If you are looking for some of the best prayers for financial breakthrough, this is the perfect article to read.

It reveals as many as 20 such prayers and tips to help you.


Importance of Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

There are many events and circumstances in our lives where we have made considerable progress in trying to achieve a certain goal.

However, in our plans and our achievements, we sometimes hit a “wall” and we come to a standstill.

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An example could be a desire to lose weight and we’ve done well, but then we hit a plateau.

No matter what we do we can’t push through that point in our weight loss program.

The plateau could be due to eating calories that were not taken into consideration or perhaps there was a change in your exercise regimen, etc.

Possible answers to breakthrough and move beyond that plateau or through that wall are to reevaluate what you are doing, possibly mix things up, and so forth so that you can move forward with your successful weight loss program and achieve progress.

Another important personal goal that we may have in our lives in which we have been successful but, for whatever reason, have come to a standstill is in the area of our finances.

Possible solutions could include reevaluating our budget, reading a self-help book on personal finances, logging all of our uses of money through an expenditure log, etc.

These practical methods of reevaluating our personal finances are all well and good but perhaps something more is needed to help us to break through.

Quite possibly, our attention to other matters may be indicated and might possibly include our attitude towards our thinking about money.

A possible solution to reevaluate or be open to any potential solutions is by engaging in prayer and specifically prayers that will help us financially breakthrough in our circumstances.


20 Awesome Prayers for Financial Breakthrough


1. Trust 

Prayer for a financial breakthrough begins with religious beliefs and the time frame of the religious beliefs could be rooted in guarantees indicated by The lord.

Within the Scripture, The lord states that we shouldn’t worry about the basics of life because He will provide.

Consequently, a prayer for the financial breakthrough believes what The Lord has promised together with the prayer simply being, “God, I believe in You and Your promises. You realize that I am at a financial standstill. Looking to You as my God and my Father, I trust You to open my eyes and provide insight as to why I am not moving forward financially. Thank You for hearing me, teaching me, and revealing to me what is impeding my progress.


2. Recognize the Problem 

If we are experiencing a medical issue, typically you will make an appointment with your physician to let them know what is going on and they can evaluate physically and run a battery of tests.

For the individual of faith who is experiencing a financial issue it is important to go to the great physician to find out what is going on.

Therefore, a prayer that can be expressed to determine what is impeding our progress financially can be, “My great physician, thank You for the opportunity to bring my financial situation to You. You know that my desire is that my financials are honoring to You and there seems to be something that is impeding that progress. I bring to You not only my check book but my attitude and discipline as it relates to finances and ask that You evaluate and show me what it is that I am doing or not doing that needs to be adjusted. Thank You!


3. Anxiety

 Sometimes, the challenge for us in anything that we do and our success or being unsuccessful is due to something that we are experiencing or hanging onto that will anchor us down and not allow for us to move forward.

In other words, sometimes the problem is us.

If trying to work through a financial situation in your life and you are not progressing then perhaps what is occurring is within you and may be related to your attitude or not trusting your higher power to provide the solution.

Therefore, a possible prayer for a financial breakthrough could include, “Father, thank You for being in my life. You know that I am trying to address the financial issues of my life but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere even though I have asked for Your help. Right now, I come to You, and ask that You search my mind and heart to see if the obstacles that are preventing me from being successful are actually within me with my attitude and mindset. Thank You for searching me and revealing any of those barriers that may be preventing me from having a financial breakthrough.


4. Motivation

Sometimes, when we are trying to achieve our goals, obstacles appear because our motivation is wrong.

A significant motivational factor that may drive our actions could include pride or indicating to others how well we have done and drawing attention to ourselves.

The Scripture is clear about pride as it states that pride cometh before a fall.

A possible prayer in asking God to reveal our motives could be,” Heavenly Father, thank You for listening to me this day. I am at a financial standstill and perhaps the obstacle standing in my way is what is motivating me to achieve my financial independence. I ask that You search my heart, reveal to me my motivation in working towards this goal, and if my actions are driven by pride or selfishness that You reveal that to me. Right now, I give You my finances and the obstacles and ask only that my actions will honor You and You alone.


5. Hopeless

Perhaps, you have been on this journey of trying to improve Your financials for a significant period of time.

Maybe, it appears that you are spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

Therefore, what may be indicated is a fresh touch or revelation of the hope that you have in God in working towards your financial goals.

Therefore pray, “God I have been on this journey of turning around the finances for a considerable amount of time. Sometimes, I admit to You, that it gets old, and I get exhausted. However, I know that Your strength is limitless, and I asked for a fresh touch today and that You renew my hope in getting things turned around and breaking through my being at the plateau of hopelessness.


6. Gift

It is important to remember, especially at a financial impasse and looking for a breakthrough, that God has promised to help you with no strings attached.

It is His gift to you.

Therefore a prayer of renewal or knowledge of that gift of helping you through your financial situation may be helpful.

Such a prayer that can be expressed could be, “Father, thank You for Your gift of love and Yourself to me. Thank You also for the gift of helping me with my personal finances. I have forgotten that this is Your gift to me and it is freely given with no strings attached. Thank You once again for Your involvement in my life and Your gift of not only helping to get my finances in order but Your gift of empowering me through this financial wall that I am facing.


7. Strength

It is important to remember that God’s strength is limitless.

Often, we realize some success and we indicate to God that from this point forward we can handle it and that we’ve got it.

Unfortunately, our success can deceive us and therefore we think that we don’t need God once we get to a certain point of working towards a solution.

This is not true.

Consequently, a prayer for renewed strength to continue on this journey to climb or go through those walls for a financial breakthrough is still indicated.

Therefore, we pray, “Heavenly Father, I admit that my strength has limits and even though I have realized some success with my financial situation I understand that I still need You and Your strength in my life for the journey that still remains. Thank You for Your strength in helping me to be empowered to receive Your financial breakthrough in my life and moving me forward.”


8. Keep Moving Forward

Just because You are at a financial plateau or seeming impasse does not mean that Your financial journey is over.

Perhaps the financial breakthrough that you are looking for through your prayer is part of God’s plan to increase your faith and renew your walk.

Therefore, a prayer to break through the plateau or wall that you are financially experiencing could be expressed by stating, “God, I thank You for this financial plateau or impasse that I’m experiencing. I fully realized that You and I are on this journey together and I’m using the situation to renew and recommit our relationship together. Thank You for hearing my prayer and walking with me through and over this financial wall and plateau.


9. Blessings

It is important to remember that it is God’s nature to love and give.

His nature is always demonstrated even when it seems that we are at an impasse and are not going anywhere.

Sometimes, there are blessings in disguise and this situation that you are finding yourself in and needing a solution could be that blessing in disguise.

Therefore, it is important to have a heart of gratitude and trust in the nature of God by praying, “Father I know that it is Your intent to always love and give Your boundless blessings to me. I acknowledge that I am on the brink of financial breakthrough knowing that even in this situation You are blessing me and using these circumstances to reveal Yourself to me even more. Thank You for Your blessings of life and for the financial breakthrough that is on the way.


10. Power

Another attribute of God is his strength and power.

Through the presence of God in our lives we are able to shatter any walls and scale any plateaus that we may be experiencing in our lives.

Therefore, a prayer for financial breakthrough can be an acknowledgment of his power by saying, “God Almighty, I know that Your power and strength is greater than any obstacle or challenge that I’m facing in my life. Right now, You know this situation in my finances and that I need a breakthrough. Thank You for hearing my prayer and for flexing the strength of Your arm in helping me to financially breakthrough this situation.


11. Encouragement

When experiencing a financial challenge in your desire to move forward in gaining financial independence and honoring God with Your finances, it is important to remain upbeat.

The reality is that if we do not see progress or it is slow in coming, we can get a bit discouraged.

Therefore, it is important that a prayer for financial breakthrough is to remain upbeat, positive, and encouraged.

A prayer that could be uttered or encouragement from God could include “Heavenly Father Your word tells me that You are the God of all comfort. Right now, You know my heart and my mind and I am a bit discouraged as to what are seemingly not happening and this plateau that I am on financially. I give the situation over to You and I take You as my comfort and encouragement to help me maintain my perspective of and keeping my eyes on You.


12. Stewardship

It is important to remember who is in control.

Circumstances and situations may seemingly dictate otherwise, but ultimately, God is can in control of everything including your financial situation.

Your role or job is simply to manage what God has given you.

Therefore, a prayer acknowledging that the role or part that you play in your finances could be said, “Father I take my role seriously as a steward of what You have entrusted to me. Sometimes, more often than not, it seems that I can’t control what is happening financially. However, I am not called to be in control but to be a steward of what You have entrusted to me and even in this financial wall that I am facing I look to You to work through the situation and just allow me to be the steward that You called me to be.


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13. Direction

In facing a financial situation that seems to have stopped everything from progressing, perhaps you are being afforded an opportunity to reevaluate.

In this process of reevaluation, a prayer looking to God for direction in the situation may be indicated.

Consequently, you can pray, “God it would appear that the financial strategy and plan that we have in place has come to a grinding halt. In this moment I look to You for Your direction for any financial breakthrough that is needed, or action required on my part.


14. Wisdom

Often, the challenges in our lives come as teachers to teach us, educate us, and impart wisdom through these teachable moments.

Acknowledging that this may be that situation to learn, you can pray, “God, I thank You that You are the future in my life. Through this financial challenge that I am facing I look to You for that teachable moment in what You are trying to share with me. Thank You for keeping my mind open and for allowing this teachable moment to occur to hear and fully appreciate what You have for me as I pray for financial breakthrough.


15. Provision

It is important to be reminded that God always provides for our needs.

He is the limitless provider for our physical, spiritual, mental needs, etc.

With this reminder resonating within our heart, you can pray, “Father even in the midst of this financial need for a breakthrough I knowledge that You are my provider. I believe that even now there doesn’t seem to be in this movement any activity that is occurring. And so, Father, I acknowledge that Your answer is on the way to my prayer for a financial breakthrough.


16. Meeting Needs

You have been diligently working on your finances and trying to be free of financial debt and utilizing money entrusted to you more responsibly.

This is a desire and one that you are trying to attain.

It is important to remember that God works with You in meeting Your needs and has promised to always do so.

Therefore, a prayer for financial breakthrough can be based on this promise by stating, “Heavenly Father I believe Your meeting my needs according to Your riches in glory. Right now, I bring to You this financial situation that I am experiencing and pray for a financial breakthrough so that my journey can continue in bringing honor to You in the use of the money that You have entrusted with me. Thank You!


17. Why?

An important question that needs to be asked as part of our learning process begins with the word why?

The relationship between God or our higher power and us can be likened to a parental relationship where we as the children, when things happen in our lives, we ask why?

So it is when we are facing a financial difficulty and need a breakthrough, part of the process should be asking the question as to why this is happening?

A possible prayer to God could be a prayer seeking answers.

Such a prayer can be expressed by stating, “Heavenly Father I am Your child and I know that You have something to teach me through this financial challenge that I’m experiencing. Not only do I pray for a financial breakthrough, but I also pray that You would show me what You are trying to teach me as to why this is happening. I thank You for Your enlightenment.”


18. Love

When things seemingly go bad in our life, we sometimes believe that God has abandoned us or doesn’t love us anymore.

Nothing could be further from the truth as God’s love is not like human love and He is not capable of abandoning his children.

Therefore, a prayer of faith for financial breakthrough can be expressed in a prayer of love by stating, “God, my heavenly Father, You love Your children and do not turn Your back on them. I thank You that I am Your child and that You love me and so I pray for a financial breakthrough in the situation that I’m experiencing and know that Your love hears me and answers my prayer.


19. Content

When we face a difficult situation, we sometimes get anxious and allow the situation to upset us and in turn we lose our serenity, peace, and contentment.

In the situation where you need a financial breakthrough it is important to be reminded that God is in control and is in the very midst of your experience.

Therefore, a possible prayer could be, “Father, You have promised to give to me a peace that passes all understanding. This financial situation that I’m experiencing would try to rob me of that peace and contentment. Therefore, I give the situation over to You and ask that You present the financial breakthrough or solution to work through this challenge and still help me to maintain my contentment in knowing that You are at work.


20. Treasure

Sometimes, our involvement and reaction to situations in life reveal what we value and appreciate.

What we sometimes value is reflected in what we say and yet do something else that is the complete opposite.

With this in mind, perhaps we treasure more our financial situation and plan of action to address our personal financial issues more so than the one who is our ultimate treasure.

A prayer acknowledging to God that we treasure Him above everything else could be, “Heavenly Father I pray for a financial breakthrough. You know that this is a treasured action that I wish to accomplish in my life. However, Father, You are my ultimate treasure and it is You over everything else that I desire. I ask for a financial breakthrough on this treasure of financial independence that I desire but above all I knowledge that You are the ultimate treasure in my life.


5 Tips to Help You Get Financial Breakthrough Through Prayers


1. Turn to the Scriptures

 A powerful way of breaking through in a situation is to have a fresh perspective or see things differently.

One of the dynamic ways that this can be accomplished is through reading and the enlightenment that the narrative can bring to your life.

For an individual wishing to express a prayer for financial breakthrough a good place to start to gain that perspective is by reading the Scriptures.


2. Experience in other People’s Lives

When at a crossroads or facing a wall as it relates to your finances, a possibility of breaking through that financial situation is to engage with others.

Within the spiritual dynamic, there are members of the spiritual family that you can seek whom you trust and would be able to provide insight as to your finances.

By fellowshipping with them, seeking their counsel, and requesting their joining you in prayer it is possible that through this action that a financial breakthrough can occur.


3. Study Individual Fund Books

Another possibility in working through towards a financial breakthrough on a spiritual plane is to read personal-finance books written from a spiritual foundation.

Often these books will give practical insight, suggestions on how to work through any financial difficulties, and also may provide the author’s or other individual’s personal experience as it relates to a financial breakthrough.


4. Budget

 A prayer for financial breakthrough may go through the journey of evaluating and reevaluating certain financial tools that are utilized in your life.

Some of those financial tools that you can include would be a daily financial log where you record all of your daily expenses, use of a budget, utilizing a variety of financial apps to help you with your finances, and so forth.

One such app that may prove useful can be found at www.mint.com.

By reviewing your budget, you may be able to look at the expense side of your column and determine that certain expenditure line items can be reduced.


5. Plan of Action

 If you are at a standstill with your finances, then perhaps that plan needs to be revisited and revised.

As an example, maybe you were trying to cut down on your grocery bill and part of your plan of action was to always go shopping with a shopping list.

Maybe that commitment and aspect of your plan fell by the wayside and your grocery bill started to increase once again.

By evaluating your plan, you realize that you have not been disciplined in preparing that shopping list when you go to the supermarket.

Possibly that needs to be restarted with a fresh commitment.


Personal Story

I have been trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful.

My problem of hitting a plateau and not achieving my weight loss goal appears to be a twofold problem.

The first aspect of the problem is that I enjoy sweets and specifically pastries to have with my morning coffee.

My other problem or challenge is that I’m not disciplined to not only stay away from the pastries that are in the house but prevent their being purchased in the first place.

To resolve this issue, I came to the conclusion that I needed to always have a shopping list whenever I went to any store and that if the item that I was considering purchasing was not on the shopping list it was taboo.

This has helped most of the time, but I also admit that I have not exercised that discipline at a 100% level.




What is the Most Important Aspect of Prayer?

The most important aspect of prayer is bringing the situation to your higher power or God.

He already knows what is going on and often the prayer is more for our benefit than the other way around.


How Many Americans Believe in the Power of Prayer?

According to www.vox.com, 48% of Americans pray every day.


You Can Do It

As a person of faith, you believe in the power of prayer and are seeking God’s face asking for a financial breakthrough as it relates to your personal finances.

Be assured that He hears you and that your prayers will be answered in a way that is best for you and honoring to Him.



We are not promised an unchallenging life, and this is often seen as we make plans and everything seems to be going along well until something comes along and everything comes to a grinding halt.

This can be true with our employment, relationships, even in the areas of dieting.

Another way where there can be interruptions is our financial plan of turning around our personal finances.

In addition to continuing to work our plan and trying to stay focused, if a person of prayer, you can bow your heart and ask God for a prayer for a financial breakthrough.

It is important to remember that he always hears our prayers, but solutions may be different than what we anticipate.

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