If you are wondering what the best places to run away to with no money are, this article is really going to help.

It reveals some of the very best places anyone can relocate to, even if they don’t have any money.


Quick Story

There’s a story that is told about 3 individuals at a construction site who were asked what they were doing?

One of the individuals was laying concrete and answered that he was helping to build the foundation of the building and was earning $20 an hour.

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The next individual was asked the same question. Being an architect, she indicated that she was under contract with the contractor and was overseeing the building’s construction according to the approved blueprints.

Finally, the CEO of the company that was building the Children’s Hospital indicated that she was the CEO and her job was to manage the ongoing business of the hospital, provide leadership, report to the board of directors, etc.

However, she quickly added, that her ultimate purpose was to ensure the building of the Children’s Hospital to treat children who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Interesting that each had a different perspective with one perspective being a little bit more at a higher viewpoint than the others.



Having different perspectives is a wonderful aspect that reflects a variety of viewpoints from different people based upon their experience, education, attitude, etc.

Another unique perspective is that if an individual wants to run away to a new place and they have no money.

Is the question therefore what are they running away from or what are they running to?


Personal Story

Having a different perspective hit home for me when on one occasion, my wife’s granddaughter and my daughter each were looking at a picture of the galaxy.

Trying to engage them to have a conversation, we asked each of the young girls what they saw?

My daughter said that she saw the stars and commented about making a wish.

Of the same picture, the granddaughter was asked the same question about what she saw and she indicated to us that she saw the universe.

I think of that often and I marvel at each of the young girl’s perspectives in that both were right but one was more specific as to what she saw rather than speaking in terms of generalities.


10 Best Places to Run to With No Money


1. Durham, North Carolina 

The most expensive aspect of living in Durham, North Carolina would be attending Duke University.

This high-profile university is one of the more expensive schools to enroll in.

Despite the expense of attending Duke University, Durham is a moderately inexpensive place to live in.

In fact, in 2011 this city was dubbed as “America’s best cities for young professionals.”

In addition to being recognized as an affordable city to live in, Durham was ranked within the top 10 cities in America as providing the best quality of life.

The unemployment rate is at 3.3% and the population of this city is significant consists of unattached adults.

Rounding out the popularity of this city as a good relocation spot is that the city is headquarters to IBM and Cisco as well as providing quality medicine employment opportunities due to Durham being the home of Research Triangle Park.


2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma, is a considerably large city but has a down-home feel. The weather is moderate and employment opportunities abound.

Significant industries include an above-average presence of the federal government as well as the area being known for its energy and growing tech industry.

Two significant Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Oklahoma City are Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy.

Also, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores and Sonic Drive-In has their base location here.


3. Provo, Utah 

Provo, Utah is home to such major companies as Novell Software, Nature’s Sunshine Products, and Ancestry.com.

The significant population of Provo is comprised of single adults.

The income growth in Provo comes in at just under 3%.

Provo is also known for its quality environment which is conducive to adventures in hiking as well as other outdoor activities.


4. Des Moines, Iowa 

Des Moines, Iowa is more than just agriculture and tall stalks of corn.

Des Moines was significantly ranked as being a city that was conducive to established businesses and business startups.

Also, Des Moines was highlighted as one of America’s better cities for young professionals.

The growth of income for residents of Des Moines is at 2.6%. Additionally, Des Moines prides itself on a significant unemployment rate of 4.6%

The major industries of Des Moines include insurance companies as well as financial corporations.

Of course, Des Moines and Iowa are known for their importance in politics.

Another highlight of living in Des Moines, Iowa is that it is the location of Adventureland Park and the ever-exciting State Fair.


5. Albany, New York 

Albany, New York, the capital of the state of New York, has a low unemployment rate of 6.4% and a 2.6% in income growth.

The majority of the residents of this capital city are unattached male and female individuals with a 33% rate.

Of course, being the capital city of New York, there are ample government employment positions as well as opportunities in the private sector.

Healthcare is also a major contributor to the economy of this city as well as an increased presence of technology companies.

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6. Omaha, Nebraska 

Most likely, you will know Omaha, Nebraska as the home of one of its more famous citizens.

Perhaps, an opportunity to meet Warren Buffett would be one of the prime motivating factors to move to this city.

Omaha is also known for its enjoyment and promotion of music and has a strong music presence that is ever-popular and growing.

Omaha has also invested in its downtown infrastructure and this, in turn, has created more buildings, attracting businesses, and job opportunities.

The major employers of Omaha are ConAgra foods and Mutual of Omaha.


7. Charleston, South Carolina 

Charleston, South Carolina, is the capital city of this state.

Its southern charm and attractiveness to both tourists and residents alike are the added benefit of living in this beautiful city.

Unemployment is far below average, and the city is experiencing a boom in being an attractive city for the technology industry.

The incomes of the residents of Charleston are growing by nearly 4% and 31% of the population does consist of unattached adults.

In addition to the vibrant business community, Charleston is the beneficiary of very engaged tourism industry.


8. Temple, Texas 

Temple Texas is only a short hour’s drive from the capital city of Austin.

The cost of living, in comparison to the national average, is 13% lower.

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Additionally, home prices are significantly lower than houses that are available in comparison to surrounding cities.

The fact that the cost of living is very reasonable, is not an indicator of a weak economy within Temple.

The unemployment rate in Temple is lower than the national average.

Temple, Texas is close to Fort Hood, and the community and surrounding area is the location of 3 major hospitals.

Those major hospitals are the Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, Baylor Scott, and White McLane Children’s Medical Center, and Olin E. Teague Veteran’s Medical Center.


9. Youngstown, Ohio 

This city in Ohio is near the city of Akron with both being located in the northern part of the state of Ohio.

The significant financial benefit of living in Youngstown is that the potential homeowner will enjoy the lower cost of living which includes the purchasing of a home at 73% less than what is paid at a national level.

Youngstown, Ohio, is a moderately sized city but has a small town feel with an atmosphere.

The recent census of this city reflects a population of 60,068 people. Of interest is that the location of Youngstown marks the halfway point between Chicago and New York City.

Once housing a thriving steel industry, Youngstown has diversified its industry to include several startup technology companies.

One business magazine indicated that a privately held software company, headquartered in the city, was rated as the fastest-growing company in America.



10. Boise, Idaho 

What makes Boise, Idaho so attractive to individuals is a very low tax rate.

Added to this monetary benefit is that housing costs are also significantly lower than the average housing costs across America.

Being a city that enjoys all 4 seasons, the attractiveness or the benefit of living in Boise is that it is an outdoor person’s paradise.

Those activities to be enjoyed in the elements include hiking, biking, boating, and skiing.

All of these activities are at a low to moderate price.


11. Memphis, Tennessee 

Even though Memphis is the biggest city in Tennessee, with a population of 655,555, the cost of living is very affordable.

Additionally, the price of housing is considerably low in comparison to other comparable cities of the same size.

Adding to the attractiveness of Memphis is that there are a variety of colleges and universities.

Also, Memphis is home to two Fortune 500 companies. Those companies are AutoZone and FedEx.

Also, adding to the quality of life is the enjoyment of country and western music along with a variety of sports offered to the residents.


12. Harlingen, Texas 

As the saying goes, “I’m not from Texas but I got there as fast as I could.”

The cost of living in Harlingen, Texas is well below the national average coming in at 18.4% lower.

This city is on the southernmost tip of the state and is only 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the reasons why Harlingen, Texas, is a great place to escape to is that housing is very affordable.

Harlingen is also home to several states of the art hospitals including the Regional Academic Health Center which is a teaching hospital affiliated with the educational system of the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio


13. Pueblo, Colorado 

Pueblo is located in the southern part of the state of Colorado and is due south of Denver and Colorado Springs.

Interestingly, Pueblo is known as the steel city because it is one of the largest steel-producing cities in the United States.

Also, as part of the attraction of Pueblo, this city is known for its historic Riverwalk in the Union Avenue Historic Commercial District.

The cost of living in this city is 16.6% lower than the national average.

Additionally, the rent is very affordable. Rent is 23% below the national average.

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14. Kansas City, Missouri 

The cost of living in Kansas City, Missouri is fairly reasonable to moderately low.

This comfortable cost of living is because the sales tax for consumers in the state is only at 7.73%.

Additionally, the income tax for the average resident of Missouri is 6%.

As of this writing, the home price average is $162,000 and rentals are at a monthly average of $725.

Across the board, all costs are lower than the national average.

Additionally, the attractiveness of Kansas City, Missouri is appreciated by senior citizens as this city was ranked 9th as the best city for a senior to reside in.

The combination of great weather and the low cost of living makes it very comfortable and affordable for a senior to reside.

Adding to the enjoyment of living in Kansas City, Missouri, is the fact that the professional football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, along the major baseball league, Kansas City Royals, both play in the city.


15. Bali 

To keep your options open to all possible relocation sites, it may be beneficial to you to consider living outside of the United States.

One such location is an island off of the Indonesian coast. This location is known as Bali.

Bali is known internationally for its broad typography which includes beaches, rice patties, and mountains.

Despite it being a tourist attraction and a wonderful paradise, the cost of living is inexpensive.

Specifically, the average rental for a one-bedroom apartment hovers just around $200 a month.

Added to the inexpensiveness of Bali is the fact that groceries are cheaper as well.


Places to Run Away to With No Money FAQs


What Should I Do Before Moving to a New City?

The best actions to take before making a move is to:

  • Research your selected cities
  • Do a comparison of the cost of living
  • Plan the move and possible need of storage
  • Figure out healthcare
  • Set aside enough money or earn extra money to make the move happen


What Would Be a Good Strategy Before Making the Actual Move?

The optimum strategy before making a move to a new location would be to visit the location for at least a few days.

This would allow you to familiarize yourself with the area and feel comfortable about the city itself, search out employment opportunities, and get a feel of the actual environment and the city life.

Although one can do this online, it wouldn’t have quite the same sense and feel about it that being there in person would present.


You Can Do It

Nothing defines adventure more than traveling to new places to experience the ambiance and culture of those different locations.

Added to the mix are the opportunities to meet new and interesting people and the ultimate adventure is starting over.

Depending upon what your interests are and what career you wish to pursue there are a significant number of cities and locations that can be a perfect match.



It’s all a matter of perspective.

Consequently, you are not running away but you are running to.

The various destinations that are available that you can run away to are fairly inexpensive as it relates to other cities and areas in the United States.

Perhaps it’s time to relocate. Remember, you are not running away but you are running to a new adventure in your life.

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