If you want to know some of the most effective prayers for financial blessing from someone who was an actual pastor, this article is perfect.

It is written by a former practicing pastor and contains very powerful and effective prayers and tips that will really help you!

I served as a pastor for 12 years and had a multitude of duties that I performed in love with the congregation that I was called to serve.

Apart from my experience as a pastor I also have a massive personal finance background – hence why you will find this article very helpful.

Keep reading to learn a lot of effective prayers that can really help you get financial blessings.

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Why Prayers for Financial Blessing?

Williams Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in His time plays many parts…”

Sometimes, that stage that we are on can be pretty rough!

We play by the rules, work hard, care for our families, and try to do all the right things.

But the reality is that at that stage the harshness of life affects us all and we have to work through those situations.

Some of that harshness can include illness, loss of a job, death of a loved one, and so forth

Not to be all doom and gloom, there are good things that happen in our lives but when those seemingly negative events appear they can knock us down and we need help.

Another negative occurrence that can happen in our lives is our need for money to get us through a tough situation.

We reach out to family and friends, and they are of assistance, but they too have their own personal struggles and often their help is limited.

Therefore, we need to look to our higher power or God and pray for financial blessings.


20 Most Effective Prayers for Financial Blessing


1. Faith

The fuel for our prayers is faith and belief God hears and will answer our prayers according to His will.

In the Scripture, God says that we should knock on the door, and it will be opened, seek and we will find, and ask and it shall be given to us.

Therefore, a prayer for a financial blessing can be, “God, I believe what You have said is true. You have promised that if I knock the door shall be opened and if I seek, I will find and if I ask it shall be given to me. Right now, Lord, I knock on the door of Your grace in seeking a financial blessing. I ask for His financial blessing in my life. Thank You


2. Conversation

God is not like Santa Claus where we climb up on His lap and ask Him for presence and then go on our way.

With God prayer is a conversation and as part of that conversation and looking for financial blessings it is important to carry on a dialogue with Him.

As part of that dialogue, You can express to Him, what he already knows, what has been going on in Your life, how You are feeling, and that You need answers.

A prayer that may capture Your conversation with God could include, “Heavenly Father, You know my heart and what I am thinking. You understand my situation perhaps even better than I do and You know what has gotten me to His point. Father, I need Your divine intervention and I ask that not only that You bless me with financial blessings but help me to learn from this experience to be a better steward of Your money that You have entrusted me with. Thank You for listening to me and for answering my prayer.”


3. Anxiety

When we are in financial difficulty there are all sorts of emotions that will well up within us that can not only affect us mentally, spiritually, but also physically.

One of those negative emotions that we can experience when under financial stress is anxiety.

Anxiety can rob us of our peace and contentment and sometimes obstruct us from seeing clearly.

Therefore, a prayer for a financial blessing may also include handing over our anxiety to God and receiving His peace.

An effective prayer could be, “Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that my financial situation is causing great anxiety in my life. Right now, I look to You to calm my fears and soothe my anxiety by allowing me to concentrate on You and You alone. I give You my financial distress as well and humbly ask that You bestow upon me financial blessings so that I may honor You and be a witness of Your grace and loving kindness by answering my prayer.


4. Eliminate Debt

A component of your asking for financial blessing may be due to indebtedness that you are experiencing.

This indebtedness could be through loans, credit cards, etc.

God understands the burden of being in debt and this is not His plan for our lives.

Therefore, a prayer for financial blessing to reduce or eliminate indebtedness could be, “Heavenly Father, thank You for this moment together and for loving me and hearing my prayer. It will come to You as no surprise to know that this debt that I am under is extremely heavy and weighs upon my heart and mind. I know that this is not Your plan for me and so Father I ask that You bestow upon me financial blessings so that I can eliminate this debt to praise You with a unburdened heart and mind.


5. Hopeless

When it comes to finances, and we are in a negative position it can be a very dark time where there doesn’t seem to be any hope or solution to the problem.

The beauty of prayer and praying to God is knowing that God hears the prayers of those who have no hope for He is the God of hope.

A prayer for financial blessing and for hope in your situation can be expressed by saying, “Heavenly Father, I praise Your name for You are the hope of all those that call upon You especially when there seemingly is no light of hope around. I pray that You lift my eyes and my heart from my current financial situation and fix my focus on You and You alone. I thank You for hearing my prayer of hope in looking to You for answers when I pray for financial blessings. You are my God of hope and I trust in You.


6. Gift

It is God’s nature to give.

An old hymn of the church says that when we have exhausted our limited resources our Father in heaven gives and gives and gives again.

The resources of God are limitless.

Therefore, standing on this belief we can pray to God, “Heavenly Father, I acknowledge Your great love and that You always give. In His moment Father You know my financial needs and I ask in faith, believing that You provide for my monetary needs by financially blessing me. My intent is not to use Your blessings foolishly but in a way that will bring You honor and praise. Thank You for hearing my prayer for not only the gift of financial blessing but for being the ultimate gift in my life.


7. Strength

In addition to debt being stressful and creating anxiety, indebtedness can also drain us of our strength.

Typically, being in debt disrupts our sleep and our strength is depleted as that is all we think about.

A prayer for a financial miracle is also a prayer for strength.

A prayer for strength can be, “Father in heaven, my negative financial situation is taking its toll on me and robbing me of my strength to serve. I ask for a miracle of strength to help me through my battle with my financial difficulty and that You would remind me that I am more than a conqueror in His situation. I am reminded that the joy of the Lord is my strength and so I look to You to be my joy and strength and miracle through my financial difficulty.


8. Deliverance

There is a story in the Bible about three individuals that were thrown in a fiery furnace and the fire did not consume them.

It is important to note that God did not take them out of the fiery furnace but protected them from the fire.

Sometimes we would like to be delivered from our financial difficulties but if God does not take us out of those difficulties, he will be with us during those times.

And so our prayer for deliverance should be, “Heavenly Father thank You for my situation. I pray for a financial blessing and to be delivered from my circumstances. However, if it is not Your will, I thank You for being with me during this difficult time.


9. Blessings

Even when it seems that God is not blessing us, he is blessing us.

We just need to refocus our attention and rather than see or concentrate on what we don’t have we should count our blessings.

Therefore, our prayer in gratitude and for the blessings of God that we receive should be, “Heavenly Father You are the ultimate blessing in my life. Forgive me for not seeing the abundance of blessings that You provide rather than concentrating on what I don’t have or need. Thank You for the blessings in my life and for the financial blessings that You continue to bring my way.


10. Power

If God is God and our belief allows us to increase the reality that everything that we see was created by Him, is He not all-powerful?

With this realization and reminder in our hearts let us pray, “God Your power is evident. Through our faith You can move mountains and obstacles in our lives. Knowing of Your strength, I thank You for the financial blessings that are coming in my life that are powerful, impactful, and will revolutionize my financial situation.


11. Prosperity

God does not promise prosperity according to some individuals who believe.

Our faith, they claim, is not a name it and claim it belief.

Whether You believe in the prosperity doctrine or not, the reality is that God meets our every need.

Not necessarily our wants.

Therefore, our prayer of faith should be, “Father, You have caused me to be prosperous in all the things that I need. I thank You. In His moment, in faith believing, I believe that You will meet my need of a financial blessing to make me prosperous in this situation not with an abundance of wealth, but the needed prosperity to meet my financial situation.


12. Stewardship

In the Bible a parable is told about three individuals who were given money by their master and were told to be good stewards of that money while he was away.

Two of the stewards received a return on their investment while the third simply buried the money.

When the master returned that particular steward gave back what he was given with no return on the investment.

The master chastised the steward for not utilizing the giving of the money well.

In the light of the story, our prayer for financial blessing should be, “Heavenly Father I thank You for the story of the stewards and the use of their money. My desire, to receive a financial blessing, is to utilize this blessing to honor You and provide a return investment to bring You honor and witness to Your great grace.


13. Love of Money

Having money and being financially blessed is not evil.

The evil, as it relates to money, is the love of money or the making or having money as Your sole desire in life is the issue.

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Therefore, it is appropriate to pray for a financial blessing from God.

Our prayer can be, “Heavenly Father You have told me to love You with all of my heart, soul, and body, and to love my neighbor as myself. This is my desire as I ask You for financial blessings. I understand the importance of keeping money in perspective and will use the financial blessings that You bestow upon me to love You and others and not the financial blessings.


14. Wisdom

In the Old Testament it tells us that when Solomon ascended the throne of Israel that God told Him he could ask for anything he wanted.

Solomon did not ask for wealth or riches, but asked for wisdom.

So it is with us as we ask for wisdom from God.

Heavenly Father I ask this day for financial blessings in my life to meet my needs and financial obligations. However, coupled with this request, I ask for Your wisdom in the use of the blessings that You choose to pour upon me. Thank You for helping me to be wise in the use of the gifts that You provide to me so that I may be a testimony of Your lovingkindness.


15. Provision

The psalmist stated, I have not seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread.”

In other words, God always provides for His children, and we do not have to beg for the food that he knows that we need.

So it is with our request for financial lessons as our prayer could be, “Heavenly Father thank You for caring for Your children. You always meet our needs. In His moment You know that my need is for a financial blessing to meet the financial challenges that I am facing in life. Thank You for always being there and for always meeting my need and caring for me as Your child.


16. Surrender

As it relates to God it is important to fully understand that everything that we have comes from His hand.

Therefore, in reality everything belongs to God.

As we pray for financial blessings it is important that we remember this reality of who owns what and respond accordingly.

Our prayer of surrender to His will can be, “Father everything that I think I have has come directly from You. Perhaps I have been anxious about financial matters in my life and have worried but have forgotten. I have forgotten that the situation and the circumstances and what I think I own are in actuality belongings of Yours. In His moment of surrender I asked for a financial blessing and receive that blessing so that it can be returned unto You to utilize as You see fit.


17. Security

For the individual of faith their security does not lie in the things of His world.

Their security is in the One that does not fail and Who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Needing a financial blessing may be a good thing as it may indicate that we have put our trust in money and relied on the temporal things of His world rather than in God alone.

Our prayer, is to get back to the security found in Him and can be expressed by saying, “God, through my financial difficulties I have found that it does not bring security in my life but the opposite. It is my desire, in His moment of prayer, to return to You as the security in my life…not things, money, but You. Father, my security, hear my prayer for a financial blessing and strengthen me to return to You as my rock of security.


18. Love

When You love, Your devotion and commitment is to that person.

You will do everything within Your power to care for them and meet their needs according to Your resources.

God is love and if we have that commitment to others how much more does He?

A prayer for a financial blessing based on this reality can be expressed by saying, “My loving heavenly Father, thank You for Your wonderful love. I humbly ask in this moment for a miracle to help with my personal financial situation. In asking You for a miracle I do not rely on the depth of Your immense riches, but I rely on Your deep and sacrificial love. Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer.


19. Content

Contentment is defined as a state of being in which the individual is happy and satisfied.

The apostle Paul said that he learned that in every situation whether he had enough or lacked that he found the secret of being content.

Perhaps, for us, the secret of being content in all things is the miracle that we need.

A prayer that may resound with God’s heart could be, “Father, You know my situation. I am in need of a financial blessing to address my current financial situation. I pray for such a blessing. However the miracle that I want and really desire is contentment in my circumstances, financial and otherwise. Thank You for hearing my prayer and finding my contentment that only comes from You.


20. Treasure

A verse in The Bible states, that where Your treasure is there will be Your heart.

It is not wrong to pray for a financial blessing.

In fact, God is always inviting us to ask.

It is important that our priorities are straight.

A prayer for a financial blessing, in relationship to the treasure of our heart, could be, “Father, there is no one like You. You are the treasure of my life. Knowing that You are my Father and that it is Your desire that I come to You asking for a financial blessing to meet my financial needs and obligations. However, I quickly declare that no financial blessing or treasure is greater than You and I ask that You always help me to keep my love and devotion for You as my priority.


5 Tips to Help You Pray for Financial Blessings


1. Look to the Scriptures

The Scriptures indicate that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Consequently, an important dynamic when wanting Your prayer answered for financial blessings is to read inspirational books, such as the Bible, and have Your faith increased by hearing and reading the promises.


2. Experiences in other People’s Lives

Another way to be encouraged and realize that a prayer for financial blessing can be Yours is to hear the stories of others.

These stories can be heard and read by going online and reading testimonials of people who were in dire financial straits, prayed, and had their prayers answered.

You can also go to the library or various bookstores and read these powerful and inspirational stories.


3. Read Personal Finance Books

In addition to expressing our prayers to our higher power and God for financial blessings there is a part that we need to play as well.

His part or practical steps that we need to take in preparation of receiving our financial blessings include the basics of providing good stewardship for the money in our lives.

Some of those specific actions can include:

  • Savings
  • Starting an emergency fund
  • Investments
  • Use of credit cards
  • The negative impacts of debt
  • And so forth

These books can be checked out at the public library, reading articles on the Internet, reading or listening to books purchased online or at Your local bookstore, etc.


4. Budget

An important financial tool on Your trek on receiving a financial blessing through prayer is to develop an earthly budget.

A budget is an itemization of the money that You are blessed to receive and how that money is financially obligated to pay Your expenses.

Categories on the expense side of the ledger can include:

  • Rent or mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Car Payments
  • And so on

A budget will help to manage Your money.


5. Have a Plan of Action

God has blessed us with brains that are imaginative, rational, decisive, etc.

We need to use His marvelous feature of our being and devise a plan of action.

Features of our plan may include structured actions that pay off our credit cards, possibly earning additional income, cutting back on expenses, and other steps that can be implemented to improve our financial situation.

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Personal Story

It is hard to admit but I’ve never been good with finances.

Coupled with my misuse of cash was my recklessness with credit cards.

I would often pray and ask for financial blessings and when those blessings came I continued to squander them.

Ultimately, it all came together when my prayers for financial blessing were answered when I got married.

God brought into my life a woman who had her feet firmly planted on the ground, knows how to practically handle money and was patient with me as slowly but surely, she began to influence my life in financial matters.

Through her love and commitment to me she encouraged me to start my IRA, suggested certain books to read about finances, and stayed with me through thick and thin.

All that to say is that when we pray for financial blessings, coming from my perspective, it’s not necessarily about receiving money or windfalls from God but sometimes our prayers for financial blessings are answered when God brings people in our lives to help us sort through our money matters.


Praying for Financial Blessing FAQs


What is a Prayer That Can Be Modeled and Can Basically Express to God Everything on What We Are Thinking, and What We Need?

In Luke 111-4, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray.

He responded by giving them a model prayer that we have come to know as the Lord’s Prayer. If studied is basically does cover the foundation aspects of a prayer expressed to God.


Do Americans Believe in the Power of Prayer?

According to Research.Lifeway.com close to half of American say they pray at least daily.


You Can Do It

It has been said that not only does prayer change things, but prayer changes the prayer.

God invites you to come to him to pray for whatever your needs are.

Therefore, a prayer for a financial blessing is well within the realm of His will and He invites you to dialogue with him through the power of prayer.



There is no secret formula for prayer.

Prayer is just a candid expression of your thoughts and emotions that are expressed to God and knowing that there is no condemnation from God just a listening heart.

God invites you to speak openly and candidly with Him and simply share with Him what is on your heart and express your needs.

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