Yes, you can get good pickup truck jobs that pay very well.

This article reveals a lot to help you, including some of the best such jobs and sources for finding the right truck job for you.


Importance of Pickup Truck Job

Today, the average pickup is not just a driver’s cockpit and workspace in the back.

Pickups today are on par with automobiles.

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They are equipped with all of the latest automobile technology but still designed to be work vehicles.

Having a pickup or knowing someone who has a pickup is certainly beneficial during those times of moving from one home to another or transporting something that would not fit into the trunk of a car.

Pickups today are more than just sleek, high-profile, cool-looking vehicles on the road.

They are multi-functional as it relates to personal use and money-generating when used by energetic and motivational individuals who wish to put their pickups to work.

One such way to realize a return on your investment on a pickup truck is to use the truck to earn money through providing a variety of services using your vehicle.


Did You Know?

The first manufactured pickup truck was invented by Gottlieb Daimler.

It had a four horsepower engine, 2 cylinder engine, and 1.1.L

The marketing claim was that this pickup could carry up to 3,300 pounds.

The pickup truck has driven a long way since then.

It was built in 1896.


10 Best Pickup Truck Jobs Opportunities


1. Snow Plowing 

If an individual resides in an area where snow accumulates during the winter months, a great pickup business opportunity is the plowing of snow.

The individual would need to equip their pickup with the proper snowplow.

In considering this type of service, it is important to remember that there are different types of the plow for both home and commercial use; the plow must be able to be attached to your truck, and the material that the snowplow is made from.

The 3 different materials that snowplows are made from include mild steel, stainless steel, and polyethylene.

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2. Moving 

A service that your pickup truck can provide to individuals in your community is through a moving service.

The driver and the pickup truck and possibly a helper would contract with individuals and companies who have items that may need special moving care or are large enough and small enough to fit in the bed of the truck.

The company could advertise itself as specializing in providing special treatment of moving items.

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3. Delivery 

A pickup truck would be a great service delivery vehicle if the items are large and cumbersome and cannot fit in a customer’s vehicle.

Such delivery items could include large appliances, furniture, a significant number of boxes, etc.

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4. Uber 

A company that contracts with drivers, on an independent basis, is Uber.

Uber pays the qualified driver a set hourly wage which could include tips.

In order to be an Uber driver and utilize your vehicle to transport requires a valid driver’s license, certificate of insurance, background check, etc.


5. Small Vehicle 

Another valuable service that can be rendered to your community is by transporting smaller types of vehicles using your pickup truck.

Specifically, an all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, or motorcycle are items that people want to be transported from one location to another but don’t have the means of transporting these unique vehicles.

Therefore, you could provide a service to individuals wanting these items transported either to their homes or possibly vacation homes and charge them a delivery fee

Of course, it may be indicated that you purchase a ramp of some sort in order to facilitate the loading of the vehicles into the truck bed.


6. Renting 

If you are comfortable allowing other people to drive your pickup, a source of revenue in utilizing your pickup would to be rent your vehicle out.

The attractiveness of renting out your pickup truck is that a number of people only need a pickup truck on certain occasions and not on a consistent basis.

Often the purchase of a pickup truck, because of the purchase cost and the associated expenses, is not within a person’s financial means.

Therefore, there may be a great demand for your pickup truck to be rented out by other individuals.

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7. Towing

Pickup trucks can be ideally utilized to tow other vehicles.

Of course, in towing vehicles, you would need the proper hitches and safety equipment to ensure the safe delivery of those towed vehicles.

Also, you could invest in a trailer that would attach to the hitch on the back of your pickup truck and the transported or towed vehicle would be situated on that trailer.

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8. Garage Sale 

A popular activity on the weekend is those individuals who attend a variety of garage sales.

Sometimes the garage sales sell freezers, worn-out stoves, or other large items that the garage sale customer would not have the means to transport their vehicles.

You could advertise your company or your pickup service as catering to garage sales and transporting these larger items to the customers.


9. Appliance Pickup 

An example of this service would be that individual who has decided to get in shape and has bought a universal gym set.

Now the key for the individual is how to transport that entire package to their residence.

This would be a great opportunity for you to earn money by transporting these types of large items and more from the store to the person’s home.

Often, a store will offer the service but will charge an extra fee.

By lowering your fee just below what the store may offer, you would be able to gain customers and still make a profit by utilizing your pickup truck.


10. Hauling

A valuable service to individuals who own their homes or even real estate owners is the need for a hauling service.

This would be a perfect match for your pickup and you as the driver to offer the services of hauling away trash, debris, non-usable items, etc.

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10 Tips and Sources to Help You Find the Right Pickup Truck Jobs


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1. Advertise in Classifieds 

A good way of advertising locally that you have a pickup truck available to do odd jobs is through the local classified ads.

Through your local newspaper, you can advertise your availability and indicate the broad spectrum of services you may provide.

Some of those services could include the hauling away of junk, moving furniture, large appliances, etc.


2. Flyers

Low tech but effective way of advertising one’s service in the community is to post flyers around their particular neighborhood and beyond.

The flyer can be eye-catching, using a fluorescent-type poster board or heavy type paper, and advertise their service.

The advertisement of their service can be a listing of the jobs that you are available to perform.

Also, on the bottom of the flyer, you can cut the flyer in such a way so that an individual can just simply tear off that part of the flyer that has your contact information.


3. Truck Advertising 

Another way to promote your pickup service business is to make a magnetic sign that has the name of your company’s service, your availability of this truck to do odd jobs, and a contact phone number.

These signs can be placed on either the drivers or passengers inside of the vehicle and perhaps on the gate of the pickup.

These signs can be made locally, or you can go online and work with a company that will provide a quick turnaround service.

The cost of manufacturing the sign is based on the size, color, lettering, etc.

Read this to know more about how to make money placing ads on your vehicle.



4. Social Media 

A way to create advertisement and buzz for the services that you offer is through any social media accounts that you have.

Those social media accounts could include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can use the direct approach and simply advertise your pickup business or use it as a tagline on your posts or entries.

Also, recruit your friends and if they are willing to advertise on your behalf as well, they could do it out of sheer friendship or you could provide a bit of commission.


5. Word of Mouth 

One of the best ways to gain business is through word-of-mouth.

When a job has been successfully completed just simply ask the person that you completed the job for if they wouldn’t mind spreading the word about your services.

They could indicate their satisfaction with what you provided as well as their comfort level with the rate that was charged.


6. Burro App 

Of course, there is an app for that, and the app is Burro.

As a pickup driver offering your service, you simply register with this company and install their application.

Once all of the pertinent information is submitted, the process involves the company notifying you if there is a pickup opportunity or delivery service that is being requested.

This on-demand truck service and the website indicate that the pickup owner can earn $45 an hour.


7. Carvertise 

Another way that you can earn money with your pickup truck is to work through a company called Carvertise.

By allowing this company to display ads on your truck they indicate that you may be able to earn up to $600 in one month.

Of course, there are qualifiers in that the truck must be in good condition and is in an area that is conducive to the brand that wishes to be noticed in a specific profile area.

To learn more about Carvertise click here.


8. Goshare 

This company and associated app link businesses and individuals for needed service.

The customer works with Goshare and Goshare, in turn, advertises the job through its online presence.

If an offer is received the driver can, in that particular area, accept or reject the offer.

The possibility of making $70 an hour plus tips is a realistic hourly wage.

To learn more about GoShare click here.

To apply to be a driver with a pickup truck click here.


9. Location, Location, Location 

A great way to advertise your services and use of your pickup is to situate or park your vehicle with signage, near a location that individuals may be more prone to utilizing your pickup truck service.

Examples would include any home improvement stores, hardware stores, etc.

By parking your vehicle near one of these stores during the peak times when individuals are gathering their materials for their work at their home or other site, people will be aware of what you have to offer and may engage your services.

Even though these improvement stores may also offer the rental of pickup trucks, you can provide a lower bid and labor.

This is the foundation of competition and American business success.


10. Pennysaver

Pennysaver used to be a weekly publication in some local communities.

Now their presence is through a website called

The individual searching for a particular service will go on to this website and conduct a search for the service that they are wishing to engage.

Typically, the website will be able to utilize the individual’s personal settings and adjust the location for the search automatically.

The pickup driver and the offered services simply need to register on the site and place an ad at no charge.

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Pickup Truck Jobs FAQs


How Should I Charge for Pickup Services?

Your charges can be either a flat fee or hourly rate.

The national hourly average for the use of a pickup and driver is $45.00 per hour.

A variable to consider is the sort of job that you will be hired for may depend on asking for a higher hourly rate.


What Sort of Extra Equipment Should I Invest in?

Depending on what services you wish to provide would answer this question.

If offering an appliance pickup service, you may wish to invest in a heavy-duty appliance hand truck or rent one as needed.

If providing landscape services or hauling away trash you may wish to invest in a wheelbarrow and other gardening equipment.


You Can Do It

You have a pickup truck and often people need the use of a pickup truck on a temporary basis.

This could be a perfect business match that provides potential customer service while helping you to earn extra money in the use of your pickup truck.

With a little effort, advertising, and word-of-mouth, you can gain a loyal customer base.



Pickup trucks are not just for show but are practical vehicles that can be utilized in a number of ways to transport various items from one destination to another.

Perhaps, it is time to utilize your pickup truck and pick up and go.

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