If you want to know some of the best prayers for financial miracle, this article will help a great deal.

It reveals 20 of the best such prayers and 5 very powerful tips to help you.


Importance of Prayers for Financial Miracle

It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes.

When overwhelming or bad things happen in our lives and there doesn’t seem to be an answer or there is no hope, people of faith will turn to their belief system, and pray to their higher power.

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And, quite possibly, those individuals who do not have faith in a higher power and are confronted with an overwhelming situation may secretly whisper a prayer in hopes that there is something or someone out there that will hear their supplication.

A prayer for a medical miracle can be expressed when there is diagnosis of a disease for yourself or another individual and the request is for healing.

Another significant area in our life in which a miracle is requested through prayer is when financial matters worsen in our lives, and we need something extraordinary to happen to support and aid us in that situation.

A prayer for a financial miracle can be expressed if there is a loss of a job, money needed to pay an important bill, money needed to assist others, etc.

Let us then bow our heads, close our eyes, and utter prayers for financial miracles in our lives and perhaps tips to incorporate in ways that we can know our prayers will be answered.


Personal Story

In the late 1990s I found myself in a difficult financial situation where I owed well over $40,000 in credit card debt and my income was limited.

I prayed to God for a miracle to help me with my financial situation.

God did not give me a miracle.

He gave me three miracles.

The first miracle was that I found the book or a book found me that addressed indebtedness, why people got into debt, their attitude towards money, and practical ways that the debt could be resolved, and not to go down that road again.

The second miracle occurred when in the mail I received an invitation to open up another credit card with a low introductory rate that provided for the transfer of money to offset high-paying interest credit cards.

I know that it is counterproductive to pay off debt by using a credit card but this came at the right time because even when I paid faithfully on the credit cards my balances kept going up or there was no impact.

The third miracle was that I eventually swallowed my pride to pay off my debt and, in some instances, not pay interest.

This miracle helps me to resolve my indebtedness, pay my obligations, and relieve my anxiety and stress by being involved in a credit counseling service.

Sometimes when we want a miracle it is not necessarily supernatural but still has the fingerprints of God on it.


20 Powerful Prayers for Financial Miracle


1. Faith

Prayer for a financial miracle begins with faith and the basis of that faith can be rooted in promises expressed by God.

In the Scripture God says that we shouldn’t worry about food, drink, or clothing because He will provide.

Therefore, a prayer for a financial miracle believes what God has promised with the prayer being, “God, I believe what you have said is true. You know that I need a financial miracle right now to meet my financial obligations. In faith, to you as my God and my Father, I give the situation over to You and I thank You for the financial miracle that is on my way.


2. Acknowledge the Situation

It has been said that if we are at the end of our rope that we should tie a knot and hang on.

As part of receiving a financial miracle through prayer we should acknowledge that we are at the end of our rope and the knot that we are hanging onto is Almighty God.

Our prayer should be, “God, I am at the end of my rope with my financial situation. However, I’m hanging onto You and trusting in your almighty power to pull me through and up out of this financial difficulty that I am in.


3. Anxiety

Being in debt can cause great anxiety and stress in our lives.

There may be the calls from those that we owe money to or just the strain of indebtedness knowing that we owe people money.

Our prayer for a financial miracle is not only for the help of our financial situation but our own personal well-being.

A prayer for financial and mental healing can be, “God, you have told me to be anxious for nothing but in prayer bring my needs to you. In this moment I give my finances to you and I pray for your intervention in not only my finances but in my mental health.”


4. Eliminate Debt

The Scriptures are clear that we are to owe nothing to anyone except the debt or obligation of loving one another.

If you are in debt, God knows your heart and that your desire is to be debt-free and only obey His commandment of love.

Your prayer for a financial miracle can be, “Father, I acknowledge that I am in debt and this indebtedness is not honoring to You. I pray for your intervention with a miracle to relieve my debt so that I can honor You with the only debt remaining to live a life that is pleasing to You and in caring for others.


5. Hopeless

Being in a hopeless situation, as it relates to finding an answer, is often a good thing because there doesn’t seem to be any other choices, solutions, or a way out.

It is often in those hopeless situations that we finally turn to God for the answer.

Our prayer can be, “God, my financial situation is hopeless. I have tried everything on my home but to no avail. Father, in this moment I turn to You in this hopeless financial situation knowing that You are my hope. Thank you for my miracle of hope.


6. Gift

In the Scriptures God is quite clear in that He says if you need bread will He give you a stone or if you need a fish will He give you a serpent?

God is the giver of all good gifts and therefore in faith and with our prayers for a financial miracle we know that He will provide.

And so, our prayer can be “God, I know that You are my heavenly Father and that You only give good gifts to Your children. I pray for the good gift of financial relief from my debt and difficult situation I find myself in monetarily. I don’t know how Your miracle will arrive or what it will look like, but I do know that You hear my prayer and my good gift from You is being delivered.


7. Strength

In addition to debt being stressful and creating anxiety, indebtedness can also drain us of our strength.

Typically, being in debt disrupts our sleep and our strength is depleted as that is all we think about.

A prayer for a financial miracle is also a prayer for strength.

A prayer for strength can be, “Father in heaven, my negative financial situation is taking its toll on me and robbing me of my strength to serve. I ask for a miracle of strength to help me through my battle with financial difficulty and that You would remind me that I am more than a conqueror in this situation. I am reminded that the joy of the Lord is my strength and so I look to You to be my joy and strength and miracle through my financial difficulty.


8. Deliverance

A beautiful poem is expressed about footprints in the sand and walking with God.

There were times when there were two sets of footprints and times were there were only one and it was then revealed that when there was only one set of footprints that was when God was carrying the individual.

We need deliverance from our indebtedness and so we turn to God and pray, “Father I am in difficult situation, and You have always walked with me but now I need a miracle where there will only be one set of prints. I need You to carry me through this situation and I ask for a financial miracle of deliverance by being carried by You through my financial difficulty.


9. Blessings

The psalmist says that our Father owns the cattle on a 1000 hills.

Therefore, He is abundantly able to help us through our financial situations because there are no limits to His resources.

We pray, “Father, my resources are limited and even those come from You. In this moment of my despair, I acknowledge the richness of Your grace and ask for a portion of Your abundance to help me with my financial situation so that I may prosper and honor You with praise.


10. Power

There are three attributes that attributed to God.

Those three attributes are that he is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

In other words, He knows everything, is everywhere, and is all powerful.

God, You know everything, You are everywhere, and You are all powerful. You know why I am in dire financial straits, and You are here in this present moment and I ask, by Your grace, that you intercede with a powerful miracle to turn my financial situation around. Thank You for who You are and what You are doing in my life.


11. Prosperity

There are many beliefs as it pertains to God and money.

Some believe that God wants us to be rich while others believe that God simply wants us to love Him and be content with what we have

In either case whether we are rich or content, God does not want us to be impoverished

Therefore, our prayer is, “Father I am Your child and I know that You love me. I do not ask for an abundance of riches but I do know that You do not want me as Your child to live in poverty unless that is Your desire. You are my King and as a child of the King I look to You for the necessary miracle of riches, by Your grace, to help me with my impoverished situation.


12. Stewardship

If we are honest with ourselves, there are times that we are not good stewards of what God has blessed us with.

Falling short in our stewardship of the gifts that God has provided can not only be in the area of money, but in our own personal lives and in our relationships.

Perhaps, we need to have an honest conversation with God and admit our shortcomings.

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A prayer for a financial miracle can include acknowledgment of our shortcomings by praying, “Heavenly Father thank You for the blessings of life and for providing for my needs. I admit that there are times when I have not fulfilled properly my role of being accountable to You with what You have blessed me with. I ask that You forgive me and help me to learn how to be a better steward. Thank You for Your forgiveness and for trusting me once again by providing a financial miracle to help me with my current money situation.


13. Build Me Up

A parable in the Bible is provided about building on a solid foundation.

One individual builds on sand and when the rains came the foundation did not hold.

The other builder built on the foundation of a rock and when the storms of life came the house stood.

Our prayer is, “God perhaps I have built my life on sand and the storms of my financial woes have caused my life to shift and not stand up to the financial pressures. In this moment Father I ask for the opportunity of receiving a miracle to rebuild my life upon You as my rock, and get relief from my financial situation and build on You and You alone.


14. Wisdom

In the Scripture it talks about the wise having wealth and luxury but money in the hands of a fool is spent recklessly.

We may, or may not have been foolish with our spending.

It does matter but God is loving and forgiving and forgives and forgets.

A possibility of receiving a prayer for financial miracle is to acknowledge our possible foolishness and pray by saying, “Father, if I have been foolish in squandering my resources I ask that You forgive me and give me wisdom as it relates to money and my walk with You. In Your forgiveness, I thank You for being the God of second chances and blessing me with a miracle right now in my financial situation to help me to be wise as it relates to the resources that You provide to me.


15. Provision

In the book of Genesis one of the names of God is Jehovah-Jireh.

It means that God provides.

With this in mind our prayer is, “God, not only are You my Father but You are my provider. Right now, I need a miracle of provision in meeting my financial needs. I claim Your promise of providing for me and thank You for my miracle as it relates to my financial situation.


16. Meeting Needs

One of the most well-known passages of Scripture in the Bible is the 23rd Psalm.

In these verses, David declares that the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.”

And so we can come boldly to God in His role as our shepherd and with us being His sheep.

Father, You are the Good Shepherd and You care for me and provide for all of my needs. Right now Father I have a financial need that is overwhelming and can only be met by You my Shepherd. Thank You for hearing my prayer, for meeting my need, and providing the miracle of financial help.”


17. Security

For the individual of faith their security does not lie in the things of this world.

Their security is in the One that does not fail and is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Being in financial difficulty is possibly a good thing because perhaps we have relied on money as our security and not in God alone.

Our prayer is to get back to our foundational beliefs which can be expressed by saying, “God, through my financial difficulties I have found that it does not bring security in my life but the opposite. It is my desire, in this moment of prayer, to return to You as the security in my life…not things, money, but You. Father, my security, hear my prayer for a miracle of financial help and strengthen me to return to You as my rock of security.


18. Love

When You love someone, You are fully devoted to that person and will do everything to help and assist them in meeting the needs that they are experiencing.

We need to be reminded that God is love and as a result of His very essence He loves us and wants to meet all of our needs according to His riches.

A prayer based on this truth can be uttered by saying, “My loving heavenly Father, You love me and I thank You for Your great love. I humbly ask in this moment for a miracle to help with my personal financial situation. In asking You for a miracle I do not rely on Your “deep pockets” but I rely on Your deep love for me and You will provide my miracle, whatever that miracle looks like, to me because of that sacrificial love that You have made.”


19. Content

The apostle Paul said that he learned that in every situation whether he had enough or lacked that he found the secret of being content.

Perhaps, for us, the secret of being content in all things is the miracle that we need.

Consequently, a prayer that may resonate with God’s heart could be, “Father, You know my situation. I am in great need of financial resources to meet my monetary difficulty. I pray for a miracle. However, the miracle that I want is to be content. Content right now with my financial situation because I know that You are working through this circumstance so that I may find my contentment in You.


20. Treasure

If you had a gold coin in your pocket, wouldn’t you stop every once in a while, and reach into your pocket to make sure that gold coin was still there?

So it is with God in our heart that we stop every once in a while to acknowledge that this great treasure abides with us.

With this in mind a prayer for a financial miracle can be expressed by saying, “God You are my heavenly and earthly treasure. As my treasure, I ask for Your miracle of intervention by moving in my life to meet my financial need and turn my negative financial situation into something positive to honor You.


5 Powerful Tips in Praying for Financial Miracle


1. Look to the Scriptures

One of the important first steps in looking for a financial miracle through prayer is to believe that it is possible.

One of the ways to increase your faith is learning about your higher power and this can be achieved through reading about this being.

This can be done by studying the Scriptures, reading these prayers, and believing that these miracles can happen for you.


2. Experiences in other People’s Lives

Hearing or reading about others who have experienced answers to prayers regarding difficulty in their financial life can be a source of comfort and increase your faith.

Good sources of reading about the faith of others can be reading their biography.

Many exciting and inspiring words and stories can be learned, and you can take heart that a financial miracle can be yours as well.


3. Read Personal Finance Books

Although we expect a miracle, we still have a part to play.

Our higher power doesn’t just intercede into our situation and works on our behalf but wants to be partners with us.

This partnership can be accomplished by learning more about yourself and your relationship with money and learning how to handle and respect money.

This can be accomplished by reading personal financial books, such as:


4. Budget

An important tool on your journey to your financial miracle through prayer is to develop an earthly budget.

A budget is an understanding of the money that you are blessed to receive and use to pay the blessings of meeting your financial obligations.

A budget not only itemizes your income but categorizes your expenses.

Those categories can include:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Car Payments
  • And so on

A budget will help to manage your money.


5. Plan of Action

When running into financial difficulty it is good to have a plan of action.

A plan of action may include the paying of credit cards, taking on extra work, cutting expenses, and other practical insights that may have come as an answer to your prayer for a financial miracle.


Praying for Financial Miracle FAQs


How Are Miracles for Help With Our Finances Achieved?

Our prayers are always answered.

Sometimes the answer is no or yes or not at this time.

The assistance from our higher power may be the miracle of receiving a windfall, an extra job, extra hours at work, and so on.


What is a Good Example of a Miracle Being Performed in the Bible That Had to Do With Anyone Being in Financial Difficulty?

In the Scripture, Jesus was asked about paying taxes, He gave a teaching, and then told one of His disciples to go fishing and the first fish that he caught open the fishes’ mouth.

The miracle of being provided the money, of all places, came from the mouth of a fish.


You Can Do It

Perhaps you or someone you know is in financial dire straits.

The situation may be overwhelming and there doesn’t seem to be any hope in sight.

This scenario is the perfect opportunity, because there doesn’t seem to be a solution, as the situation calls for something amazing, something spectacular, and that defies something out of the ordinary.

You are looking for a miracle and miracles, based on Your faith, are possible through prayer.



Seemingly negative events happen in our life.

These events can leave us in darkness, without answers, and hope.

One of those dark clouds in our lives can be in the area of our finances when the bills keep arriving and there is no money in the bank account.

Your situation may be of your own doing or due to circumstances out of Your control.

The good news is that there are answers and can be obtained through prayer…a prayer asking for a miracle.

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