Phone Prospecting To Help Build A Successful Online Business


Phone Prospecting!

Last Week I shared a post about a simple site that allows you to come in and get access to great training and a simple strategy on how you go aboutphone prospecting to recruit experienced network marketers for growing a successful online business.

If you missed it click here.

Now from this I had a number of you asking me questions about what you would say to these people once you get them on the phone.

So let me start this off by asking a few questions.


Do you know what you are going to talk about when phone prospecting?

More importantly do you know what not to say?

Well I may not be an expert, but I do talk to  A LOT of people during a weeks time.

So today I am going to go over a few things that you should say and then I am going to share what not to do when you are phone prospecting.

We all have to start somewhere and in the beginning we all do A LOT of things wrong.

And I am hoping that by giving you these tips on not what to say, that you will be on your way to having better conversations with your phone prospecting and from day one that you will be more successful in youronline business because of this.

Here Are a Few Things To Do When Phone Prospecting

• Do Have Fun!
• Be prepared with a pen and paper.
• Do call all of your leads, this is the importance of phone prospecting, call them.

Is E-Mailing Your Leads Better Than Phone Prospecting?

This will be your first thing you will want to do!! BUT Do not send an e-mail to your leads if you do have a phone number for them.

Come on You do know that with phone prospecting you have a much better chance of getting to know your prospects., Right?

If you do not get a hold of them after you dialed them up a few times, then by all means go ahead and send them an e-mail.

The only way you would e-mail anyone first, is if you didn’t get their phone number!

Got that?

So now when you shoot them an e-mail ask for it or give them your phone number so that you can start phone prospecting with them.

A big part of phone prospecting is to take control of the conversation right away by asking them questions.


People like to talk about themselves, so find out everything you can about them first and be sure to be in control of the conversation.

If you do loose this you will loose the sale.

So take control, do not display any sort of weakness or they will take over, do stay on your toes and ask a question with a question if you need to.

Never give out your company’s name when phone prospecting, they will head right to Google and just might find something negative about your company.

This negativity could be from someone who is just trying to generate leads for their own company, so take notice of this one.

Is It Alright To Lie When Phone Prospecting?

There are things that I have done that I don’t want you to do.

I want you to be a phone prospecting expert.

Do not lie to anyone, it doesn’t matter what the question is.

If someone asks you a question, you don’t have to answer it.

Like I said earlier, just answer the question with a question.

If they ask you how much money you have made and you haven’t made any yet.

Here are a few examples of what you could say:

• How much money would I have had to make for you to get started today?
• How much money would I have had to make to make you happy?
• How much money would you like to make?
• What kind of money are you looking to make?

If they ask is this an MLM Thing?

Ask them if they are looking for an MLM thing?



People are so starved for attention, just get them talking and don’t make things complicated when phone prospecting.

Ask a question with a question!

Don’t Lie!

You don’t want to be a wimp, don’t let them get control of the conversation when phone prospecting.

It does happen, but if you are willing to pick up the phone and start making those calls you are going to get better with every dial you make.

The only way you can take control when phone prospecting is to dial, dial and dial again.

You will learn the skills needed to become good at phone prospecting if you just get on the phone and start calling your leads.

Do Not, Not call your leads, because if you don’t call them then somebody else will!

You can find all the excuses you want to not pick up the phone and start phone prospecting but this is not going to get you where you want to be with your online business.

Phone prospecting is all about being bad before you become good then good before you become great.

Just Do It!

You May Be BAD! You May Even Suck!

So what you are taking action, you don’t know these people on the other end of the phone when phone prospecting.


You are learning the skills needed to become great at phone prospecting.

Do ask questions, use sticky notes with your questions on them if you need to.

Phone prospecting does only happen at the speed you want it to go, so put on your jogging shoes and let’s get going.

Are you ready to pick up the phone and start phone prospecting?

Want to start with 100 people right now?

I Am Serious?

Click Here To Learn How Now!

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with, ask me below and I will see what I can do to help you out.

To Endless Possibilities

Success Coach Chery Schmidt

Chery Schmidt

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  1. Hey Chery,
    Phone prospecting sounds good but quite a lot of people may not choose this option because of the fear of rejection.

    Yes, its more like personal direct selling and people will prefer marking through email than hearing rejection from the other end of the phone!

    Well, its great to read your tips on phone prospecting as it contains ideas that will help the marketer be in control.

    Replying question with question is revealing and I key into the advise of being in control of the conversation from the onset.

    Thanks for this piece on becoming successful online with phone prospecting!
    Sunday William recently posted… Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and ServicesMy Profile

    • Hello Sunday!
      You said it my friend Fear Of Rejection! This is the MAIN reason why so many of us do NOT pick up that phone!

      But I did talk about this in my post, YOU don’t know these people, so what are you afraid of? And if you start out asking about them, your chances of them saying NO right away are nill to none!

      All you are doing is looking to see how you can help them. Period!

      I know I used to put off picking up that phone to, but after the first 100 dials I realized there is nothing to be afraid of.

      Thank YOU so much for starting of the conversation here on Kingged My Friend! I do appreciate YOU..
      Chery :))
      Chery recently posted…Phone Prospecting To Help Build A Successful Online BusinessMy Profile

  2. Hi Chery,
    To be successful with phone prospecting, it becomes important study and apply the best practices. The idea of prospecting via the phone technology is as old as marketing, hence taking steps to appeal to the audience will make all the difference.

    Your tips on how to do phone prospecting to help build a successful online business are helpful. Nevertheless, before engaging in the use of phone to prospect for online clients, time and research should be in place to develop the skill and best practices!

  3. Hi Chery,

    I have always thought that phone prospecting belongs to older forms of marketing 😉 I guess I am wrong.

    I think that two factors will always affect the success of phone prospecting in business:

    1 the efficiency of the technology used in the phone prospecting business.

    2 the skill of the manpower who are trained to prospect with phones.

    If these two factors are effectively handled then prospecting with phone would speedily help in building a successful online business.

  4. Interesting post Cheryl. I am going to share it as far as I can as it deserves to be read by as many people in the network marketing game, as possible.

    It’s like “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Once you get talking, it builds a level of confidence that you would not otherwise have. When helps to improve communication skills too. The qualities of communication and confidence do not only stay in your work, but have a very positive effect on the rest of your life. It really is a worthwhile experience.

    I love the humour you put into this post too – especially in the images you are using 🙂

    I hope to read more like this and will King this post too.

  5. Hi Chery,

    Phone prospecting is not a strong point for many. I will rather send emails than talk on the phone.

    However, after reading this post, I have come to realize that doing phone prospecting opens up the possibility of knowing what the target audience wants first hand.

    I think with constant practice, one can master the art of phone prospecting. More so, mixing it with email marketing will likely send a business to new heights!

  6. Hello Chery,

    It is good to know of how we ask questions on phone prospecting. It requires special skills.

    At least, the insights shared on this post has giving us insight on what it means to prospect with phones and to use for business growth.

    I guess, it is time to take action! Right?

  7. Hey Chery,

    This is a simple but awesome post. Phone prospecting is something we must not ignore.

    It is practicable and could bring about instant result in connecting and convincing the prospect.

    Phone prospecting is a skill that can bring many advantages to a marketer. It should be explored!

  8. Hi Chery,

    Thanks so much for this post. You have revealed the importance of phone prospecting to us. Its now time for action.

    The best lesson I have taken away from the post is the fact you have shared what to embrace and what to avoid when prospecting with phone.

    Sincerity in phone prospecting leads to success because trust is easily established!