This is a very detailed and helpful Prize Rebel review, for those who want to know if it’s worth getting started with this program or not.

PrizeRebel is one of the best paid survey platforms and sites that really pays.

With PrizeRebel, you can get paid to complete surveys sent to you. This site is easily one of the best websites you can check out to make extra money online.

There are many things you should know about Prize Rebel. These are highlighted in this detailed review.

Yes, this is a detailed and helpful review of Prize Rebel. You can go through this piece and get an idea of what it is, how it works, how to earn with it, the different ways it pays, and other important details.

First, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is a membership rewards website. You don’t pay any money to become a member as it is free.

After you become a member of this site, you get to take surveys and complete simple tasks that you would do every day to earn points.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards or real cash.

PrizeRebel was founded in 2007 with its headquarters in California, United States. To date, it has more than 11 million members from different parts of the world.

The members of this site cut across people from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom Australia, Germany, India, and so on. This site has members from more than 183 countries of the world.

As of 2020, this company has rewarded members with cash or gift cards worth more than $22 million.

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How PrizeRebel Works

PrizeRebel is a platform that allows members to make money through surveys and other ways.

You must first sign up and complete your profile before becoming a member. You can sign up with your Facebook account or with a valid email address.

The good thing is that registration with this platform is easy and free. The process will take you less than 30 seconds.

After registering with you may need to confirm your registration by clicking on the validation link sent to your email.

Once you complete this step then you are good to start using this site to earn points and rewards.

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6 Different Ways To Earn With PrizeRebel

You can access different ways to earn points with PrizeRebel. These include:


1. Surveys

PrizeRebel provides you with multiple surveys you can complete. These are available each day. Once you complete a survey you earn points.

It works a lot like Swagbucks paid survey website and it really pays.

The nature of the surveys sent to you is based on your profile and the information you fill out.

It would interest you to know that PrizeRebel partners with other popular survey sites through which you can also complete surveys and earn points.

If you are wondering about what the survey is all about, then you must know that you can give your opinion on market research surveys & earn points!

The Surveys are from market research companies who are willing to reward you for your opinion on new products and services.

To be credited points, you must complete the opinion survey until the thank you page. Points will be credited within 30 minutes of survey completion.

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2. Offer Wall

PrizeRebel allows members to earn points when they complete tasks on the offer wall. These earning opportunities are refreshed daily.

This feature allows members to watch slideshows, read articles, sign up for newsletters, browse the Internet, participate in product trials, install an app, and so on.

These are provided by the partners of PrizeRebel.

Once you complete any of these simple tasks you will also earn points.

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3. Videos

PrizeRebel provides members with simple and short videos to watch.

These clips could be about anything informative, educative, instructive, and entertaining.

Thus, you can watch videos about food, technology, fashion, comedy, news, or celebrities.

You earn points by watching or engaging with the video sent you within a short space of time.

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4. Online Tasks

PrizeRebel provides you with a “Figure Eight” dashboard. On this platform, you can complete simple online tasks and earn points and rewards.


5. Refer Friends

PrizeRebel rewards you with points when you invite your friends to signup and use the site. You will get 20% of their earnings as rewards.

Yes, when the friend you invite makes money through PrizeRebel, you will receive 20% of what they earn.

To invite or refer your friends to use PrizeRebel, simply share your unique referral link on social media or via email.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

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You must know that referral earnings are only based on when your friend engages in the completion of offers, surveys, tasks, offer walls, daily points, or videos.

You will not earn any points from your referrals’ promo codes, contest/bonus winnings, or their referral earnings.

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6. Contests

You can participate in different games and contests through PrizeRebel.

You earn points and bonus points when you participate in games like Lucky Numbers, raffles, and other contests.

So, you can take advantage of any of the above options to earn points from PrizeRebel.

Filling out surveys, completing tasks on the offer wall, and referring your friends provides you with the most benefits.


PrizeRebel Review paid survey site


How to Redeem Your PrizeRebel Points

You earn points from PrizeRebel by completing surveys or completing multiple tasks.

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them through any of these options:


1. Gift Cards

You can redeem your points for a variety of gift cards. There are hundreds of gift card options you can check out.

These include gift cards from popular brands like Best Buy, Amazon, Gap, Home Depot, American Eagle, Old Navy, Starbucks, and more.

For 100 points you can exchange for $1 worth of gift cards. However, some brands may provide you with points discounts on their offer.

For instance, instead of exchanging 500 points for a $5 Amazon gift card, you can use 370 points to make the exchange.

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2. PayPal cash

You can redeem your points for real cash payable through PayPal. Once you have accumulated 500 points, you can then redeem them for $5.

So, to get real cash from your PrizeRebel points, you must have a PayPal account.

The email must match with your PrizeRebel account. You can also get paid through a direct bank deposit.

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3. Game code

You can redeem your points for a game card or code. This option is suitable for those who love to play games online.

If you must know how long it takes to get your reward, then here is what PrizeRebel has to say:

“Processing of all reward claims will be completed around 24 hrs from the time of your reward redemption.

If you are gold level or higher, it will be processed within 10 minutes unless the reward is out of stock.”

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PrizeRebel membership Levels

PrizeRebel allows you to reach different account levels. Once you complete certain goals you reach the level.

To reach each level, you must earn the required amount of points listed for each level.

According to the site “Account Levels are statuses that you reach as you complete certain goals. With each level, you will unlock more benefits!

Account levels can be reached by earning the required number of points for each level.

Once you reach Gold Level or above, your prize rewards claims will be automatically processed if the item is in stock. You can find your level on the top bar, next to your points total.

Clicking on your current level will tell you how many points you need to get to the next level.”

PrizeRebel levels are membership levels. You will automatically get more benefits and discounts as you rise through the ranks. The memberships levels are and their  points are:

  • Bronze: 0 points
  • Silver: 1,000 points
  • Gold: 4,500 points
  • Platinum: 10,000 points
  • Diamond: 16,000 points

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Advantages and Pros of PrizeRebel

There are lots of pros associated with PrizeRebel. These include:

  • The platform is free to join.
  • You can enjoy more benefits when you reach a new membership level.
  • The site has the largest collection of giveaway gift cards to choose from.
  • You easily redeem your points for gift cards after taking surveys and completing surveys.
  • You redeem your points for cash after taking surveys.
  • Redeem points for PayPal rewards!
  • You can take advantage of many ways to make money online even as a student.
  • PrizeRebel has a low payout threshold which is a low as $5.


Disadvantages and Cons of PrizeRebel

Despite the pros of PrizeRebel, there are still some cons you should know:

  • PrizeRebel may disqualify you for taking too many surveys.
  • PrizeRebel closes your account without warning.


Is PrizeRebel legit?

PrizeRebel is a legit site. It has good ratings from sites like SiteJabber, SurveyPolice, and TrustPilot.

It also partners with some of the best legitimate survey sites like Toluna, Opinion World, SaySoRewards, Innovate, Daily Gold, Your Surveys, and more.

Genuine members have been paid by this site.  Despite some of the cons of this platform, it remains one of the most legitimate platforms like Survey Junkie where people can make money.


Similar Survey and Reward Sites To Consider for Making Money



As you can see from this very helpful review, PrizeRebel is definitely one of the best survey sites out there that really pays.

You can sign up with them to earn points for doing everyday activities you probably already do for free. You can redeem your points for gift cards or Paypal cash.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

SurveyJunkie (only USA, Canada, Australia residents allowed). You can earn money sharing your thoughts. They have already paid $25+ million to their 20+ million members just for sharing their thoughts and opinions. Click here to join SurveyJunkie for FREE