pitbull rapper net worth

Pitbull is estimated to be worth between $65 and $90 million dollars, as of 2020.

Born Armando Christian Pérez, he is the very popular American rapper, singer and record producer who has made a big name for himself over the years.

His songs have topped charts around the world, especially the US and UK.

He also made global hit when he performed the very popular song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with big name Jennifer Lopez along with Claudia Leitte.

It was such a huge song that it became the 2014 FIFA World Cup official theme song!

Net Worth: $65 to $90 Million (USD)
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Record Producer
Full Name: Armando Christian Perez
Also known as: Pitbull
Date of Birth: January 15, 1981
Age: 38
Country of Origin: United States of America
Gender: Male
Height: 5’7”
Years Active: 2001 to present
Recent Update: 2020


Source of Wealth

The source of Pitbull’s wealth is easily his music, which he has been working at for the last 18 years.

It’s easy to see how he has made a lot of his wealth from music, especially considering the 65 million records he has sold worldwide, as of May 2019.

Do the math on 65 million records sold and you can see how his net worth is so much.

A lot of  his wealth has obviously also come from the many musical tours he has done traveling around the world. Some of these include:

  • Rebelution Tour 2009-2011
  • Planet Pit World Tour 2012
  • North American Tour with Kesha 2013
  • Pitbull Live in Hong Kong 2015
  • Pitbull: Tim of our lives 2015- 2018
  • Bad Men Tour with Robin Thicke- 2016
  • Enrique Iglesia and Pitbull Live- 2017

While most of his wealth and income comes from his rapping, he has made some money from his appearances in both film and television.

He lent his voice to the character of Bufo in “Epic” and was the voice of the ugly dog in “Ugly Dolls”.

He has had a guest appearance on “Shark Tank” and also on “ Dancing with the Stars”.


Early Life

Rapper Pitbull was born Armando Christian Perez in Miami, Florida on January 15, 1981.

His father is Armando Perez and his mother is Alysha Acosta.

Armando’s parents separated when he was still a toddler so he was raised by his mother until he was about 16 years old, when he spent some time in foster care in Georgia.

He attended high school at Miami Senior High School and graduated from Miami Coral Park High School.



2002: Pitball performs a guest spot on Lil John’s “King of Chunk” album.

2004: Pitbull releases his firt Album M.I. A.M.I and also appeared on the Ying Yang Twins single “Shake.”

2005: Pitbull and Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs co-founded Bad Boy Latino in order to focus on Latin Hip Hop.


2006: Pitbull’s album “E!Marie!” peaked on the Billboard Independent Albums Chart.

2007: His third album “Boatlift” is released. He also starts his variety show La Enquina that ran from 2007 through 2009.

2009: Under the Ultra Records label Pitbull released his 4th album “Rebelution.” The city of Miami also presented Pitbull with A key to the City.

2010: Pitbull performed the rap section in the Haitian benefit song “Somas El Mundo” (which is the Spanish version of “We are the World.” He also was featured on several other singles during this year.

He also released his first Spanish language album “Armando”.

2011: This is the year that Pitbull was named as One of Most Nominated Artists of the Year. He also had two singles featured on Jennifer Lopez’s “Love” album.

He also released his album “Planet Pit:” and a single from the album “Give Me Everything” featuring Nayer and DJ AfroJack topped the Billboards top 100 chart.

Later Lindsay Logan would sue Pitbull and the other two artists for using her name in the song. A judge would dismiss the case under the theory of free speech.

2012: Armando collaborated with DJ Gabry Ponte on the song “Best on my Drum.” He also released his 7th album “Global Warming.” One of the singles from the album “Get it started” featured Shakira.

Another single from the “Global Warming” album called “Feel this Moment” featured Christina Aguilera.

2013: Pitbull hosted the American Music Awards.

2014: He performed “We are the One” with Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte at the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup.


He also released more singles and performed as part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony.

His album “Globalization” was released.

2015: “Dale” Pitbull’s second Spanish Album was released.

2017: “Climate Change” was released

2019: Pitbull’s latest album “liberated 548” was released.

As said earlier, along with his albums and singles Pitbull has also done several music tours including:

  • Rebelution Tour 2009-2011
  • Planet Pit World Tour 2012
  • North American Tour with Kesha 2013
  • Pitbull Live in Hong Kong 2015
  • Pitbull: Tim of our lives 2015- 2018
  • Bad Men Tour with Robin Thicke- 2016
  • Enrique Iglesia and Pitbull Live- 2017


Personal Life

Pitbull works very hard to keep his personal life private, so there is very little known about him outside of his career.

He doesn’t seem to share as many pictures or details of himself on social media as other celebrities do.

He does have two children Destiny and Bryce Perez by Barbara Alba who he broke up with in 2011.

In 2012 he dated model Olga Lorena for awhile.

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