There are awesome Physician side gigs to get involved in, to make money on the side.

If that’s what you are looking for, this article is perfect to read.

It contains as many as 24 different side gigs and hustles to make money with as a Physician.



Perhaps when you think of an individual taking on an extra job in addition to their full-time occupation you think of a struggling family trying to make ends meet.

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As part of that thinking, you envision a general laborer earning close to minimum wage and working day and night to keep food on his/her family’s table and keep a roof over their head.

Would it surprise you to know that the number of American households working at multiple jobs has increased over the last 20 years?

Furthermore, certain industries emerge where extra income is pursued.

Leading the way in the percentage of second jobs pursued are the healthcare industry and social assistance at 16.8%.

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As part of that pool of medical professionals are physicians.

Let us then open wide and say, “Ah” as we examine the best side hustles for physicians.


Why Physicians Side Gigs? 

There are certain professions that, for whatever reasons, we think to earn a good income and that these professionals would never need to take on an extra job to help offset their expenses.

Some of those occupations could include a lawyer, dentist, doctor, and more.

The reality is that these individuals are just like you and I and to get where they are at have worked hard but also have incurred debt along the way.

Consequently, these professions and others require extra money to offset the debt that they have taken upon themselves through student loans, banking loans, etc.

Other reasons as to why a physician may want to work a side hustle are that it may be a stress reliever for them, they are wishing to meet their financial retirement goals, or just may wish to pursue a passion that they have in life besides being in the medical field.


24 Best Money Making Physician Side Gigs and Hustles


1. YouTuber

The great visible opportunity for a physician to get out in front of an audience and realize some additional income would be to create a YouTube channel.

It would appear that there would be a variety of medical topics that the doctor could expound upon as well as talking about new cutting edge technology, weighing in on medical current events, offering advice to individuals, etc.

The income could be realized through sponsorships of this channel, affiliate marketing, gaining subscribers in exchange for premium content, etc.


2. Blogging

As long as the doctor didn’t have to use their penmanship to write a blog, a great opportunity to share from the medical world would be for a doctor to create a blog.

There could be a variety of topics that the doctor would be qualified to speak about and could include health, diet, alternative medicine, etc.


3. Writing 

A doctor could write a novel that could be based upon his/her experience as a physician.

A prime example of a professional who incorporates his occupation is John Grisham.

He utilized his experience as a lawyer and writes mysteries.

As a doctor/writer you could write a novel involving several twists and turns that could include elements of intrigue and suspense in a hospital.

Some of the intrigues could include the disease’s cause of death not picked up in the blood work, autopsy or lab findings that were incomplete, or other possible intriguing options as it relates to the medical field.


4. Investment Home 

An opportunity for a doctor to earn extra income would be to invest in real estate.

Real estate could be the purchase of a home that would be strictly used as a rental.

The doctor could be involved as much as he or she wanted to or could contract with a management company to handle the monthly affairs of the rental home.

This is a fairly easy way to generate revenue on the investment of a home and also offers tax benefits provided to a landlord.


5. eBook Writing

If the physician has a flair, creative imagination, writing talent, they could write as a side hustle and either self-publish these books or use the Kindle Amazon option of posting an e-book.

The book could provide a narrative about dieting, exercise, or other medical topics.


6. Creating a Course 

As a qualified medical expert, several online courses could be created.

These online courses could be for an individual who is possibly thinking about a medical career.

Other options could include a more advanced course for individuals who are at various points within their medical learning and educational process.


7. Surveys 

Many research companies will pay top dollar to secure the input or opinion from a physician as it relates to being involved in a survey.

For a brief commitment of your time, a 5 to 10-minute online survey may net you anywhere from $20-$50 for being involved in such a survey.

Some of the surveys are done over the phone while some are accomplished online.

A variety of topics are highlighted which could include new medications, treatment methods, medical devices, insurance-related issues, etc.


8. Insurance 

The reality of medical insurance is that it is big business.

This coupled with the fact that medical treatment can be costly prompts many insurance companies to hire a physician to review certain insurance claims that are made to the company.

The role of a doctor as a reviewer of insurance claims would require them to review these cases which involves the study of the patient’s records, chart notes, and other documentation provided that reflects the treatment the patient received.


9. Speaking 

A variety of professions have annual or semi-annual conferences that they either host or attend.

The medical profession is no different and many medical conferences are held around the nation.

At these conferences, a variety of topics are presented for the interest and education provided to the medical professionals.

Who better to speak to their peers about cutting-edge medical procedures and processes than a doctor themselves who has been involved or introduced these surgical or treatment processes.

To entice medical professionals to bring their expertise to their peers, these opportunities are paid for by the Association or conference sponsoring the event.


10. Expert Witness 

Most likely you have seen either the defense or the prosecution in a jury trial call a medical expert to the witness stand.

This is not just a made-for-TV process but does occur in actual courtrooms across the nation.

If there is an issue that may be beneficial to the defense or prosecution, they may request and utilize the expert testimony of a doctor if the issue hinges upon medical testimony.

To successfully prosecute or defend an individual who is being accused of a crime, because of the high stakes, money is not an issue and you as a doctor can set your rate.


11. Chart Review 

Chart review is an accountability process in which doctors are hired to review the medical records and charts of patients.

It can be likened to a medical audit to ensure that the proper policies and procedures were followed and that the appropriate medications in the right doses were provided for the healthcare of the patient.

Normally a chart review is called for when there is a dispute as it relates to a medical claim and as a chart reviewer, you would give your neutral assessment of the treatment that was provided.

There is an association that provides these physicians in this chart review process. The website can be found at


12. Spa 

Understanding the combination of incorporating other medical treatment procedures to treat the whole patient, a popular and empowered option is for a doctor to work at a medical spa.

As the name would imply, this is not only just a traditional spa but offers advanced treatment and additional advice as it relates to the patient’s condition.

Spas are operated by medical doctors who are licensed physicians and could provide any invasive treatment procedures that aestheticians aren’t allowed to perform.


13. Prep 

Becoming a physician is an arduous journey.

Not only is it competitive but the actual schooling involved and the various requirements make this a grueling occupation to be licensed in.

To provide a student with the greatest competitive edge, they are willing to pay for MCAT prep.

These prep courses are now available online and as a physician, you can engage in this process as a moderator and earn some income while helping a young and upcoming medical doctor reach their goal of becoming a licensed physician.

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Taking this one step further, you can start your MCAT prep course by utilizing certain platforms such as


14. Consulting 

As an authority in the medical field, you can utilize your doctor’s skill, experience, and educational background as a consultant.

Some various companies and businesses hire consultants.

Some of those companies include makers of pharmaceuticals or other medical tech developers.

This line of earning extra income seems to be the most popular of all of the side hustles in that a significant percentage of physicians surveyed said that consulting was one of their top choices for earning extra money.

More information can be found by clicking here.


15. Teaching 

If you are blessed to not only have your license to practice medicine but also enjoy teaching, opportunities are abundant for you to teach what you love.

This can be accomplished by taking a position at a medical school which can be done on a full-time basis or can be part of your routine in teaching in between appointments with patients or scheduling requirements.

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16. Coaching 

If you love sports and have an understanding of licensing as it relates to sports injuries, a great way of supplementing your income while enjoying the world of sports is to be a team doctor or part of the training staff.


17. Life Coach 

As a driven individual, you know what it takes to succeed in life.

You have a goal in mind with that goal and mission of becoming a licensed doctor medical doctor.

This is certainly no easy task and takes a lot of planning, sacrifice, motivation, etc.

Why not then utilize all of these sterling characteristics and qualities by offering your services as a life coach.

You can inspire others and draw upon your own experience and give practical tips, suggestions, and the proper motivation.

This will help an individual also formulate their own goals for life and to move towards being successful.

To check out life coach opportunities click here.


18. Test Preparation 

The examinations to become a physician are set at a very high bar.

One of those examinations is known as the USMLE.

This intense testing utilizes a significant number of different question bank sources.

As a doctor, you have had experience in passing the USMLE and as a side hustle, you may have the opportunity to write or pose some of these questions for contribution to be included in the resource bank of questions.

Additionally, these opportunities most likely can be done remotely which allows for you to conveniently utilize your own time and adjust your schedule.

Pastest is one such site.


19. Admissions 

Another side job or gig that requires an experienced physician is in the area of admissions of students or applicants to a medical school.

Often, an admissions counseling company will utilize the doctors in the screening process.

The job would entail advising students or applicants to medical school, providing coaching, and determining and recommending the admission of those applicants to the medical school.


20. Telemedicine

Technology has certainly not only invaded the world of medicine but has gained a significant foothold.

Therefore, doctors can officially treat patients through telecommunication means.

Typically, the specialties of those doctors that excel in this technological way of engaging with a patient are the specialties of being a radiologist, psychiatrist, etc.

A psychiatrist can provide a session with a patient through a WebCam experience or the utilization of a variety of medical applications.

With a radiologist, they would be able to review the radiographic images that can be sent to them electronically and read those x-rays.

The only sticky spot in this process may be treating patients in different states and so one should do their due diligence as it relates to licensing and the legality of treatment.


21. Tutoring 

A tried, true, and tested method of helping individuals with their studies is through the process of tutoring.

This is especially true as it relates to an individual who is on the professional pathway to becoming a physician.

Therefore, you can offer your services to students as a private tutor.

Several websites facilitate this process of tutoring.


22. Moonlighting 

As a qualified licensed medical doctor, your skills and experience are in great demand.

You can always find moonlighting opportunities at a variety of other medical facilities.

Those other medical facilities could include neighboring local hospitals or a variety of emergency care clinics that are part of the first line of defense in treating medical issues.


23. Healthcare Startup 

Healthcare is an ever-expanding service required throughout the nation.

Often, there are those individuals who are starting the process of a healthcare startup.

To help them in this endeavor and to be successful, they often look for skilled physicians with experience to provide the needed practical clinical experience.

Some of those healthcare startups could be facilities that wish to allow for the treatment of individuals or with biotechnology companies.

Opportunities or employment positions required by these healthcare startups are individuals that can fulfill the role of the medical director, being an executive board member, or providing consulting work.


24. Cover for Other Physicians

If industrious enough and you have the time and energy, you can always offer your services to fill in for other doctors on staff as they take their holiday or wish to be excused from a certain shift that they are scheduled to work.

With the assistance of the HR department in the hospital, arrangements can be made and can certainly earn some extra income for you as a doctor while still practicing what you are licensed to fulfill.


Personal Story

I had a doctor’s appointment the other day.

It was through a medical app with my doctor’s office.

Logging on to the site and while waiting for my family doctor to appear I tried to look healthy.

I sat up straight, brushed my hair a bit, and prepared for the standard medical questions to be asked.

One would have thought that I had logged on to a dating website.

The doctor appeared but to my surprise, it wasn’t my regular physician.

My doctor was ill that day.

The medical appointment continued without a hitch.

My point in sharing is that my doctor was sick.

It never occurred to me that doctors fall ill.

Somehow, they, based on their profession, have immunity against sickness.

And so the reality for me is that they, despite our reverence of the medical profession, are just like us.


Money Earning Side Hustles for Physicians FAQs


What is the Average Medical School Debt?

The average medical school graduate owes over $240,000 in total student loan debt.

Of those that successfully graduate from medical school anywhere from 76% to 89% have student loan debt and 43% of medical school graduates have pre-medical indebtedness.


How Many Physicians Have Side Extra Income Gigs?

According to Physician’s Weekly 37% of those doctors survey had side gigs to earn extra money.

Of those who responded 65% were male and 33% were female.

The majority of the side gigs participated in were medical field related.

The other money-making opportunities for physicians included, in order, real estate, investments, giving advice, teaching, and writing.



Sometimes the pain of indebtedness can weigh heavily upon us as individuals.

Being a physician is no different and the high cost of pursuing your dreams in service to others is taking its toll.

Fortunately, you can write your prescription in alleviating that pain of debt as “side hustles” abound.

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