visit your site and may even link to your content in a post. That link could mean many visitors for you.

      If they talk to you on Twitter and Facebook talk back.

      If you notice guest posts on their blogs you may even ask them if they will be interested in a guest post from you.

      Many of them will not be interested but some will; but only once
      1. you have built your relationship with them and
      2. you feel very confident that you content is top notch.

      Great comment. Thanks.

  13. Hey Redtiger,

    This is a great post for those that are just getting started.

    I like the fact you mentioned about going to the blogs of experts to see what they write about and how they write. This will give beginners a great path to pattern themselves after so that they can project their own voice.

    Also connecting with your audience via emotion is vital. This is what introductions are great for. You want to be on the same level as your visitors and if they can relate to your post from the get go, then they’ll will definitely read the rest of your post as well as share.

    Thanks for sharing Redtiger! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Solopreneurs Struggle With Generating Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Hi Sherman

      Beginning the journey as a marketer can be quite daunting. Those early days are filled with doubts and searching for answers.

      I agree with you that visiting the experts is one way to stabilize the uncertain legs as you give your baby steps and try to find your voice.

      Thanks for emphasizing the role of emotion. Connecting to someonde on an emotional level takes communication to a whole new level. Online you cannot inspire confidence with a warm handshake but well chosen words that comes from the heart can go a long way in acheiving that aim.

      Thanks for a great comment.

    • Hi Kelly

      Experience is the best teacher and when you do not have that, it is a good idea to learn from those who have.

      That is why I believe looking at what the most successful marketers are doing can be a valuable starting point for the beginner. They answer many questions while at the same time offering valuable clues about popular blog topics.

      From there it is up to the marketer to produce the kind of content that will set him apart from the rest.

      Thanks a lot for commenting.

  14. Hello redtiger,

    I really liked reading this post. You seem to have taken your time to put this together, step by step.

    I see from your bio that you have 35 years of journalistic experience and 5 years as a lecturer.

    Wow, that’s a lot of years. It’s no surprising that you write so well.

    Thanks for sharing these years of experience with us all for free!

  15. One VERY important skill that you highlighted, which I had initially overlooked, was adjustment. What works today may not necessarily work tomorrow.

    Just like in poker, it’s important to always be open to being wrong and challenged, and to new things. The biggest mistake we can make is becoming complacent.

    Your suggestions about the use of pictures and thinking of your audience was big too. I actually went back to re-write a section of an article and added a picture which put a nicer touch to it.

    • Hi Black

      Good point.

      Move with the times or go to the places dinosaurs and cavemen go.

      Using only one or two sources in your research can be so dangerous. Many articles floating around in cyberspace were written at a time when yesteryear still had to happen. The advice is no good today. This is especially true of some PLR content.

      I like that you went back and adapted some of your text to fit a picture that you had in mind. That text came from you. You developed and played with the information to make it what you wanted it to be. That is how you find your writing voice.

      Thanks. Great comment.

  16. Hi redtiger,

    This is a killer content, in my opinion. It means you know how to produce killer content and should be listened to.

    I enjoyed the flow of the entire article, makes for easy reading and comprehension.

    At the end of the article you said something about a story for another day. Maybe it will be “How To Build a Killer List and Flirt With The Big Boys”? 🙂

    • Hi Daniel

      I am glad you have enjoyed the post. Thanks for your great positive comments. They are highly appreciated.

      Wriitng is the easy part, list building is really the challenge. I hope to write about that soon. The Big Boys can indeed be a great help in building a list. Right now it seems to be a pain point for many.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting.
      redtiger recently posted…Is your paradigm holding you back?My Profile

  17. Hey redtiger,

    What an interesting headline 😉

    Its exciting reading through this piece and taking lots of lessons away. Flirting with the big boys is a possibility if we are able to always create content and connect with the audience. There is always a reward for the perfect connection.

    The connection part of this process must be taken seriously because that this where value is promoted.

    The perfect connection begins with understanding the audience and providing him/her with the content that would add value.

    It’s a good thing you have properly laid these to bare in this discussion!

    • Hi Celine

      I am glad you have found some take-aways from the post.

      Indeed good content connects with our audience and helps them at the same time. We can only achieve this when we understand the audience and their needs.

      I believe the influencers or “big boys” have this understanding down to a fine art. The have learnt through experience how to identify what people want and many people go to their sites.

      This gives the blogger who is serious about growing his blog the opportunity to build relationships, both with the influencer and his or her followers.

      Thanks for a good comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Be a follower to become a leaderMy Profile

  18. Hey redtiger,

    It is important to learn of the what, the why and the how of what the big boys are doing to prosper.

    When it comes to producing killer content, knowing who the audience is becomes vital. The audience’s acceptance is going to define the “killer” instinct of the post.

    So, whatever we write, however we write and for what ever reason we produce a content, the audience’s needs must be satisfied!

    • Hi Sarah John

      You have explained the role of the influencer brilliantly in a few words.

      Learn the what, why and how from the big boys. They prosper because they have the all-important knowledge and experience to look at marketing from the right perspective.

      Bloggers may flock to his or her site like sheep. The one who will benefit most is the one who goes there to gain understanding.

      Thanks also for highlighting the one all-important aspect that must run through our content like a golden thread: be helpful. Determine the needs of the audience, find answers and help them.

      Great comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Affiliate Marketing ExplainedMy Profile

  19. This your post is simple to read and to understand despite my English language problem.

    I have problem of English but find this easy to read.

    I am not creating killer content because of English problem, but practicing will help me, right?

    • Hi Florencia

      The fact that you had no problem understanding the article shows that you have the necessary skills and practicing will help to improve them.

      Unfortunately learning a language is a long process unless you use it every day – not only reading it but having English conversations as well.

      My advice would be that if you feel uncomfortable using a language why not find someone who will teach you or write for you on a site such as Fiverr?

      Alternatively write in your own language and concentrate on an audience who will understand you.

      Thank you for your comment.

  20. Great post.

    I must admit, I am guilty of not always putting enough emotion in my blog posts and this post really hammered it home for me that I need to change that.

    Obviously the facts need to be accurate and the advice needs to be of high quality in all blog posts, but people need that emotional connection to make them want to comment, share it, opt into your list or just remember the post past that day.

    We remember moments because of emotional connections. We want to speak out minds about a topic because of an emotional connection to it. Without creating that emotional response in your writing, you may have a hard time growing your blog into one of the best.

    Thanks for really pointing that out! I had a nice little break through.
    Justin recently posted…How To Start A Business With Nothing But A TruckMy Profile

    • Hi Justin

      Your post got me thinking just really how important emotion really is.

      We are emotional beings and we “see” with our emotion. If your content can create a clear message sparking an emotional response it will be remembered.

      People care about that which meets their needs, not the bells and whistles.

      Thanks for highlighting this so clearly. I believe it is the most important fact to keep in mind when writing sales copy. Get people excited about what you offer and the sales talk is not necessary.

      Great comment.
      redtiger recently posted…How to use your websiteMy Profile

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    • Hi Deangelo

      I believe good content starts with knowing what you want to say and then giving yourself permission to say it in your own words.

      Too many people are scared to do this. They write the facts. Facts are boring. It is how you present the facts that really counts. It is your own voice that gives your work color and make it stand out.

      Take a fact, play with it and let your mind shape it into something special.

      Thanks for the comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Mini Map to Online SuccessMy Profile

  22. Hi Redtiger,

    You’ve probably said it all. However, I’d like to add that the process of making an epic blog post starts from your blog title.

    If you make it great, you’d definitely increase your chances of getting people to actually fall in love with your entire post, and thereafter follow your blog.

    The simple formula I’ve learnt from the people over at copyblogger is:

    Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise = The ultimate headline.

    This has worked perfectly for me over time, and I don’t see myself stopping it’s use in the nearest future.
    Hafiz Akinde recently posted…Personal Branding For Bloggers: 10 Strategies That Actually WorkMy Profile

  23. Hey redtiger,

    Indeed, killer content is that which readily influences people. It is that type of content which readily solves problems for the prospect.

    To keep producing this type of content, there must be regular planning. Yes, and also, understanding who the audience is!

    If we get to know who the audience is then it becomes easier to present a content that would get clicks and the needed reactions!

    • Hi Paul

      Yes, I agree.

      Know your audience and know their questions. Then answer them in a way that is easy to read and understand.

      That is the way to build relationships. Getting people to know, like and trust you is the starting point to building tribes and tribes can help you survive in the competitive online environment.

      Your content is of course of vital importance and you should show your human side in your content. Write in a conversational style that is pleasant to read. Write for people, not for search engines.

      Never teach. Help others and win friends in doing so.
      redtiger recently posted…Mini Map to Online SuccessMy Profile

  24. Hi redtiger,

    The title of this post is attention grabbing! You got me here and the content aligns with the title.

    It is important to master the art and science of producing killer content so that every message we pass creates an impact.

    Those whose content are generating results are those who took time to implement the workable processes like link building, SEO, and search features in the content.

    • Hi Winford

      Great points. Results require much more than just content.

      You also have to get your house in order. That process starts with keyword research and SEO. Then of course there is the aspect of link building. Link to your own content and link to the content of others.

      Another vital element is to have a link to your offer as well as a signup form on your page. All the elements work together to create success.
      redtiger recently posted…Mini Map to Online SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Steven

      Glad you liked the post.

      It is no doubt a good idea to learn from the influencers.

      After all they are big names because they understand and have mastered the art of Internet marketing. They have walked the walk and now they talk the talk so that others can follow in their footsteps.

      Producing content is the beginning. It is helping people through your content that will bring the visitors to your site.

      Good comment.
      redtiger recently posted…Mini Map to Online SuccessMy Profile